The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life


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The villainous young master Dark Demon finally recalled the memories of his previous life at the sorting ceremony of the Dueling Academy. He was reborn in a very strange Galgame world.

And he was the ultimate villain in the game, the Demon God of Seven Original Sins!


Once any one of these seven indicators broke through the critical value, he would irreversibly transform into the Demon God!

In the era of Saint Marian, where the demons had been completely destroyed and the demon king had fallen into eternal sleep, no heresy was allowed to survive!

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The Villainous Young Master Just Wants to Live a Laid Back Life
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Ryuubii rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c517
I read the MTL and I think it is pretty good. The world is a mix of various parodies. The school is based off of Harry Potter, the battles are mostly card game duel style based on Yu-Gi-Oh, but you do not take turns and the monsters are more flexible and have more stuff than Yu-Gi-Oh. The MC monsters are usually based off of Digimon and Pokemon, but the monsters and cards are not limited to that.

MC got his condition under control pretty early on, but that does not get... more>> rid of the fun.

About how the MC does things

You will mostly watch the MC spectate during the most part of the major plot, but he would not shy away from getting into the mix of things if he has to, which is usually near the end of the arc.

Other than that, he spends most of his time experimenting and making cards. Later on, he starts having some nice moments with his monsters that developed intelligence through his unique methods.


Also, even though he is pretty OP, I think it somehow makes sense with his diligence formed by his attempt to suppress his demon god blood and also because of the demon god blood itself makes him OP and talented, furthermore...

The author still tries to make the MC not too overly OP and he can still improve, even though the attempt is really poor by not really showing how OP others are.


About the character development, it is really slow, so try to bear with it.

And speaking of slow, the plot is also really slow...

In the current latest raw chapter, 517, he is on summer vacation after finishing his first year.


Overall, I think it is a nice novel, so I highly recommend. <<less
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Depression is my new friend
Depression is my new friend rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: c250
I've read the raws and honestly this has to be one of the most enjoyable Chinese web novels alongside Little Tyrant.

Similar to Little Tyrant, the story progresses EXTREMELY slowly and sometimes there is too much useless information to remember but other than that I really enjoyed it and am still reading the MTL work.

Similar to what the other review said, this is a mix of Pokemon + Digimon + Yu Gi Oh + Harry Potter but in a good way.

If you are the type who likes females falling in love... more>> with the MC immediately after 20 - 30 chaps this one is definitely not for you since the other supporting characters (including the love interests) usually appear now and then but when they do, the author does not reduce their value.

Similar to what I said in Little Tyrant, the characters are decent and not exceptional but it's not the characters that carry the story but rather the story that carries the characters if you get me.

One advice for you ppl if you plan on reading the MTLs, the names of the MC's monsties are not correct ones and you have to identify who they are suppose to be from the description of the monsties.

For e.g Evee (pokemon) is translated to Ibrahimovic (not lying) and Sylveon to Fairy Ibrahimovic.

Gatomon (digimon) is translated to Dilu beast.

Overall a really good read but if you don't like reading MTLs/raws, I suggest you ppl to wait till at least a 100 chapters get released before reading this novel or else you'll be really frustrated waiting for the chaps cause trust me, the story progresses EXTREMELY slowly. <<less
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Glacierice rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: c787
Very incredibly story. Every character feels like a real human being, even the magic pets have their own character.

Basically MC gets reincarnated in game world and he awakens his memory when he enters college. He has demon god bloodline (which he probably inherited from his mother. His mother also has god bloodline which is awakened and gives her the power of a saint but apparently noone knows what God bloodline she inherited.) Which if get's awakened over certain level he will transform into a demon god.

So he finds ways... more>> to extract this power use them to make magic cards. His magic cards are very cute, each pet has its own likes and dislikes. They are very attached to the MC, and even the MC treats them as his own children. Since they have high iq (when compared to others pet's) he teaches them how to read and write (they have iq equilant to what a 3 to 11 year human baby)

My favourite would be evey, fairy evee, little eveil beast, dilumon, Victoria (she is a baby vampire and even joins the college as student after Dak passes first year)

I like the relationship thak Dak has with his mother, aunt Claire, his friends, professors and even white (the protogonist).

He is neither a vicious villain who massacres everyone or a indifferent douche. He does his own thing and helps others if he can.

Basically it's a slice of life with interesting plot. Very nice

Edit: I don't know why people rate this novel when they haven't even read much. There is this one dude who said it is a HP knockoff which it is not. Only the background and some character have similarity with HP, the story is completely different and unique. <<less
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vbcherukuri rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: c1100
I have been reading this through MTL for months and only now realized that it was being translated.

First a warning: This is a slow story. It's not a question of if that is a flaw or not, it's just the type of story that this is. If that isn't for you, then you might not like this story. It actually works very well with the setting of Harry Potter, because that is what those books were like: you see the lives of those students throughout the years, with some action... more>> in the middle. In the name of the novel, the Buddhist part I am pretty sure refers to "a life free of sin", which is related to the system he gets, and how he is fighting against it.

In the original description, it mentions that it parodies Harry Potter, Yu-gi-oh!, Digimon, and Pokemon. It sounds like it should be a totally chaotic mess, but somehow the author has actually made it work really well, to the point where the battle system feels very complete.

