There is More to my Childhood Friend


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High school sophomore Shimoyama Yuuki’s childhood friend, Arina, goes on a journey to defeat the Demon King as a Hero on her 17th birthday.

Worried about his all-too-unsociable childhood friend, Yuuki went along with her on her journey, however…

Fantastic obstacles await them on their destination, or they should be, but Arina behaves strangely sometimes…

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My Childhood Friend is a High School Girl and a Hero of Another World but It Looks Like There's More To Her Than That
Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
GREAT read. Read up to chapter 49 so far. There is NO NTR and probably will never happen as Arina is one scary bit*h and makes all previous demon lords look like saints. Harem is a definite go and the story is a fun to read. MC is not your typical Japanese MC who is indecisive at times, he is also not spineless.

... more>>

MC is aware that Arina loves him dearly and since they grew up as children, he only knows her weak and demure side. Also there was an event in her past which she almost lost her life due to bullying and he was unable to save her, and he swore never to allow that ever to happen again to her. He wants her to become independent of him and encourages her growth. As such he is not aware of her dark side. No he has absolutely no clue of her yandere side, if he knew he would probably run like hell, but alas he has no chance in hell of ever escaping her.

The c*ckblock is strong in this story, but really worth it in the end. I will repeat, Arina is YANDERE of the YANDERE. she puts all previous yandere to shame. Ye have been warned, laughing is not allowed or she will strangle you thru the monitor, that is how strong her yandere is..............

She protects the girls the MC likes and adds them to his harem (some of it is really messed up how she does it lol). There is ZERO chance of NTR.


have fun reading. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c62
This had no right to actually work, and yet it does...

I mean, from the outside, it looks just like the tons of "harem in a fantasy world", with a clueless main character and girls in love with him for no reason, praising his every moves.

Even the writing is barely better than those, with simple phrases, simple vocabulary, lacking descriptions, weak characterization...

And yet, it is entirely saved by the main heroine pushing the "admiration" a simple step higher, scheming in the dark to get rid of anything that goes against her... more>> loved one. It's not the "yandere", in that she never targets the one she loves, or eliminate every other females in the vicinity, and she acts weak and clumsy in front of him too, to make him care about her.

Oddly enough, this "simple" change, along with the main character not being the OP hero, makes the story stand out.

I was recently ranting on how removing weaknesses from the main character ruined an other series for me, so I hope it will keep this dual personality on the girl, while mostly keeping the guy in the dark. Anyway, if you are up for a different spin on this kind of stories, it is worth a shot, and if you don't enjoy it by the end of the first arc (noble's home thingy), then you can safely say that it's not for you.

After reaching the latest chapter, I have to say that the author is a bit too found of his weird situations that are explained in roundabout ways, and it is starting to derail the "story" more than it did earlier.

Aside from that though, I had fun reading it, but if it continues to go down the madness part, I might revise my take on the whole thing. <<less
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Hazery rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
A story about a high schooler boy yuuki following her childhood friend arina (hero) to go to another world to beat the crap of demon lord in summer break... poor demon lord...

The hero arina is total clumsy, s*upid, idiot, baka, and masochistic in front of yuuki, but goes total berserk and sad*st if someone try to badmouth yuuki in his back... a yandere heroine... Yay!

This story is comedy... and the author is somehow genius in making a twist...

... more>> @hlubkoj2020

What the heck! You say this story is NTR so I read this novel! And here I can’t friggin find the NTR! Where is it?

Seriously... for a people who want to read this, but scared because there is NTR, there is no NTR here, there will be an explanation later why she... sigh, nevermind... go on and read this... sigh, why this series have no NTR here... <<less
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Upheaval rated it
December 9, 2015
Status: --
It's my first time reading a yandere story, but there was a scene that made me laugh really loud.
like, really loud.
There isn't any NTR, and as said in another comment, the main female character keeps the harem safe.
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YayaBunWa rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: c62
I mean... I want to rate this highly, I really do, but this is another case of a good series either A) losing its author in some fashion, or B) losing its translator whilst nobody else has any interest in picking up the work. I’d check to see which of these cases it may be, but, you know, what’s the point? It’s been over 3 years since anything was translated and I see no reason why that will change any time soon—thus, I can’t really recommend an unfinished “dead-end” like... more>> this to anyone.

