The World of Reincarnated Beings


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The spectacular second life of a reincarnated person who received a superhuman ability buff.

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환생자들의 세계
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04/04/23 Wyrd Translations c9
04/01/23 Wyrd Translations c8
03/30/23 Wyrd Translations c7
03/27/23 Wyrd Translations c6
03/24/23 Wyrd Translations c5
03/23/23 Wyrd Translations c4
03/20/23 Wyrd Translations c3
03/19/23 Wyrd Translations c2
03/18/23 Wyrd Translations c1
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Tsukihime rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: c7
Giving 5stars to off set the low rating. Coz the story and the translation didn't deserve such a low score. It's just the beginning and nothing important was revealed yet, aside from the fact that the MC reincarnated to another world where there's a lot of other reincarnators which the world was aware of. And yes, some of these reincarnators developed special abilities when they arrived in this world called 'Gaia'.

The story was off to a good start. The MC was not annoying and more importantly the translation is not... more>> like some glorified MTL. So, don't be fooled by the low rating, go ahead and read this story.

(will edit once there are more chapters) <<less
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