The Yin Guest


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A meticulously organized and detailed schedule, framed neatly on the door of the prestigious forensic clinic situated on the corner of the third floor within the renowned Kanghe Hospital, catches the attention of passersby. The schedule informs visitors about the presence of the Municipal Public Security Bureau on Mondays and Wednesdays, while the District Public Security Bureau takes over on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as is perceived by the ordinary observer.

However, unbeknownst to most, there lies another intriguing phrase discreetly concealed beneath the seemingly mundane information. This hidden message alludes to a peculiar occurrence that transpires on the fifteenth day of every month. A mysterious entity known as the Yin Guest is expected to make an appearance during this time, demanding immediate attention and enthralling curiosity. It explicitly warns those who seek his presence that they must not waste their efforts in searching for him anywhere else if they fail to find him on the designated day.

On a specific fifteenth day of a particular month, Yin Wushu, the enigmatic figure, positioned himself atop a somber black rock adjacent to a bridge. From a considerable distance, he addressed Xie Bai, his distant companion, in a bittersweet tone, expressing his frustration at being barred from entering the wretched abode Xie Bai had chosen to inhabit.

Xie Bai, wearing an impassive countenance, firmly held onto the door’s edge, calmly responding to Yin Wushu’s lamentations. He questioned if Yin Wushu had finished sharing his grievances, his tone devoid of any warmth or sympathy.

Yin Wushu, persisting in his attempt to justify his longing for entrance, revealed the tremendous effort he had invested in nurturing and raising Xie Bai over the span of nearly a century. Expecting some form of remorse or appreciation, Yin Wushu awaited Xie Bai’s response.

To Yin Wushu’s surprise, Xie Bai, his face void of any emotion, uttered an unexpected and cold reply: “So?” This curt response reflected a lack of sentiment or acknowledgment for Yin Wushu’s sacrificial efforts.

Desperate to regain entrance, Yin Wushu pleaded for Xie Bai to simply close the door gently, perhaps allowing a sliver of reconciliation to manifest.

Without uttering a word, Xie Bai ominously raised his hand and forcefully slammed the door shut with a thunderous “boom.” The resounding impact reverberated throughout the vicinity, causing even the sturdy stone bridge beneath them to tremble momentarily.

Yin Wushu, dumbfounded and at a loss for words, gazed in disbelief, realizing that his heartfelt plea had been met with an indifferent and powerful rebuke.

In this complex and intricate narrative, we witness the tale of two individuals caught in the clutches of their twisted circumstances. One, the “Lived for too long and accidentally became twisted” pursuer, finds themselves entangled in the web of their own existence. The other, the “Lived too close to that twisted person and couldn’t avoid becoming twisted too” vulnerable and fragile recipient, narratively misleads us with their outward appearance, concealing a deeper fragility within.

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