More than that though: this novel was really fun whilst it lasted. Plot was amazing, the niche of the story - the yandere female lead - was extremely captivating and a unique pleasure to follow. I’ve recently developed an interest towards these kinds of characters for they have a lot of room for a unique and fresh style of characterisation and romancing—and I can say, this author/novel does not let you down.

Many of of the other reviews around here do a pretty good job of describing what exactly you’d be getting into if you were to pick this up, but I’ll at least briefly mention what this is like:

Warning: not really a spoiler, but if you wish for a “virgin-impression” of the yandere, Arina, then don’t read the hidden text.


Our main character, Yuuki, isn’t useless but he’s only just ‘above average’ - aka nothing special. He’s a caring guy who’s gotten used to being pretty-much a carer for his childhood friend, Arina, who happens to also be the hero. Over their summer break from school, she’s destined (conveniently, I’ll add) to travel to another world of magic and swords to “slay the demon king” ya da ya da blah blah (it’s a bit like that for them too as this entire sequence of events is enacted almost frivolously). Yuuki is invited to come along with Arina and eventually consents out of concern for his dear childhood friend whom he believes will absolutely die the moment he takes his eyes off of her - and just forget about her “slaying anything”.... Unbeknownst to Yuuki, Arina is in fact extraordinary, especially in a single, specific field: worshipping Yuuki. Arina intentionally derails every plan for a regular journey whenever she gets the chance, all for her carefully-considered schemes to thrust the world and all that it knows-and-possesses before Yuuki’s grasp. Every interaction, every step, all good and ill will, every gift and every consequence, and most of all, every friend, acquaintance, enemy, and love-prospect, gets filtered, adjusted, manipulated, and dominated before it can even hope to catch a glimpse of just Yuuki’s shadow—but Yuuki knows not of this. After all: “...A-A-Arina is s*upid and hopeless! S-s-s-sorry, Yuuki, please step on Arina! A-Arina must be punished!”. With a mask of a childhood friend untoward Yuuki, and the visage of a demon unto all others less fortunate, the story of two friends gripped and bound by a shared trauma, as they venture into a world that’s unprepared for what is about to be unleashed upon them.


... Ahhh, such a waste. Please, someone pick this story up again or I really might just go learn Japanese... Arina is best yandere. 8/10, mostly cos the two secondary female characters are lacking in dimensions compared to Arina. I can let it slide, but only under the premise that they develop some more (well, by chapter 62 - the last chapter to be translated - they do show signs of some ‘evolution’ on the horizon. And really, they aren’t bad characters at all and I quite like one of them, but with competition like Arina, you really need a quirk to a character to even hope of keeping up). Besides this: writing is great, world building is great, the style of story-building is fresh and more relatable to ‘murder-mysteries’ than any Isekai tale - which works brilliantly for the characters in this and the style of Multiple PoV writing - and the characters in general are more complex than normal.

Really, in the end, all I can still fault is I WANT MOOOOORRREEE!!!!! ;-; 10/10 don’t care, sue me, gif moar Arinaaaa.... <<less
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c62
Synopsis: A high school boy tags along with his childhood female friend after she reveals that she is a Hero and needs to travel to a fantasy world to defeat a Demon King during summer vacation. He is aware that she is in love with him, but keeps his distance and thinks she is a clumsy airhead. He is oblivious that there is more to her than his impression of her, and they go on a comedic/scary Yandere-tastic adventure.

Genre/Features: Soft spoilers, obvious from the first chapter. Yandere as far as... more>> the eye can see. A developing yandere harem. The comedy and scary awkwardness comes from the male MC being unaware of how Yandere the female MC is, and that she really isn't the clumsy airhead that he thinks she is. Features some OP personal combat, magic, medieval fantasy world. However, most of the story is about the female MC's scheming. There is no nation building, although they gain companions. Haven't encountered magical races/creatures yet. Not really romance, is Yandere and Yandere-ish stuff.

Issues: Some readers will be put off by the Yandere stuff, and the Yandere scheming. The whole thing is Yandere. Some will find it funny, but might feel like it's too much, over time. I don't feel like there is a strong background story arc, and that arc is progressing slowly. It can feel like one Yandere situation after another. Chapters are very, very short.

Translation: 5/5
[[5/5 = Minor spelling and grammar errors. 4/5 = occasional serious grammar errors, may need to reread sentences, but no loss of meaning. 3/5 = common serious grammar errors, some loss of meaning, but no loss of overall story. 2/5 = difficult to read, difficulty understanding parts of scenes. 1/5 entire scenes unreadable.]]

