The Villainess That Was Once A VRMMO player


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A young girl, who was neglected by her family, accidentally died while protecting a [Child of God] who would save the world. She was offered to be reincarnated into a world identical to the VRMMORPG that she was familiar with by a mysterious entity. That mysterious entity used its power to empower her soul by transforming her previous effort and passion spent in developing and leveling up her game characters into her own powers instead.

However, when she turned three years old, she discovered that the world she was reincarnated into was not the least bit similar to the VRMMORPG world. Furthermore, she was compounded by the revelation that she had become a ‘villainess’ who had raised plenty of death flags.

“God, this is not the world you promised me!?”

A flurry of death flags looms over her from an early age. She is now pitted against a powerful heroine, one endowed with beauty, and blessed with mysterious powers. With the help of her wits and bravery – or rather with the power of her VRMMO character – the girl was able to fend off perverted assailants, weather unknown dangers and defy the tragic fate of the game’s Villainess.

Why did that entity reincarnate her into that body? Why did she have to face the trials that the villainess would have to go through? With more questions than answers, what will happen to our said reincarnated VRMMO player?

Associated Names
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God, You've Got the Wrong Story! ~A Tale of a VRMMO Player Villainess~
神様、ハナシが違いますよ!? ~VRMMOプレイヤーの悪役令嬢物語~
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17 Reviews

New DJfalcon
Dec 08, 2022
Status: c61.2
I'll be honest, I almost dropped it more than once, it's VERY frustrating. All the while mistreatment and comments of racism and very little catharsis in comparison. Almost all the characters are bastards and perverts. Kink jokes are funny until 5 year olds start hoarding photos of naked women and I don't even want to talk about the MC's brother. When the selfish and self centered villain who wants to destroy the kingdom is your favorite character you know there is something wrong. Another problem is the over-explanations of everything,... more>> a lot of useless information, statistics and game things. The characters do not change, years and years go by and they all speak the same, behave the same and think the same. On the plus side the action is great and at least in the last chapter translated up to this comment it looks like there will be some karmic retribution. I can't say I didn't enjoy reading it with all the ups and downs. Thanks to the translators and editors for the good work. ^.^ Ps.I wanted to put three stars. Miss click. <<less
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New pelya
Nov 19, 2022
Status: c59
This novel is a dumpster fire on a power trip, the towering flame of burning garbage that will warm your soul and your body. Ignore one-star ratings from people who expected some kind of romance novel.

There are only two decent characters, and by decent, I mean not psychopatic perverts. Everyone else is, well, you'll enjoy how MC murders them.

Oh, and MC is a sociopathic murderer, that puts her morally above everyone else, who are psychopath perverts.
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Feb 08, 2022
Status: Completed
disclaimer: I'm an editor for the series.

Still, I'm going to point two things out.

This is the shoujo version of power trips that you see in a fair bit of Chinese xianxia (eastern fantasy), but written in a atypical Japanese fashion. Its probably in the same ball park, the same vein as "The villainess will crush her destruction end through modern firepower", but a little more twist to that.

That means to say, if you wanted a shoujo version (normally you get a truckload of shounen versions of such stories), I'll say... more>> this one fits the bill.

The original writing, as to my understanding, is pretty straightforward, and I think despite personally I would really wanna go in and scream "just ********************* them all" quite a number of times, I think its important to just understand that the character is really living to her desires, to her whims and fancies, because she knew she reincarnated, and she can actually live the way she wants once she learns that she has the power to, and is capable to, and literally gives no hoots to "the situation would have demanded it", even if it means doing something that may sound illogical to readers, because, she just want to live life according to her whims and fancies. <<less
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Feb 08, 2022
Status: all
Just like several Haru no Hi novel's the MC also had some loose threads in her brain

She is sweet and very protective of those she cares for, but ruthless to those she marked as enemies...

Because of her emotionless temperament, most don't understand what's behind her mask...

... more>>

She is living two lives, being the adventurer Witch which is her player character. and Carol which is the Otome Game character... even though she tried to avoid the bad death flags and was just going with the flow as carol, she ended up triggering every ending though not similarly as the endings in the game.


It is actually a much lighthearted story compared to the other Haru no Hi Novels that I have read, but I sure didn't get tired of it and as the usual, everything will be revealed at the end... <<less
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Jan 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Hi, everyone. I have already read the whole story. It was honestly a good read.
Unlike most villainess novels, our MC is going to be a ruthless person who kills whoever threatens her life but it is mainly going to happen in the later part of the story. MC is not an evil person and she does not kill (or hurt) people randomly.
Overall premise of the story is quite interesting and it is written by a well known author, Haru no Hi.
The characters will slowly gain more depth... more>> as the story progresses.
Have a nice day. <<less
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Apr 07, 2022
Status: c17
This review here might be biased since I'm a heavy Haru no Hi fan.

