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In an accident, Si Yang was bound to a quick transmigration system. His mission was to transmigrate through various movies fulfilling the original owner’s wishes, overthrowing the villains, and saving the protagonists.

However, Si Yang had always been extremely arrogant, to the point where he believed that he was a god. In his eyes, the word “save” had also changed its meaning.

Overthrow what villains? He is this world’s greatest “villain”!

The sweet, naïve, little young master was brought up to be a ruthless, blackened bigshot. The sunshine, positive energy idol was trained to be a scheming and calculating entertainment company president. The poor little Cuscuta (Parasitic plant that sucks the life out of its host) Alpha developed a deadly life-threatening toxin…

But they all had one goal in common: To kill Si Yang!

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New SilentWatcher rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: c32
Dangg the tragic tag serves sooo damn well for me! I can feel the angst that I'm about to lose my mind because of the misunderstanding hahahaha. I can't emphasize enough as someone who has weird fan of tragic novels. Just too much for this small me but really enjoyable first arc! ❤❤💔💔💔😭😭😭😭
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luzumafu rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Ludagad got the essence of the MC and ML right on, MC is heartless and ML is really desperate. You can tell even with MTL. Maybe not the best novel if you want ideal romance since MC is way too mature and weathered by his experiences to believe in the concept of love even until the very end. While ML is hopelessly lost in our MC, so when you combine the two... angst happens? But it is a HE. The reason why I think those readers who’d want a clearer... more>> lovey dovey hearts sparkling fireworks banging sort of romance might not want to read this novel apart from the angst is that there really is no clear “love” in this novel neither from the MC nor the ML if we go by mc’s definition of love. Basically you go through all the suffering just to have a happy yet very realistic ending which may end up stale to many romantic readers.

Wish there was an extra but it left off on a relatively satisfying note as opposed to many poorly resolved novels out there. <<less
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August 1, 2020
Status: c1
This is a bit heavy to read, especially if your tear ducts are weak. The MC is too heartless, the ML is too desperate. It's a happy end eventually, but it'll take you on a rollercoaster ride first.
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flopyxing rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: --
despite reading lots of qt/isekai novels, it's really hard for me to fully enjoy them when the original character gets so easily replaced by the transmigrator. so in the 2nd arc when I read this part I felt so satisfied (paraphrased with a lot of guesswork bc mtl) :

... more>>

[MC] asked back: Isn't it just a task?

System:... Yes, but [ML]'s feelings for you now are real!

[MC] did not answer.

What is true or false? This body is not his. Even though [MLs] love [this character], do they love the body or do they love the soul? Can anyone even tell there's a difference?

Just like [ML] in the last world, can he recognize which brother was the one he missed all his life?

If [ML] can really tell that someone is occupying the original body and still fall in love with [MC], it means that everything the original body does is useless. But if you can't tell, what right do you have to mention love or not love?

It's all a joke.


even tho isekai and qt novels are generally wish-fulfillment types of stories, I sincerely appreciate writers who try to deconstruct the setting.

add on a whole lot of intrigue and bucket loads of dog blood, this novel is easily one of my top faves

edit: knocked down one star bc the 3rd arc was simply disappointing in so many ways, esp considering how exciting the 2nd arc was with all the melodrama and twist and turns <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Let me tell you, I absolutely felt absolutely refreshed reading this.

If you're an avid Chinese BL reader like moi, theres a trend where the MC's who transmigrate into stories where the ML suffers then rises like a Phoenix from ashes have happy go lucky personalities! Even MC's who are called "ruthless" businessmen.

That didn't make sense to me how they're so optimistic and positive when the author describes their jaded and heartbreaking situation; mu*dered siblings/relatives/or just a hard fall from grace. Or maybe even all of those combined!

There's no way a... more>> person like that could be pure! It's human to have dark thoughts and want revenge!

Thus, I liked this novel as it took on a more darker approach to this trope.

Plus, I like cold and mature MC's (fictionally!) and Si Yang's twisted way of completing tasks was refreshing.

I especially liked how Si Yang pointed out all the BS the ML put him through in the name of "love".

Of course, you could argue that Si Yang has also did BS things to the ML, but remember, Si yang doesn't believe in love. He's indifferent, so imo can't really compare the feelings. But I agree, as an ethical human being, it's a definite scumbag move to just use the ML and move on.

