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He was the one who would become the greatest monarch in history.

“The spot you had climbed once, there’s nothing you can’t climb again.”

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서자가 너무 잘한다
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12 Reviews

Feb 08, 2022
Status: c22
If you are looking for a story to mindlessly read with all the face slapping, convenient encounters, the MC dazzling everyone with his awesomeness, and for all his recklessness to be excused by everyone and instead come to his side, then you found it.

Expect everything that moves to have some kind of hidden power or lineage, and for them to be somehow a part of the grand plans made by the big bad enemy, only for the MC to waddle in and yoink them with his future knowledge.

Beyond that this... more>> story is quite shallow and short for the premise it had, and while the first few chapters made for a good toilet read, I don't see myself reading it beyond that.

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Nov 03, 2021
Status: c9
To all my fellow comrades that get excited at the scene of multiple dumbfounded OP characters, you have come to the right place!!!!

At first, it didn't feel realistic, like

... more>>

How can a child intimidate or fight multiple opponents with a malnourished body.


What was that even??

<excited> But when the knights from the Duke come to pick him up, wow wow wow, so exxxccciting, I was feeling it too.

And Yes!!! Of course the most important part is their dumbfounded faces and chills up their spine.

Made my day. ^V^

So yes, worth reading. Definitely! Come join me with popcorns, fellow comrades!!! <<less
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Nov 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's fun but it's disappointing towards the second half especially the ending. It seems the author quickly ended the story. There's no romance but the author did a great job in the immersion.
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Lin Lat
Lin Lat
Mar 24, 2022
Status: c30

When the MC (Ian) was about to become the emperor, he was betrayed by the Duke who he trusted the most, and reborn from his past. As far as I've read the story focus on his revenge and I don't see romance for now Ian likes to gather strong people to his side to fulfill his goal. Thank to being reborn the MC is no longer a naive weak boy so ppl see potential in him and are willing to follow him.

And the side characters are cute and funny.


especially the knights (Nathan & Galon)


I can taste the delicious sweet vengence of how Ian messed with the Duke & his older brother. I barely see the flaw in the plot so for those who prefer power struggle between siblings with politics (no romance??) op MC, knights, ancient powers---this is your cup of tea!!!

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Aug 02, 2022
Status: c8
Chapter 5- This story triggered a pet peeve of mine no matter how many times a person reincarnated/isekais, and knows all the sword skills in the world, they still won't have the body to keep up. The body of a 5 y/o is underdeveloped and doesn't have the anatomy to overpower a healthy trained 20 y/o knight. What this tells me about the story, is that it will purposefully ignore facts and logic, just show power. If you ask me it's better to make a weak 5 y/o overpower a... more>> trained knight with cunning and deceit to show how the protag thinks and acts rather than saying, "Look! OP!OP!!!1!"

As for the characters, they are interesting. They have characteristics, but they just serve the plot and don't have a motivation of their own other than acting according to their personalities/roles. Not bad, not enjoyable for me.

As for the world-building, it seems to have been blatantly ignored, but whatever. The town where the next plot point is and where the story originally starts is not even mentioned.

As for the plot, ehh- cool people doing cool things with cool fighting I guess. Not my thing so I'll give it a 4/5 since that's the average, I don't actually like the novel but I would be biased otherwise, which is not fair. <<less
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Jul 04, 2023
Status: c88

Twice in fact (sigh). I've lost interest in this novel hopefully for good. The translation is excellent, there no grammar issues and it's easily understood.

The MC is a calm, smart protagonist and he does not let anything or anyone who wronged him not pay (which I like). He's talented, author doesn't fail to remind us that despite having all the memories from the past as a cheat, he was in fact still talented in the past (without his current cheat and being a puppet he was still the best) so... more>> I guess that explains why he can fight stronger people while him being a kid without any experience currently?.

