The Villain Just Wants to be a Salted Fish


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Ye Zexi transmigrated as the big villain in a danmei novel, who shares the same name as him. Then, he found out that everyone regards him as an imaginary enemy.

In this regard, he adheres to only one principle: Don’t want to fight, take everything you want.

In the boy group’s audition show:
The team member wanted to take the C [Center] position from Ye Zexi.
Ye Zexi took the initiative to withdraw for the sake of being lazy.
The team member was complacent and thought that Ye Zexi had stage fright and the team member was determined to win.
After the performance, Ye Zexi took first place.
Team member: ?

The instructor asked everyone about their purpose to join the competition.
Other contestants: Dreams, because we love the stage!
Ye Zexi: In order to go home and inherit the family property.
Other contestants: ???

Unexpectedly, not only did Ye Zexi fail to be lazy, he also became more popular.

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New Ouryane00 rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c130
This novel is worth the read. It’s funny and cute!

Just that after the MC/ML got together, it was more of them continuously spreading dog food and sometimes too much sweetness can make one’s teeth hurt. You get what I mean?

I just didn’t like the chaps after they got together that much because I felt it kinda became long winded.

But anyway, still a good read! Love the development between MC/ML
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New Smtha rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Even though this novel plots and story line are quite cliche, the stories are good to read, MC is is cute and funny. He just wants to enjoy the current him a second generation wealthy life and be a salted fish, but then he’s an op entertainer so no one let him off the entertainment circle. Especially ML when he discovered this immense talents, he kinda “ trap “ him in the circle and also keep him as his bf. Lol

There’s alot of fluff and puff so it’s a sweet... more>> read. There’s no dog blood or face slapping, only a bit of family drama. Heck, it’s also don’t have a villains or clingy rival. (The only aghast in here is the movie plot that makes me cried🤦‍♀️) Lol. The only con about this novel I feel in the middle it’s abit draggy. If author skip some filler plots I think it’s will be more compact read. (But if I readers love entertainment genre I guess they will love those arcs.) The whole story is very light hearted, entertainment romance with a bit family drama. Pleasant read. Thank you <<less
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Hell rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c51
If you can't deal with MLs that completely and utterly ignore the MC's will, don't even start. The MC doesn't want to act or do anything, just get his money and live quietly, but ML signs a contract behind his back to keep him acting for him, and even forces MC to act happy with it. He has no respect for MC at all, just want MC to act in his s*upid movie.

Dropping. The ML seems more like a creepy uncle abducting a child with food than a... more>> ML, and although I really like Ye Zexi (MC), and even his family, I really can't see any chemistry and I'm angry with all these developments that just keep pushing MC into doing things he doesn't want. It might be treated lightly and jokingly in the text, but if you take two minutes to look into the real world and entertainment industry, you'll see that a lot of people and pressured and almost forced to waddle there and can't leave, and the fact this is one of the biggest jokes of the book doesn't make me any more inclined to read.

That said, I'm still giving 3 stars, because Ye Zexi is really too cute, his interactions with the supporting characters are adorable and funny, and I'm really fond of other characters such as Tang Jing, Yu Yan, Ye Haoyan and Yan Man (these last two his stepbrother and stepmother; the start is kinda rough but it's all quickly solved, and props to author for writing non malicious stepfamily!).


I'm also a tad disgusted by the multiple hints that MC is gonna be "converted" into a bottom, since ML is top and he's also top... Not gonna lie, there's hints of it everywhere and it doesn't sound right to me. The way ML also keeps bringing waves to their CP because he's jealous of Tang Jing... Honestly, Tang Jing is much more suitable for being with MC, and even if he wasn't, ML still isn't the right one.

