The Villainess Blooms


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One day, the engagement between the Second Prince Arnight and his fiancee, Veena Lilyfall, was broken off.

However, despite it being the cause of the disengagement, she has no memories of ever bullying that girl.

No matter how groundless the accusations were, when Lady Lilyfall’s fall from grace was announced to the public, the wolves in the hall with their cold glares began to see her as easy prey. Only the Princess, younger sibling to Prince Arnight, didn’t seem to fully understand the situation.

The Princess sought to protect Veena, and together they escaped.

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Akuyaku Reijou, Yuri ni Mezameru
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Haylias rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c44
Hi, I'm the translator, I thought I'd leave a short and honest review now that the series is on hiatus.

The Villainess Blooms (my fairly liberal translation of the title, if anything it should be closer to Villainess Awakens to Yuri, but that sounded silly (and is also misleading)) starts off very well. It introduces both an interesting premise and fairly unique antagonist for an otome game series. The main couple are interesting and many of the characters introduced on the periphery early on are intriguing. The hints that the series... more>> would be about a couple on the run with various political machinations unfolding in the background set the stage for a fantastic story.

Unfortunately, the series becomes bogged down in various ways early on. First, it lapses into a generic adventurer plot that absolutely did not need to happen. Then it gets caught up in a needlessly long flashback, introduces a tonne of different unnecessary plot threads and goes absolutely nowhere interesting. Likewise, the relationship between the female leads barely progresses due to all these distractions over the course of 44 chapters.

I will continue to translate this out of obligation if it ever continues (doubtful), but it was a very disappointing thing to read and translate in the end. I don't want to detract from people's enjoyment too much though, so I will mention that I quite liked most of the characters, I just disliked how they were used and developed. <<less
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EumenesOfCardia rated it
October 25, 2018
Status: c6
I don't want the other review to be the sole thing people see so I decided to write this to balance the perspective.

This is not a perfect LN (I would rate it 4/5 but the rating system on this site is skewed towards 5) but it is exactly what you would want from this type of story. There is competent intrigue, the stakes for the MC are high, there are multiple parties which want to destroy one-another, and most importantly, they appear to be well balanced with skills and capabilities... more>> which make it difficult to see how any side is going to win.


The three sides are as follows:
1) 2nd Prince. Their side has a reincarnator with knowledge of future events and who sees killing the MC as the only way to the Good End. They are hampered by the incompetent prince.

2) 1st Prince. Their side caused the MC to be "banished" because she was helping the 1st Prince too much. He wants the MC gone and the 2nd Prince defeated so he can achieve the crown. He is working from the shadows and so far, it seems no one but the MC's younger brother know of his scheme.

3) The MC. She has her family of sociopaths who would side with her. She also has the support (and love) of the 1st Princess. The MC is ignorant of her love because, let's face it, homosexuality was not common in medieval Europe, especially not with royalty (the representatives of conservative virtue). The misunderstandings are also hilarious.


Its rare that a story like this (with fluffy, romantic-comedy moments) would have such an interesting plot. I've been burned by better setups than this, but so far, it is worth a read from anyone interested in royal schemes or fluffy yuri romance. <<less
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Cyan_Snake rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c5
The MC is supposed to be the best of the best at everything, including manipulating people.

Yet when Princess Yua straight forwardly says, "I love Veena-sama, let's elope!" The MC agrees. Yet the MC doesn't realise Yua likes her? Even talking about how Yua will find a good man for herself in the future. It's so ridiculous.

How can the MC not be able to recognize that when she is supposed to be great at reading other people to her advantage?
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Hasenpfote rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c12
The premise was pretty cool but the author couldnt achieve much with it. I thank the translator for dedicating himself to translate all available chapters and the high translation quality.

I hereby drop this novel.
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SkadiPirate rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c35
What I can say about it... Main heroine is really transparent. From the start it was looking like it will be good story, but as it was progressing, I noticed something. People describes main heroine as inteligent, cleaver and strong magican. Actually only the last thing is true. She is dense, a bit block head and her personality don't have even one characteristic point. She looks like doll which is manipulated by everyone around. It's looks like everyone in her family are better than her, when they say that main... more>> heroine is the greatest. I don't get it.

