These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy


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That day, my head was struck by an unknown object, and after I woke up, I realized that I’m able to, through titles, understand a person’s truest side.

Afterwards, I’m being pestered by a group of girls, them even not being humans at all, with various bizarre fetishes………….I’m having a harem, you say? If I’m still able to be alive at the end………….Mm, just take it as I have a harem then (gives off an understanding smile).

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Dangerous Girls Are Putting Me In Danger
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New Literasi rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: v3c42
A good novel with many mysteries on it. Pure MC but not naive, great relationship and the development of it.
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RarestProGamer rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: v2c50.8
At first, I really loved this novel. The whole slice-of-life+incest+supernatural+yandere premise seems great at first, the main point why I really read this because it is from a Chinese author. I had hoped that it would be free from all clichés and your typical harem stereotypes with more of a mature, reasonable and realistic approach from Main Character. As I have read hundreds of wuxia harem novel where authors never shys away from putting in any "action" that the protagonist gets, I went into reading this novel having similar expectations... more>> which is where author dropped the ball. The moment you start reading this novel and as you carry on, you will realize that author borrows a lot of ideas and other tropes from Japanese novels which Author himself agrees, he even uses a lot of Japanese terms to keep the atmosphere similar and that's where author made a mistake!

-The main female lead who is a yandere is actually not a yandere, she just wants MC to be dead and that's not the characteristics of being a Yandere. Just because she is evil and want people to be dead, doesn't make her Yandere. It is not until much later she falls in love with MC, but still for some reason want MC to be dead because you guessed it, she is a corpse lover which is really a kill-joy in my scenario. I won't spoil the whole story, but the final nail in the coffin for me was when the protagonist accidentally makes a contract with a succubus, but the worst thing he did was he swore an oath that he would never lay a hand on her body who is a SUCCUBUS. Now, hear me out!? I am not asking for a full blown R-18 hentai novel, but it pretty much seals the fate and future of the main character, and you know how things are gonna move from here on because he is a gentlemen and also dense which makes him no different from other beta arse jap protagonists which I loathe from every fiber of my being. After that, the story got so ridiculous that it even introduced Zombies, Ghouls and other sh*t and I knew I had to drop the novel right there and then.

:Final Conclusion: I might have given it a higher ratings if the main story of the novel wasn't MC dancing at the hands of every female lead while he is also oblivious to his surroundings. I have also read that the original author of the novel on SFACG reached some sort of V.I.P status which is behind pay to read per chapter wall, that also means that the novel will be censored in the future chapters. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: v2c50
The novel's premise is very unique, and has some of the coolest heroines. However, the timid, weak-willed, and irresolute MC really gets on your nerves after a while. The MC's interactions are incredibly predictable and frustrating because he's only capable of a few actions:

    1. try to run away
    2. wilfully ignore the unwanted behaviour of others
    3. submissively go along with whatever others want
Ugh, this was such a disappointment to read because I had so much expectation. The heroines and the MC's situation are so damn interesting, but this useless MC just ruins everything. The entire novel I'm just hoping the MC would do something: take a stand! Say no! Slap a hoe! Anything other than passively going along with what other characters want, but he just continues to disappoint me.
27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ninthlite rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: v1c47
This is a harem novel with no substance, the beginning hints at an actual plot but I was disappointing to not find any. The novel consists of various women falling in love with a featureless bland MC for no apparent reason. A weak justification was given that a charm spell was cast on him (which makes this r*pe I guess? As this is the only thing making women attracted to him. After the various women fall in love every chapter thereafter solely consists of women professing how deeply they love... more>> our generic featureless MC. The art also looks like it was drawn by a ten year old. <<less
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juraijd rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: v2c43
This is my first review so I hope you don't mind with my review.

This novel is very good and it is fun to read. It's comedy is very interesting. I like the MC because of his calm and cold personality (well in the outside he is but he is kind in the inside). The MC is the kind of person who will avoid trouble at all costs but I think his MC halo gave him some trouble. The MC is a loner well because of the room he went in.I... more>> think this novel is pretty sexy, well you can see the adult, harem and ecchi tag. I recommend not to read this when you are in public because sometimes you'll laugh so hard or maybe you'll have a boner which will be awkward. The multiple POV's of some characters is interesting and funny.