30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: Completed
A good story that had a really strong start but ends up losing some of its impact and ends up being a lighthearted, sweet entertainment industry novel. MC's got spunk and it was hilarious watching MC lay around and watch anime while the rest of the trainees are working hard. ML and MC make a very cute couple and stuff everyone around them with dog food. One really funny moment is when ML's directing a new movie and all the fans are crying thinking that ML's not acting anymore when... more>> MC posts that ML never said he'd stop acting but the new movie is school themed, how can ML act as a school boy at 30 years old??? Only for ML to post "you disdain me (for being old) ". There's not a lot of drama, most of it is just watching ML try to catch MC and there's a minor love triangle but it's not very dramatic. I don't really know where the idea that the story has "hints that MC is going to get "converted" into becoming the bottom" comes from, but I honestly didn't see any. In fact it's an actual point of discussion for MC and ML, and leading up to that point there was never any moment where ML tried to coerce MC into bottoming or anything. As for forcing MC to act in his movie, MC later states that yeah he couldn't pay the fines for breaching contracts but he also did it because he really liked ML's script.

But the idol variety show setting is literally thrown away at light speed (gone by chapter 27). Instead, the story focuses on developing the romance between MC and ML via first a movie that they film together and then a travel-food variety show that takes up most of the story. It's a shame because the idol show was my favorite and MC's singing + dancing skills are never seen again afterwards until the very very end. There's a lot of backstory that's infodumped at once and never mentioned again or just breezed over to not disrupt the lightheartedness (for example, why did the original host hate the step-mother/son so much to the point of hating their father too?). The story is definitely heavily focused on the romance between MC/ML, so the screen time of the side characters takes a hit, in fact by the end almost everyone the idol show are completely forgotten. Also MC does get forced into staying in the entertainment industry via plot events (ex: not enough money to pay contract breaches, etc) and in real life forcing someone to stay in the entertainment industry is deplorable. But if the characters in the story around MC just let him do as he wished and MC just laid around, what is the author supposed to write about? The author can't just have MC pack it up, be lazy and have him lay in bed everyday because first, that would make a very passive and boring story line, and secondly that's not what the readers are even here to read about nor what the author is even trying to write about.

Overall, it's a cute celebrity story but MC should have just been an actor instead of an idol at the start. It's not outstanding nor is there a ton of tension, but it's comforting in that there is no surprise punches or angst. There isn't a lot of acting/performing in the story though, most of it just the travel-food variety show. If you're looking for a lighthearted rom-com, I would recommend giving this one a shot. <<less
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NotSoProud rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: Completed

It's a novel that focuses on MC and the development of his relationship with ML. There is no villain, and it's really sweet from around the middle. It's a little bit of a slow burn, but that's just because MC is a little bit slow with realizing his feelings. ML is working hard since pretty early on.

I have read the reviews, and I have to say that people who dislike the ML don't seem to be looking at things from ML's... more>> point of view. I've seen people say that ML is kidnapping MC, and in a way you could say that it's true, but look at it from ML's view - He is trying to make a movie. It's very important to him, so naturally he wants it to be perfect. He found a person that perfectly fits the character's image that he had in mind. It's only natural that he'd do his best to get the actor he wants for his movie.
Although what he does is unfair towards MC, and while he does his best to compensate it with high pay, and good treatment during filming, keep in mind that he doesn't know MC all that well at this point. And he is not really completely in love with him. He is just looking at things mostly from a work perspective and he quite likes MC (but it's just a like, not love). It doesn't justify his actions, but they aren't really disgusting or illogical in any way.

While I did feel a little uncomfortable when ML and MC's agent signed the contract, it's mostly because I, as a reader know MC's situation. If I was ML I would've probably felt bad for tricking another person, but that's all. I wouldn't have thought more deeply about it.

Also if MC really hated the idea, he could've done a bad job in front of the director and he wouldn't need to act. While he was unhappy with the situation he did like the script and it was good to make more money, so he decided to do it.

Only after the two were together, ML realized that MC's feelings towards acting might be more complicated and negative than he thought.

But that aside, the novel is sweet. Sometimes to the point that I feel like it makes no sense, but I just came here for the sweetness so I don't care.