The character is transmigrated into a Galgame, that he actually hasn't played himself because he didn't like that it parodied those series. So he doesn't know much of the plot. The setting is a School for Magic like in Harry Potter with 4 houses, but with only 6 years instead of 7. Unlike Harry Potter, Magic is not a secret in this world: The whole world is a fantasy setting that has just gotten past a war with a Demon King in MC's parents generation. The resurrection of the Demon King is a plot point later on. The way that they use magic is to create Magic Cards that summon monsters like in Yu-gi-oh!. And the "cards" are taken from Yu-gi-oh! Cards, Digimon, Pokemon, and some that are just made up.

It is better than it sounds. The battles are not turn based like the actual Yu-gi-oh! Card game, they are just summoning actual monsters that they use to fight. While they do have "duels", both sides just start summoning cards as they want, and every 30 seconds, both sides draw 2 cards. There is tribute summoning to summon higher level cards by sacrificing lesser cards too. Outside of the duels, they can use the cards however they want, and they were created for fighting an actual war against demons.

The cards that everyone uses are not bought or obtained from anywhere. They have to actually make them themselves. Rather, a big part of the school is teaching students to make the cards and use them using a combination of potions, alchemy, and magic spells. There is still some random elements though, so even with the same process, everyone ends up with different monsters based partly on their own personal attributes.

The main character Darke gets a lot of cards that are taken from Digimon and Pokemon. The "cards" are basically actual lifeforms, so all of them are characters as well, though more like pets. Darke does "evolve" them in battle Digimon-style, where Digimon can evolve into a variety of forms, but only for a period of time before they revert to base form. That is used for the Pokemon as well.


It is actually convenient, because the first Pokemon he gets is an Eevee. Depending on the method, he can get a variety of evolutions.


Thus far, he hasn't really lost except in training against people like his teachers, and he is better than most of his classmates, but it isn't overpowering either. There are times when he has really close battles, if only because of bad luck with draws. He is compared to older students, but there are still plenty of people that are stronger than him, and many different things for him to work on to get stronger.

For the "Villain" part, Darke is resisting it pretty well so far. The following is all chapter 1 stuff, so I don't think it really counts as a spoiler, but I'll put it in one just in case people care. The second one is actual spoiler.


He is supposed to be a Demon God, who is like a hidden boss that comes after the Demon King that is though to be the final boss for most of the game. He technically has a system that shows his points in the 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath, Pride, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Envy. He is asked to raise them to awaken his Demon God bloodline, but all the system does is report the numbers and changes based on his behavior. There is no punishment for not raising them, and as long as he doesn't go above 120, there will be no permanent change, and they can be reduced by behaving against the sins. That is basically the meaning of the title. Darke starts by trying to live a life without any of the sins.



If that was it, then there almost wouldn't be a point in having the sins as part of the novel, but very quickly, Darke realizes that the excess sin points can be drained from his soul as a type of special energy that he can use to create special power-up cards and monsters. It becomes a balancing act. On one hand he can't let them rise too high or he'll become a Demon God, on the other he can only use them to make cards if they are over a certain level. By the end of his first year, there is little fear that he will fall to the sins, though he still has to be careful because there is a limit on how much he can drain to use per month, or he might damage his soul.


As for the "hero" of the game, he is a work in progress. By which I mean he actually does act like an 11-year-old at the beginning. However, through constantly getting involved in incidents (the "plot points") and comparing himself to others like Darke, he pulls himself together and starts to grow. In terms of character alone, he is probably the one who grew the most.


White is son of a Hero that died in the war against demons, so everyone expects a lot out of him. At first he doesn't really live up to that and just messes around with his friend Robert (Ron parody). He does snap out of it when he realizes that not only Darke, who he is often compared to, but a lot of his classmates are leaving him in the dust. He start to dedicate himself to getting stronger, though it takes a while to make up for his lost time. His goal is to eventually defeat Darke, but as a rival, not an enemy. As the "protagonist" of the story, he does end up getting involved in a lot of trouble. Darke is actually more of a bystander to most of these, though he does get involved to patch things up occasionally.


The "Galgame" element hasn't really been important yet, considering that as of chapter 728, they are only almost done with the first semester of the 2nd year of school. Meaning that all the main characters are only 12 years old. Maybe it will come up more later. The most you see out of it is that a lot of important characters end up being female, including some teachers and the headmistress. There is at least a few characters with a crush on Darke, but like I said, they are 12. Even the characters themselves are aware of that and don't intend to start anything romantic.

About the pacing of the novel: the time in the novel goes fairly slowly. First year took up until around chapter 450. At 800, they are just into January of Year 2. The main character is growing 1 card at a time, but he does have the intelligence of a grown adult compared to a bunch of kids, so he is noticeably faster than his classmates. In the first year, it isn't that obvious yet, but the gap slowly expands. He is currently on the level of the average Year 5 student. Looking at how things are going, I am wondering if the plot will actually cover all 6 years. It could just be over 3~ish years, or it could start involving more events outside the school. Later years might have a lot of time-gaps from travel and etc.

The only sort of problem I would have is the translation speed is a lot slower than the release speed, so I'm not sure if it will ever catch up. There are new chapters every 1-2 days, so I will likely be continuing with the MTL for a while, and only occasionally coming back to the translation to see what progress there is.

