There Is No Way a Support-type Character Will Have a Girlfriend


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I have to protect Shōgawa-san’s secret…!

My classmate Shōgawa-san has a secret that no one must uncover──

That’s right, she is actually a Radiant Magical Girl that protect this city! (And she’s super cute~!)

I found out this secret by accident, and to avoid her identity from being exposed, I vow to cover up for her, but she is a really clumsy ditz!

In order to better support her, I must be mentally prepared to stay by her side at all times…

「Shōgawa-san! Please stay with me (Physically)!」「Oh, Okay.」

Great! Now we can have lunch together, go home after school together, visit the amusement park together──

As a support type character, my support will be flawless!

…Hmm? A couple? No no no, There Is No Way a Support Type Character Will Have a Girlfriend.

A love comedy of misunderstandings and lack of self awareness, is now screening!

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Otasuke Chara ni Kanojo ga Iru Wakenai Janai Desuka
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09/07/19 Skythewood v1c9
08/31/19 Skythewood v1c8
08/24/19 Skythewood v1c6-7
08/17/19 Skythewood v1c5
08/10/19 Skythewood v1c3-4
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sanushilshad rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: --
It's good!! Super good.

The characters have their own personalities and the misunderstandings are too good.... more>>

now if we take A, B, C and D as the characters, then B finds out A is the magical girl he admires but does not expose it to A because if anyone exposes A's identity then A will be cursed.

Now B asks A out (to be a friend, so that B can watch over A without A knowing her identity is exposed by B), A mistakes it as a confession. C admiring B for helping the poor A in class mistakes B in love with A, but B mistakes it as C helping him to form frienship with A.

Now watching B's and C's interaction D mistakes it as BL.

Now A accidently meets D and asks D for love advice but because of A's clumsy words, D takes as it as A is interested in her BL hobbies, while A misunderstand's D advice as love advice.

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November 11, 2020
Status: v1c9
A story full of misunderstandings. Every relationship ever formed in the first volume are all convoluted relationships formed from a web of misunderstandings. Its interesting and cute, but knowing that every relationship in this story the result of misunderstandings, I cant help but wonder what will happen when the truth is revealed lol. Just one of the misunderstandings getting revealed will likely unveil the rest, so it has me curious to see it happen.

Otherwise, this is a rather tame school life, comedy, drama with a side of magical girl (really... more>> dont know how/why the author fit this in). Seemingly in a world full of normal people there are still villains and a single magical girl with special powers that fight against each other.

Quiet nonsensical and amusing. Recommended for light reading, not to take the story seriously, because there are too many s*upid misunderstandings. If you find yourself with a a lot of time, and want some humor to your life, I recommend this story. Exactly like sanushilshad reviewed, the relationships in this story are all over the place, but in a good way lol. <<less
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Daxar rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: v1c9
It's good! As long as you don't mind extremely contrived webs of misunderstandings, there's quite a few good laughs to be had here. Translator-kun is doing a great job, as well, so kudos to them.
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entity rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c2
I've finished reading the available chapters (0-2), and what I can say about this story without spoiling it... It's funny, I laughed at some jokes. The story is a sort of a parody. And the male and female protagonists are kind of dumb but really amusing to see
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