The Villainess Became A Mother


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I was reincarnated as a villain in a novel.

Jealous of the female lead, I committed all kinds of evil deeds only to be executed in the end.

In order to escape from my fate, I decided to stay away from the male lead.


“I think you’re pregnant…”

No way. What the hell is going on!

What do you mean pregnant, that isn’t even in the original story?

To protect my child and my life, I ran away from the male lead, the father of my child.

Then seven years later,

“Who told you to run away as you please?”

I didn’t expect the male lead to follow me to the end of the continent.

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I'm a Villainess But I Became a Mother
The Villainess Becomes a Mom
악녀인데 엄마가 되어버렸다
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Skite rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: --
I'm not understanding where all of the "she had no reason to run away! Why didn't she trust him??" comments are coming from. Laure, the MC, had several, very good reasons for running.

    • She had previously attempted to change the fate of the ML's parents dying, but despite her efforts, and changing the events and even the timeline, they still died. This has caused her to believe that, though she can seem to change things a lot, the major plot points will still happen.
    • Sia (the FL) and Calix (her fiance) were publicly declared by God, to be fated soul mates and the half of each other's souls, and their marriage would enrich the country and lead to a new age of prosperity. That isn't something that you can change by being nice enough that a guy likes you instead.
    • Book Laure was also loved by Calix... right up until the moment he saw Sia.
    • She had stomped in, determined to defy fate and keep Calix, only to see Calix kissing Sia the day the two met.
    • She had a prophetic dream that she would be put to death anyways, and have her child taken.
Running also turns out to be the correct decision.


Sia, the OG FL, is actually evil, not a 'holy saint'. She knew Laure in her previous life, and is obsessed both with possessing Calix, and with destroying everything Laure loves. In the original timeline, Sia actually used a combo of brainwashing magic control on Calix to make him love her, and fake holy oracles about their soul mate status to force their marriage. Then she drove Laure bonkers and set her up to look evil so Laure'd be executed.

Because Laure ran away and Calix spent the majority of his time away from the Capital, traveling around, searching for Laure, Sia had far less exposure to the pair. Laure wasn't set up and executed, and Sia occasionally stalked, but didn't ens*ave, Calix.

Running also ensured Letizia, their daughter, could be safely born and make it past babyhood. Which turns out to be vital because she's the one with actual holy powers, who will need to take out Sia.


So, this definitely feels like one of those "the universe is actively duping the main characters to save itself from the evil villains" type stories.

I also actually like that they jumped right into the midst of things, rather than making us sit through 100+ chapters of childhood interactions, and never make it back to the originally promised plot points, like most stories of this type do.

Highly recommended if you like swoony, bodice-ripping, obsessive-possessiveness, while keeping the s*x scenes PG13.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c12
The T/L is amazing.

The story... Not so amazing. I didn't like MC. She has spent nearly a decade with the ML and still decides to run away after having consensual s*x with him. Till now, the ML has never neglected her, spoken badly about her/ to her, treats her respectfully and is pretty open about the fact that he does like/ love her. MC's reason for running away is s*upid and illogical. More importantly, as someone from the modern world, how the heck does she not even think about children... more>> and protection is beyond my senses. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the ML decides to just let her go and fall in love with someone else. She neither appreciates the man he is, does not trust him nor is willing to even discuss about what moronic thoughts run inside her potato filled head. <<less
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Avonberry rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c21
I read the reviews before reading so I didn't have much expectation of this novel. But, its better than what I thought. Huge kudos to the translator! Really good TL work.

Points to consider when reading:

  • MC that keeps ALOT of her thoughts in her head to herself.
  • Yandere ML

    he hides his true nature in the starting because he didn't want to scare off MC, BUT THEn it went off the hills when MC ran away from him

  • Theyve got a baby together

    straight in the first few chapters they sleep together, at this time MC is still on the baseline about staying together with him or not, but not overly cautious, slight hope maybe they'll be happy together.