Anyways, itthe novel is definitely something readers need to read themselves to understand and form their own opinion of the story.

There are 3 main arcs with last few some odd chapters explaining the situation then BAM. Done. Finished.

Me: ok

The novel isn't the best but I really enjoyed it. It's more of a past time novel where you dont really question the details of the scenario *cough* system *cough*


Enjoi and Adieu!

P.s. The ML is definitely a masochist <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
OMG! It is better than I expected. I want to share this novel so badly so, I wrote a review.

I just finished arc 1 and I don't have an outlet to vent my emotions so, I just wrote it all in here.

Men~ this novel is awesome!! Just more satisfying than I thought. It's different from angst and tragedy QT like Scum shou and scum gong QTs. This not suffocating kind of tragedy. There is no face slapping like white washing scum Shou.

It might be a total torture for the characters... more>> but it's not for the readers. It might make you cry buckets and even flood may fall, but this is from feeling emphatic for the character.

What's more important in this novel is, unlike those QTs, in this series MC is surprisingly serious. All of those experience were not false. MC trully experienced all those pain and he never have that kind of comedic conversation with the system.

This series is serious which is great. This made this Novel unique and it is very appreciated.

Though MC calculated ml, he is not like those that did it to just played with him. MC did all that seriously and did it very much well done.

I love MC and ML here!!!

Oh man, I will update this review after I've done reading this all!

Kekeke... <<less
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IrregularPerson rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: c32
So... I finished the first arc- listen kids. This story isn't for the light-hearted. Does this count as dog blood drama? The angst sure enough hurts. Brother- I just read the MTL and my tear ducts are as swollen as a pigs face. And the story isn't even realistic in itself- there are plot holes but I legitimately have no resistance to this type of novel. I'm a sucker for that ML perspective. The system has some presence, but it's mainly for the plot factor and less of the golden... more>> finger.
In short: I hurt. Good premise, interesting writing. <<less
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conflicted rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: Completed
The author really knows how to abuse readers. I cried so much. But it still hooked me up to the very end.

First I felt like the ML was a scumbag who doesn't know what's good for them, seeing the MC suffering was quite painful but after MCs death I was like are they competing who suffers the most.

The only thing that calmed me was that it is a HE.

... more>> I can relate to the system the most. I feel like I would do the same as he did a.k.a cry.

Let me tell you the capability to endure and judge for whats gonna happen in the future is omnipotent for both MC & ML.

However I can't help but like both of them.

It would be nice if the side characters could also know that it was HE story. <<less
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RiannNeko rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Completed MTL of this novel! Only 3 stars because the ending is so unsatisfactory in my taste I have to subtract one star in order to vent.

TL;DR: Alright story but it has really great arcs with the number of worlds being compressed to 3. I didn't like the ending because the MC deserved better (but the ending can be avoided if you dont read the last three chapters). Has plot holes but can be ignored or isn't jarring enough to interfere with the story. Don't read if not a fan... more>> of rapist becomes lover trope.

Si Yang (MC) 's task is to fulfill the wish of the original host. Problems ensue when targets have problem with his "hammering the steel to make a sword" method of teaching/fulfilling the wish.

To start, it is a good read if you're the type who are okay with the idea of Si Yang (MC) suffering abuse from the targets of the task. I don't typically read novels like this but I continued because SY was in control of every (and I mean it when I say every) situation. SY doesn't take sh*t if it isn't going to help with his tasks and damn if SY didn't give them a beating down.

You never forget that SY was in control the whole time and the spiral of sef-loathing the targets have is so satisfying.


MC makes targets would absolutely regret any wrongs they committed against him. I lived for the suffering and despair of the targets when they realize that doing those stuff (provoking MC, physical harm and etc.) was the worst thing they could have done and then they spiral down the abyss of self-loathing.


But if you're the type who doesn't like the tag rapist becomes lover, I beg you to stop.

Anyways, yes this novel isn't the typical romance system/world hopping novel. But with the type of novel it is, I don't like the "HE" Si Yang has. As much as there is a romance tag, I would have liked it better if the ending was just the chance to grow with grandmother again.

Now my personal opinions:

I don't like where the ending left off however. This is the type of novel where thr main character is better off cutting ties with the ex. But it didn't happen. I agree that this isn't the romance we typicallyassociate with it but the way that Si Yang just cut ties and basically says no, there is no chance that we can be together was so cathartic and so in character of what we know from SY. Hence the disappointement when SY gives the same person a second chance in real life.