For people who want to read ahead, I read the MTL version on lnmtl. It is convenient for this type of novel because there is a viewer generated glossary that people can contribute to, so all the Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-gi-oh names get properly translated, unlike just plain google translate.

Edit: Ch 1100

The series was running into the usual problem with these long running series and was getting kind of stale. They are still in the second year. The amount of cards he is making is increasing in pace, so there are a lot of new ones that don't get clear character development like the early ones did. They are at least getting into more big-picture, world setting stuff, and you can sort of see where things are headed. I'll probably wait until there are a few hundred more chapters before coming back to it. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c516
Discard the description. This is a HP retelling fanfiction with Pokemon summoned through alchemy to Yugioh battle.

I think it's worth the investment but dont expect a galge or villain novel.

Fanfiction references:

... more>>

The author started out small. Most HP/Pokemon/Yugioh references were surface level. Around chapter 50 he starts branching out and having fun. His emotions/ideas translates well to paper.

At first I didn't like how he wrote Harry or Ron. BUT the characters do get better and more enjoyable as they diverge.

Alchemy and Yugioh duels are a great idea. Really balances out pacing (though some battles take to long / can be skipped). The Pokemon are very cute


Story pacing:


In most CN novels the author avoids the main plot to elongate the story. This works in this novel, it reads like a HP book. The Demon God (like Voldemort) is omnipresent but not involved.

At ch.450 ends the first year/book. Assuming 6 years/books there will be 2-4 thousand chapters. I dont expect the Demon God to appear for another 1000 chapters (but who knows)

The MTL is also pretty decent so I suggest binging. Pokemon names arent translated but I found it pretty easy to figure out




I liked the cute moments with the cards

I think the harem is well done. They are 12 so it's mostly crushes that could develop over the course of the story.

I think the "otherworld information" is done SUPER well here. To summarize, post-war teaching is improved by the MC. He doesn't know more just has learnt more efficiently with modern tricks. This makes the MC come off as very smart without ruining other characters/setting.

Some teachers / situations felt so s*upid to me. I wanted to bit*h to them through the protagonist multiple times.

Dark is a fun protagonist after they stopped punishing him for being interested in things (that got dropped quickly, Thank God)

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Z-Stern rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c22
I dislike this novel quite a bit, I am failing to find anything good about it. Personally I find it boring and unoriginal. I read 22 chapters and I didn’t enjoy a single moment of it.
There is nothing that drove me away either...
my main problems:


the pacing is dreadful: nothing happens... And it goes slow, like I would rather be studying kinds of slow...

the guy goes and starts doing some sketchy stuff to avoid becoming the evil god. Nobody bats an eye because of good behaviour. Another fictional universe with brain dead people...

girls fall in love with the dude left, right and centre because he basically ignores them while doing his sketchy stuff

Of course nobody actually interacts with him too much as he is practicing detachment and can’t become too worked up about anything, like a good blank canvas... heck even your average harem MC has more personality than this dude... I never thought I would miss Kirito from SAO...

Tl;dR : waiting for Godot, web novel edition

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unseen_hz rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c851
This novel is about making magic cards that could pretty much perform magic by casting said cards. There are various types of cards such as field spells, equipment cards, spell cards but most importantly, monster cards. Said monster cards each contain a monster with stats such as attack, defense and magical energy (serving as both health and mana combined). Each monster card has different moves like pokemon and can do variety of things such as locking an opponent down or use different type attacks, like pokemon. Each monster card also... more>> have stars and higher star monsters need sacrifices or special spells or moves to be summoned like in Yugioh.

The point of these cards are that they are actual combat tools and are mainly used in duels (think like in Yugioh) or in actual combat. The novel is very slow-paced and most of it are pet raising slice of life or actual research and school studies stuff but there are various arcs with constant duels with different opponents. I disagree with all the reviews that couldn't even even reach the duel parts before rating this novel. I find it s*upid that people would just jump the gun and rate the novel without even reaching the good parts.

The MC's cheats come with the Seven Deadly sins and how he could extract the seven sins from his brain and make cards from it.

The monster cards made from the seven sins are smarter and generally have more moves than the average cards. He also made cards with purely sins which can evolve the monster cards made from said sins which is pretty OP as higher rarity cards are hard to make.


The romance is quite slow-paced as well.

The main heroine in the novel is Pandora and she is the only girl that Dark actively says that he likes and the only girl that he had kissed too. Though, there are other girls that like him and he is close with.

Diana & Rose: His best friends basically. Diana is proactive in telling him that she likes her but she is too childish in his eyes and basically not his type. Heck, she even knows this later in the 700+ chapters but still acts the same way. Rose is kind of more reserved and doesn't even tell Dark that she likes him. They are important characters that are around quite often.

Aurora: His fiancée in the game, though that never comes to light in the actual story. She appears quite late into the story and like him as well. Though, I think unlike in the game he is OP and smart and so doesn't need a fiancée to babysit him anymore and since the engagement was unofficial, he doesn't get engaged to her anymore. This doesn't mean she is not close with Dark though, because she is. She is in some important out of school arcs as well so there's that.

Professor Lily: She's a weird one. She like him but mostly either play pranks on him or simply works with him with some stuff. Overall, she's a fun character.

Eudora: Dark's stalker, well she no longer stalks him in later chapters. She likes him because she could see the OP sins powers in his body in the form of stars or something. Dark treats her like some kind of younger sister and she is not around very often.

