The Wasteland’s Spring Breeze


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Ezen, daughter of the Crawford family, and Cliff, heir to the Moore family.

Her mean father destroyed the Moore’s family and captured Cliff to ens*ave and ab*se him.

Ezen, who cares for him, helps Cliff to escape from her family.

“Never, never come back. Cliff Moore.”

“You will regret saving me.”

Twelve years later, Cliff returns with immense power and brutally slaughters Ezen’s family, who had trampled on his.

Ezen also tries to accept her death, but Cliff does not kill her, but instead makes her as his wife.

Sleeping with an unknown enemy, a life in which too much has been lost. After suffering, Ezen dies after giving birth to a child.


Even after death, her soul, trapped in Cliff’s mansion, returns to the moment of her death, realizing the unexpected truth.

The man and woman who couldn’t be together in a fierce destiny, a spring breeze permeates their dry hearts.

Associated Names
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Spring Breeze of the Wasteland
황무지의 봄바람
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cookie_monster007 rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: ongoing
What a rollercoaster of emotions! Amazing novel. This novel is just like that sweet and lemon candy I'd eaten some years ago, sweet and sugary yet sour. Left an aftertaste for quite a time. Recommended!

The ending is good, so if you're hesitant to read it because of the sad ending, don't drop it. They loved each other and they hated each other as well. Honestly, I'll put it in this manner, they weren't able to love each other freely cause they couldn't get past their past tragedies. Her family destroyed his and he destroyed her family and also killed her fiancé. His hands were smeared with blood of her closed ones and she was the daughter and close one of the ones who destroyed his family. They both hated each other because of it and also loved each other at the same time, deep down even they knew the other one isn't at fault cause they didn't have any hand in what happened cause Ezen was innocent and Cliff, even if he had let go of his revenge, Ezen's family's sins were too many to be forgiven (he killed her fiancé because the latter sided with Ezen's family even though it wasn't his fault but what he did was treason and you know the rules of royalty, so yeah). Of course the seed of resentment had already been sowed. It didn't get germinated but also it didn't get to be taken out leaving a stuffy feeling in the hearts of both of them. Just a bittersweet story of two lovers engulfed in resentment which they tried to overcome after bearing separation for quite a time.

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November27 rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c14
well first of all this is my first time writing a review on a novel. This novel got me so excited I ended up clicking here and there somehow when I checked my ratings has been added as 4 stars (I don’t know how the hell to undo it😖)

so actually I wanna give this 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
the story is so good, (even though it contain lots of angst) so far I’ve read 14 chapters and I’m happy their 1st timeline ending so quickly than I thought (I hate seeing slow pace stories) well the storyline remind me of both novels “to help u understand” and “try crying prettier, even better if u beg” (just my opinion 🌝) actually I was scared a little when I saw the tragedy tag but I like taking risks (well I end up being scolded by my sis for crying in the middle of the night😂) but this really worth reading. I really liked how the story flow and a big thumb up for the translation teams (u guys are amazing 😍) looking forward for other chapters 😘.
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April 11, 2021
Status: --
An interesting and steamy story is ruined by nearly incomprehensible translation in the early chapters. Odd, since other works on this translator's site aren't bad. It does improve as the chapters progress.
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keikomushi rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c7
Whilst the premise of this series was promising, the description is either confusing or non-existent at times. The translation also needs further polish to clean up grammatical issues, but there is only so much you can do for this head-scratcher of an angsty novel. Whilst I will be continuing to see if the story improves, I am not holding up too much hope.
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