There’s Only One Way for a Reincarnated Lady to Be Adored by His Majesty the King


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She bears the memories of her previous life.

In a political dispute over the right to succeed the throne, the third prince is the first to be dismissed by the nobles and lords because he is the son of a concubine.

There was a person who was reincarnated with the memory of a female knight who had fulfilled her role as his knight guard.

She was reincarnated in the same world as she had lived before.

She was reborn right after her death. This time, as the Countess, Flora Weber.

On her seventeenth birthday.

Flora was sent on her way to the Royal Palace to take part in a party for the bridal selection of His Majesty the King’s nephew, the Duke.

She thought she could live an ordinary life now. But the moment she headed to the Royal Palace, her ordinary future was twisted spectacularly.

To put it bluntly, her loyalty ingrained from her former life as a knight guard drove her into climbing His Majesty unknowingly.

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Tensei Reijou ga Kokuou Heika ni Dekiai sareru Tatta Hitotsu no Wake
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