Ergani (Athena) : This one I'm not too sure. Ergani appears very late into the story and respects Dark for helping her form her wisdom and is kind of very close to Dark. She's a very important character though and will continue to be important later.

He also has other girls that are have a crush on him such as Emma and his maids but they don't appear often.


Overall, very engaging but slow-paced. I personally find the translation to be so slow and I got so hooked that I went ahead and read to the latest RAW through using MTL. The MTL is surprisingly readable other than needing some research to find names of the monsters that he made. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c7
Only thing going for the MC is the seven deadly sins meter. If he goes above 100 he'll unlock the demon god bloodline. Sadly this is poorly executed as the author uses this as a non stop gag in an atempt for humor. Which fails flat on its face.

The other issue I have with this story is the HP rip off. I never was or will be a fan of HP. But if you've been reading long enough, you'll pretty much know the entire story from other sources. This one... more>> included, but instead its pretty much a 10yen knock off.

There are characters who the MC uses to reference their HP counterpart. There's the whole four house and sorting thing too. The classes and dorms are structured similarly too.

If there was at least some sort of substance or background shown prior to this school year, I might have gave this a proper shot. Instead I was thrown straight into the opening ceremony, forced to read a rip off HP fic while all the girls in the story are thirsty for our guy.... Though that is to be expected since this is a Medieval High Fantasy Gal Dating Sim World.

Rate 2/5 <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c80
As far as I have read this novel, I have personally liked it. The pace is slow, the translation speed is even slower, but the novel is worth the wait. It is inspired from many fiction like Harry Potter, Yu-gi-oh but they are blended pretty well.

It looks fresh so far, different from the generic chinese novels you see.

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7starkiller99 rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: v2c809
Novel 100% not recommended to read.

At some point, the author became extremely lazy and stopped continuing the overarching plot. We’ve had hundreds upon hundreds of nothing happening chapters, most of which are filled by descriptions of Mc’s new cards and creatures.

Basically, the novel has become complete filler with the author forgetting the Mc’s original goal, and became a rather mediocre bloated slice of life.

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memetichazard rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: c600
I liked the first 140 chapters enough that I started MTL'ing it. Pretty good stuff.

As others have mentioned, this is slow. It takes 540 chapters to finish the first year and the 3 months of vacation following that and get back to school for the second year. Although that doesn't mean nothing is happening - there's at least 3 Harry-Potter-major-plotlines' worth in that time interval on top of many smaller side quests here and there. The flipside is that when you start looking forward to something that will be happening... more>> one year later, you realize it's going to be 500+ chapters in the future.

What makes it work despite its slow pace is how it makes the world feel magical. It takes the setting of Harry Potter and fixes some things - for instance, teachers are competent professionals but also fallible, so no Snapes. A lot of attention is paid to how the MC learns about the world, experiments, and makes discoveries. If you can accept the slower pace, this story will satisfy your exploration itch.

As for its ugly side? Well, this story ends up feeling a lot like Xianxia. The protagonist starts off with a golden finger (the sins that threaten to corrupt him quickly turn into an exploitable resource, and the demon god bloodline gives him a boost to all of his stats). He explores dangerous realms and discovers treasure. He fights other arrogant young masters and when he beats one, it summons a bigger fish. He constantly fights above his tier. But the biggest problem overall, common in xianxia, is


that he never loses. And once you go through 500 chapters and realize that, it drains all the tension out of any fight that he participates in.


One other slight annoyance is that the Harry and Ron expies, while treated moderately well, lose 100% of the time when it would benefit the MC, even indirectly, and lose 80% of the time in other situations. They get a lot of attention but are also treated as punching bags; combined with the MC's Xianxia treatment, it just makes you roll your eyes.

There are other parts I like and a few other parts I don't like, but overall it's been a pretty positive reading experience (beyond the annoyance of copy/pasting into DeepL, which I chose for a better reading experience over Google Translate or novelmtl). <<less
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Fachi07 rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c61
I found it kind of boring, it is similar to Slice of Life.

The author is inspired by Lord of the Mystery, it's kind of obvious with The Fool section, Klein Moretti cameo, mother and moon thing, and the general aspects of the novel reminiscent of the first volume of LOTM, like him going around doing basically his everyday life with these weird experiments, the whole controlling emotions thing, and I guess just the vibe that is going on.

However the fact that nothing really happens is kind of boring. There are... more>> huge info dumps which are quite boring and I just skip through them, I thought the favorability thing was really cool and interesting though, too bad that's all I am really interested in, besides maybe Pandora (the love interest, kinda?) as she seems to be the only one who could bring some change to the monotony.

There really isn't much to say, it's just boring, though definitely give it a try. Just don't hold on too much hope.

Edit: For some reason I really want to read it, maybe I was just in a bad mood, or just worn out, or maybe this isn't a binge reading type book. So maybe this leans more to a 4 or 3.7 or something like that. <<less
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Mr.Mochi rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: --
Bloated slice of life story with a distinct lack of originality.

People call to Harry Potter and the like, but the first Harry Potter book was finished in 80k words. I hit chapter 50ish and at 2k a chapter that's 100k words. And it isn't even HALLOWEEN of the FIRST year. Put differently, the troll in dungeon happened at chapter 10 of Harry Potter, while here, the MC is taking basic multiplication math classes. There's slow and then there's TEDIOUS.

