The Villainess’s Daughter Is Getting an Obsession


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One day, I became the daughter of Lucellai, the villainess in a novel. She, who fails to kill the Empress, ends up with a terrible death in the future!

I don’t know anything else, but I must prevent the terrible death from happening.

So I started to stop her evil deeds behind without Lucellai’s knowledge.

When I thought I was doing really well…

“You’re the only one I have. Even if you tell me to lie down at your feet, I will gladly obey you.”

The Prince, who should never be involved with me, comes boldly, revealing his affection.

Even my mother, Lucellai, who seemed to think of me as consumable goods, began to show harsh but clumsy affection to me.

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악녀의 딸은 집착을 받고 있습니다
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Night lover
New Night lover rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: c8
First, I saw the cover, I like it, I sheck the description, I read the 8 chapter and BOOM 🤯 I became obsessed with it, just exactly what I like (yandere male, obsession, villainess noble girl) I can feel how good this novel just from the beginning.

highly recommend
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