The Wife of the Powerful Official is a Divine Doctor


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When Wen Renxuan first married Xue Tingyu, after many years together, she considered him one of the most important people in her life. Right when she turned fifteen, he suddenly passed away—— Later, she discovered that he was still alive and that she had been deceived by a “fake death drug.”

In her previous life, she was born for medicine, and in this life, she was a genius in the field. It turned out—— it was because she hadn’t mastered her skills. She endured it, knowing that one day, all tricks would be like floating clouds in her eyes! The man had not only faked his death to deceive her but had also left himself half-dead. She, who had always been easygoing, completely exploded and ominously said: “Tell me, how do you want to die?”

Thus, the life of a certain person surnamed Wei became a living hell. It was truly difficult to coax his angered wife! Moreover, her divine medical skills attracted countless powerful backers. Not only did they obstruct his path to winning back his wife, but there were also people who wanted to snatch her away. It was intolerable! Later, the famous Wei Daren, whose name shook the court and was passed down through the ages, confronted heaven and earth outside, but at home, he was still a coward! ——Wei Tingyu, hmph, no matter how high his position, how powerful he was, or how much he enjoyed the emperor’s favor, fearing his wife was a man’s shame! ——Wei Tingyu, peerlessly handsome and doting on his wife without limits, was simply the most perfect husband. I want to marry him!

Translator’s Notes:

Wei Daren (魏大人): “Daren” is a respectful title for a high-ranking official in ancient China.

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