  • Your classic misunderstanding on coincidentally catching the ML and other girl together which pivots her to run away

    I was cheering for her here, SHE DECIDED TO GIVE THEM ONCE CHANCE AND WANTED TO GO TALK TO ML, but then saw him and the other girl kiss (a misunderstanding really, girls a b*tch) and was brought back to reality so ran away

I can't really blame her for running away because she keeps getting these nightmares and memories of what had happen, but ugh. What irks me is that she has never communicated these things to the ML, only until the last second of running away does the ML realises that she doesn't have trust in him.
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Mamabug rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c18
I am enjoying this so far, my review is in response to the negative ones. The MC is not behaving s*upidly, she has good reason to not trust that the ML won't betray her despite him seeming to love her and their anticipating their wedding night (not much of a spoiler since it happens in chapter 1).

... more>>

Up until when the 'female lead' appears, events are following the original plot of the book, including them sleeping together. In the book, once the FL appears, the ML realized that his love for the MC was only that towards a childhood friend, yet he still tried to remain faithful until he was basically commanded by God to marry the FL.

When the MC starts to realize that some events (like her pregnancy and the early arrival of the divine lady) are not occurring according to the original plot, she makes an attempt to talk to the ML and ends up witnessing first hand the ML/FL first meeting that goes according to script (including an accidental kiss). Some of this is misinterpretation, but there are also strong hints that the FL is using magic to manipulate things and is definitely a transmigrator.

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BobChan rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c5
From what I've read so far the MC reminds me too much of a white lotus, and it's not the good one. Despite knowing her future and wanting to change things, nothing has changed. Nothing at all. She's still engaged to the male lead, her family circumstance is still the same. The author also decided to say 'f*ck it all, I'll just skip writing all that childhood bs' and slap us with: we're now in the middle of their relationship. Nothing seems relatable nor do we feel some sort of... more>> connection to anything in the novel.


Granted that she's in a dilemma because of her feelings for the duke, she has no backbone and just gets swept away. It's rather annoying as she's supposedly written where she can't stop herself and spills her regrets later--as if she's the only one who will have to put up with the repercussions of their actions.

Within the first couple of chapters, the MC sleeps with the male lead. (No smut.) Before they even get into bed, she has these thoughts that supposedly makes her cute, bantering with herself and then her mouth saying another thing. I just find her annoying at that point.

Then after that day, she avoids the dude she slept with and gives him no reason as they ended on a sweet note the day he escorted her back home. For three weeks, she avoids him and makes excuses, and then, she decides to tell him when he comes to visit her on a rainy day that she wants to annul their marriage. She doesn't give a reason why, again. She just simply says that he'll know in the future, while supposedly conflicted.

The only reason why I'm so irked is that you spent 10 years together with this man, and in those 10 years you fell in love with him. But somehow in those 10 years, you're so afraid that you can't win against the proclamations of fate that you just decide to 'escape' your 'destiny' and not bother to say anything.

Yes, I'm aware that it stated in her recollection of the novel's plot that some priest (or someone like that) received a prophecy that only this Sia girl and the duke being together will bring prosperity to the kingdom.

However, I don't think that the 'explanation' the author gave justifies anything she did. She's adult, mentally, she's a lot older than the duke is but somehow she reminds me of a preteen brat who has been spoiled her whole life. Again, she's a white lotus who is ignorant of her blatant actions that have heavier repercussions.