All along this novel was building up to explain how each action will have consequences and it feels like a disservice Si Yang himself. So, I am just going to pretend that the last 3 chapters didn't happen. <<less
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Yami06 rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I haven't finished the novel yet nor the 1st arc, but I really want to leave a review.

If you're feeling empty, or if you want an outlet for your emotions, or if you just want to have a good cry.. READ THIS NOVEL. I already cried buckets, and I'm not even done with the 1st arc. Well, that's all I want to say. Read this novel if you're craving for something new, you'll love it like I do. (´ ∀ `) ノ~ ♡ Edit
Done reading! It's an HE..


as they became a couple by the last chapter.. Though Si Yang still doesn't exactly 'love' our ML, but have decided to give their relationship a try.. And there was no further progress as the original world ended with that.


Still love this novel.. Do give it a try. (ノ´ヮ`) ノ*: ・゚
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Xhaphanie rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Omg I love this sooo much... The MC is just *chefs kiss*. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s submissive and naive mc’s but this novel has none of that. If you’re tired of the MC always suffering from scum/abusive Ml’s come here and you’ll enjoy. The MC is clever, cunning, seductive, manipulative, etc and everything I’ve always wished for.

This is not a fluff romance. It’s pure angst. The ML on the other hand is quite submissive and desperate. He doesn’t mind lowering his self esteem to the bottom line... more>> to be with the MC. It’s has 3 arc with about 30chapters and the MC never takes L’s only W. Overall it was a happy ending. The MC and ML are both perfect matches and I feel although the MC might not love the ML atm, he’ll eventually do because as of the point the novel ended we can see he begins to acknowledge that the ML actually exists to him as more than just a conquest.

I would definitely recommend💕 <<less
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Raven Tan
Raven Tan rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: --
actually a great novel but each arc is too long and many details are unnecessary. So it's kinda made me inpatient and bored. But the ending of each arc can successfully made me full of tears.
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MissZer0q rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: --
As much as I love this story, I absolutely won't read this a second time, unless I really want to torture myself and cry. The arcs are compelling and the premise of the story itself is very unique. I absolutely love it when it's at the end of the arc and ML gets to know what MC have done and basically try not to kill himself, idk I'm a sucker for that shit. Also, the romance between MC and ML is very interesting. It isn't the 'ideal romance' that can... more>> mostly be read on stories, I wanna say twisted due to the fact that it's just ML's obssession and dependency on MC and MC's indifferent tolerance to ML but their romance is also hopeful and sweet like idk man, I skimed through the mtl and understood jack sh*t most of the time. I probably would change my review when I read the translated version. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
banoffee rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, it got me through a month of basic. I printed this out and carried it around a page at a time, folded up small, so I could read romance novels while cleaning weapons, attending class, standing in formation, etc... For that purpose, it served well enough.

The author was one of those tiresome ones that apparently never had an editor, and suffered from tons of typos, especially 在 instead of 再, 哪 instead of 那... to the point where the correct version of those was the rarer occurrence. She also... more>> consistently spelled "omega" as "omage."

The plot was alright, though it dragged a little at the beginning of the third arc. Though of course everything seems much slower when you're reading in Chinese, and your Chinese isn't that great.

All in all, it was alright, and the main character was that strong type that I like. Despite being the scum gong type, it was rather the scum gong getting the majority of the abuse... <<less
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TokioftheBel rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c1
I like how the MC is going to blacken the protagonists to save them, tho I feel pity for them and I can tell there's going to be lots of angst. Can't wait to see what kinds of tactics and misunderstandings the MC is will do in these worlds.
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03MAR rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: c112
Feels almost like a critique of some other QT novels’ concept of love. MC brings up interesting perspectives and has a mature, sort of cold-hearted, outlook in life due to his experiences.

2 modern arcs and 1 ABO. Each arc is roughly 30 chapters so it’s definitely on the longer side of most QTs. I appreciate being able to see the results of the MC’s mission each time, it gives the arcs a more conclusive ending.

Zero fluff! Lots of desperation (on the ML’s side) and calculation (on the MC’s side). Their... more>> end relationship isn’t light and warm, it’s very much an ‘adult’ like decision to stay together.

(About the angst: as someone who has become increasingly numb to dog blood, it is safe to say there is quite a bit of it. For the record, tears fell once.) <<less
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