The Villainous Shizun Is As Beautiful As A Flower


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Shen Liuxiang stayed up all night reading a novel about a white lotus protagonist shou and his easy road to power. Having finished it, he thumped his chest and stomped his foot in unhappiness.

In the novel, there was a villainous shizun who shared his name.

He was as beautiful as a flower, but would rather ruin his own looks to imitate others.

He was infatuated with the Bingshan Sword Venerable, who had his heart set on the protagonist shou. Foolish and shameless, he continued to entangle with and chase after the other.

He severed his connection to his father, the Venerable Emperor, and renounced his ties to his senior brother in the Sect. He fought to the death with his blood brother, the Demon Venerable.

For the Sword Venerable, he was even willing to get rid of his toughest rival-in-love—his own disciple, who would later become number one in the cultivation world!

After going to sleep, Shen Liuxiang woke up to find himself transmigrated as the villain Shizun in the book.

“Strive to look like the protagonist shou? Wake up, this immortal is the most beautiful in the world!”

“Sword Venerable, who? Is he stronger than my father, the Venerable Emperor?! Is he more handsome than my senior brother in the Sect?! Is he fiercer than my blood brother, Demon Venerable?!”

Facing the protagonist’s greatest backer in the future, Zhou Xuanlan, Shen Liuxiang decided to grab onto the opportunity, seize his good fortune, and stifle the danger in the cradle.

However, his disciple was too well-behaved.

“All spiritual treasures in heaven and on earth belong to Shizun. All ancient relics belong to Shizun. This disciple also belongs to Shizun.”

Shen Liuxiang: “…Alright, I’ll give you a chance QAQ”

Initially an indifferent shizun, Shen Liuxiang slowly became fiercely protective of his disciple. His disciple, in turn, was upright, righteous, and increasingly loyal towards him. However, right at this time, Shen Liuxiang miscalculated. The Zhou Xuanlan from the original novel had returned!

“Shizun has changed so much,” the man spoke with a dangerous air, hugging him from behind, the low voice resounding right beside his ear, “but I like it very much.”

Shen Liuxiang cried. He wanted his obedient disciple back!

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14 Reviews

Feb 15, 2022
Status: c137
Translator reporting in! This is a really good shizun/disciple novel, mostly light comedy with little angst. The story is in Shen Liuxiang's POV.

Shen Liuxiang is the shou, he's really funny and mischievous. Usually quite silly, but he will use his brain and act seriously when he needs to. His interactions with his father and brother are hilarious! (He also eats mandarin oranges WITHOUT PEELING THEM. What a monster)

Zhou Xuanlan is the gong, he's very devoted towards SLX. He's originally like an obedient puppy but later turns into a fierce... more>> wolf. Story is a HE, there will be mysteries to unravel in the process and obstacles to overcome but it all ends well.

The romance is really really sweet from start to end, I was squealing the whole time I read this.


"He no longer cared about whose name showed up on the stone of three lives. Because—the moment he pressed his palm against the stone, his heart had already known the name it wanted."


One thing I like about the romance is that SLX clearly confirms his love for ZXL halfway through the novel, unlike some other danmei whereby the characters just dance endlessly around each other. They also don't try to hide their relationship (much to the overprotective anger of SLX's dad and brother).

tl;dr: This is a super sweet transmigration/cultivation novel with a really loveable MC and a healthy relationship between our MC and ML. The relationship between SLX's family is really wholesome and sweet too. I really have no words for how much I like this novel, please do give it a read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 💕 <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: c3
I'm really excited about this novel as it's my favourite trope shizunxdisciple. So far the story is interesting as there seems to be a lot to unravel and definitely has potential. There also seems to be incoming angst (love this so much) I can't say much since I had only read 3 chpts, however, it's promising storywise

*VERY SMALL SPOILER* from chpt 2/3

The MC is quick-witted, but I won't say he's intelligent since that's too far-fetch but he's normal! (Hard to find MC with normal IQ these days)

The... more>> ML: I can't say much about him since it has only been 3 chpts but he is quite realistic that he didn't feel much pity for his shizun when getting punished since he had not interacted with him much. He is although a bit naive, but that's okay.

I want to extend my gratitude to the translator for this novel, and for their time and effort! :) <<less
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Feb 24, 2022
Status: --
The chemistry is *chef's kiss*. No tsundere shizun with a lot of pull and push here. I was skeptical to read this at first because I was expecting a cold acting shizun who will try his best not to trigger any death flag but here we have a fearless MC but also no dumb. Yes! The MC is shameless but not illogical, just carefree like what protagonist are. But there is still that common troupe, where seperation, MC dies, ML blackening, MC returns and want his close ones to know... more>> he is alive, ML wants to keep MC for himself, MC disregarding ML experiencing his mourning, MC realize blah blah. Not bad just common and annoying.