Overall, the story for me is written very in an amateurish manner. It's not my cup of tea as I prefer something a little more mature and that is 3D, rather than 1D. The main thing that threw me off was the MC and her personality. I wouldn't recommend this brain holed heroine to anyone, really.

p.s. I appreciate the translator's efforts and I just don't like the novel. The rating is for the novel, not for the translation. <<less
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Annalu rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c1 part2
Well I know a lot of people don’t like it but I’m really enjoying this novel, the plot is cool and I like the FL even she being indecisive, and I don’t think that her decisions are s*upid, the novel is kinda cliche but is really cool to pass some time. Thanks translator I’m loving this story

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stunning_infinity rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: --
So let me say this. I really like this novel and I'm always waiting for updates everyday. The translator is doing a fenominal job at translating and I really appreciate that. Also, the MC is not st*upid, she's actually just afraid. Just because she is not as smart as the other mc's does not in the least bit mean she's s*upid. I love the baby girl, I feel like she's gonna be protecting her mother and stuff. The ml.... oh f****ing god. ... more>>

He's so obssesive and it keeps sending me chills man.

It's kinda why I like the story tho. hehe

But great job tler!! I hope u continue providing us with sweets!!! <<less
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shenquiquisfan rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: c7
Why NOT read it?
    • You don't like plot built on misunderstanding and angst.
    • You don't like weak female leads.
    • You don't like yandere male leads.
Why read it?

It introduces a more realistic take on "transmigration".

Most readers of this genre expect that when a child gets flooded with past-life memories, they immediately have an adult mind.

This novel portrays differently, where, a child just watched these images about her past life and experience a flashback about her death.

Obviously, she got PTSD and have nightmares every night.


Then, she developed negative self-worth well into her young adult years. She grew anxious, fearful, and mistrustful. But, as someone young, she's gullible to her emotions. She falls for someone she shouldn't and makes immature decisions.

It's realistic enough that it captivates me in a different way and feels refreshing. I'm enjoying it so far and looking forward to the female lead's character development. I have no comment on male lead yet.
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Ren801 rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: c23
I like it! I literally read any novels with the words villain, villainess and dragon in the title XD at the moment I am in that phase were I'm reading all the novels where the main characters have kids.

Firstly, I like that the story is written with the point of view of both, the female and male lead. Also, There are some misunderstanding between them but it seems that they will be clarified soon so it's ok, I don't like when a story drags the misunderstanding too long until get... more>> you frustrated.

The story focuses on the two main characters, their inners fears, thoughts and their relationship.

I didn't like how she ran away without talking properly to him or without trusting him at least a little but I do understand that it was necessary, she was under a lot of pressure, emotionally. It was very stressful for her, and more having those vivid nightmares almost every night, she became a little paranoid. It's ok since the male lead is a possesive and jealous yandere so both have their own shortcomings XD the translation is good, Thanks a lot to the translator. <<less
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Fayfay rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c5
I don't really like the MC. She is so indecisive and over-paranoid with novel's plot. Why did you sleep with him when you already have plan to left him?? Then making matters worse you actully being so indifferent after the first night. If you really thinking of leaving him because of novel's plot, you should probably do it slowly from the start, doing something, making the actual plan... their relationship took 11 years, omg. She got zero trust in ML despite knows him for so many years.

Maybe i'll change my... more>> mind as the story goes, idk.

The translator doing a great job tho 👏. <<less
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Arekushieru rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c20
I'm here to provide a more balanced review in the process of clearing up some misconceptions about this story that clearly formed the basis of many other reviews for it, even if it's only because they were missing a few, but pertinent, details. Several times the MC has tried to change the course of the novel but failed. Some reviewers see examples of her falling in love with the ML and having s3x with him as evidence of her incompetence while others wonder why she doesn't just 'communicate' with him,... more>> ignoring the facts that she would more likely be considered a 'c****' person for telling someone that they were living inside a novel that she once read in her previous life, that her nightmares would likely be dismissed as hallucinations/delusions and that she did try at one point to clear up the confusion. But, in either case, they're missing the point. Those examples are simply evidence (to her, anyways) of the novel correcting its trajectory. And if the novel is simply correcting its trajectory the fact that she loves him just like the original did obviously makes things worse not better. The MC's reactions in other words are not only realistic (meaning she's taken off the rose colored glasses that cause the wearer to naively believe things can be so easily resolved) and absolutely normal. <<less
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fleurqv rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c25
ok so like the others have said, the story isn't that amazing but like if u put urself in mc's shoes, u'd also annul the engagement. whether the ML loves her or not, the fact that even the emperor opposed their engagement because the 'will of god' came down isn't a matter to be excused. key word: will of god
literally the order of the god while it happens or not, the MC doesn't know and she is unsure so whats the best way? just rely on the source of information you've got. while it is true that she didn't think further ahead of the child's safety, what she did, annuling the engagement, is truly reasonable if you were her.