Slice of Life is about interpersonal relationships- however this MC barely communicates... more>> with anyone. All the first 50 chapters are is just an info dump on a rip off magic system. He's supposedly a villain of the story, but there's been no external motive factor to the story. Just an adult competing with kids in an educational environment.

As for the other characters- they read like generic shonnen characters- outside the the rip off Hermione etc.

As for the whole managing sin system- it's really s*upid. It's just another way of managing currency- with a caveat that stockpiling sin too much has potentially adverse effects. Narratively it's really that shallow, and the author leaves the system purposely vague on what those consequences could be, so it's not really an interesting plot device. Imagine if you wrote a story about someone who grew working wings and was able to hide them at will. Eventually to keep people interested, you have to do more than "he flew far" "he flew high" "he flew low". The novelty wears off fast, and suddenly dude with wings might as well be generic flying mob.

3/10. <<less
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daoist_of_heavenly_thunder rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c103
This is a nice, slice of life-y type adventure with a touch of harem. I rated it 5 stars because its chillness fits my taste, but you might consider it more of a 4 stars overall. The MC is definitely OP, but in a growth type of way rather than powers right off the bat, and he spends most of his time conducting experiments to suppress his demon bloodline and increase his card deck. The main story's plot hadn't been addressed a whole lot as far as I've gotten, but... more>> it's been handled pretty well as far as it has gotten. I liked the interactions between the MC and his friends and

and I agree with Ryuubi that the interactions with his intelligent monsters were nice.

I want to emphasize that IF YOU DON'T LIKE HEARING ABOUT THE MC'S EXPERIMENTS OR HOW HE GETS HIS CARDS AND MONSTERS IN DETAIL, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I feel that that is probably the reason for most of the low ratings on here. Don't buy into the description though. It's a slow-life/slice-of-life type novel, so although there are some exciting moments, the majority of it is pretty chill school life stuff and his experiments and experiences. The blend of lots of different elements from stuff like Yuigoh and Harry Potter is done remarkably well, so try not to be too put off by it if it sounds like a mess. I really enjoyed it as a chill slow school life with some adventure parts and experiments and a pinch of harem to taste. <<less
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TheOneEye rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: c62
So the novel is about a boy who doesn't want to become evil antagonist of a galge game sounds interesting right? But it's boring there is lots and lots of info dump like how cards are made why are they made how are they used even the timing of them using it's like reading a boy doing experiments we as readers observing him and it's hella boring

plot?what plot every chapter is goddamn experiment only the white (galge protagonists) pov are amusing even they are getting bland.

pic you think this is... more>> bad then it's not another problem that makes this novel boring is background character the narrator in every class related chapter says something along lines of 'as long as they can play and as long as they can yell "it's my turn" it would make first years happy for a long time' it's like watching 4yr olds playing football seriously and our dark demon does some sketchy stuff makes me fell like a old man studying with kindergarten students the students here are some nobels but they don't have an ounce of maturity.

It's that bad? No it gets more bad much more bland. So remember the setting was of galge game (yeah I forgoted too) so to make us remember it the author introduces cards who white can use to see affection level and rarity of females (like UR, SR, SSR etc) like a f*cking game yeah it's sh*t alright. It's like seeing girls as piece of object.

Harem?what harem dark has two girls who are his acquaintance who both are s*upid and little to no character do they have crush on him of course like every maid of castle have for their prince. There is this girl called Emma who is shown to be rival of dark in studies you can say she has some character but it's all because she is Chinese rip-off of hermione granger from Harry Potter so yeah get the gist of it right?

2 stars: 1 for translator to pull through this sh*t daily and 1 for emojis <<less
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Nelanlan rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: --
The story is solid and interesting. The system is basically not there beside giving a counter for his Original Sins. This drives the initial part of the story as the MC tries to find ways to slow their growth. The love interests are also fairly interesting. As others said, the author uses a makeshift summoning system that combines several different parodies. Truthfully, I feel like the author could have done better by being more original with his summons. The MC notes early on that the game world he finds himself... more>> in is a blatant rip off of Harry Potter and the summoning parodies. The author does a good job by making sure his plot is similar but not a total rip off of the Harry Potter franchise, playing off expectations one might have to do his own thing. My favorite thing is that in several hundred chapters, the protagonist never reverts to the ruthless CN MC prototype that kills everyone who picks fights with him. Dark is an actually likeable character. The plot is original and gripping, despite being waaay too slow.

The biggest complaint I have is the slow pace. Four hundred chapters in, Dark has barely finished his first year and is enjoying summer break. The plot, while fairly packed with developments and not relying on filler chapters, moves along so slowly that it is hard to maintain ensthusiam for the story. My next biggest complaint is how the author treats the not Harry Potter rip off. As the original MC, he is constantly surpassed by Dark to show Dark's superiority and give Dark face. Dark himself is relatively ambivalent to notHarry and notRon but the author constantly forces situations where

Dark steals notHarry's potential love interests, memoranda from his family, and makes notHarry almost develop an inferiority complex due to all the public comparisons between them

. It is honestly brutal if you have any sympathy for notHarry. This story also suffers from the classic CN issue of power inflation. By the end of his first year, Dark is better than third year student. That just isnt sustainable.