MC got his power because of the library teacher gave him some slips to represent that he have attend night revisions out of pity and goodwill so that he can have some free time but at the back of the slip there are some kind of writing that will improve his charm slowly if he carry it with him so that the charm can attract someone that will affect his lonely life. But he accidentally form it together which the charm went to his mind and gave him some power. MC's power is a little cliche but a lot more unique. He can see their titles (which most represents their hobby, characters such as stalker, voyeur, demon king and so so on), impression/feelings for him. When he went to school with his power seeing titles and feelings, he was shocked and surprised because he was the only normal person in his class because all of his classmates are all abnormal.

About his sisters, I am really speechless when I knew that they are both brocon and every night her cold sister do this and that to him when he is sleeping, and when I knew about it I can't help but have a boner but it is still fun to read.

His interactions with the characters is indeed not boring to read. Especially with the main heroine when he was forced to be her girlfriend just because she is interested in his corpse but later on the fake feelings are developing which is very heartwarming.


Well, to anyone who likes harem and romance with a lot of comedy and sexy scenes. I RECOMMEND THIS AMAZING NOVEL <<less
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Aho555 rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: --
Haha this is great. It's basically a Japanese harem romantic comedy, but the heroines are special/crazy, the MC has a spine, and lots of self aware humour, and since the author is Chinese, the difference in background makes it feel slightly different and fresh.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whatswrongwithyou rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: --
SIMPLY PERFECT ! If you want a rom-com harem with a YANDERE heroines but a light one unlike those deep Yandere's (what is yandere, and especially CHRONICLES OF A YANDERE, those hard core one).. But if you want true definition of yandere.. Then this is not it as this is a light hearted one.. Perfect!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
clowred rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: v2c46
Certainly, not the type of novel I would recommend to anyone. It's better to stumble upon this masterpiece and read it while covering your head with a blanket while panting like a dog in heat. If by some chance you get cold feet imagining someone breaking in your house, smelling your underwear while you are asleep, laying next to you and only leaving a few moments before you wake up, then you might want to skip this novel.

For the rest of the damaged users that are really tired by the... more>> high amount of cliches in the present popular stories, come and enjoy the story that might fulfill everyone's desires and fetishes. I just have one wish, a translator that can translate at the same speed he faps to this novel. <<less
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Dragon rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: v2c42
I'm already watching Eromanga Sensei, eh, so I guess it can't hurt to leave a review since the police are going to take me away anyways.

That aside, this is an interesting novel if you're into harems. No, it isn't like Haruhi (wtf?) like that other reviewer said. The best analogy is that this is `Criminale!` in web novel form. If you like stuff like `Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha` you'll probably like this too.

It has interesting characters, and the main crazy yandere is done well. Don't expect a... more>> lot of plot, and there are a lot of cliches/tropes, but I had an enjoyable time reading it. The translation quality is good, and I want more chapters written for each of the girls introduced so far. <<less
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LazyDays rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: side story 1
Absolutely hilarious! This disaster of a harem story starts off with a bang and a scream!

MC is a very normal guy. He likes manga, is polite, filled with common sense, has moderate levels of perverseness and has a strong sense of preservation.

... more>>

This is why when faced with the seductive school beauty, he starts to internally scream and run away. Why? Simple!

Because his newfound ability to see the main trait of somebody, their "title" in this game of life, has deduced her's to be "Corpse Loving Homicidal Maniac"!


Yup. This is that kind of story.


I find his reactions very funny, and reasonable. It's well balanced between morally average teenage boy and terrified teenage boy.

This means he might spend a line or two thinking about her panties, then go back to desperately struggling against her chokehold/knife.

There is actual character growth in the story. It's subtle, but eventually MC grows into a resolute man who takes responsibility for his actions accordingly.


CH 88 and his finger. I admit it, it was kinda s*upid, but it was the fastest way to motivate that chick into saving/fighting her love rival. He also gets bonus points for sheer guts.


The translator is also very helpful with their footnotes detailing the many weird or subtle references Chinese novels have.

If you are looking for a story with a nice-guy protagonist with a growing harem (filled with girls who are extremely likely to kill/mutilate/XXX you), this is it!

To quote what is actually a pretty good description of what the MC thinks of this story:


I'm scared!

Just now I've merely glanced around at the classroom's entrance, it's fine even if there's no normal people around already, but now observing carefully, there actually really weren't any normal people at all!