for the novel overall, id recommend this if u really just need a thing to kill the time don't recommend it strongly though

and honestly, aren't yall a lil bit biased? saying that the ML has told her about his feelings well she DID too. so I don't really see why y'all are mad over how the MC annuled the engagement and HAD the audacity to say poor ML because he had expressed his feelings towards MC strongly. and ofc, it's still mc's fault for not talking abt this to the ML while she should've, but she's fighting for dear life and all of the interactions between her and ML are literally the matters of death and life.

and also!! the author is like a lazy-ass person trying to make a story. like they literally skipped the childhood part, where we would always see how our MC and ML bonded since they are engaged from childhood. but no, they were just like, f*ck all of this childhood bs lets skip to the part where they're going to have seggs (no smut) thus the reason for the said ratings

(edit) I realized the author just skipped a whole 2 weeks so nvm...

so yea if you're in it for illogical shits then hop in ig!!

(literally logged into my old acc because too sick seeing everyone's comments)

nvm yall this is 4 stars not 5 because the way the author portrays stuff is terrible MC is quite reasonable !!
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jRmor rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: c15
I would have given this a five bc of even if there's two translators, the quality is excellent---Why I didn't though was mainly bc of the FL.

Don't get me wrong, the plot was what made me read it in the first place. It was something that caught my attention for having never seen one like it before BUT!!!

And there is a BIG BUTT!!!

I Don't like the FL!!

Sure~ Run away~ I won't fault her for that--and it makes for the interesting plot... BUT!!! (spoiler/RANT alert)

... more>>

I don't like how she just upped and ran away without an explanation!! What the Hell girl??? I know you're being tormented by nightmares and all but shouldn't you have at least tried a little bit before you left?! You didn't say anything! Assumed everything! And left as though the ML is the one that made you go away! WTF?! You left him high and dry! You think he's a mind reader?! Every time he asks you just kept silent and answering in your head and left as though he understood why you did it! AND you're surprised why he's kept looking for you?! Didn't you have a clue that things weren't going as the novel was when there was no wedding or oracle abt the ML and Saint?! F YOU Little girl!! Whatever he does to u now afterwards will be JUSTIFIED in my eyes solely bc I think it's his RIGHT after what that FL did to him! Che!


So... I just don't like this FL. She's too simple.. but at least there's hope for the daughter, SHE seems bright and has good common sense about her... I mean this is the first transmigrated novel I've read that has such a disappointing "modern" thinking character... SO Disappointing, I can't...

What saves this though is the fact that it looks like the ML and daughter will carry the whole novel, in my opinion.

The main character is meh~ but I'm willing to at least follow where this leads too since the supporting charcters have a brain... that's what my review is so far... dunno why people are giving 5 stars about it....

Bye~ <<less
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Grace34 rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: v1c24
I wanted to make a review mostly to counter already existing reviews that, when I read them, almost made me not want to pick this up. A lot of the 1 star and 2-star reviews warn of a s*upid and hysterical main character who treats the ML so badly that she loses all sympathy. There was even one review that stated that the ML could and should do better than the MC. This is all, to put it mildly, extremely exaggerated.