All in all, a good read. Definitely recommend it but it isnt without issues. <<less
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Frog in the well rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: c172
Honesty, this is a gem. It copies Harry Potter, Digimon, and Pokemon like others have said, but really combines it in an interesting way. This novel is primarily focused on character development and slowly fleshing out the world, and even the MC's pets have distinct and enjoyable personalities. As for the demon god aspect, ... more>>

it gets solved relatively early on and is integral to the MC's development but the title itself is kind of bait. Yes the MC cannot be lazy or lustful (I mean he's 11 so...) but he's not really following the "buddhist lifestyle" after a while. He just becomes a diligent student.


My only complaint is that the pacing is incredibly slow, and it is unlikely for this novel to ever be (completely) finished in China. Also, the translation speed is also not the best, so read this at your own risk. <<less
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February 14, 2022
Status: c81
It's a fun and engaging story that provides a fresh perspective on recognizable themes and ideas, it is a light and fluffy story that I'm excited to read each week. Definitely one of the best I've picked up recently.
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Yuji fujiki
Yuji fujiki rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: --
Good novel

Although it has problems such as the use of other franchises, what takes away its originality is how the author portrays it, it makes it very interesting since it has greatly improved the Dark monsters thanks to this and for author to bring chapters more easily quickly.

Although the pace is slow, the story is continually updated in the Chinese version and there are very few filler chapters that do not serve for a configuration for the future.

I know you couldn't like dark because the author does it as a... more>> perfect since he almost never makes mistakes in front of many people but this has brought dark problems that are beginning to manifest themselves in his second year

Also your undefeated streak so far may upset some but remember how you have explained how the mind is related to the aspects of the duel and the speed to use your cards along with the Op that your monsters are that allow you to give Dark the advantage to overcome older people although their luck is also quite good when he draw or his monster for reverse the situation to win.

One of the reasons I like Dark is because of how different it is from the shonen characters as he has clear priorities.

already when someone asked him this question
If you have two groups and you can only save 1 with one with 10 people you care about and another with 100 strangers which one would you save

Dark answered without hesitation that to the group of 10 people and that although it would be a shame the death of 100 people that would not be essentially dark's fault and if he has to feel something it would be just because it is not strong enough to save 110 people.

Although Dark seems op he is still growing for a more broken since he has only touched the surface of what he can do so the plot also has good time for the increase in power and as mentioned the spoiler he will only be getting stronger the longer and more monster he create


-Dark created Fusion card but later it was revealed that there are many types of fusion spell so he will have to continue studying in the future if he wants to maybe create Mastermon

-The advance of creating evolved cards of sins that needs studies of ruins and things related to gods to create Sins card to evolve your monsters to new levels
So far the farthest it has come is Pride 4 but it can only be used with certain monsters and it is the only level 4 Sins card but it is still considered defective.

-It is the power of the bonds they have the possibility to replace the sin cards since when pride 4 gatomon is used I need the magic power of dark and its connection to evolve into angewomon

-If this is possible, imagine the reaction of people and your opponent if dark evolving his monster without the need for cards (Removed a great weakness from his deck) or even recreate contact fusion to bring his fusion monster

-Although I hope this only applies to the digimons and not to the other monsters of Dark

-There is also the mention of ritual and another type of summon that has not been mentioned so far so there is still more development for Dark since Blue eyes has good material for ritual summon and Professor Silver's mention that elves have secret techniques like dual chanted

-In the current chapters it seems that we will see the appearance of other gods since the gods can have influence on the intelligence of creatures such as monsters either from dungeon or dark for which dark could make an advance on the Sins cards or create another God Armed card.

Things not related to duels

-Maybe black clover reference with spirit dive if possible with Dark and the spirit that he gained from Aurora's mother

-Dark won a book to learn fire magic, maybe he can become a magician that his incredible reserves thanks to the power of demon god allow him to destroy someone with magic

-We still don't know everything about alchemy and refinement of armed cards so maybe Dark could in the future do something similar to fullmetal alchemist or Hajime nagumo of arifureta

-Also that chakra or qi thing that is mentioned is the only power of humans than the 7 is considered a new magic imagine if Dark had something like the wortless of DxD or Copy without restrictions (referring to Eeve pokemon with more evolutions or ditto that can be anything)


He certainly gives that protagonist yugioh vibe combined with the rivals

Since he has shown similarity with Judai / Yuya in the desire to have dueling fun including his opponent and possess the power of an antagonist with rivals like kaiba and kaito with reference to kaiba


Dark is becoming an Businessman as he is now laying the foundations for his own company with a focus on the monster duel.

His first Dragon Monster (I don't need to say more)

Have the power of money

The ability to look down on someone and win

Although, unlike Kaiba, he has achieved what he could not, which is to win a tournament that he himself created.

As for Kaito, his resemblance to dark is more in kaito's calmer personality compared to kaiba


He will certainly have to face more problems now that it is second year and problems are popping up.


-The vision of most of the people of the same year taking him as an omnipotent being instead of a human being who also has defects and weakness

-The brute force of his deck that makes him surpass all his classmate in terms of deck power and his constant growth will leave him alone since he has no one from the same year that he can call a rival so this will produce loneliness and boredom as pandora suffer and told in one of the initial chapters that are translated in novelupdate

(Since dark began to worry about his plays when he returned to face his classmate so that the duel was not so short even though he was able to avoid that mentality he admitted to having lost ability due to being able to depend on raw power)

-Being a noble (This is a possible threat to dark) since dark comes from the modern world I do not think that he is so aware of how to be a noble and how the relationships of the nobility could create rumors against him and attack him just because he does not I worry about it

-The intelligence of his monsters something that Dark himself has questioned since he can only say that time will tell if it was correct to increase the intelligence and independence of the monster from him or no.