Put all the good things aside, I am not a fan of plot where the cannonfoddler MC gets all the attention due to some past that gets uncovered and suddenly a lot of people chase after him, anther novel where every character just lust other the MC. But still its annoying getting attention you dont want and being force to take responsibilities for others emotion and how author entangled MC to side character's past that used to like su baiche. And everyone thinking they know what's best for MC, and MC not knowing who to help just being over the place. Lmao, I cant. <<less
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Mar 30, 2022
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel but also read it in raws.

About the story

My overall impression of the novel itself was that for almost the entire book, the author leads the MC and ML by the nose with stuff happening that advances the plot but is not well connected. For most of the novel, there is no sense of what the overall plot is tying this all together so reading it is liken to gaming side quests one after another that happen to connect in very accidental ways. It's very heavy handed... more>> plot wise where stuff happens to MC and ML and advances the story by coincidence. World building was very weak and really relies on reader's previous knowledge of cultivation novels to make sense. Characters are interesting but lack development or depth. Most of the villains in this novel are kind of not really one dimensional evil but just flawed so I appreciate it for not having much of the cartoony evil villain archetype. For that it's a bit refreshing.

About the MC

The MC's character is a bit all over the place. At first MC is supposed to have transmigrated to the cultivation world but he quickly loses his modern sensibilities and adapts so easily that his inexperience with cultivation magic goes from uncertain to strong without much build up. His character is not very well explored for 60% of the novel and then gets a few facets of his personality shown in the later parts of the novel. Author was so focused on leading him from action to action, location to location that they forgot to build up his character properly. He seems like a slightly shameless and mischievous foodie who inexplicably levels up easily.

About the ML

The ML has a bit more emotional depth to him and quickly falls deeper and deeper for the MC in a speed that's just a bit fast. He's in unrequited love with the MC for quite a bit of time and there are some sweet fluffy moments. He has some character development near the end of the novel that was actually an interesting read.

Read the extras

The extras are the best written part of the entire novel, tight storytelling, strong emotional depth and character development, it made me wish the author had written the whole novel with the same strength of writing as the extras. The extras alone pulled my rating for this novel up.


Ultimately my preference is for a connected plot, strong world building and character exploration which is why I docked stars for this novel. It's an alright read with not much emotional angst at all compared to most other cultivation novels. If you want a short read with fluff, romance, light comedy and light angst, try this. <<less
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Jan 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Good! It's very satisfying to read if you haven't touched cultivation novels for a while. Although some parts are playing it loose (at the beginning) and the pacing definitely slows down around ch80-100, it's still satisfying to read when you're not in a rush for anything.

The romance is nice, very sweet and cute once the MC realizes his feelings. I thought it was gonna be another 'I'm a straight man and his shizun I can't be together with him!!' panic but actually there's none of that, so don't worry. All... more>> the side characters have their own line, no messy peach blossoms that are unwanted (besides the 7th demon lord). The drama part of this novel is about actual antagonists who wants to destroy the world and cause chaos, it's quite smooth sailing and the HE is guaranteed.

I read this with contentment of feeling a very certain HE -- if I'm not in a rush, this would feel like a lazy river cruise with someone feeding me sweets on the side. Very satisfying to read, but it's still a lazy river cruise. If you're not the type to enjoy 120 chapters of lazy river, I understand it may not be your cup of tea. Recommend for people who enjoys xianxia novels with a happy shizun-apprentice CP. <<less
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Apr 04, 2023
Status: Completed
Ah SVSS feels. Another Shizun-f***er. MTLed all the way. Got me hook in it because of SVSS feels.

Hahahaha I like the part where the nascent soul (like the chibi part of the ML and MC) are always together.

There is a part where Emperor father that chibi MC has a sweet mouth (sweet talker) then chibi MC said that the ML (it is actually the chibi ML) is the only one who tasted it. (Hahah though they big ML and big MC already kissed here also)

MC doesn't have any system.... more>> MC is a little childish but thats what I like about him. He thought he is from the another world, but there is a lot of twist in the story. Haha though can't believe it he also eats the orange peels, but there was a reason to it that is connected with the ML.

ML is OP because he is from a certain clan. He is one of the villain in OG. But there is a really lot of twist in the end. Though around 90+ chap, the OG ML returned and replace the sweet ML disciple (Sweet ML's memories did noy merge with the OG ML so he can'y remember the sweet moments he have with his shizun) but in the end he tried to remember and returned to his shizun.

SVSS feels, MC plan to kill himself so that the ML would not be branded as a villain. But fortunately MC's shizun rescued him and MC tried to recuperate for 16yrs.

The story got a lot of feels like an extra story but not, it's just in the end I felt like it was finished immediately around 100+ chapters. <<less
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Jan 27, 2023
Status: c15
It's not bad, but the taste in my opinion is very BG instead of BL.


MC is essentially the quintessential, sweet Female Lead who is ultra beautiful, makes merry, and can get away with everything. Nothing wrong with that if the story was BG in the first place, but it's BL, where I'm really not looking to read about a sweet Female Lead...