Everyone whose not on his side is dumb or just underestimates him, it's honestly not the cool trait to give the MC s enemies but it's like that. (I wouldve liked if those who were said to be powerful were actually powerful and not just stepping stones)

By dumb I mean for example the forth prince, only realised that the 2nd prince had a way to spy on his palace and use his knights, the forth prince only realized this once the MC stared to "torture" his knights that the 2nd prince may have ppl in his own palace[it's ridiculous, as royalty if u can send people to spy on ur brothers they can also do the same to you and the forth prince is meant to be the intelligent, scholar type ]

Then theres the Duke that brought the MC to the palace, he's being 0layed around by MC like a puppet, MC still thinks he's righteous cause he wouldn't take someones weakness and use it to play them (? That's exactly what he's doing. In this case MC is really the dukes weakness and card, the duke can only use him for power and if he can't control him then?? The Duke is painted as one of the most powerful dukes in the kingdom, and yet he's trying to trap the MC but MC just DENIES (Literally says no) his offers and nothing the Duke does to put him in line works whatever the Duke does anyway really is nothing but just petty schemes~MC asks for money, Duke says no, Duke is later provoked by a small character who popped from nowhere, then Duke sends money to MC, MC doesn't accept it then later shows up with everything in place, duke is angry mind y'all Duke had a spy next to the prince and yet the spy failed to even do their job properly, then the MC uses this against the Duke.)

Everything is convenient for MC. There's no serious struggle currently.

He's just competent (Lol) that no one can even face him without losing. He wins and gains favor and interest from Secret powerful characters. The king favors him and its obvious.

What made me drop the novel at first was the sudden out of nowhere engagement. Then thinking I didn't give this a chance I read it again, now at 88 I'm disappointed again because Nathan who's capable and a strong knight, is being pushed back to being a very insignificant character, a stepping stone for Mc's to be fiancé show she can show that she can fight. It's the most ridiculous thing even. Author is so hell bent on having the lavaltors (The finances family) involved in Mc's life that Nathan is excluded the importance battle of rankings between the prince's and princess because he got dizzy from the torture... (he's a qualified and talented knight gosh.)

From the beginning Nathan was set to be the most important character, along with Galon but we aren't getting anything besides him doing some double crossing there and there and him being ignored.

Then during a fight between what almost caused the freaking war between their kingdom and the Empire, Nathan suddenly fails to even move after he fought incredibly... the to be fiancé steps in and saves thd day (lol)

I'm giving it a 2, because MC is reckless and his recklessness is excused. His enemies or opponents are dumb (they are people said to be intelligent cunning yet what they do doesn't reflect that, all we get is people say this or who has this reputation in the kingdom) , they move recklessly too as if he hadn't surprised them or went beyond their expectations before, they never prepare for if their pland don't work. The royals seem to be sitting and only move when MC has what they want. Nobles are behaving quite recklessly, they can also even shout against the kings orders.

MCs luck is only excused too by author that he's just too competent.

It's not bad but it's not my taste. Reading it was okay, I was even binge reading the available chapters, atleast I enjoyed it, the only straw was Nathan. <<less
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Mar 11, 2023
Status: c88
Summary: MC was betrayed by his backer after almost becoming king and was killed. He time travels to right before he meets that backer. He then fights for the right to rule.

OP MC who seems to know everything about everyone. Twists his enemies plots to his advantage.

Romance: none from the MC, but some characters try to push engagement offers on him (which he denies).
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Sep 02, 2022
Status: c55
This is so exciting! I like how the MC surprises everyone but what I like the most is he and his father's interactions. Da*n can't wait for more.

I'll edit this review later on when I finish this.
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Mar 24, 2022
Status: c30
The number of chapters is 30 out of 251, so gonna be fair - it will be difficult to give this an overall review because it is still way too early. Instead, I will let you know what I think on the current chapters.

First, ... more>>

the MC of this is an illegitimate prince but managed to succeed in his previous life but then died after being betrayed by the Duke whom he trust. In short, this involved regression and time travel (read if you want to know more details)


Second, this is an OP character.

From people or knights to power to items - this is your type of novel wherein luck is on the side of MC. Known by many as the plot armor


Third, for the world building and other character - there are not many characters yet that were introduced. Same with the powers of MC - nothing is clear yet (lacks information).

