There’s No Such Thing as Love in a Swordsman’s Heart


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Jiang Su transmigrated.

He transmigrated into a BL harem novel as the novel’s main character, jianghu’s number one beauty, who bewitches the masses with just his face, then is subjected to shame, humiliation, and infamy at the end.

To prevent this from happening, Jiang Su diligently practiced his swordsmanship. But then he suddenly realized…If he is still single when the original storyline ends, he will be forced to return to his original world.

Jiang Su: ……

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anonmily rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Translator here. This is one of my favorite novels, and it's just a hilarious and sweet ride. Tired of those stereotypical BL novels with weak and feminine bottoms and toxic/dominant tops? Want to die laughing from the romance between a stone and a piece of wood? Looking for a lighthearted, healthy romance? You'll probably love this then. XD The MC and ML are both strong, and they are just so caring and sweet for each other... but oh god! They. Are. So. Dense. *facepalm* I've almost died laughing so many... more>> times while reading this.

The background of the novel Jiang Su transmigrated into is one of those s*upid explicit BL harem novels, but don't worry, the romance is 1v1 from beginning to end, and Jiang Su... oh god, I almost feel sorry for his admirers and enemies. He flips everything over.

And oh geez the MC's personality... I just can't. XD He's the "bottom" of the relationship and the so-called jianghu's number one beauty, but the way he acts has nothing to do with beauty or those stereotypical bottoms... lmao. Everyone has this imagined preconception of him because his appearance, but... it's all deception! Rather than being saved, he does the saving. He wrestles with tigers, and is a "righteous cultivator" that can be more wicked and shameless than the demonic sect if you cross him. His motto is that if your martial arts is strong, you can do anything you want. Just love Jiang Su so much.

This is a hilarious and lighthearted fun read that makes fun of those typical BL tropes. Hope y'all enjoy it as well! <<less
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Joy45h rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: --
One way to describe the MC - black bellied. He absolutely loves pitting people. It's really funny how he pits his enemy, an absolute slick talker. His enemies are more terrified when he starts talking rather than him beating them to death.😂😂
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: --
It's really funny LMAO.

It's only the beginning, but it's very clear that both protagonists are really straight. Very straight that's it's so funny because people around them are not. I never see this tag used so well.

Their interactions are very healthy. MC is also strong. I can imagine future equal relationship.

... more>> All characters has personality. Even ML is not your typical ML. He became really cute when he met his social death. I feel you bro.

I wish they're switch couple, but I won't complain if there's not a smidge of smut. I always love novel with comedic undertone.

I'm really grateful to the translator for picking this up. I hope you can continue until the end. Jiayou ~ <<less
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hybridiris rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel and read the raws.

About the story

MC transmigrated into a cultivation novel and has worked hard to be a top swordsman. He has grown to love the world he's in and doesn't want to go back to his original world. In order to stay, he must accomplish two main missions. He needs to obtain seven keys to a location that will give him access to a sword manual he's always wanted to read. Also he needs to help matchmake people or fall in love in order to... more>> gain enough points to stay in the world. Unlike most cultivation novels, there is no great evil, dog blood, angst in this novel. This novel is pretty much comedy the whole way with unexpected couples everywhere and colourful scenes and jokes.

About the MC

MC is a dense protagonist and a sword fanatic. He calls his swords his wives and cherishes them in a crazy way. He's stubborn and for a great portion of the novel and believes that in order to be the best swordsman, he must cut off all emotions. However he always treats ML so well that he doesn't realize his emotions for the longest time. Also his personality is not as strict as the righteous people around him. Other characters constantly make hilarious observations that he seems more like someone from a demonic cult than a righteous character. Due to system reasons, he spends long periods of novel time trying to play matchmaker to a few couples with failures and successes. But if he succeeds, it's usually by accident since he has no idea what romance is all about.

About the ML

The ML is a very honest and straightforward character who gets to really like the MC through their interactions and common taste (both are sword fanatics though MC 100x more). He is not the typical overbearing or dominating ML in some novels. He is more like MC's sidekick for most of the novel.