The reviews feel like they were written when only about... more>> 5 chapters were translated and as such only have sympathy for the male lead who is left by the MC. The thing is, its not like the text takes that side, at least not if you read more chapters. The mc’s fears, internal struggles between her affection for the ML and what has been proven to her as fate that cannot be changed, are described and analysed. In the first chapters it can be argued that the reader does not understand why the MC thinks that fate cannot be changed, but that is explained in the text later on. And her reasoning is very sound and does invoke sympathy.

On the other hand, the ML is not a perfect person who can do no wrong and deserves better, as some of the reviews would imply. His attitude is obsessive and can be at times controlling. Obviously, that is something that is what a lot of readers are looking for and find interesting to read, but the novel does go out of its way to show how that attitude is also harmful, especially to the relationship and to himself. Both the MC and ML are bad communicators for different reasons: the MC is resigned to the whims of a fantasy world that she thinks she cannot influence (which makes a lot of sense if you think how her mentality has been changed by literally transmigrating into a book she read) and the ML lets his obsession blind him, making him feel, in his arrogance, that she cannot leave him, regardless of her wishes or desires. This means that both of them let issues in their relationship fester.

There have also been comments about the dissatisfaction in regard to the structure of the text, which seem to again come from the fact that the reviews were probably made when the story was still in its beginning. The novel shouldn’t have to hold a reader’s hand from the beginning and explain everything, I think it’s great that we get to piece things together as the story goes on. On the other hand, you can prefer a story that takes longer to get to the point of the summary, but personally I really appreciate the fact that the story got to the point as quickly as it did, rather than having 160 chapters of the ML and MC growing up together. Clearly the relationship is still interesting, and readers still root for them despite the lack of build-up. This isn’t a story about two people getting together, it’s more like it’s a story of two people staying together in spite of external and internal influences that are trying to keep them apart.

On the matter of the misunderstanding, if when you read it, it makes you frustrated: GOOD. That is kind of the point. Misunderstandings are meant to make you feel frustrated to a point. If you do not like or enjoy misunderstandings because frustration is not what you want out of a novel: GOOD. This is not a novel that will be appealing for everyone. Check the tags before you read, as what it says on the tin is mostly what you will get, and if you don’t like it that’s fine, but if you do, do not be discouraged because some reviews paint the MC to be completely unlikeable. This story isn't a subversive masterpiece and does rely on clichés a lot, but if that is your bread and butter then I really recommend this novel. <<less
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RichieCheese rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c21
The story could use more of a push. The synopsis got me interested but, the whole story (that I've read) really didn't add up to my "expectations".

The main character is honestly quite annoying and certainly had potential but all I see is a stuck up girl who can't seem to think logically

... more>>

I mean you literally had a semi romantic relationship with the ML and you don't trust him enough to consult him or even try to consider him as something other than a character in a book (*`ェ´*) I do give her some slack for trying to not leave him when she went to the Palace and all


The ML is a yandere (personally I rlly like o3o) he is quite possessive but, is very clearly head over heels in love with the MC (she's the only one who doesn't notice) he's quite sweet and definitely two-faced!

The villain doesn't really have much of a role in chapters I've reached. She is really good at making me hate her tho (ಡωಡ)

The side characters don't really exist and are mostly just there for convenience...

The writing is... well its confusing at times and occasionally just downright nonsensical (=ω= ;)

The world building isn't really there...

Overall I would recommend you read it if your just bored and not looking for something to put that much thought into. (Don't set your standards too high or your mostly bound to get disappointed)

Btw there's alot of angst ( (༎ຶ ◡︎༎ຶ)

Thanks to the translators! o ( ̄▽ ̄) dthough I didn't really like the book there was still effort put into it. d (d'∀') <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: --
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

For all the 5 Star reviews, not one seems to point out that the weak paranoid female MC could have simply warned the ML about literally everything or even confessed about her nightmares instead of living a horrible angst life. Beyond that she makes no real effort to change anything or simply be in a position that no one can steal her husband instead mainly just lying around all day doing nothing??? She simply accepts her pending doom and often complains about it yet NEVER... more>> does anything to change it until she runs away which is in fact a major change that she could have accomplished a while ago. Sheesh.