I love this novel, mostly because it's another one of Haru no Hi's work, and she writes the best bad*ss FMC novels.

Honestly, there is too little chapters rn for me to make an accurate review, but from what I current read, it's pretty entertaining.

... more>> I like the style this novel is written in, with multiple perspectives so we can understand more about the world around us and the views the characters have on certain things or events.

The characters in this novel is pretty simple, they aren't very complex rn, which I like since I don't have to use too much of my brain to read this.

The world building current is generic but decently written, it's not anything amazing, but you won't be annoyed by it. Since this novel is mostly a power fantasy, there probably won't be much focus on character development and world building. In conclusion, it's fun, read it. <<less
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Mar 20, 2022
Status: c14 part1
I have high expectations for this novel since Apotheosis of a Demon set the bar very high, it's starting out slowly so I can't say much about it right now, but I am not disappointed so far, we will see in what direction this novel will go. If you like other works of this author like mentioned above apotheosis or demon noble girl then it's obligatory to at least try this one too.
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Aug 22, 2022
Status: c32.2
I had to drop this. I got tired of all the overt racism and sexual harassment. At the time I dropped this, she was five and it's just really, really disgusting. I can't believe there's not more people who would rate it low because of this.

I understand giving a character tough circumstances to work through, especially when they're so OP like our MC, but literally every day in novel and every chapter she's listening to subhuman hate while simultaneously consistently being sexually harassed.

Maybe some people like the realism and that... more>> it adds depth, but I personally read light novels for escapism. I really want Carol to just kill them all, but sadly her ruthless protagonist tag seems to be largely for show. <<less
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Feb 07, 2022
Status: c3 part2
there is nothing rutheless about the MC.

the MC is just sweet. Way to sweet that is anoying.

you may like because its funny nothing more than that.

action? Normal for a fantasy reincarnation (run at superspeed shot magic everywhere)

romance? You mean comedy right?

world bulding? I liked the reasons the author gives

about a scene od way to (this is the second time I saw this novel and it made me mad) ... more>>

like, the enemy is gonna do that acts of cruelty that is used to justify the MC killing.

but out of nothing appears the female lead of the game


(that by the way the author already gave plenty of reason to be killed, just in the last ch of this scene its clearly stated that the FL is a enviroment hazard = like everywhwre she goes follewed by the subsequent destruction)


than the FL uses a super magic that is like clearly kill everyone in the area even allies (not of the MC she is alone in this scene)

now what do you thing it happens?

a) just protect yourself let your enemy self destruct

b) protect everyone with untested speell even thouh they are clearly your enemy and the world bulding already clearly gave plenty of reasons for death. Like evil conseller, cruelty and more.

[answer (b) /spoiler]

more anoying stuffs happens after that but this was the iceing in the cake.


this is just funny.

basicaly MC lives her boring life (she has vrmmo powers) with a fixation to the ending and charactersof the game.

meets a character. He appear as a good person on the surface. Than be delusioned by his perveted inclinations.

than repeat. Just that.

even if there is a description o f cruelty its nothing great just simple stuf like wow I can swing a giant blade with super human streght I hit someone and he was cut in half. Just like that 2 or 1 line. <<less
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Oct 25, 2022
Status: c32
Wouldn't suggest reading this unless you love frustration and honestly want the kingdom and 99% of characters gone.

The whole place is filled with degenerate perverts, every last one of them. Everyone of the main cast is rotten to the core in an 'annoying kill them already' way.

MC is uselessly kind and spineless when needed. If she had an ounce of ruthlessness or less holding back or stopped straight up healing those who don't regret and will not change, the sfory would have been much more bearable and less annoying.

Also the... more>> fact that she doesn't retaliate one bit against those who dehumanize her despite being able to is even worse. The fact that a crazy b*tch who wants to burn down the kingdom for fun seems like a decent and likeable character is already telling of how bad the story is.

