The Villainess Becomes a Commoner


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After being killed, my next life is that of a rich family’s daughter who’s hated by the public!? Moreover, it’s several years in the future after I died, what’s with that? Besides, I don’t have any idea about the female lifestyle. I was a man, alright? I’m hesitant about living life in her place. But living like she would will only lead to ruin and I’m not into that. In that case, there shouldn’t be any problems with me living her life the way I want now, should there? Involving both the past and the present, the curtain rises for the chaotic struggles of the replaced young lady.

Associated Names
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Akuyaku Reijou, Shomin ni Ochiru
Commoner Villainess
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8 Reviews

Jan 06, 2022
Status: c12
The story is nothing special.

Basically a socially incompetent person gets reincarnated in the body of a school bully.

What follows is the story of how everyone keeps on hating her and ignoring the suffering of her... even when it is heavily implied that her past self has never even done anything comparable to anyone.

We just always hear how she was a feared bully without knowing what she actually even did to justify the absolute hatred the receives from everyone (There seriously is not a single person that does not severely dislike... more>> her...).

And the worst thing is that the new MC just accepts literally everything that people throw at her, either because she thinks that she deserves it or because „there is nothing I can do".


Literally all of her belongings get stolen or destroyed and she wants to hide it for some reason.

Or her PE teacher forces her to change clothes in front of the whole class and play basketball while severely injured (and forbidden from doing sports by the school nurse)... and she just accepts it „because there is nothing she can do about it right now"


I read a decent amount of chinese drama novels so I would say that my tolerance for bullsh*t plans and s*upid plot conveniences is pretty good, but this novel was too much for me. Not a single major interaction is handled with any semblance of logic or reasoning and the whole reading experience already felt stale and repetitive after only 10 chapters.

I could accept these characters if they were all preschoolers, but given that they are almost adults this level of empathy and rational thought combined with the extremely childlike dialogues is just unbearable.

Only read this novel if you are extremely bored, enjoy the suffering of protagonists or one dimensional and s*upid characters... aside from the homeroom teacher and the school nurse you could really replace the rest of the characters with wooden planks and gain some personality. <<less
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Aug 17, 2021
Status: c50
It's been awhile, I read the novel back when the manga first came out so some of the details are fuzzy but the big problems are still prominent in my memory

The initial setting could very well have just been stolen from a Chinese shoujo novel. The original has been pitted by her "friends" and family driven to act ever more outrageously until she is driven out of her family with next to nothing and commits su*cide. The MC who died from poisoning (maybe food, maybe not) at work and is... more>> a relative of hers transmigrates in. He immediately starts up life working in a restaurant and it's off to the slow life.

Getting past the lifted premise, there;s so many other problems it's not funny. The family which is fairly prominent doesn't even bother to fake concern about their child committing su*cide. The MC doesn't care about the circumstances of the original's death or his own. He's slogging through highschool again not at all upset over losing his degrees, or even reuniting with the originals family. The family is ridiculous and downright mechanical. Finally the genderbend seems like an after thought and put in as a gimmick to differentiate this from the swarm of novels that are exactly the same.

Maybe it gets better after where I stopped, but I just don't have the perseverance. <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c208
This series has quite interesting TS (Gender Bender) concept.
There is also no 'Reincarnated into Otome Game World' concept in this series even though it's 'Former Villainess'.
You can also check from the description "Moreover, it’s several years in the future after I died" which is indicating this is the same world after the MC's death which will lead interesting things later on.

It feels more like possession and gaining original body memories rather than 'Somehow I became a girl'.
You may feel like the MC treats... more>> previous villainess acts like other person's problem on his problem solving behavior.
But the acts were done with some reason which you will discover later on.

If you want to a peek. The clue are:

12 Families' Interesting Trait and the MC's death


For me, it was fun and addictive to read, so I give this 5. <<less
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Aug 27, 2022
Status: c52
This series has quite interesting Gender Bender concept.
Despite being a story about a former villainess, there’s no 'Reincarnated into Otome Game World' concept in this series

its a good read
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I hate cookie cutter story
I hate cooki
Jul 10, 2023
Status: c70
It's technically kinda original, so it deserve abit of special treatment, as it's not really as copy pasted as other "villainess" story.

The romance is not the selling point so there's barely any beside some psuedo - shoujo ai which leads to nothing.

It's kinda Fresh but it's had some big flaws too.

  • some (supposedly importants) character is super annoying like the president and principal.
  • Cringe
  • The story is wayyyyyyy toooooooo Draggggggyyyyyyyyy.................., Too much internal dialogue that doesn't matter, it felt like a reading a student's essay trying to up the word counts.
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Aug 06, 2022
Status: c49 part1
Enjoyable for Slice of Life genre, with some dramas here and there, but its quite satisfying


There is a complain about this novel, however. There are too many weirdos inside the story, that sometimes makes it confusing, particulary the 12 families members.

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Oct 13, 2023
Status: c203
6/10. I really wanted to like this one, but it completely loses itself after chapter 100.

The beginning is pretty interesting. A super chill guy possesses the body of a 'villainess' and has to deal with the villainess' leftover problems, and also figure out what happened to him in his previous life. All at the same time she's making new connections and getting into a lot of hijinks in the school.

But a little after chapter 100, a lot of the fun slice of life just gets thrown out the window. Most... more>> of the interesting characters and plot points are forgotten. Everyone from school becomes a minor/side character, while they keep introducing people from his previous life. <<less
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Jul 05, 2022
Status: c44 part2
I have low standards, so everything is alright in my book. I just have two gripes:

1) the MC does a lot of internal monologuing, and I mean, too much that the author might as well use an omniscient narrator. Here is an abridged example: MC says X Character-A says Y, MC will physically react & reply to Character-A, and then in their head, they will have 1 paragraph worth of monologuing. Oftentimes, the MC is in precarious situations, so they mostly complain and are very judgmental.

2) The original Kotone Kisaragi... more>> was a tr*sh character. This puts the MC in a disadvantage where they HAVE to be passive, or else she will earn the ire of High Society. That is fair and all, but the MC is a good target for teasing by other characters, especially any kids who are from the 12 Families. This is a breech of the MC's self-imposed rules, and hampers with her journey to recover her reputation. She ought to speak up about her struggles, rather than be an object of constant teasing tl;dr very annoying <<less
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