The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke


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I possessed a character in a novel that I stopped writing as a hobby when I was in high school.

My mother died in an accident, and my father is rumored to be dead right after he went to jail. Thanks to that, I became an orphan girl at the age of seven without a name.

While living in another person’s house, I was exhausted from working and was caught running away. Then sold to s*ave traders. I was wondering if this life is meant to be ruined. The reputable Duke, the Empire’s greatest villain bought me.

“She’s 7 years old, but was small and too thin.”

Henriette, the worst villain in the original, whose hobby is making everyone act like a puppet, playing tricks on the imperial family, and threatening the neck of the aristocracy, it turned out that scary man is my real father who went to jail!

But you seem a little different from the original villain.

“Well, duke…”
“…..Oh, father?”
“That, too.”
“……uh, Daddy?”
“Yes, my daughter. What do you want to have today?”

Henriette, who I thought was scary, is more friendly than I thought.

“If anyone bothers you from now on, you have to tell your big brother, okay? I’ll drown them at the bottom of the lake.”
“Shall I go see flowers with my little sister today? There are so many ornamental mermaids in the glass greenhouse. I thought you would like it, so I caught it myself. Did I do a good job?”
“This slow girl! Dad called you…. No, I’m not mad! Damn it, don’t be s*upid! Ahhh! Yeah! I’m wrong! Okay?”

The new brothers were definitely villains in the original, but they are much nicer than I thought.

“You can do whatever you want. Anyone in the family, if you say so, will listen carefully and do what you say.”

But it’s weird. The novel I wrote wasn’t originally like this.


“….If you promise me a few things, I’ll stay with you again. I won’t leave you.”
“You can see me anytime without an appointment.”
“Should I? I can always run away to a place where you will never find me again.”

He frowned his eyebrows.

If I had known that a small word of expression would have caused such a terrible reaction, I would have kept my mouth shut then. It was when I was in the middle of regretting,

“You’re mistaken. Do you think I will let you go in the first place, shouldn’t that be possible first?”
“Who said I’d let you run away?”

……No matter how much I think about it, I think I got it wrong.

“If you’ll really run away, you shouldn’t be caught by me again.”

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The Real Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke
악당 공작가의 실세 막내딸입니다
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darlene_16 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c15
Great so far!! Love the daughter and father dynamic, the duke isn’t entirely doting over the MC making it more realistic but is slowly coming to warm his heart for her. Tsundere x1000, poor MC, his cold and intimidating aura causes great misunderstandings between the two haha. Anyways something I’ve been noticing lately is that korean novels on this site with few chapters constantly get low ratings when it’s not even deserved or only has 1 chapter. Like people are deliberately trying to bring them down, and this novel surely... more>> doesn’t deserve these low ratings!! : ( (Give it a try, its a fluffy father daughter story + doting villainous brothers. How could you go wrong? (Fyi: the MC does retain the memories of her past life, but still has the mentality of child which is what I truly ADORE. It’s doesn’t give off a creepy vibe that an adult in a childrens body is basically deceiving people of their real mental age, it usually gives me the creeps ya know? So the father daughter dynamic is really pure, no manipulative acting of an ADULT in a childs body for the sake of surviving in it.) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Babablacksheep9 rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: c10
So far so good!

... more>>

So the MC is the biological daughter of the Duke. He spread the rumours of his death and left his infant daughter to another small noble.

However after that noble (count) got to know about his death he started abusing the MC, treating her like a maid and eventually sells her.

So MC's dad buys her from an auction house and she thinks that her dad is cold but he isn't. She has this preconceived notion that he is a villain cuz it's a novel and she is the author.


She was like 20 in her previous life but when she transmigrates in her novel she acts like a kid. She explains why that happens. I don't remember tho.

Also she was depressed in her previous life and got no familial love. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
J Doe
J Doe rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: c35
This has a good balance of cute kid versus cold, villainous family members and actual plot. There's the mystery of the world itself to keep interest as well as the identity of the boy that even the ghosts of the manor are afraid of. My favorite recurring scenes are of the family therapy time, though- mortifying, yet totally adorable.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crystal Aris
Crystal Aris rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: c23
This is an amazing story! And so far extremely cute too! Kudos to the author and special thanks to the translator! I don’t have a clue (but a hope for the ml)

but the dad just tickles my bones!

... more>>

how sweet and awkward he is!!!! It looks like he’s an indifferent person and a ignorant dad who doesn’t care, but he’s just a clueless guy who does his duties in the most efficient way possible, kill or be killed. I mean there’salot going on I have no clue with like his other kids.

It seems like he was never cared for, never loved. respected? yes. loved, no. so he doesn’t know how to be a family, maybe that was his wife (have yet to hear much of her I think it’s just a pic so far)

so when FL accidentally seems to care for him (she’s terrified of him but things happen which are so sweet that he starts to try)

i feel if she want abused he probably wouldn’t have cared so much.


About FL... I can’t help but wonder


... if her power will be creation when she awakens. That be Funny and ironic since she’s the author. Heck I wonder if the Holly spirit will be after her. I wouldn’t be surprised.


So fun and so cute with just a touch of violence. It’s a nice combo 🥰 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 14, 2021
Status: --
Found this interesting, and the fluff is good~

MC is a cutie pie : (I feel sad for her, and wants her all the happiness in the world.

The duke.. Well it's really surprise me, unlike all the historical kr-novel or Cn-novel where high ranking nobles could get rid of another noble family easly, specially if the another noble family is a count or baron.

... more>> (well I guess, I read too much unrealistic novel?? O.O)

In here we got the duke who have to search an evidence to drag 'the shitty b*tchass abusive count sh*t poop' to jail.

The daughter-father relationship is cute. But somehow I still felt bitter in my mouth when the duke only showed up when MC is 7 y.o

I know it's not the duke's fault, and even he care for MC, but— sigh— he only sends letter to know his daughter condition thro the mf b*tchie shitty poop count and never actually sends anyone to check on his daughter. That's why I still felt bitter and have this tiny tiny part of my heart that hate him.

I mean you're a duke, and it's not a problm if you send someone to check on ur daughter. And how could you trust someone that's not so close with you to take care of your child.. It's still bothering me.

Well anyway, I'm here for fluff and stay for MC, just MC~ <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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