Not even a f***king single one!

What in the hell kind of class was this!

What in the hell kind of school was this!

What in the hell was all of this!


8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seregosa rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: v2
This story is truly kind of subpar. I thought that it might be pretty cool since the author is chinese but was going to deal with a lot of japanese stuff, but it turns out that this MC is barely any different compared to the cliché japanese beta and rock-level dense MC. If I had to say what's different, it's that

1: the girls are much more proactive, ridiculously so. It often reads like porn (well, the side story of a parallel universe ending at volume two was actually pure hardcore... more>> porn) but this changed quite a bit when it got censored after becoming a "VIP" story. Sadly, this was one of the up parts of this novel, the girls were the only reason to keep reading, because everything else was just annoying, so it becomes less interesting after it was censored too much. It doesn't help that the girls are very boring and repetitive in behavior, they always act the same and they're all completely and utterly insane/mentally sick. By a few chapters into volume 2, I was already sick of their actions, it started to get increasingly more irritating and dull rather than interesting.

2: The MC has some guts and won't cry like a baby whenever something happens. However, rather than it being courage, it's more like he's just a bit too s*upid to understand the situation he's in and feels a bit apathetic to his own life. He's "kind" to a fault (not that he won't kill people in very special circumstances or let them die though), by that I mean that he's the type that will forgive the girls no matter what they do, no matter how horrible they are, he's just too afraid to hurt anyone. If they try to kill him, he will of course try to resist, but then he will console them directly after they tried to kill him instead of running away. He'll also somehow fall in love with girls who tries to kill him. No matter how horrible they are, he will just accept them as if nothing's wrong in the end. His acceptance levels are really way up there, it doesn't matter if it's about eating people, killing people and stuffing them up, stalking to the extreme, sexually assaulting him or whatever, he'll always go with the flow and pretend all is good. It's as if he's too lazy to actually care. He'll even risk his life to save any of them after almost getting killed, it's quite s*upid, but I guess that's actually similar to japanese novels. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same.

In the end, the level of denseness of this MC isn't even normal for a japanese beta MC. I must say that I hate him, as did many others reading this. If he was a side-character, he'd be quite likable, but he's the MC, which completely turns things around. It's not at the level of mere denseness. It's, excuse my choice of words, at the level of being selectively retarded, whenever it's convenient, he'll become retarded and unable to understand anything. This author has another thing coming for him if he truly believes that it's funny when mcs' acts ignorant to everything, displaying just how s*upid they are. My intolerance for this type of stuff grows as the years pass by.

For an example, there's the matter of him being able to see titles and emotions related to him. He KNOWS that the emotions are related to HIM. The succubus told it in his face! He also experimented on it himself, if they're unrelated to you, the colors would be white. He also knows that the black or grey parts are aimed at him (jealousy/envy or hatred) so it really makes one wonder why he's acting as if he doesn't understand anything. It's idiotic and vexing. Green is for people who are closer/likes you more, blue is for quite close ties, red is for hostility/killing intent against you and pink is for LOVE AGAINST YOU. That he sees these colors in the first place leaves no room to argue, they're aimed at him. So, if someone has pink in their color, what could that mean? Of course it means that her target of love is HIM, but he somehow refuses to understand. It's frustrating to see him ignore it. It's like someone is shoving facts in your face but you pretend not to see it, it's like you catch your wife being screwed by another man while fully nude in bed, you can see him connected to her, you're very close and can see it crystal clear, but you pretend nothing is wrong and think that "oh, so she has a new friend, I wonder who this guy is who clearly came over to talk about work and nothing sexual at all! Oh, and they're not naked, it's just skin colored clothes!". Seriously, it's not funny at all.


The comedy is, in many ways, similar to japanese novel, and it's truly not funny. You can expect cliché "I'm not a lolicon" jokes and "I don't understand" jokes along with a dash of "I'm being treated like a piece of sh*t doormat and I'm doing nothing against it as the girls abuse me because it's sooo funny" jokes.

