The Villain’s Host is a Boss


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In order to regain her Tao Heart, Yun Xi travels through the three thousand worlds. In every world, there is a tragic cannon fodder that needs her to counterattack.

System: Host, this is a modern world, and your identity is a tragic daughter whose family was destroyed by her boyfriend!

Yun Xi: …

So, the miserable daughter becomes a domineering female president!

System: Host, this is an ancient world, and you are an unlucky princess who was betrayed by her husband.

Yun Xi: …

So, the unfortunate princess the resolute becomes Queen of the country!

System: Host, this an apocalyptic world, and your identity is the poor cannon fodder whose crystal nucleus was dug out by the heroine!

Yun Xi: …

So, the poor cannon fodder becomes the queen who unified the world after the apocalypse with a little white face next to her. Hey, isn’t this little white face a little familiar?

System: For other system’s hosts, they will be spoiled by the big bosses in every world, but my host has to be big boss in every world, who only spoils her little white face…

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StarrEyed rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I absolutely loved this. The female protagonist is a badass, and the ML is a cutie. She protects him in every single world. There's so much progression to her character. She starts off incredibly cold and slowly warms up and has emotions again. I remember I was halfway through the book, and I couldn't remember when she changed. Her character growth had just been written so well. In on of the later arcs when she has amnesia and regains her initial personality it was so jarring. However, it perfectly showcased... more>> how much she had changed from the 1st arc.


There is one arc that ends in tragedy, but that's the only one. All the rest are HE, including the ending. I don't like reading tragedy, but I loved that arc. It was so well done. I cried and it was cathartic.


I recommend it for everyone who loves world hopping, fluff, cute love characters, no angst, no r*pe, and great face-slapping moments!

As for the MC's power and space:


She's a goddess. She remembers and has her original powers.

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7starkiller99 rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: c13
Novel not recommended to read, but might be passable skim.

Basically the start is MC becomes beautiful rich fodder girl with a system. It is revealed that MC needs to protect ML who is a poor exploited loser star guy who is helpless, but super handsome, talented, and smart. She also needs to save the fodder company and her grandpa.

Have you noticed what’s wrong in the ML’s description?

Anyway, the novel immediately nosedives from the start: Here’s the super summary:

... more>>

MC suddenly has a space she shouldn’t have, with cure all pills she shouldn’t have, that she just instant fixes her grandpa with. She then inexplicably encounters scum poacher man, meets handsome Ml, uses the system to blackmail scumbags for money, finds the literal super gold medal agent due to him being friends of assistant, beats scum man who scummed on original MC, encounters ML, and finally meets super amazing genius director who is only stopped by a fortune stealing Jade thing he has at home. Basically, it’s a whole lot of strung together nonsense for MC to cruise past.


Now normally this might be okay, but author has their own plans (perhaps they thought to make the MC seem not too bright so that we don’t feel she’s too Mary Sue?) :


MC is baffled by ML’s concerns, instantly overworked, somehow spooked by ML appearing after beating scum man, and her only character is grumbling at her father (who may or may not be the Lord God in control of everything?).


Everything in the world is super cardboard and since MC has basically no limits [She can use her own space with infinite pills, use system to dig up blackmail, or just beat up scum man] there is quite literally no point to the story in question. MC isn’t being particularly innovative or comedic so this is probably the blandest Mary Sue face slap novel I’ve read so far.

-300tril/10 Empty Scenery.

P.S. Why does author spend so much time describing background characters if they’re just going to be one dimensional nobodies? Appreciate the effort, but it’s really missing the mark. Could make for a fun short mindless TV show at least. <<less
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Dalian rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: Completed
It was quite ordinary for most of the time. The worlds are the usual in a qt setting, there aren't any important sidecharacters to speak of & MC is for most of the time unexplainably op.

However it is not badly written and the 40 to 60 chapter long arcs were ideal for me since I was reading this during my exam phase so I'd just read an arc a day.

The characters of MC & ML are the usual - except that they're reversed. So that does bring some novelty to... more>> the reading experience.

I very much enjoyed reading this, however if you don't really want to read a novel with 1000 chapters I suggest you just skip a few. It doesn't matter in terms of continuity.

PS: Watch out for the ch 852 - 899 arc. I call it the Lolita SA arc except that they're both underage. <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I would really rate this like a 3.8 but that's not an option, so I went with 4. I do like this story especially the last ending finale arc where they return to their real realm, BUT there were things that I didn't like about it tho.