Lastly, the plot is good. It's my personal preference. I have no idea if romance will be involved in the future but for now, I like how the story was focused on achieving MC's goal for revenge and throne. Give it a try, it might suits your preference as well.

PS: The translator is consistent on the updates every Thursday. But pls do advised that this is slow paced - 1x chapter per week.

Enjoy reading! Ciao. <<less
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Nov 07, 2023
Status: c119
I'm leaving a review after reading the latest update.

I rarely give 5 stars but this novel deserves it!


Because it hooks you the more you read it. As the story progresses, the more thrilling it becomes. I even lost sleep because I binge-read it. It's a pity that the updates are a bit slow though. But I'm still thankful for the translator team for translating this amazing novel <3 (the translation is amazing, btw - comprehensible & no grammar mistakes)

Ok, onto the dissection of the story:

    • PLOT - As per the summary, the premise itself is cliche but the execution of the story is great. The events are not repetitive either. In short, plot is compelling.
    • CHARACTERS - The characters are not one-dimensional. At least, for me. Villains aren't third-rate either. They use their brains. I especially like our MC's personality and way of thinking. His sly and cunningness & how he handles the problems that come his way. Of course, there's plot armor and almost everything goes his way (which is the kind of trope I normally dislike but oddly enough, I liked it) Also, the face slapping events are sooooo satisfying!
    • BATTLES - There's strategies! Thank god! This is a personal preference but I especially like battles with clever strategies and not just the protagonist & his entourage bulldozing their way through the enemy ranks with brute force and plot armor. So if you're like me, then the battles in this novel will satisfy you.
    • ROMANCE - There's no romance. Throughout the story, Ian's prospective fiance was brought up a few times and there was even a scene where Ian met his soon-to-be fiance (and more likely the FL) and they had this moment (just for a second - like they literally just smiled and stared at each other) Apart from that, there's really no romantic scenes at all - which is good.
Anyway, I've actually read this twice already. The first time, I stopped cause I needed to wait for more updates and now the 2nd time, I need to wait for more chapters again T_T
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: c111
To be honest, the first dozen-or-so chapters were unprepossessing, inspiring me to write this parody:

... more>>

The knights and mercenaries arrived. His golden eyes flashed as he lifted the sword.

"My lord, he is but a serf!"

It was then.

"He is now the 7th Prince."

But then.

"He's still a lowly person!"

It was at that moment.


Right then.

He smirked.

But something more surprising happened next.

* * *

The knight had come to pick up the 7th Prince. He saw the boy's rare golden eyes and the sword he held.


But then it happened.

"He's still a lowly person!"


And it was at that moment.

The Prince smirked.


* * *

The mercenaries stared in awe at the small malnourished boy. They were shocked that he could lift the sword.

"I wonder what he will show us?"

And then.


It was when the sword moved.

The Prince smirked.


It was on the extreme end of the "Korean action web novel style" and had me thinking about the undeserved adulation given to regressors, even though I am a fan of overpowered MCs.

By chapter 50-ish though, especially when he's doing more politicking, the writing style has mellowed. And by chapter 100-ish, the MC has dealt with enough unforeseen circumstances to prove himself.

It is what it is, in terms of genre and style. It's good enough. I like the concept of Knights' Oaths, too. <<less
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Glutton idiot
Glutton idio
Mar 10, 2022
Status: c28
I would to change my rating but dunno how 4/5 For now

The story is promising although it had flaws but it's still good to read on your time off. It's a novel with no romance and I appreciate it

... more>>

reasons why it's good: in my opinion is probably the ML and his 2 knights. It's goes in to the usual cliché ML is the chosen prince when he's little he was abused and was being use by a duke he trusted but it's still savory and delicious. I like MC character although there's time where I wanna slap him and ask why did he let go of those bastards who insult him but I'll let it slide. His knights is very funny and I like that good job author.


im still bitter about the lord in the first few chapters but they just decide to left him there and he was never appear ever again


I seriously thought he would make alliance with the second prince

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