The story is all over the place. There's people from pretty much every type of novel, be it mad scientists, doll makers, dolls, zombies, clones/homunculi, cultivators, otherworldly heroes and demon kings, succubuses, stalkers, eavesdroppers, voyeurs, homicidal necrophiliacs, magicians of different kinds, zombies, ghouls, oni, people who loved handicapped people, super brocons, haraguro, kuudere, yandere etc (this is hardly a spoiler as it was all shown in the second chapter). So, there's pretty much every kind of system in this novel, it's overdone. Nothing truly interesting ever happens. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit interested in if the MC will ever get powerful (which seems like a no since the author wants to keep him useless despite having so many chances to power him up, which he should do if he wants to survive), I also wonder about who his mother is and things like that, but I can't say I care much, especially not as I start disliking him more and more along with even hating some of the girls (the stalker is the most disgusting one). However, it's way too slow and screwed up to be a good story. It's all about the MC meeting new girls who somehow loves him or falls in love with him for various reasons and the MC trying to escape from them as he is treated like a splendid doormat only to give up and fall in love despite their horrible personalities and actions. He's truly an indecisive fool if I've ever seen one, not that I kind understand that when it comes to girls like this...

I also feel like I should mention the grammar of the author as it's relevant to my enjoyment of this novel. His grammar is pretty disagreeable and it makes the translation vexing to read as it's too distracting because I have to mentally correct him all the time. Although it's not too hard to read (especially if you read novels at LNMTL sometimes, but LNMTL is structured and doesn't make weird mistakes like this, so I somehow find it easier to read), the translator has quite a few quirks that I keep on noticing and it's very distracting, sometimes it even mades it hard or impossible to understand what he means. The first issue is that he messes up the ordering of sentences, placing some words that should be placed at the start in the end. The second is his use of "too", which he uses A LOT and pretty much every single time incorrectly, he seems to believe that "too" means "either". The third is "onto", which he uses for ridiculously many sentecnes and not even once correctly. I truly wonder what he thinks "onto" means, at least it's not "unto". It made a few sentences completely unreadable, leaving me at only being able to guess roughly what it was supposed to be. He also likes to make up words to subsitute chinese ones even if it's not needed to convey the idea. He leaves quite a few words, titles and jobs as kana (japanese) or pinyin (chinese) instead of translating it or leaving it out. Other than that he has issues with tenses and some other grammar. It's no doubt readable and it's not really THAT bad, but be warned if you're a grammar nazi that can't stop twitching his eyebrows at stuff like this.

Okay, for the last issue, the author has no intention to keep his story consistent and care about his own settings. Not only does the mc's personality fluctuate all over the place, he even ignores certain things because he wants to.

He never explains at all why normal, clear glasses would fully block the mc's ability. Are you telling me that the MC wouldn't be able to use it if he had to wear glasses because of nearsightedness? That's ridiculous. If it was made of special materials, I'd be able to easily accept it, but it's just normal glass, at least give us an explanation. However, almost nothing is actually explained at all in this novel, perhaps because it makes things easy and convenient to write.

Then there's things like him making a promise/contract with the succubus saying that he would never do any tr*shy actions to her at all, which obviously includes sexual harassment/assault, and if he broke that promise, he would explode and die. He also keeps on spouting crap about never lying although he lies all the time, he even promised her to NEVER do anything to her. However, later on the MC performs some pretty extreme sexual harassment/assault while saying that he somehow feels weird whenever he sees her being helpless because she can't do anything against him. So, he CLEARLY goes against his promise that is supposed to make him explode if he does so, he's acting like truly high-level tr*sh towards her. He's torturing quite a lot by saying things like "teacher" repeatedly on purpose which isn't allowed because she's in a s*ave contract with him and thus it gives her great pain until she can't even stand up anymore and pisses herself as she just wants him to stop and cries in despair. Then the MC orders her to lick it up and doesn't even try to stop her properly, only saying that "eh, you don't have to lick up it all, just a taste will do" after she has already licked quite a lot of it. It couldn't be much more tr*shy than that. I really wanted him to explode on the spot and for the novel to go "the end". I'm also a sadist, but this kind of sh*t makes me sick. You don't promise someone something and then go back on it, acting like a true scumbag. The author really should drop the habit of ignoring his own settings.


So, do I recommend this? Not really. Unless you're a true masochist that loves the MC and can agree with his behavior while also having an unhealthy obsession with yanderes. Is it readable? Perhaps. The comedy isn't that decent and the MC is garbage so the only truly good thing is the girls, but some of them are also annoying, the only thing they truly have going for them is sexiness. This shouldn't be read at all if you want a good story or something that is enjoyable for other reasons than the girls. <<less
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Demizex rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: v2c83
It had so much potential at the beggining but its sad how it turns out around ch.83 (which is where I gave up on reading).