Why my rating is differently from the other reviewers

Well, this novel has almost no world building for one. The backstory of the factions and or any info on the characters are sparse. I understand the whole world is just a thin frame for the comedy but the world really seemed a bit too insubstantial. The plot was very scattered just going from place to place, event to event without much of a plan. It seemed like aside from the silly romance, comedy, and raunchy jokes, the novel had nothing else to it. It is refreshing for a cultivation novel not to be melodramatic or life and death but I guess I'd prefer a little more substance to what I read. I also got bored of the comedic antics in the novel because there was a lot of repetition. Also MC and ML's romance seemed a bit forced by the system circumstances. Even if it's comedic, I didn't feel real emotion from MC's side. It just didn't sell it to me unfortunately and for me that is one thing that I marked down for this novel. My comments are all based on personal preference. You might really enjoy the comedy so don't let me stop you from reading.


You need to suspend your brain to read this for what it is-- just comedy, quite a few side couples getting it on and an awkward comedic romance with MC and ML. There's no deep emotion to be found here. Just gags, raunchy jokes, situations, and plenty of side couples. MC is a sword fanatic and dense about romance and relationships. ML is an honest good boy. Definitely like the description, ML is like wood and MC is like stone (heart of stone). Read for the laughs. It is funnier if you speak the language cause some of the jokes might fly by you for linguistic reasons. Don't let my preferences stop you from enjoying the laughs. <<less
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otterism rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: --
To be completely honest, I'm quite excited for this—I'm a huge sucker for this genre and tag combination. I highly suggest everyone to go check out the translator's page and scroll down for the beautiful cover art, and maybe read the first chapter while you're there. Many thanks to them for picking this novel up! I really hope you continue it!
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Chezhi rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: c15
This is such a promising novel! I MTLed a few chapters and was pleasantly surprised at how good it gets - the story is really funny, well-written, with interesting characters. I hope someone picks up the translation so more people could appreciate this novel <3
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July 2, 2022
Status: --
It was a great read and very amusing. Quite funny and the characters are interesting. I'd rate it above average than other novels in this site because of how comical it is.

But why is he a transmigrator? It doesn't add anything to the story aside from knowing the characters and the plot. His character seems more ancient than real ancient characters. Beginning and towards the end was okay.

... more>>

Just that it went with the typical dense MC with ML who fell first. Just basic troupe which made the whole thing basic. Halfway the story and I'm noticing the MC turning more into a basic web novel character, well he is. MC should have been given his own medicine by making him like someone while the other is oblivious so he can know that feeling. He didn't want to follow the original character's route and he succeeded by being heartless so a scenario that could make him change his outlook towards relationship could have given the story a smoother direction towards romance, instead of him having to ignore and divert ml's love towards him since that is what he have done with all the others and he could have felt tired defending himself but that was very selfish and disrespectful of him, MC do have the right to reject people but not acknowledging is still a form of disrespect and to all the others he did that to. He needs a mature ML who does the same no emotion sword practice and would rather seclude and train and ignore him the same way he does to others than this cute innocent ML who have been through a lot and should just be cuddled. But tbh ML needs to grow up and make decisions on his own than ask everyone else. It would be nice if Growth would be added for character development in the author's next works.

I probably don't like that kind of character because I've been like that in the past and hated it. This makes it a biased review and not credible to future readers.

It could have prolonged the bromance suspense and make everyone think that the MC and ML are together for at least until ch.80+ instead of around 58 that ML figure himself out, MC could also have been given signs of confusion. Is the ML a masochist to not feel anything from rejection? I wished he is so his action is understandable than coming from MC's halo. I didn't want to get frustrated early in the story but I still continued, I am probably a masochist.

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Wintercreeper rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: --
The writer states: This is a sand sculpture novel, don't expect logic.

They are right, there's very little logic, but it's really darn funny.

Don't take anything in it seriously, the world is basically a gay p*rn book, it's meant to be brainless erotica with a shallow plot and no worldbuilding, that's the original setting.

... more>> So, do not read this as a wuxia or xianxia, it's comedy p*rn (with no/little p*rn), a bit like American Pie but in 100% gay.

Only thing that should be said, some of the CP are questionable or even dub/non-con, the writer explicitly mentioned this because it's part of the braindead-all-gay-p*rn-setting.
Either skip these parts or read something else, personally I simply scrolled past, it's not a big part of the novel. <<less
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