The Young Bride in the Courtyard


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Upon waking up, Lin Xiaohui finds herself transmigrated into a book as a supporting female character with the same name…

At this moment, she is on a blind date with a slim, handsome man.

Chen Yan said, “My father died in the line of duty, and my mother has some minor mental issues. But don’t worry, she just doesn’t like going out or talking much. She has no problem doing household chores. I also have two younger sisters whom I must raise until they become adults…”

In these times, men who marry rural girls usually have some problems, so Lin Xiaohui dared not marry him if he didn’t have any issues…

No matter how poor he is, he can’t be worse than the men in her village who don’t brush their teeth or wash their faces, are poor, aggressive, and hit wives…

Most importantly, Lin Xiaohui is attracted to his looks…

After marriage:

The supposedly mentally ill mother-in-law turned out to have severe social anxiety and was tirelessly managing the household for Lin Xiaohui, following her around like a little attendant…

The supposedly fierce elder sister-in-law is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. She cries in private after scolding others…

The supposedly unreasonable younger sister-in-law is only siding with her family. Whatever the big sister-in-law says is right. If Lin Xiaohui wants to start a fight, she’s dares to hand over a kitchen knife…

Lin Xiaohui thought, “Where is the troublesome mother-in-law and meddling

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New Shortk rated it
July 2, 2024
Status: Completed
3.5 rounded up. It's a comfortable read although fluffy, also slightly depressing? This time period was when China was really against scholars and foreigners, so it's always real life dystopia vibes whenever you read stories based on that time. There's like a fantastical and business savvy and cunning flavor to this, since the main character never truly falters. Which in my opinion I'm fine about. It's also interesting because of the way she pioneered her own life and the serendipity of meeting a good partner.

I think what makes this book... more>> unique is that the slice of life is very gray toned. I do think women were slightly disproportionately represented badly in this novel... But I don't know if this is just the author just trying to emphasize how common these acts were for women to survive in this time period. Of course all the women associated to the main character closely end up pretty well. I like that the original main character (because this is a story based on transmigrating into a book) Is a real person and doesn't feel 2-d; The original MC also doesn't turn out to be a villain so that's nice.

There's definitely another book out there about this time and the youth that suffered from these policies... But I can't remember the title. That one is a little more let's say polished in the sense that it was definitely written with an outline for beginning and end. This book is written to be slice of life and you can feel that so I don't think it's written technically poorly but it's just a different focus. And this focus is really interesting because you would think that with social mobility only being determined by bribes during this period, that a lot of young people are suffering. That is true and you can see that in a lot of other novels where the educated youth were sent to the countryside. But what is interesting in this story is that the author shows the perspective of young people surviving by being cunning and making use of bribes so they can survive and move forward even during this hard political time. So, I thought that was really unique.

It's a slice of life in the sense that I never got bored reading about what was happening. To the point that it was actually kind of jarring to have our first time skip and that was when I realized that the novel was going to end soon. I am grateful that they let us see their child grow up at least with a couple of sentences... Not as much detail as before the time skip however. The end definitely did feel rushed but it wasn't horrible by any means and did feel like it was finished... But I guess that's the measure of the author's ability that I felt like I could have read more and in more detail. Overall, not a perfect book and definitely not a black and white book. Very interesting perspective, whether accurately depicted or not I don't know lol. Give it a shot if you like a happy family and slice of life that feels like reading endless scandalous gossip. <<less
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