Great Premise, but as many have said, The MC will get to your nerves sooner or later.

The heroines are great as each of them have all their own chapters depicting how the think and why they act the way they do.

The MC starts looking good but after reading him repeat the same actions over and over again one gets tired of it, and the finishing strike... more>> from him was trying to defend someone when he doesnt even have the strenght to do so.

The Shounen Syndrome (its what I call) the MC is WEAK AF, yet he tries to save/defend the girls EVEN when they want to harm him in any way possible at the chapters near 80 one wanted to cut his finger and yet instead of acting like a true Human he goes all 360 and blames himself for her trying to do so? where is the logic can someone explain me plz?...

In the end the MC doesnt have any power and has to get his ass saved by any girl close by, that in my book qualifies as a dog that can bark but no bite.... so the MC is a wimp GG WP <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
summers rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c31
Slice of life, pervy-scary girl harem. The girls are interesting; MC is described as the usual passive loser and that's OK. The problem is the MC does not fit that description, and NTR character would be better than him, those guys at least may eventually react to things with intense feeling and actions. He is not even a character, something that we have to call the MC moves around until and event happens then he does not follow up at all, he does not try to find out why everyone... more>> in his class is special or what makes them so or if they really are. He does immediately go to the principle and asks these questions when he find out she is also special.

What he does do is avoid all the girls when possible, make agreements not to touch the succubus even if she wants to, etc.

The key to slice of life is to feel that what is happening is important to the people invovled even if its just a school test, and some regular events so that when those events change it become something that we remembers. All we get is MC goes to school avoid people till event is forced on him, goes home and maybe event is forced on him. That's it. This is worse than beta-neet like behavior.

Its a shame because the girls are interesting, his sisters are hardcore in love perving on him, and not in the usual cutesy ecchi kinda a way, more like drugging him for five years so she can molest him in his sleep, counting the number of times climaxed while doing certain action (was not s*x but might as well be). But its like the girls are interacting with a ghost, girls do interesting things, he repeats what those things are, the end. If this was done so we could imagine ourselves in our place, then its ineffective.

I don't know if its the translation or the result of a Chinese author replicating Japanese style of writing, but it was hard to understand. My final test if skipping 2 dozen chapters, if I can't tell the difference between that chapter and the actual next chapter then nothing is happening and I drop the fiction. I dripped this. I give it 2 stars because I can see some people willing to power through this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
prozerg rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: v2c46
Best CN Romance series as of yet! And those JP elements and tropes as extras make you grinning whenever the main girl interacts with the MC :D

I'd give it 15/10 for the yandere gf and the meimeis and also for the fact that it is kinda similar to Monogatari series when it comes to character interaction.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gallantkun rated it
April 1, 2017
Status: v1c6
This is pure gold comedy right here. Our MC is being dragged into absolutely weird sh*t and he always stayed calm (externally) while grumbling (internally). I quite like this MC and how he acts aloof unintentionally.

I just loved the class scene. It truly makes me laugh. I loved how he react (internally) while despairing for his future.
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Overlord rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: v2c39
This.. Has.. So.. Much.. Potential!

Have you ever wanted to know about the true feelings or characters of others? Yes!? However, there're things in this world better left in the dark, as the scariest monsters are the ones that lurk inside souls.

Versatile characters and interesting concept, including a well-written and so far believable storytelling, where not everything is as it seems to be. The MC can look at the abnormal preferences, true characters and psychological issues of other people, resulting in him being in a sheep among a pack of wolves... more>> situation. Since his entire class is filled with full-fledged psychopaths and/or abnormalities, there're several girls going after him.. Exactly the kind you don't want to have around you. One can't help but be interested in the unfolding and progressing story, as well as the hopefully adequate character development.

Yandere is love, yandere is life. ┬┴┬┴┤ (・_├┬┴┬┴ <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crea rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: side story 1
In general I like the idea and story even most of the characters but personally I hate the MC for not rejecting the other girls even though he admits that he likes the female lead. I mean he lets his girlfriend watch him being kissed and flirted with, IN FRONT of her! This feels a bit like NTR to me. F*ck it, this is NTR. I mean the final battle in vol.2 is basically his girlfriend got mad at him for cheating with two girls, kissing and holding them naked.... more>> I hate this part of the MC the most. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
serguis rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: side story 1
Exeptionnel. A story not overly complicated or complex but worth the time and the pleasure.