MC is rather naive and brainless yet somehow we are to believe she can credibly flee and easily evade the ML finding her.

Said ML says he's not going to let MC escape yet doesn't even have a person tracking her? Nonsense.

Plus the OG FL being super evil and the endless tons of fodder really just drag the novel into unreadable garbage territory.

-700tril/10. Mindless. <<less
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December 14, 2020
Status: c23
I recommend skipping the first 5 chapters, they don't make Laure (FL) look good. All you need to know from the first 5 chapters is...... more>>

Laure agrees to have premarital s*x with Celix when he asked if she would. She then avoids him for 3 weeks, when they finally get face to face he tells her he moved their wedding to next week, she takes a pregnancy test. Also small detail but the crown prince proposed to Laure off screen and Celix wonders if she would rather be a princess then his wife. All while behaving in the most melodramatic way possible.


I understand what the writer is trying to set up but they don't do it in the best way. They want us to know that Laure loves Celix but believes fate can't be altered. But she is supper indecisive, so she is giving A LOT of mix signals not just to Celix but EVERYBODY. It makes her a total mess, but once she finds out she is pregnant she starts to focus more. Shame for I do think the author did give her a good case they just didn't give us ALL the details in the beginning.

First we get the typical "I reincarnated into a villain who will die at the end of the story' set up but then in chp 18 we learn that Laure did try to change fate! She tried to stop the death of Celix parents, by hindering their travel plans but they died the next day! I think that should of been in the first 5 chapters instead for its was strong evidence to her belief that fate can't be altered. Also shows not tell us why she loves Celix so much, because of her guilt for failing to save his parents she does her best to make sure he never felt alone growing up. It was a a lot more interesting then the first five chapters where she cries because the Sia and Celix are soulmates made by god, chapter 18 reveal made Laure reasons more understandable.


If you just want to start at the time skip that's in chapter 11 <<less
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L.M.L rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: --
I don't know if it's just me but I really don't like the female lead. I got annoyed by her that I stoped reading at ch 5 I just can't seem to continue reading it. I don't mean to disrepect the author but I really don't like the way he/she portrayed the femaled lead's characteristics.😔😪😫Although if I could rate the translator differently i'll definitely give her a 5 star. Her translations is superb. I really like the way she translates novels it's easy to understand even though she's only mtl'ing... more>> it. A big thanks to your hard work Miss translayor!!! 😘😘😘 <<less
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Dramatic Squirrel
Dramatic Squirrel rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c24
So, first off, if you don't like male yandere's do not read this novel. You may think that the tag is wrong or he's just possessive if you read the first few chapters but that is not the case and the male lead is yandere. On that note, he is a somewhat scary yandere, with his feelings going so far as to wanting to lock up the female lead but, as of writing this review, he genuinely puts her safety first.

As for the general story, the beginning is a bit... more>> cliched and boring, it reads mostly as a standard reincarnation isekai love story, that's fluffy and has a dense FL but, continuing on, you learn the FL has legitimate reasons to believe the things she believes and the plot is a bit darker than you might expect considering the beginning. So, it's definitely a good plot, it just might not catch your interest right away, you need to read several chapters to get a more accurate picture of it. And lastly, the translation is really good. The translator is doing their best with it and based on some of the translations I've read of other web novels, they do a good job at making the story easy to understand. <<less
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Sarita14 rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c21
I like stories wth cute children n cute n wholesome stories and I thought this was one of them, but damn this was really full of drama huh..

The thing is u don't even know who to side wth, like both r wrong

... more>>

The ML is yandere sure but I can't seem to hate him, the dude rlly suffered when she left him, n u can't blame her for that cuz the girl was scared n tried to protect herself n her child, well at least we can pour all of our hate n frustration on that saint b*tch

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