Recommendation: 4 stars
You need to be OK with Yandere and a creepy half-MC. This is my first time reading a story like this, so I can't compare it to others, but it's an interesting scenario to me. Minus half star because, while I think most people will find the story funny, some will get tired of the near constant scheming and creepiness. Minus half star for the issue of not having a strong arc or direction. 62 chapters in, and I'm still not sure whether the initial purpose of the journey is still relevant. There are hints about the backstory, but no major moves towards the originally stated goal. However, the writing is concise and doesn't waste time with filler.
[[5 star = most readers will enjoy, the rest will probably not think it a waste of time. 4 star = majority of readers will enjoy, but the rest will be hit or miss whether they thought it was worth their time. 3 star = hit or miss on whether a reader will enjoy, hit or miss for whether anyone thought was worth their time. 2 star = a niche audience might enjoy, the rest will probably find it not worth the time. 1 star = even the niche audience may not enjoy.]]

Other: 3 arcs (volumes?), and 62 of 75 (?) chapters have been translated. The translator's site lists the title of a 4th arc, but no chapters provided. No updates for 6 weeks, as of c62. The release history seems to suggest that chapters come in spurts, with long waits in between. <<less
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Silvertin rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c54
This has that special sweet spot yandere. Her scary side aside, what you see are also her sweet surface, as well as some POV story from her side as well. It really allows for some very interesting insight to that side of the story (something you never really see.), we also see a few small bits in some chapters from other character's POV as well.

I really enjoy the comedic bits and misunderstandings, its always nice to have some fluffy moments, and this definitely has a few. For those curious, so... more>> far I don't really feel the "horror" genre, at worst is probably the somewhat graphic descriptions of the unspeakable acts our lovable yandere Arina does.

Those... I guess poor bandits, they know not their misfortune when they tried to think of laying a hand on Arina's chastity, which belongs soley to Yuuki, and the so called "men" that dared to touch his property should receive their punishment.... a violent and brutal death, which includes to their Johnson. And yes folks, you read right., she identifies herself as his property... not sure how that works out exactly but okay.


I am going to rant a bit about something unrelated in this paragraph, so feel free to skip to the next. I recently read a different novel with romantic choices that angered me to unbelievable ends. Picture 2 girls that love the protagonist (sadly denser than lead) wanting to beat his head with blunt objects to make him "forget" blunders they were embarrassed about. Or to stab him with a sword in a bout of not knowing what to do from being so embarrassed. Sure he would be okay and heal himself (in a meta way) but that was some unacceptable behavior. Rant about that aside, I wanted the opposite of that nonsense. (the character's involved were NOT yanderes)

Here we have just that. A yandere who lives and breaths for the protagonist, does things less savory for him in the shadows, unbeknownst to him (so far?) and I love that. To me its like we have the light-hearted fluffy side of the story, and on the other we have the dark brutal side, which I feel is great for those particularly nasty characters that deserve that swift (yandere) justice!

Last, I would just like to give a small public service announcement here (since the comments seem to never get the clue.) Arina, the lovable yandere, does in fact want a harem for Yuuki! (the one she loves). If anything she does things to ensure that those he likes get protected and those he dislikes or hates get destroyed in unimaginably terrifying and quite possibly brutal ways.


On that note, brainwashing, corruption, mind control and such all seem to come into play. That Princess Rose that they met? Yea Arina did something to her, and know she seems to totally love Yuuki now, being a woman with zero experience with boys or men in general, I guess she just didn't know what to think, but when she got left alone for a bit to think about her odd behaviors her logic just somehow looped from thinking he was suspicious, to a nice man who was well educated and just found herself thinking.... "what was suspicious?" Later we find that she used sci-fi like nano machines to do that to her, though she also makes use of upgraded slug things that she repurposes

She also apparently wants Yuuki to have more children than he can possibly provide for him herself...