To make matters worse, MC later breaks into this novel's 'soul formation' stage (a step above 'nascent soul'), and as a modern person,

    • doesn't take advantage of his knowledge of cultivation novels (though it's possible MC's choice of novels doesn't cover the cultivation aspect much and just used the setting)
    • doesn't do anything to consolidate his new cultivation realm (maybe it's not necessary in this book, except the identity he transmigrated into had a serious injury that affected his cultivation; I'm sure there will be a follow up, but none so far except for a 'yeah, what's up with that?' kind of mention before being thrown to collect dust bunnies in a corner)
    • and then MC continues to loaf around and act pretty (reminder: this is a cultivation setting). I don't even care about the gathering food part. The instances that really got me were
        • falling asleep when he should be cultivating (it's one thing to fall asleep because of injury/needing rest, but this scene screamed 'acting cute'; the supervising Sect Master was totally okay with it, and also totally okay with MC's subsequent break in to his hot spring while he was bathing and issued no consequence)
        • twirling to show off his robes to compare against the could-also-just-be-a-female-character white lotus antagonist (I would accept it if this was just MC's character, except the author didn't develop MC's character and just plugged in the sweet Female Lead trope...)
This novel is likely meant to be lighthearted and I'm taking the cultivation setting way too seriously. But I can't.
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for
Jun 19, 2022
Status: c20
I initially thought that it would be a badly written BL involving a dense, ‘cute’ shizun and a wolf-pup macho gong from the notably cliche title.

Surprisingly, I was wrong!

MC is very lively, but he’s not s*upid - which is great! Plus, he clears out the old problems (how the old body harassed sword venerable pr wtf his name is) right at the beginning.

ML... so far he’s quite cute and a bit naive; he’s also unintentionally funny. I’ll only have to pray that he won’t be like those pup turn wolf... more>> gongs. <<less
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sleepy ash
sleepy ash
May 18, 2022
Status: c16
yeah it's really a good novel.i am not good at leaving review but trust me this is really a good novel so far very funny too 'hahahaha' very funny. Sometimes I get embarrassed for shizun. And I like MC (shizun) the most very cute and funny. And many many thanks to translator for such a good translation.
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: c67.2
I’m such a sucker for this kind of plot so when I read the summary, I dove right in hihi

I like MC’s mischievous personality

The ML didn’t really grow much on me

I feel like the development in the middle part of the story was rushed, time skips and notabke happenings were just mentioned in a sentence or two ... more>>

like how MC was kicked out of the sect, how he ended up in the palace, how ML became the 9th lord and so on


I just wish those were told in the story

Anyhoo its still a good read, 4.5 ✨ <<less
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: c35
It's fine. One of a few novels where the main leads aren't straight off OP. The villains know their own strength and don't recklessly throw themselves into pits. The romance takes its time, the pace is just right.

I dropped this because I find the characters are a bit generic, don't really suit my taste. The ogMC even has more depth and likability than the current one.
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Apr 14, 2022
Status: c48
It's a nice read for when you wanna turn your brain off but at times, the plot felt disconnected to each other.

Idk if it was bc of MTL, but when something happens in one chapter and comes to like an interesting part, it cuts off the next chapter to something completely different or tune had passed since that incident and I get so confused, making it a little hard to read and follow up.

I like Su Baiche, even tho he wants to kill MC and doesn't actually like any of... more>> the men he's seducing. He isn't some one dimensional antagonist and his goals are clearly stated as well, wanting to improve his cultivation, and by relying on already powerful cultivators to help him get techniques, herbs and other stuff is another method.

I also like Xu Xingchen, Mc's half brother (?) he's funny and cute.

The romance feels a little weird to me cuz MC knows ML likes him in a romantic way but thinks he doesn't and tries to find excuses for it? But then he also likes him yet doesn't realise it? Maybe it's MTL but it's a bit confusing. Anyways, my enjoyment was 3 stars <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 24, 2022
Status: Completed
MC is my most favorite character here.... He is very lively and likeable character.

Where as, I feel sorry for Su Be (forgot the name)....

Anyways.... Its a good novel... I recommend this one if you are a fan of xianxia bl novel..

Have fun!, 😊
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Villainess sama
Villainess s
Jun 02, 2022
Status: Completed
This is my first time reviewing, so it might be a little jerky, but I like this story very much that I wanted to recommend it to everyone who saw this.

First of all. I love the MC's personality. He is hilarious. I still remembered the nights where I hold in my laughter while pulling all nighter reading this, my stomach hurts. The MC just knows how to make the situation funny with his solo inner-drama. I especially like his interactions with his eldest shixiong, and families. It's heart-warming how close... more>> they are on the later part of the story.

Second, the romance is slow burn but worth the wait. Especially after you know the twist and turn, it will warm your heart. They both love each other, but because they were unable to express it clearly because of their shizun-disciple relationship, so the romance took a little longer.

Third, the plot is great. I can't say much because it will become a spoiler so I'll just say; The story have a funny but strong MC who will grow stronger, ML who respect his shizun and always protect him although he's not all that OP, great family, friendship and brotherly love, a little angst but manageable, and the original MC who doesn't give a fxck to his mission once it goes haywire.

All in all. It's a good read! <<less
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