I didn't like how the MC didn't just cut the villains off directly instead of dragging it along because I feel like the author only did that to prolong the chapters. Like I always say an arc to me should only have no more... more>> than 40 chapters. It's called quick transmigration for a reason. I did skip some arcs because I just wasn't interested.

All in all I do like the story. I like how the MC was the big boss in every world. IDK if I would ever read it again

7/10 would probably recommend.^﹏^ <<less
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Sheddy rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: c899
The first arc was great, the ori ML was cruel, vicious, selfish but pretty smart, his IQ didn't drop just because the MC showed up, so the novel didn't feel like a brainless faceslap novel like some of the other QT novels. Although the ending of the 1st arc kinda sucks.. the MC got pulled out of the world too suddenly..

But the same thing can't be said for the other arcs. Some arcs are okay since the original owners' wishes aren't too involved with the original leads, but most are... more>> involved which makes it unpleasant because the MC sometimes is too busy dating with the ML. Like can you please just focus on the original owners' wishes first? You are using their body after all.

Some arcs doesn't really make sense, MC just casually pulled out heaven defying artifacts or casted some heaven defying spells yet although many people are shocked, most of them didn't even question her identity. I guess the author is just too lazy to bother with common sense.

As for the ML, I didn't like him since the first chapter, but I didn't hate him. However, his personality keeps getting worse and worse the more world the MC traveled to. He became a narrow minded, cunning, possessive, pe*verted, creepy, and shameless guy.

I don't think the ML love the MC as much as the MC love him. MC always spoil him, helped him, tolerated him in every world, but the ML seems to only have s*xual thoughts about her, gets jealous whenever any other male creature talks to her, sometimes even hurting her because of jealousy.. if according to the MC's personality, she would never like this kind of person, so this CP feels forced by the author.


in the arc where the MC lost her memory temporarily, he r*ped her while she was in a coma. He's lucky that she recovered her memory at the time, if not he would probably be dead. After raping the MC, she didn't get too mad at him for it so he became even more unscrupulous and behave more shamelessly. At that point I really hate him. What's worse is that he blamed the MC for not rejecting him that causes him to r*pe her, that's like a rapist blaming his victim for dressing too sexy.

Then, after that arc was finished, the ML showed his true identity which is a typical overbearing arrogant president type ML... exactly the type of ML I hate the most, I dropped the novel right afterwards even though there's only around 100 chapters left.


Update : 3/5

The ML is the main reason why I decided to drop it. <<less
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Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
February 8, 2023
Status: Completed
At the beginning, the story started out where the author made up 10+ chapters to fill content, but it got better later. The story proceeded through and now I am reading the next to last ark. In this ark, it emphasizes how pure and powerful the "Huaxia" bloodline is, and how it needs to be protected to the point of blacklisting any citizen who wants to marry anyone other than another Chinese. This ark is a complete turnoff, and resembles the Nazi's propaganda of racial purity.
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Mishi98 rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: --
the overall story is okay but in every arc I feel sorry for the people who are implicated innocently in the protagonists revenge, other wise the main romance is sweet and fluffy and while the worlds themselves are not particularly original but they are not bad though I have only read to the zombie arc. I wont say its amazing or a masterpiece but its not bad to read to pass the time
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August 19, 2023
Status: --
I really enjoyed the arcs I've read and I like the MC's personality. The romance is 1v1 and very straightforward. I won't leave this a rating though because I skipped a lot of arcs. I don't read arcs that don't pique my interest or if it has a trope/theme I particularly don't like. As the novel neared it's end, I ended up skipping 3 whole arcs, so I just skipped the ending arc altogether.
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
May 9, 2022
Status: --
It was familiar to me. Seems like I've encountered this in raw. As far as I remember, the first arc is quite good and ML didn't change much just because MC appeared. But the ending was absurd as MC suddenly pulled out lol. And I think some (or many?) Of arcs, instead of focusing to the OG's wishes, MC is busy flirting *cough* with ML. I mean, yeah she successfully done it but she should have priority's. I know I also dropped this when I almost finish it because the... more>> author literally dragging the arcs for too long. Like, instead of cutting off the villines/villainess faster/directly just to prolong the chapters. The ML here is a typical overbearing president imo, I think there are times where I stopped it like during the time MC was in coma and he just do 'that' then he will blame MC cuz'she didn't resist or something.-. So anyway, the MC is overbearing and dote arc's ML's but as far as what I remember, she eventually had a character growth <<less
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