I didn't expect this. 3/5. <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: c33
While I really liked the original premise of the novel, about a princess who was in love with the villainess eloping with her, the plot quickly became absurd to the level where I'm not sure how the country even functions. I imagine the author could retcon a bunch of the stuff later, but IMO it's not worth it.

One cool thing, though, was that the Villainess rejection scene was surprisingly well grounded. It turns out that many of the ladies who outed her came from very reputable families, several from other... more>> countries and several who rank comparably/higher than the villainess, so trusting their word over a single noble girl's actually makes some sense.

  • We find out that the first prince rebelled against the king and queen at the age of ~8-10, revealing top secret information to the rebel army, teaching them magic, and leading them into the castle to kill the queen (somehow, for a pre-teen under relatively strict supervision?). Everyone knows he did it, but he received no punishment and still stands as first in line for the throne. And no one resents him for it?
  • The princess was apparently a hikkikomori from the shock of her mother dying, and lived as a recluse for most of her teens. No one cared about her during that time. But she left her room to save her beloved villainess, eloped with her, and suddenly everyone in the castle is distraught that she's gone?
  • The second prince keeps flaunting that the king can't remove his right to the throne, no matter how badly he behaves. Why can't the king do this? It's not stated anywhere, as far as I can tell. This means that the king has to sadly watch as his son lies to everyone, and the king can't really do anything to discredit him.
  • It's not really clear why the rebel army was so angry, at this point? They lived in the slums, but somehow got education, magic training, money, and equipment to lead an army? And I'm still not sure why they're so angry at the queen?
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DDosGaming rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c21
story is a mess

power level is also a mess

all "genius" characters only goes with flow and use brute force

romance is really dry


MC (10yr) turn bunch of rebels, who have ability to break into royal palace. Into mincemeat.

MC does not escape town after defeat dragon even though she know about how the seal work.

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Mr.Tiemos rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c44
Personally love this story, with only one thing that I could think of ‘improving’ it: more Veena (MC) and Yua (FL) relationship time, but that’s my opinion. Otherwise a 5/5 no questions asked.

Now to address something others seem to be talking about: the MC’s intellect/cunning.

... more>>

A few reviews say that it doesn’t exist one way or another and they’re right! But it’s not that she’s never been intelligent/cunning, it’s that she’s depressed. IF YOU READ THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS WHILE FOCUSING ON THE MC, you realize that her family is very strict. Anyone who isn’t useful is disposed of one way or another. Now the MC messed up (not entirely her fault, but you find out eventually), so she’s thinking ‘failure means I’m useless, so I may as well be dead to my family which has been everything I’ve ever known’... So yeah, she’s depressed.

Now what does that have to do with her intellect? Well, have you ever been depressed? Anxious? Or even had an off day? YOU GENERALLY DON’T THINK LIKE A MAD GENIUS BECAUSE YOUR MIND IS IN A THOUSAND DIFFERENT PLACES!!! Granted she does a bit better later on (probably because Yua is an amazing Yuri FL), so give Veena some time to recover.


tldr: Veena (MC) is depressed so she’s not at 100%, give her time to recover before judging her as unintelligent. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: c33
This story is fun, At least for me.

I like the relationship between Yua and Veena and I just wish we got more of just them together. I also love that the story has Veena being really OP but still keeping it interesting and fun.

Some things I don't like such as two of the villains getting away in the cliche style and the Queen is dead.

But I do recommend this for any Yuir enthusiasts
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Danthefanokaku rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: c44
So, like many others including myself, you’ve stumbled upon this great series. And kudos to you for finding a hidden gem! This is a great series, it’s characters are stellar, and it’s translation is near perfection! That being said, there’s a clear reason why I rated this series 4 stars instead of 5. As of writing this, this series is now on hiatus (chapter 44). Now, I won’t spoil anything, but in essence this is an extremely frustrating move on the author’s part as it was in the middle of... more>> not only an arc, but they were in the middle of a fight as well. As of posting this, the author hasn’t said a peep about continuing this series according to the translator (hiatus started on June 2018), so will we see more chapters? Maybe? Probably not though. So if you’re wanting to read this series, read it up till around chapter 30, or as soon as the closest arc to the chapters before it ends and you’ll save yourself the hassle and pain of a stalled series.

Tl;dr: Series is on hiatus from June 2018 (chapter 44) and hasn’t been mentioned since as of writing this. 4.78/5 too much hiatus <<less
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