The Villain’s Sister Suffers Today


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I was killed in a car accident while trying to avoid a stalker.

Is this a reward for dying a miserable death?

I was reborn as a character in a novel that had, not a golden spoon, but a diamond spoon.

I thought I could live my life over again.

Until I found out my brother was a budding psychopath.

“Sister, how about this doll? Do you want it?”

“Leave it.”

“What about this doll?”

My younger brother ties people up so they can’t move, and insists on them being dolls.

Even I am destined to be killed in the hands of my brother.

‘Let’s leave my little brother to the heroine of the novel before that day comes!’

But… my brother killed the heroine…

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악당의 누나는 오늘도 고통 받고
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05/17/19 Secret Land Castle c1
05/17/19 Secret Land Castle prologue
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