The Villainess Works In The Library


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Me, an ordinary librarian, is in a novel.

I got possessed by the villain supporting role ‘Erika’.

All I was given was an ending in which I was sentenced to beheading for taking part in the rebellion.

It’s unfair to work as a librarian even after being possessed by a romance novel, but you can’t even cut your throat.

I became a librarian at the Royal Library to survive…

“The way the Reinhardt family repays their favor is deep and long. So I hope you enjoy it slowly.”

Grand Duke Carlix, who’s the male lead, is chasing me around saying he’ll repay me.

“If I had been born a man, I would have welcomed you as a companion.”

Frisia, the female lead, has confessed with a friendly gaze.

“I want to have you as my own royal librarian.”

Crown Prince, the second male lead, takes attendance stamps at the library every day

“Your life and even your soul are mine, my queen.”

Even the villain Archduke Franz is obsessed with me?

“Nothing is more important than your happiness as your guardian.”

The only thing I can trust is William, the kind and friendly library manager…

Can I go back to the original world?

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악녀는 왕립도서관에서 일한다
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cahmiyash rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c6
It's too early to judge the contents of the novel, but what really intrigued me was the first chapter but I really like the premise.


While the description says she's a supporting villainess but in the novel she said that she was the last villain and that made me kinda excited


We'll see how the story progress and thanks for translating
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