The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess


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Prince Reidrick was similar to the legendary Golden Wolf Emperor; a man who could completely change into a wolf. Sara Grisosta is a daughter of an Earl living at the borders. Because she does not show any smiles to men, she was called as the Ice princess, and was the first prince Shuudel’s bride candidate.

In the courtyard of the royal palace, Sara meets Reidrick who turned into a golden wolf and his human self, believing that the former to be a royal breed of dog.

Sara’s heart was captured by the Golden Doggy-chan; Reidrick is unable to tell her the truth that he’s actually a human who could turn into a wolf.

It is an ero ero love story which starts off from stroking fluffy fur~

Associated Names
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Ookami Denka to Koori no Himegimi
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Czarinananana rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: Completed

Typical Japanese Novel, Though I think it's not really R-18 but R-16 WHY? Well, the mature parts are not that detailed not to mention the added comedy...

Romace is Very light and smooth sailing.

The male lead falls in love first, and is Quite loyal while the girl falls in love in like 19? Or 20+ chapter.

The Male Lead is DELUSIONAL. Like Legit Delusional it's almost funny. (Well it is)


After he leaves the girl's room, the masturbates about her having s*x with him and loving it like for example, there was a time when he was a wolf and the girl comments his pen*s is cute, then he masturbates how the girl is blowing him.


Overall, very cliche and cheesy and super fluffy romance It's almost ridiculous. I dunno why I'm even reading the this but it's quite catchy and maybe like Japanese Novels typically do, Mature novels are not really that Mature but more like the sweet erotica which I think brings out the "kid" inside me I guess? That's all, ENJOY!☺️

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Hanawie rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a very light romcom with some R18 moments. I'm a fan of the author and I love her writing style so, if you liked this novel, you should check out her other works too.

The characters are hilarious and completely wacky from the pervert wolf (His official position is hard to translate into English but he's not just a prince; he's the uncle of the crown prince, younger brother of the emperor) to the black-bellied crown prince.

The plot is very straightforward and focused on character interaction. There's no major... more>> conflict so it's good for people that hate unnecessary drama and third parties.


There are some scenes bordering on beastiality since the male lead teases the female lead while in his wolf form. I remember specifically one scene where he licks her underneath her skirt as a wolf. If that's not your thing, you can probably skim the scenes. There's no actual beastiality so rest assure.

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love-cutter rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c11
This novel got me hooked!!

So the female lead befriends another girl who shared her disinterest in becoming the next queen candidate to the future king. Contrary to their expectations, their lack of interest piques the interest of the not only the future king but his rumoured playboy uncle.

... more>>

The uncle has done the deed with ladies due to his animalistic genes (he's literally a wolf) which he has a hard time controlling. Him being a playboy makes our female lead wary so she tries her best to avoid him. The one time they meet while he's in his golden-haired wolf form, the female lead thinks he's a golden dog. Rofl. Freakin love our female lead. The uncle plays along as a golden dog and appears each night at the female lead's room. It does get really smut-like at times. I mean when he licks her... Even if he has an appearance of an animal, he is still a man. Lol. I swear this uncle is so horny, he often thinks of masturbating while defiling her. So far, he's only imagined it. Now that he's found her, he can't imagine doing R-18 stuff with anyone else as wolves are quite loyal. Thus, he has a difficult time keeping to himself in his wolf form.

And of course, the female lead's new friend and the future king don't lose out. The future king manipulates the friend into becoming his queen and it's so funny that she falls for it. He seems really possessive. Lol.


Seriously, just read this. You will not regret it. R-16? stuff so far. <<less
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MissQ rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c3
So cute! I can't wait for her to find out that he's the doggy XD
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Yukki576 rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c9
Suuuuper cute, especially for me who's fond of romance and animals and all the mofu-
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QuinNoteBook rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c28
I Also want a Rei like hubby😍😍😍😍

Also I wonder who the white cat in the last extra chapter. She was called Mary. And the person who I think her partner is a scary guy last look but kind.
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June 25, 2018
Status: --
So an MC, an ml, and a love rival walk into a room, and then they keep chaging rooms, the end. The pacing is tough for me because there are 0 side characters and the MC doesn't seem to have any desires. I'm not a giant smut person outside of yaoi so I like a ton of plot and complex world building that is more than the level of 90s sitcom, but less than game of thrones.

Definitely probably a story for someone who has liked smut at least once so... more>> I'm refraining from giving a star rating. <<less
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