The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman


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A massive underground labyrinth awaits in an alternate world of swords and magic. With a game-like system much more familiar than spells and magic circles, Beatrice has managed her magic and risen to the position of “strongest”, but she still has her worries.

“Bghohhh!! Bshrrrr…mumble mumble…”

“B-Boo Boo! Stop! Stooooooop!! I’ll…I’ll be crushed!? I-is my, ah, love being tested!?”

Who is the legendary man named Boo Boo who, just by taking a nap, can overpower the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman? A thousand meter dragons and a proud elf girl will also show up, so what exactly is going to happen with these residents of another world!?

Associated Names
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Saikyou wo Kojiraseta Level Counter Stop Kenseijo Beatrice
The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman The Being That Made the Strongest Even More Trouble – His Name? Boo Boo
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05/11/19 Baka-Tsuki v7 (end)
05/11/19 Baka-Tsuki v7 afterword
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05/03/19 Baka-Tsuki v7c5
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06/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v6 afterword
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06/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v6c4
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makma055 rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
This novel need more love! This is one hell of a good novel (personal taste) out there. Nice story with heart-warming scene, unique relationship and main characters not full of themselves and a bit of romance of course!
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ASadLinguist rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: v1 epilogue
This novel combines elements of all of Kazuma Kamachi's novels and removes many of the bad things. These elements include magic and science, intense love, different circumstances, mighty weapons, sacrifice, and complex schemes.

The novel is about a max level female protagonist who befriends a small ogre and the events that lead them to venturing into the labyrinth. The labyrinth is the source of mankind's technological advance and only a certain few (not specified) can enter through a mysterious magical palace to get to Grandnir, an island in a different world.

The... more>> usual things that can be seen in this novel is fan-service, good dialogue, and battles between good and evil.

This story deserves more readers and more chapters because it really brings together the settings and devices that made the other stories of Kazuma good while still being fresh and unique.

I recommend reading at least to the end of volume 1.

(Sorry if this review is lacking, it's my first extensive review.) <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kaikalaila rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Finished Volume 1. I was expecting a real fantasy tales with cute interactions of the lead Orc with lead girl but you can't have it with Kamachi which what I get is sci-fi mumbo jumbo + fantasy + conspiracy + take-over + genocide tales with cute interactions of the lead Orc with lead girl and some fairies.

Well-written but disappointed with the sci-fi stuff.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
admira rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: v1
A heart-warming story with a healthy dose of controversy mixed in. It does a good job of building the universe (especially the circumstances regarding the 2 worlds) without an info dump. Bottoms up!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
[email protected]
October 29, 2019
Status: v2
This was a good story, but full of rainbows. The conflicts are inconsequential because the characters are too op so I'm dropping it here... Are those testicles under her thigh on the thumbnail there?
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kryokori rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: v1
It is good but.. The more I read the more tired I become.

The pace was really slow and then we had confrontation between the MCs that wasted whole chapter (it reminded me of those old anime talk+fights that took place in dozen episodes each..).
In whole first volume there are about 6 characters that we get to know something about and interact with each other (and 4 background characters from whom only one does not disappear from our memory after 1-time debut). And the one I liked most was a... more>> small fairy whom was basically just a comic relief.

The world is being very slowly described (the action is basically in just 3 places) but all I felt was like reading some flat scenery and cuts from sci-fi introductions.

The plot is ok, the language is ok, characters well build as well. However too much talking, too much thinking and too much passive description for me. I shelve this novel and probably wont return to it. <<less
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GensouGoroshi rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: v1
Kamachi Kazuma's take on the isekai genre! If you're familiar with Kamachi's works and enjoy them, what more could you want?

Boo Boo is a more simplistic story from Kamachi compared to his other series. This is a heart warming tale between a non-human and a human going on an adventure with one simple goal (there's also romance). This series also has a stab at controversial issues that exist in today's society which makes for a nice balance. It's light on the exposition so it's easy to read and of course... more>> it has its fair share of game-like concepts and exciting battles. It's a series that rather than taking from various other isekai or game-like novels instead combines aspects from his own series into one. But if you like DanMachi, going from the end of the first volume, I think it's worth checking this out for that reason too. Boo Boo is not your usual isekai novel series. It's unique in its approach as I don't see many like this so even if you're tired of the genre, I recommend giving this a shot. <<less
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