The Whole Entertainment Industry Thought I Was an Alpha


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Lin Si was a top idol in the entertainment industry and was called the “Most wanted Alpha to be marked by” by Omegas.

However, the Alpha persona that Lin Si has set up was fake because he was a real Omega.

Lin Si, who was so constrained to fall in love during the day, registered an account on the dating app “Bubble”: Forgot to Love.

One day, he met “44”, an Alpha with whom he had a match rate of 94.800%, on the square.

After his relentless efforts in the super-sweet online dating app Bubble “Forgot to Love”, he is finally going to meet with “44”.

But at the agreed place, what he saw was a cold-faced, Omega-phobic boss: Lu Wei.

Even more unfortunate, the two people who injected too much pheromone inhibitors were led into the most unstoppable fever period of their own lives.

Lin Si: Lu Wei? Eh! Why are you biting my neck for…? It’s me, Lin Si!

Lu Wei: Baby, it’s me.

Lin Si: ? ? ? ? ? ?


Before they met, because of the influence of pheromone inhibitors on his glands, Lin Si’s experienced strong side effects and had to rely on Alpha’s pheromone to regulate his glands’ hormones.

And the Alpha with the highest genetic match with him was Lu Wei.

Therefore, he and Lu Wei were forced to live together, and they would look at each other while feeling disgusted.

Later on…

Lin Si shrank under the quilt, curled up: Lu Wei, you big liar! Alpha does not have such an intense fever period! Go back and sleep in your room today!!

Lu Wei: Give me a hug.

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August 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Since no one give review, let this reader write some words here.

Honestly, I'm not too literature reviewer, which can't give deep understanding whether the character or plot well build.

For me, I give 4.5 star, round up to 5 (for now its rated 3.5 with 8 votes). The story not too fluffy either too dark, I like how the plot progress well not too cliche but also not too deep. MC amd ML starting with misunderstanding (common) but the way author reveal it later, you will think 'oh no wonder'. Tbh,... more>> I like it.

MC kinda naive but not s*upid. ML like typical ML all round, a genius programmer, wealth, handsome and only too kind to our MC.

I still waiting for this novel to finish translate it, but too curious and MTL it. <<less
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