I really like the mentality that Dark takes now to keep winning until the golden cup arrives where senior participate so that he can have fun since his year probably


only Dianna, Sara, (Eudora we don't know her true capacity), White, Emma

I put Dianna on top of sara because her deck is about power

Sara was able to give dark some true fun back but still failed to face his brute force.
(For yugioh first generation lovers this will surely be a fun duel / chapter to read)

Eudora the power of a possible obsessive yandere has yet to be seen

White and Emma both lost to dark in the silver cup but I see white with more chances because Emma depends on her luck on her deck

Although it will only be possible if dark has an initial bad hand

Now it is under investigation:
-Virizion because dark got a holy sword with herb and light properties

-Aerodactyl from a biological orb that he obtained in a dungeon

-Dianamon (lunamon)

-My expectaction that the author has given Digimon protagonists a Dark but I wonder if he will give him some of the second generation and if he does what will it be since Dark's knowledge goes more through the first 4 digimon until frontier I think and I wonder if he does it give in the future wormmon to Dark since he already gave him the iconic digimon of the first digimon and iconic digimon of the girl protagonist of the third generation so maybe he will give him the digimon of the protagonist's rival when it comes to the second generation since it is one of the few digimon that It could have multiple routes if the sins cards can replace the digi eggs also it would give us reason for dark create veemon where the author could perhaps give him his own evolution for level 3 and 4 Using the digimon that started all Veedramon (Digimon V tamer) and has a similar name so that veemon can evolve to AeroV-Dramon and definitively to Ulforce V-dramon so that veemon is not just a basic digimon that only serves to evolve champion or material for fusion monster with wormmon and can fight powerful digimons

Yugioh (My expectation)
-Replicate his blue eyes custom monster which should be easier since there are more materials but the difficult thing is how to get them and also Dark has to tell the truth to Pandora about what he did with his gift and if dark gets her or Hephaeus give him materials to replicate his blue eyes monster or if these blue eyes custom monster take different routes in the six star but they all become blue-eyes alternate white dragon when entering the 7 stars and then blue eyes white dragon and have the ability to turn into eggs like the first blue eye custom monster.

So we can see how six star monsters based
Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon
Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
Dragon Spirit of White
And Dark summon sometime although I think he will need his Sins cards to achieve it and bring Deep-eyes white dragon

Chapter 640

Pandora offered to negotiate with Dark for dragon-type materials so we have hopes of more blue-eyes monster in the future when Dark reaches the point of making a replica or some similar version and other types of dragon materials for other dragon monsters in the future for something for something that only dark can give


If there is someone who can contact the author can suggest these idea of ​​monsters for dark future deck since he use element from other franchises because it does not put things like

Digimon: Phascomon I really feel that dark needs another demon type in his deck and what better than the one with the possibility of becoming a belphemoth


Since I really do not want demidevimon to be a monster that has a chance to become the 7 demon lords of digimon since I feel that although it would be important to demonstrate demidevimon as the ace of dark is that I really want to see more demons monster for dark not only for him Problem that someone mentioned in the reviews but I would also like dark to collect or to show moment where he fell into darkness similar to the protagonists yugioh digimon and also to stop dark the appearance of a hero of justice and it will be incredible if in a duel he manages to invoke both belzemon as belphemon rage mode in the field plus another demon lord since it would be incredible although I wonder how author will do it with the pride route

Since I don't like Lucemon and I don't find it interesting compared to Mastermon and since pride 4 seems to lean towards the light maybe the author degrades the form of lucemon: larva mode to make it the same as neodevimon level and the defininitovo level is Lucemon : Satan Mode that would be more original than the male version of Mastermon


Fate: A hybrid version between saber artoria and lancer artoria with 4 effects that the first tries to equip an armed card from the deck or hand and the ability to become the owner of the weapon and manifest its true power without needing to be a brave or demon to use holy or demonic sword and other unknown effects.

Pokemon: Poipole since the author gave popplio to Dark then because he didn't give him another pokemon from pokemon sun and mon

Yugioh: Starve venom fusion dragon (I know this is not very original but it would be an incredible monster for dark and his evil moment in addition to starve venom would be perfect because its name of its evolution is related to the Sins and it can have alternative or evolutionary routes if we also consider the versions hybridas pendulum and supreme king)

Although so far Dark has done too well and his system is only giving a count of the amount of his sins which I like since the whole future is in the hands of dark and his decisions

But I wonder if the person who brought dark and his system will be happy with just this since I also enjoy when a hero suffers adversities and overcomes them as he grows up making a decision.

Since in one where his system tests him for little progress to see Dark with a sense of urgency and danger to see how he overcome it.

It is also said that the game deals with 6 years in school and I wonder how the author is going to do it since Dark's growth and how slow the story is going I wonder if he is going to do a time skip in the future or something similar where dark and the others temporarily leave the academy to face threats.

