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In his past incarnation, Lu Xuan was the youngest Celestial Lord that the universe has ever seen!

An accidental rebirth brought him back to a thousand years before, where the Earth had just begun its spiritual reawakening. When he stepped onto the way of cultivation for a second time, he swore to rewrite all injustices suffered in his past life and defeat all enemies that dare stand in his way!

Let invincibility be his cultivation and the path he treads. In this life, it is his destiny to be invincible!

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dvces rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c450

to be honest it was a pretty good novel if it wasn't literal propoganda and hate towards anyone not chinese. The premise is another cliche where MC returns for no apparent reason and makes up for all his past mistakes.

most OP cultivation method, his family is also all OP for no reason (so far). Of course has annoying ass little sister to add to the trope.

... more>> heres a quote from a chap

"With the support of the Heavenly Palace, the Huaxian government was promoting universal cultivation faster and faster. So far, more than half of the people had embarked on the road of cultivation.

Although they had only just embarked on the road of cultivation, and was only in the first and second level, however compared with the progress of promotion in other countries, it could be said to be already amazing.

To this end, it had also set off an upsurge of people learning Chinese.

This was because so far, only the Huaxian government had introduced the method of universal cultivation in the world, while the other national governments were still hesitant in this respect and was unable to come up with a technique for universal cultivation.

Moreover, they had all kinds of strange techniques, and many cultivation systems were not suitable for large-scale promotion at all.

Even if a technique was spread, only a few people would be able to embark on the road of cultivation.

Therefore, they had no other way except to learn the basic techniques of Huaxia, which was based of the technique people in Huaxia used.

This included the people of Huaxia’s outlook on life, world outlook and some language features.

If they wanted to learn the basic skills of Huaxia, there was no other way except to study Chinese seriously.

A petition had even been launched online in the hope that the Huaxian government would be able to launch a corresponding version of each language.

But in this regard, the Huaxian government appeared to be indifferent.

There was no need to launch versions of different languages in different countries."

There are atleast 1000 different examples of this lowkey-propoganda pretty much stating how much shittier other countries are in comparison to china. Lol

so my review is essentially - CHINA NUMBA WON. Author must be brainwashed by CCP. <<less
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Titan625 rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c1030
I fully agree with scribbledoutname's review below; the start is really good/interesting and the last ~1/3 is pretty good so far as well, but it can realllllyyyyy drag on in the middle with the MC saving the Earth from some terrifying force -> temporarily leaving to do something/cultivate in seclusion -> new even more terrifying force emerges and sets its eyes on Earth -> MC returns to save the day at the last second again plot repeating itself over and over.

Tbh if you start reading this story and enjoy the... more>> first 1/4 or so but find yourself losing interest as you read on, you wouldn't really lose all that much by just skipping ahead to chapter 920ish where the plot finally breaks away from the above mentioned formula. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Finally finished, although I had to put the raws through a translator! This story can be broken up into four distinct stages.

🙂 Stage One: A fun beginning. The MC comes back and cultivates into a powerhouse super fast. He's a beast who doesn't take crap from anyone.

🙃 Stage Two: A meh first half. ... more>>

It's a decent but painfully repetitive mess where the MC plays whack-a-mole with an endless stream of unhappy factions / unhappy countries (this section can basically be summed up as "Lu Xuan #1! China #1!" on repeat)


🙂 Stage Three: A great second half.

This bit starts after the MC leaves Earth. The story basically becomes your standard OP MC story, but with an MC who's already worked out how he's going to deal with various enemies. It's definitely much better than the rest.


🙂 Stage Four: Finally...

A rushed but satisfying ending.


Last but not least, fair warning: the author has versions of real-world gods. This story has parts that might be offensive to some. <<less
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Kort03 rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: c493
This is just a novel on how good CCP is, how great Huaxia is, everyone else is a villain. Those of not the same colour of course think differently. 🤷

Accidentally eaten 4 stars...
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DeadOpossum rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: c322
Very repetitive story. A random guy pops up, gets killed. Repeat.

Seriously, these mobs cannot learn. MC kills enemies across levels, and small fries just continue throwing themselves on him.

The story could potentially be saved if the author added some romance or politics, but no - the only action that exists in the novel is killing and intimidation of useless mobs.
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Vistarion rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c499
This novel is already translated to 646 chapter. Its story about OP MC who is permanently bashing and grow even more OP. I dropped it after 499 its just the same story over and over again: strong enemy->enemy bash earth forces to show how op he is->MC bash enemy and world is in awe of his power ->and same story over and over again.
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