The Year of Rebirth


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Su Liunian was buried in the fire, but woke up to find himself in a completely strange place. Whether it is rebirth or time travel, Su Liunian began to fight for tuition.

But being knocked unconscious and forcibly taken home, threatened to stay or imprisoned… Is this way of waking really scientific?

There is a awkward second brother and a brother controlling the eldest. Su Luinian said… The pressure is a little…

Second Brother, don’t look noble and cold…

And Big Brother! I really don’t want the stars in the sky. Don’t touch them!

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Feb 09, 2022
Status: --
My question to the previous comment. Why wouldn't you accept the brothers when you're in a foreign unfamiliar land and need something to anchor and possible fulfill your sense of belongingness. If there is resources why wouldn't you make use of it in addition to the fact he is not the og. But to be honest the flow, narration, dialogue is really amateurish, cringe and empty. I also... maybe... will.... sto. rea... th..
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May 10, 2021
Status: c10
Rating 3 but made it 4 to balance the rating. Will probably drop since the story building isn't that good but this is still entertaining.

MC, an actor transmigrated into another person of a parallel world. His mother died and he had 2 older brothers on his father side (that father is also dead). He eventually returned (abducted) live with his 2 brothers and that started his life of being pampered.

Probably, I find it not convincing when the MC easily accepted his brother just after a week. Although he is not... more>> the original, but as an actor, he should have acted more realistically. For several years his mother imprinted on his mind not to return to his father side. That is also the reason thy the original liunan is dead-the original chose to die due to loneliness of his mother's death. <<less
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