I really hope to see the duel between senpai and kohai between dark and pandora in the future since it would really be interesting and about how much there will be since I would not like only 1 since I want several duels since they have little opportunities to face each other

In addition, Pandora can be to Dark what Jack and Ryo were to Judai and Yuya by easily defeating him and being the first person to teach Dark and his monsters failure when facing an overwhelming force.

At least there have been several indications that they will probably be in a duel.

Since Pandora has shown interest in facing dark in some type of combat, although dark has rejected it because he himself knows that he is not ready or cannot.

Since really if we want Dark to advance, a goal is necessary and Pandora can fulfill that role to make Dark evolve to new heights and I agree that having his final duel in third year vs Pandora in his sixth year would be a good form to show this rivalry as the kohai will finally surpass the Senpai


But the problem is that when he enter 4th grade that duelist will be left to try to challenge dark and that is why I am interested in knowing what decision the author is going to make regarding this

Although for the moment at least we know that when Dark enters 4 years Pandora will continue to be his teacher since she declared that she wants to stay in school as a librarian for various reasons so she will continue to be a figure that can help Dark in his investigation although We no know if could have a duel again due that now they would student and school employee and it is allowed or not


My Theories


Actually the author will keep dark as human or will make him become the demon god but keep the human form of him.

Since although the sypnosis tells us that the epoca would not forgive Dark if he transforms into the Demon God but if he maintains his rationality and human form thanks to the future control of sins, I do not think there will be problems if he becomes being op something similar to Rimuru the slime who later became a demon lord but who kept his form and personality but increased all his abilities and power

Because Dark is unknowingly creating an army of monster that will fight for him and are loyal to him due to Dark's bond with them.

Dark is also unknowingly strengthening his family by creating a company to earn money so that his family expands in economic power so that his family in the future could dominate the world with his power.

His mother loves him too much and is determined to protect him unless the author brainwashes her to have a change of heart so that she wants to kill his son I do not see it possible I even think she would rebel against the world if it is to protect Dark.

The author already raised the possibility of a war or battle since Pandora asked Dark to give intelligence to some of his monsters to protect someone important.

The royal family is a joke since they only survive due to the power that supports them: the prince the holy church and the princess the family of dark that even a noble mentioned that if the royal family fell it would not mean anything for the family of dark or the holy church

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Helios darkus
Helios darkus
September 18, 2021
Status: c601
Protagonist (Dark) : 8/10

Story: 8/10 (Very slow but good)

In general, fun since it has many chapters and is updated frequently but has a very slow pace but that is not wasted in unnecessary filler.

Dark deck end of the first year and beginning of the second year



Meowth (Alola)

Version of blue eyes white dragon
Vampire Fraulein.

tr*sh slime.
Magic secretary.


I seriously hope Dark gets more demon-type monster besides Demidevimon since


The relationship of dark with his spirit is symbiotic and that not only dark affects his monsters but his monster also affects him since Eeve had a talent as a prophet and he developed or awakened this ability in dark that is why dark needs more demon monster since he has 3 monster with the quality of (brave) and only 1 demon monster.


I really hope he get dobermon (they are putting things from the undeworld in the future and what better than the digimon that evolves into cerberumon) and phascomon because the latter evolves Belphemon in its final form one of the digimon demon lords and it would be fun since it has rage mode and sleep mode to play.

It does not bother me as much as they make dark strong since they have told us from the beginning how the brain and talent are important for the invocation process and also the potential of the demon god helps him a lot to his potential that increases every day combined with his diligence along with the advantage that their monsters are Op and that they have strong determination since they, despite having intelligence, have never been paralyzed with fear in a duel but do everything possible to give victory to their Master.

I also adore his mother since she not only loves Dark very much but also helps him to get stronger very different from carter with roel from Little tyrant novel (I'm in the introduction of william and pendor so I don't know if carter helped his son later) Since Carter, despite loving Roel, never helped him to become strong since he never expected anything in terms of talent and power, what made Roel strong were his system and his connections with his going to a fragment of the story fighting life and death fights which made him strong and Carter nothing at all in Roel's quest for power but in this story we do see a good relationship between mother and son since Alvette certainly wants to protect dark and make him strong using the many means that she has available

Also the reason why it does not bother about the rapid growth of Dark is because of his background and I want him to be able to have a match with Pandora senpai in the future where Dark can win with Pandora doing everything possible since the opportunities are few Since Pandora only has 2 more years left in school as a student.

I would not mind if Pandora was the one who broke the undefeated record of dark since clearly the author presented her as someone op and it would be perfect due to her relationship senpai and kohai master-disciple with Dark in his third year defeating her and surpassing her senpai already That he won't have a chance later when he enters fourth grade.

The growth of Dark is interesting and how his perspectives of the duels that at first did not interest him but when he started to find difficulty and the fun of the duel has been interesting but I fear that this rapid development will leave him lonely


since currently in the raw he 600 and 601 is obviously about the level of anyone from his year and he can no longer enjoy the duel with the people of the same year as now he has started to relax due to his enormous power but I hope he can compose himself as I don't want dark's first real loss in a duel to be because he lost all enthusiasm to fight

Now he's in an internal debate about his plays and I hope Dark can be merciless so he doesn't have to hold back and focus on defeating his enemy no matter how big the difference is.

Hopefully Dianna (For being her friend and having a deck with enough power to connect with dark and motivate him) or Sara (She and her treacherous strategies) can give him back the hope of having a fun duel with people his own age

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