The Way of the Executioner Girl


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The Wanderers came to this world from another, from Japan. However, due to global disasters caused by the reckless behavior of Wanderers in the past, the Executioner must kill them as soon as they’re found.

One day, the Executioner, Menou, meets a lost girl, Akari. Menou carries out her mission calmly and without hesitation. However, for some reason, Akari, whom she surely killed, resurrects without a care in the world. At a loss, Menou tricks the immortal Akari into coming along on a journey to find a way to kill her, but…

“Menou. Let’s go!”

”Yes yes yes. I understand.”

Menou‘s mind begins to waver a little as she faces the strangely relaxed Akari.

— this is the story of how she’s going to kill her.

Associated Names
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Shokei Shoujo no Ikiru Michi ―Soshite, Kanojo wa Yomigaeru―
Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road ―Soshite, Kanojo wa Yomigaeru―
The Executioner and Her Way of Life
処刑少女の生きる道(バージンロード) ―そして、彼女は甦る―
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mq003at rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: v4
I just finish volume 4 of this series and wow, it is pretty good. The plot is: we, who are called Otherworlders, are isekaied into their world and now will have to be killed by the Church. While on the journey, we follow one of the Executioner who is on her way to kill an Otherworlder who can travel back from time. For some reasons, that person fells in love with the Executioner, and there comes a bit of yuri.

Based on the reviews (from Amazon, book reviewing sites, etc.), I... more>> can understand why this series has been overlooked. The Isekai genre often provides positive tone (like you become a hero, or it is a slice of life, etc.) so with this plot, it only attracts people who like dark genre (it's grimdark genre by the way). Then, you will expect something like Dungeon Defense or Instant Death, right? Wrong. Half of the novel is slice-of-life yuri tone, and the other half will be packed with actions, and all of them contains hidden dark details. People with dark taste will want to drop it after just volume 1. Not to mention all the female characters behave exactly like characters from a yuri novels...

However, if you be patient to carry on and finish volume 3 or 4, then everything will be clicked. Everything has its own reason to happen, even the guy who was killed as an introduction to the system of the world is still mentioned later on. The biggest dark thing about the novel is it is a very dark world, but we see it from a protagonist who does not know about its dark nature, and we are deceived just like her. Bit by bit, the novel will unravel the mystery, and the protagonist will have to grow up, not as a dark tragedy hero, but in her own way. If you look for other reviews, you can see that this novel is rated pretty bad in volume 1-2, but the score becomes higher for later volumes.

Now, for other stuffs.

    • Worldbuilding: is constructed very carefully. The magic system is called the Guiding Force, and obviously, there is a reason why it has to be called like that. People in this world are sorted into 3 tiers: Common, Noble, and Faust (the Church). Since Guiding Force is too powerful, the order is maintained exactly like that. Also, Faust is very fascist so both Commoners and Nobles hate this kind of structure as well. Now, for the magic system, it works in a very unique way. At first, it seems like science, but later on, it becomes something unique on its own.

      It behaves like science in volume 1, but in volume 2, it shows that Otherworlders can use their Concepts to make it behaves like magic. In volume 4, it reveals that the thing called Guiding Force is a system that written to the world. You can use Concept to write more laws to it, like sacrificing Time Concept to create Time Guiding Force. Also, since the Church is on top of the food chains, the rebellion has to borrow power from Human Errors to fight against them.

    • Character: Very anime-like and cliche, to be honest. We have the tragedy hero Executioner one, who aims for world peace while constantly question about her morality. We have a naive Otherworlder who is an air-head like girls from a harem anime. Both of them are protagonists. We also have rebelious princess, a tsundere simp assistant, and comic book villains as well. However, after 2-3 volumes, they will develop small characteristic on top of the cliches, making them unique in its own way.

      Akari is an air-head because she brainwash herself with her power. Even if she does not do that, she still retains half of the air-head since she loses her memories already. Later on she could think outside-of-the-box because she has experienced to this journey many times. Menou is still a dark tragedy hero at volume 4, but she likely changes since the reason why Akari loses her memory comes from that characteristic. Even the old lady villian is revealed to commit her taboo because of the true nature of the Church as well.

    • Realism: absolutely 0. It behaves like something from The Sim. It does not try to be absolute insane like Instant Death either, which is quite fascinating.

      The world is very adaptive. It centrals around the Otherworlders with their Concepts, so everything seems pretty fake. Most of things are attached with details like "oh this comes from Japanese culture" and the character will talk about other things.

    • Lastly, tone: everything is all over the place and clashes with each other, and it is unique because of it. There are plot twists on top of plot twists, so just remember that in this story, things really happen because there is indeed a reason.

      First, we have a cringe tragedy hero who wants to be a savior but keep telling herself she is a villain. Then, we have anime magical girls with over-the-top attitude. Next, some realistic world building is added to the mix. Then, at the end, cartoonist villian appear and it turns out everybody is insane in this story. The next volume continues exaplain why everyone is f*cked up like that and throw in some weird things. It keeps go on and on and soon you will be hooked to this kind of chaos.

In conclusion, it is a dark novel fabricated by a light-heart tone. Half of it is slice-of-life yuri, the rest is also action and both of them hide world-building details on top of each others. It is best for people who pay attention to small details and have a wide range of tastes. For me, I have never read something like this so I enjoy it quite much. If you ever wonder about something like "Hmm, if isekai people is that OP and no one in otherworld tries to exploit it", then you should read this.

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Mannic rated it
July 7, 2022
Status: --
Menou is a huge bit*h to Akari like 99% of the time. I get that this is a long process and there is a reason why Akari loves her so much which I wont spoil so their relationship has to change at some point... But why even love Menou lol? I guess she's got her own mini harem so it must just be something I don't get.

Story has been fun and interesting I do love all of the characters even if Menou bothers me most of the time because of... more>> her coldness but that is who she is so you just have to deal with it.

Not much in the form of yuri AT ALL at least so far other then both Momo and Akari being in love with Menou. I get that the tones of the story are just not a normal yuri story it's very political/action/story driven but come on give us a little less cold version of Menou giving some loving to Akari... Even though Akari just keeps calling her "her best friend" there is no friend that would do as much as she's done for her just because she's a friend haha. <<less
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Dr_H_16 rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: --
I am very, very disappointed.

You introduce me this wonderful world of order, which simply separated the people into three classes: the Nobles, the Fausts (priests), and the Commons.

It started great; summoned otherworlder get dumped outside the castle, approached by a nice girl, getting introduced to the world, and then cool powers, before the nice girl kill him.

... more>> It's very satisfying, but... But.

The plot, it's not bad. It's just... I think it should be something akin to the Final Arc or something, not the first one. Because even though you tried, tried, to show how Otherwolders shouldn't be killed just because they exist, I am still riding on the high of killing one.

Ironically, this actually would be great if it goes by villain-of-the-week. A squad Of Executioners figuring out how to kill each OP characters. Of course, also overreaching plot.

Great idea, poor execution. <<less
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