Although the supernatural has it's place, it doesn't change the story into a unbelievable-one and still keep a steady flow.

Some may said that it is full of boring and already seen things but I fell that it's only a cute and enjoyable story, not trying to overdo it or to make itself THE best story of all.

So have a good time without trying to overthink it :D
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blackrabbit0634 rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: v2c66
Actually a good read.. I was expecting something very dark when reading the title but its not really that dark, or more like its dark-comedy?

The story is unexpectedly kinda interesting (I don't really have much expectations for any harem genres).. Though the MC is kinda wimpy but I kinda don't mind as if I imagine a strong MC in this kind of story a lot of the heroines would be overshadowed by the MC..

... more>>

Imagine, for the first girl the corpse lover if the MC can fight would there be any chase seen, would there be a part where the MC reverse seduce the girl.. what would happen would be 2 lovers suicide probably ending the novel at the very first arc, I mean the girl was ridiculously strong compared to the MC unless there was a deus ex machina he wouldn't survive the girl's assault..

For the little sisters if the MC had a strong will and wasn't slowly brainwashed is there even a point in mentioning the two in the story? if this was an anime they at most would get 1 minute of screen time..

For stories with people having a somewhat psychological problem its best that the MC is not a 'superman' who can do everything as in my opinion in these kind of story the main character is the best supporting character to bring out the best of the other characters.. And besides the MC here is not that hopeless as he still has some room for character growth with his background......


having 9 reincarnations, well he forgot about it but still it can maybe influence him in the future maybe if there is a reincarnated childhood friend arc


Although I know its tagged as mature I was kinda expecting it to be mature because of the violence & somewhat gore but maybe its because some chapters are already borderline-H.. and though I know this is a CN novel but because maybe the author is a fan of JP anime/manga (there's a lot of JP reference) the story kinda feels more japanese, with the dense MC + harem + ecchi combination..

Overall this is kinda interesting but not for everybody since the ecchiness (?) is borderline-H its almost on the level of Masou Gakuen HxH but below that... for the comedy well its up to once taste as it didn't really made me laugh but not on the level of a cold joke.. what really made me interested is how the story presented the girls with "psychological problems" are presented how their obsessions are showed to their peak and at the end how their problems will be solved or delayed.. and back again if the MC is strong at the start or making the right decisions from the beginning it would be kinda boring as you won't be able to see the abnormalities at their peak.. <<less
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morli rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: v2c37
Ever wonder what will happen when you're the only normal people among abnormal one? This is what happen to MC. One day, suddenly he gained ability to read "true self" and "true emotion" of people. And what he discovered is his class doesn't have normal people at all! From killer, stalker, zombie, succubus and even demon king! SO many potential characters here.

Even though the title sounds dark, this story is more like supernatural comedy with harem. Yeah, harem, even though some of the girls don't want to share and quite... more>> possesive with the MC. With their strong personality, I won't be surprised if there is bloodbath in the future lol. Nevertheless, the background of the story is rather interesting. The various background of his classmates paint many interesting plot. The more the MC learn about his classmates the more he will be dragged into "other side" and the more girls will fall in love with him lol. The personality of the girls also very different from each other and quite interesting. Although most of them fall into the usual trope, they have unique "hobbies" that make them fun to read, even if their "hobbies" usually make MC life miserable.

Oh, this story also surprisingly doesn't have many raw and quite new. There are like 10 chapters difference between the translation and the raw. Quite frustrating really because I'm really curious what will happen to the MC in the future. But fortunately the author and the translator updating this story quite often so you don't need to wait long to know what will happen next. <<less
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Redmi rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: v1c20
Suprisingly is quite similar Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

* Take Kyon (as MC) and also Haruhi's novel world setup.
* Remove Haruhi (good thing?).
* Fill the class/library with multiple copies of Asahinas, Yukis, Koizumis et. al. (all those weird people).
* Add wincest to the house too.
* Remove Endless Eight...
*... and then put a better story in this novel.

This novel MC being Kyon-lite is what clinches it for me.

p/s: there is no yandere in this novel. At least at time of writing (c20).
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