I can say among the named characters there's only 3 who're likeable and normal in any sort of way. Unnamed there's like 4-5 max. Be greatful that maia and her mom in chapter 1 are two of the good named characters. <<less
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Aug 26, 2022
Status: c38
She is ruthless, but she isn't unaware of the consequences. This is the story of a villianess, not a murder hobo. She has a place in this world, its society, and this has its perks and demerits. The story starts out when she is extremely young, she cant be independent and shes born in the middle of hostile territory. In the early chapters, she certainly does 'heal' the people who try to mess with her, but a few chapters later she is casually killing these same kinds of people when... more>> the situation allows her to get away with it. It's carrot and stick with her most of the time. If she can 'reeducate' someone with ultra violence then provide a little healing to make them be on her side, she will do it. And if it's someone that just needs to die, she will kill them. Her murders are sometimes so casual you miss them if you are just skimming or speed reading. Obviously she isnt going to strike down her brother in their own home even if he is overly touchy, or execute the groomer priest in the middle of the church at the center of the state's power. But when some random riftfaft in the middle of the woods get in her way, she utterly exterminates them not even leaving behind a corpse in many cases. The little lady is keeping score of all debts and is slowly accumulating her power. This story's world is effectively doomed, once she reaches maturity and unlocks her real power nobody will be able to hurt her, much less stop her. <<less
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Sep 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally finished binged reading.

for the most parts it was ok but I would like to say that it doesn't get better in age 10 but on age 15. Most characters are perverts or has some crazy fetishes except for MC.

The human supremacy theme kinda gets annoying and turns the characters into 2D idiots. They all don't make sense. Good thing MC is OP after MC transformation. I wouldn't say most bad points of this novel as there being 95% of the characters in the novel are 2D idiots most of... more>> the times you wil probably cringe at how bad it is.

The romance is kinda forced for me, MC and ML didn't even have many interactions yet just because he is the only sane ML somehow by the end MC suddenly falls in love with ML.

Ending was kinda nice and bonus was interesting it explains why MC transferred to the otome game instead of the VR game, flare romance (?) was a good touch too.

Overall its not to bad <<less
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Jun 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked the concept of the novel. It is a work by the famous author Haru no Hi.

The MC may appear a little ruthless, but she is only ruthless to those who threaten her and she is lovely in her own way. Like when she helps the orc village again and again in spite of grumbling about it.

She gets to live two lives at the same time, i.e. The player character and Carol, the noble who attends the Magic Academy, and seeing her switch between these two personas so... more>> effortlessly is really cool. So overall, I would say it is a good read.

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May 21, 2022
Status: c10
I have to agree with others.

The concept is nice, but there are so much and long explanations of everything, it's boring for me. Even with skipping in the end I couldn't continue. I understand the writer wanted to paint a detailed story, but it takes so long to explain everything the story just too slow even for me who likes to read slice of life stories.

Maybe I will give it another try and see, but I think story like this would be better off as an anime or manga, so... more>> instead talking all day about how the power of the MC works, it would just show us. <<less
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Jun 04, 2022
Status: c15
Maybe I should have expected it given the author and their previous works.

But I'm giving this a 2 star, mainly because of what its been tagged as and was advertised as on the TL's website.

No, she is not a ruthless protagonist. Any time she does something that could be seen as ruthless or practical its immediately back tracked on and she heals the people she injured or does something to make up for her actions.

Aside from that picking point, because I'm tired of "ruthless protagonists" just being generic goody two-shoes... more>> who do nothing but nice deeds. Like any VRMMO isekai story, its filled with utter nonsense about games and the claims they make about their abilities never actually track with what a game would actually be like, and the comparison they make to the real world is always ridiculous. <<less
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May 12, 2022
Status: c9-4
I like the concept of this series but the long explanations of her powers from the VRRMMO are just really boring to read. I understand that the author wanted to make her have stuff but I think it would have flowed a lot better if she just had "all magic spells" rather than making readers learn about how she went on a raid for 12 days with 10 people to kill a dragon and got a sh*t weapon that nobody wanted except her because it looks cool if she does... more>> a sword dance with it or how a new pirate event boss came out where the reward was a new gun that can hold 6 bullets or how she has an op knife but its a cooking knife and can only be used to cut meat or how a premium set of armor was expensive and worse stats but I spent tons of money on it.

Overall while I think it had a good concept and potential my enthusiasm for the story is just killed by 50% of the book just explaining "This set of equipment I got xxx and other people don't like it but I do"
With how the protagonist was described as doll like without expression I expected her being misunderstood from other characters or cheat knowledge of how to level up with her knowledge but instead its just "x item, y item" <<less
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Nov 07, 2022
Status: c57 part2
Honestly disappointing, the work had a very interest concept, and it was something that I was honestly interested in reading...

Reality: terrible character design, repetive boring characters, a boring romance that shouldn't have been added, incredibly short, and just terrible story telling.

You have a character from a MMO that you sinked alot of time into, what do? Hopefully it ain't this

Honestly don't read this, and if someone finds a work that uses the same concept of being able to live as your character from an MMO please recommend me that.
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