The Villainous Sick Beauty Decided to Preserve His Health


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Ye Rongxu has a delicate appearance and was born sickly, making him the darling of the entire family.

In an accident, he awakened self-consciousness and discovered that he was a beautiful villain in a revenge novel. Although he was beautiful, he had to sit in a wheelchair due to illness and disability. This has caused his personality to become vicious and gloomy. He offended the male protagonist in the early stage and later suffered a terrible retaliation.

The male protagonist Qin Chaoyan, who was originally his fiancé’s younger brother, has a cold and gloomy personality. His father doesn’t care about him and his mother doesn’t love him. During that time, he accidentally touched his wheelchair, and caused him to fall into the water and be hospitalized. As a result, Qin Chaoyan was sent to Ye Rongxu to vent his anger.

During this period in the book, he made things difficult for the male protagonist, humiliated him viciously, and even made him kneel down.

Later on, the other party achieved success and fame. Knowing that Ye Rongxu liked his fiancé, he forced Ye Rongxu to marry himself instead and tortured him, making the already sick and weak young man so angry that he died.

After learning about the plot, Ye Rongxu’s sickly profile looked to the front of the wheelchair.

Qin Chaoyan’s thin and bony spine was being pressed to his knees by the bodyguard, and his chest was being stepped on in humiliation.

According to the routine, he should quickly please the other party to avoid the future ending, but…

Ye Rongxu coughed softly, his throat was fishy and sweet, and his delicate eyebrows dropped slightly: What are you doing? Why don’t you help me massage my feet?

After saying this, he threw the male lead a map of the acupoints on the soles of his feet that he had just gotten from Baidu.

Put aside other things for now, he’s dying, and he needs to start taking care of his health.

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Wintercreeper rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c51
I'm not going to make it through 50 more chapters.

It's a very typical Chinese yaoi novel.

The MC's appearance is descripted in every single chapter, several times, the same few information are repeated again and again, MC is called a kitten at least every two chapters, new characters pop up out of nowhere just to cause trouble.

... more>> Characterisation is the same, cold ML, shy, naïve MC, adults behaving like 12y olds, "romance" build on "he's the only one who's nice to me so I fell in love", logical errors and plotholes, etc.

Low quality, low effort melodrama with a MC that's constantly emasculated and reduced to a weak smol animal in the eyes of ML.

It's a shame because MC's disability/illness isn't treated like a dooming flaw that makes him worthless, just as a sad thing that makes his life unnecessarily hard, but I'm not fudanshi enough to endure more of this. <<less
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