The Witch and the Mercenary


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“Witches” ―――the only remaining unknown entity on a continent where demonic beasts and sorcery have all but disappeared.

Jig, a mercenary, has set out to defeat one of these beings that have been feared since ancient times. After a fierce battle, he narrowly emerges victorious, but at the same time, he loses any reason for killing the witch. As he is about to leave without finishing the job, the witch makes a request of him. She desires a life free from being pursued by anyone.

After struggling over it, the mercenary decides to accept the request. He feels that it would be difficult to fulfill the request on this continent, where people have a strong aversion to witches, so he makes the decision to embark on a voyage to an alien continent that has been known to exist for some time but has only become accessible in recent years.

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Witch and Mercenary
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Nightbringer rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: c48
I went in with severe pessimism since I hate mercenary/bodyguard/butler/assassin/soldier protagonists with passion (narrows it down for me quite a bit hey? :)) but at the beginning I was pleasantly surprised it was a decent read thought out author wasn't just spouting nonsense characters weren't completely one-dimensional the female character wasn't extremely annoying the male character wasn't completely spineless and there were some darker themes as well. Then there was a bit too much focus on racism bad which I find a bit tiring at this point but whatever... the... more>> breaking point was the last chapter I read

where the protagonist completely folded like a bit*h in a situation where he wasn't at fault in the slightest in front of the witch just for "comedic" purpose.

I read way too many japanese novels to bother reading any further. It has harem elements and that doesn't help either.

The translation is good. <<less
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Mr.slowly rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c24
Ok, just finished up reading until the latest chapter, which I think is 39. I must say, and I apologize to the previous reviewers, but those are two of the most skewed and almost embarrassing reviews I've run across and bring down the quality of the site in my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but those sorts of negative things are just a shame to see whenever.

Having gotten that out of the way - I will say that I found this to be a very enjoyable... more>> first novel from this author. I did not read the story in the original language, so I cannot comment on that - but I thought the writing was very good, and if the flow was all the work of the translator, then I would say the duo is excellent. There were perhaps 3-4 rushed spots in the plot, mostly at the beginning, but aside from some board of experts grading thesis-level papers, this is absolutely an enjoyable read. Why exactly is everyone so uptight with free work being shared? I'll never understand. As the story unfolded, I definitely got more and more into things and am enjoying the character and world developments very much. The ML and the FL are slowly starting to get in sync and I personally would like to hear more about their adventure. This is pretty early in the story to break things down too much so I'll leave it pretty vague, but I would definitely recommend giving this a try and see what you feel. <<less
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AJS90 rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: c10
(First of all, I’m only rating the original Japanese WN here. I didn’t read the translation; therefore I have no mean to rate it.)

Honestly, this was probably one of the worst written WN I’ve read in a while. The utter lack of punctuation was confusing, to say the least. I frankly doubt the author even knew about the existence of punctuation or its proper usage to begin with in the early chapters.
Further, the structure and pacing is all over the place. The number of time skips in... more>> places where the author could have introduced characters, and developed their personalities and relationships in just the first 10 chapters had me staggering.

The “theme” of this story also appears to become redundant all too fast. Starting out as a story where a witch means to escape her life in constant hiding, seeking a place to live in peace and asking our MC, the mercenary, for guidance and support on the journey to reach said place.
At this point I would have thought we’d get a Spice and Wolf style journey centered story. But what it turned out to be was a superficial collection of time skips until they reached supposed safe haven, only for the story to likely (stopped caring at this point) turn into your average “adventurer quest”.

Taking a quick glance at the translation, the translator at least alleviated some of the problems of the raw script (doubling as the author’s editor for anyone only reading the English translation, I dare say).

But as I’d prefer to keep with the original, I can only judge this as a bland, badly written WN, not worth the hassle to spend any more time on. <<less
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