The Youthful Lariat


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This is the story of Tsukishima, the craziest man in all of Japan, along with Miyamoto who’s a cowardly guy, who likes following him and being told what to do, and there’s Nagase, a teenage girl who does whatever she pleases for herself. These three are very close to each other as good friends. Although, there’s someone with a unrequited love for someone among the three. This is from the teenage girl who gives it her all in her power, 120%!

Associated Names
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Seishun Lariat!!
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Date Group Release
05/19/16 Kondee translations v1c1
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astaterix rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c1
Based on the chapter 1 translation, the plot seems interesting and refreshing. Hopefully it will be translated until the last chapter.
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