The World Below Surface


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Lu Yan lives in the most horrific and absurd world.

People here live in harmony and contentment and were oblivious of all paranormal occurrences.

People here were sacrificed to the living, and the children were eaten like lychees—first the skin was peeled off, then the soft flesh was nibbled into.

The world had gone mad.

The only individuals who were normal like him come from the outside world and call themselves players.

And in his struggle to live and learn the reality of this world, he can only rely on these people.

Player A: In the world I recently visited, I met an NPC. He was completely different from other psychotic NPCs in that he was so innocent and humble.

Player B: Yeah, yeah, me too. He helped me a lot. I feel like he’s more intelligent than the captain, but unfortunately, it’s an NPC.

Player C, who was screwed by the innocent and humble NPC, died and now came back as a living dead, cast a sympathetic glance: …… hehe. You mean Lu Yan, right? Good luck to you guys.

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The world inside and outside [Unlimited Stream]
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puukkiss rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Keep in mind the tragedy tag as you read on, as the story is filled with gore and death. Characters will die, and tragedy will strike at every turn. The main character, who is a selfish person, will do whatever it takes to survive. Only by being such can he survive. After all, only people who interact with him want to use him as a scapegoat. In this world beneath the surface, the MC must navigate through the dangers that lurk around every corner, including ghosts, undead puppets, and monstrous... more>> creatures, all intent on killing those who are still living. The story will unfold through different scenarios in this world below the surface. Some chapters focus on the players who inhabit their world. Brace yourself for a journey filled with fear, uncertainty, and heartache as the MC struggles to stay alive in a world where death is always just a step away. <<less
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sttranslations rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: Completed
The synopsis drew me in, and the start of the story was extremely intriguing. Follow along Lu Yan's journey as he does everything he can to survive in the hellish place his world has become. Each horror arc was interesting and had its own bone chilling experience.

However, the ending was disappointing to me. It was an OK ending that tied up the entire novel and was in line with Lu Yan's original motivation, but left me unsatisfied.

Spoiler alert - Context

... more>>

At a certain point, we learn that there are parallel worlds with different time lines. Lu Yan obtains a pendant that can bring future versions of him from different timelines into his current timeline and world.


His origins


He was originally created by scientists who wanted to create life, but his fast growth rate made them deem him as a monster.

He was the one who sent the monsters and himself to the other worlds, creating the Lu Yan and the messed up world we know today.




At the end, he kills all his other selfs and jumps through space time to a parallel world before monsters, and live happily ever after with all the "players" he met.


My gripes


1. One of the monsters was pretty much a god and had the power to traverse through space time as well. As someone touted to be so smart and paranoid like Lu Yan, how could he be satisfied with just living in a world like that, not knowing when the monsters and gods would come?

2. His original ability was to manipulate memories. Even after splitting his brain and losing his abilities, he learnt hynopsis to manipulate people's memories... I'm rendered speechless by the blatant plot armor.

3. The time travel really confused me. At one point, they say the past Lu Yan must be protected, or else there would be no future Lu Yan. At the same time, the future Lu Yan is still plotting to kill the past Lu Yan so he can be the final one left. It makes sense for them to come from parallel timelines, as changing the past did not cause the future Lu Yan to disappear. So I don't know why they wanted to protect the original Lu Yan in the first place.

4. There was no explanation of the system or why the world would revert to normalcy upon the arrival of the players.


All in all, I enjoyed the individual stories with the other players, but the ending was confusing to me and left much to be desired. A general good read, but don't get your hopes up for the ending. <<less
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Queen77 rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c30
Yes, 5stars. It's surprisingly really good. I'm impressed, and I haven't seen any flaws yet.

The MC is considered an NPC to the others, who are the players but we've learnt that the "Players" aren't players by their own will and they have the mindset of game players who just kill or use Npcs for fun.

The storyline at the moment, I would say it's about the MC just trying to Live, but he's not just trying to that but he's also looking for the source of what changed his world, it's... more>> obvious he has to do that so he can live because how can u live fully in a crazy world, full of ghosts.

MC seems to be evil, intelligent and cunning, for his benefit which is fair if u consider how those "Players" treat Npcs like him

I honestly like it, and was really impressed I want to read more. I was even more impressed by the translator, English is on point grammar is even good, doesn't even deviate from the storyline.

Im looking forward for more chapters in the future. <<less
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girliloquy rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: c30
At time of writing this, the plot is in the second 'scenario' so to speak, so take what I'm saying now as for the short term. Also, this is my review as someone who has not read, and is not interested in reading Hell App- which this seems to be somewhat connected to. It definitely doesn't impair my reading or understanding so, all good. Big thanks to the translators!

First off, the MC. The tags are pretty accurate. Cold, cunning, apathetic, distrustful- but not one of those overly edgy MCs that... more>> always talk about how evil they are and how little they care about anything. He does what he has to because he has to and not for the sake of being a cold person. Delicious, one of my favorite flavors of MC.


MC [our lovely Lu Yan] is a person who resides in the other world that is basically a host server for the rounds of the Hell App games to take place. His world wasn't always crazy, but now it is and something inside him is telling him to survive and figure out why it changed- and more importantly, how to change it back. And boy oh boy, he is a survivor. My precious son, so proud (T▽T;) ! He's a nice boy until you poke too hard.


Oh and the other characters we're quickly meeting along the way, the crafty or naive players of the game?


Yea the death rate is like 95%. I thought I could predict who final 3s would be in the scenarios, but I was proven wrong. Even characters described as intelligent and cooperative can die to unforeseen circumstances. Save your tears.( TДT)


If you want a fun slasher/mystery filled horror, def give this a read. It's entertaining. <<less
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NightmareWyvern rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: c22
The start is absolutly amazing. If you want to read a great horror story with an intelligent MC I highly recommend this novel!
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Trane rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: --
Damn, this plot is too good at scaring people.

Is anyone offering warm hugs? The chapters are giving me chills

Lu Yan is very astute, perceptive and smart. He tries not to stand out while secretly helping everyone, but there is actually a big problem with the protagonist

The author is also good at coming up with scary scenarios, the beginning is exciting and adds a touch of mystery

The only complaint is the bad grammar
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