Major spoiler for Arc #1 did Arina know about that "forbidden bracelet" ? is everything according to her plans? I really really hope so, I worry about the protagonist and those he loves after that. Now for some major story spoilers for the second arc. Oh my gosh! Time traveler enemy!? I did NOT expect that, but even with that being said, I really hope Arina manages to either +1 to the harem or destroy her, as for what will happen... unfortunately with serious implications going on, extreme cliffhanger between chapters 54 and 55.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 5, 2016
Status: c54
This one got some good plot twist. The MC is normal, indecisive and powerless righteous guy, who without knowing it have been protected or make to think he somehow and another saved the day, by his yandere childhood friend who hold the title hero. He thought his childhood friend is a total klutz and so he just cant leave her alone, which in truth that girl is so twisted and yandere enough to make the whole world think of him as a god or something like that. She even make... more>> a plan to make the MC have harem while acting as a klutz childhood friend. The MC is typical japanese MC, but not so dense because he somehow had a hunch that her harem member love him, but indecisive because he cant and dont want to properly respond to it and so he played dumb. Plot twist?
Welp, I wont spoil this one, but rest assured, because there aren't any real ntr happened. Even though the princess is brainwashed, the MC is not wimp to just stay and watch the girl like the one in typical ntr setting, instead he tried to open the girl's eye.. And the plot twist also doesn't smell cheap. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Static Transit
Static Transit rated it
January 23, 2016
Status: --
Pretty interesting story. Note that the main girl isn't a yandere, but rather a goudere. She isn't super possessive of him like yandere are, and is just super devoted to him, but has a... skewed sense of morals. She's basically one of those characters that'll do anything to help/please the one she loves.

Series is harem, with a few interesting characters so far. Harem members so far include:


Arina herself of course, Mist the maid (who can turn into mist, kek), and Rose the princess.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 8, 2015
Status: --
So the story is good and the MC and his harem are safe... so yes read it
... more>>

so this is to help you before you read there is one main yandere she is extremely manipulative and the women that MC helps, or takes a liking to makes them into Yanderes... also about the whole masochist thing that trait belongs to our females not the MC. Oh ya MC has no clue that Arina being completely over powered. Also on a side note Arisa has a hidden past which we aren't clear about besides MC takes care of her and has failed to help her once. Well that's all I can give you...

Current Confirmed Harem Count : 3 -Arina- time traveler, Yandere, masochist, cold blooded, childhood friend, Hero, and ? (she has a lot unknown about her) ;Rose-princess, was "changed" by Arina, oh and also a yandere (sort of,.... blame Arina;and Mist-who was a maid in a terrible house (you'll see), again she was also "changed" Arina,.. well she is a yandere (I think) without Arinas help... or she just really really liked Yuuki.... Well she's also a Yandere.

Oh ya also if you want to know who becomes the demon queen/king it is the nun who was r*ped, violated, and abused by Gellen. Also if you were worried the story hasn't had any of the heroines r*ped... The story has Arina the yandere hero who is OP who basically protects the harem because the MC would feel sad without them....

Well ya that's about it without revealing the story so injoy it gilt free :)
Oh also Arina is scary.

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Need2Bookmark rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c67
What a nice read. It was actually scary. Maybe unsettling is a more accurate word. It's a real shame that the author dropped this, but it seems like a translator is going to translate it until they catch up with the raws. Even if the story is left unfinished, it's worth it to give it a go.
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Yamcha rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: c62
Fun read, story apparently follows the usual isekai trope but there's more than that and everyone knows except for one character, because


.. Thus Arina, the yandere, female protagonist, hidden Boss, last Boss, evil Lord, Hero and even more important childhood friend commands!!


Don't let the premise deceive you, Yuuki is not the protagonist but the raison d'être of the novel and its twisted characters. When you say blessed ignorant.
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Blacx08 rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
Quite amazing story so far, new flavor of harem, and for the anti-NTR it safe to read, because till so far (currently ch48) it was only false NTR that happened.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mukkaar rated it
November 11, 2015
Status: --
If you like crazy yandere girls, this is for you :D
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HamletJr rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: c61
Well this was a fun concept. The heroine feels more like the MC instead of the actual MC. Her character is really interesting. A shame this was dropped, but I now have an awakened interest in yanderes, especially this variation.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
illumi rated it
December 5, 2015
Status: --
one of the best WN i've ever read, unique heroine, best tsundere character.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 15, 2015
Status: --
yandere heroine that you just can't hate and the hero that makes you want to scream, ' Bro, you don't even know what happen!'. If you want story with crazy back dealings, a party of a kind MC with a not-so-normal girls. You got this.
... more>>

p.s, the hero Arina is a crazy yandere behind yuuki's back, but a meek maso in front of him. And pretty much yuuki is o blame for her 'irregularities'. How you ask? Just read then.. It's fun. And the way the first boss died is funny. At least to me.

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