It was a nice, warm read with occasional seriousness related to the two's past experiences.

Recommended for those looking for some sweetness. &Lt;3 <<less
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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumyoshi rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: Completed
What everyone keeps forgetting is that the MC is actually not a 21 yo, rather he's a pro actor rebirthed in a dog blood novel where OC would die. So accusing the ML for being a cradle robber (excuse me?one is 21 and the other 26) or saying that ML is taking advantage of a naive simple-minded (?) MC (people conveniently seemed to forget MC is an adult who won best actor's award in his last life) is rather confusing.

Being tired from his previous life's hard work, MC decides not... more>> to struggle in showbiz anymore. So the salted fish behavior is adorable and rather relaxing compared to other revenge-oriented rebirth stories. In one word, it's peaceful. But of course, we're not going to deny the heart-throbbing moments. Or shy shy moments where our hearts went kyaaaa every time MC and ML got caught fooling around.


Also, he completely goes OOC with everyone, but except for step-mom, no one is even close to guessing.


All in all, it's a good read. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FlawsForEverything rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c75
First of all, this is the most cliché entertainment novel I've read.

The few first chapters are actually good and you can see a very good potential to bloom if handled properly.

The thing is, everything became "forced" in the later stages.

I like MC's personality at the start.

... more>>

MC is a 1 originally and likes beauties that's why he had a favorable impression on Tang Jing which is kinda interesting. I also like how he always says "No" to ML. Lol.


The supporting characters is what I really like the most in the story. Tang Jing, Yan Man, Jiang An and Yu Yan are my faves.

But let's talk about why I dislike this.

The later plot progress became somewhat "forced". It's like the first few chapters doesn't matter and then the author prob just wants to focus on the romance (which is very boring altho people who like fluff might like this. I also like fluff but this is the most forced fluff I ever read) and wanted to change everything.


I already said that MC is initially a 1 but later on the story the author doesn't even mention his initial preference like it doesn't matter and became converted but no process of how MC became converted. I think it started when MC starts filming. When MC was in the idol show, he always gives me a handsome but lazy gong/reverse type of gay. But in the start of his acting, he suddenly gave a spoiled shou feel which is abrupt cuz there's no process how he became like that.


As for the supporting characters, surprisingly they had much more better and reasonable character development in this change, better than the main characters.


Jiang An, Tang Jing, Yan Man and Ye Haoyan have the best character development. Jian An and Tang Jing are written very good but at much more later stages Tang Jing's just became a pitiful character who like MC and thus became tr*shly written which doesn't give him justice cuz he is such a lovable character. As for Yan Man and Ye Haoyan, good development but tr*shly written. Well, not really tr*sh but more on vague cuz initially they are a hostile party against MC (Ye Haoyan is the black fan) then became chummy chummy with him and has no in-depth character. It's like the author suddenly changed their mind and doesn't want dogblood within MC's family and wanted to tweaked it into fluff on both romance and family.


And lastly, about the ML. The reason why this novel is tr*sh and doesn't develop nicely. The ML is the most boring, cliché scheming and doting b*[email protected] I've ever read. It's not that ML do something evil. He is just scheming and cliché that became so boring that you want to hate him and want to blame him for too boring that I even don't feel any chemistry between him and MC. He just feeds the MC. Honestly, MC with Tang Jing is much more better. They had a very interesting relationship and progress in the first few chapters. They had a very good chemistry of initial one sided hate and appreciation turn love (sadly, one-sided) until ML came breaking through them.

The only reason why I bother adding 1 more star to an initially 1 star tr*sh novel is because I freaaaaaking love Tang Jing so much that I don't want to see him hurt that I stopped reading the rest. I just wanna comfort him in my dreams. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mellogang rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: c128
This story is good! Thank you translator for translating this story!

I love the MC's personality and I love how the stepmother and stepbrother aren't wicked peope like any other danmeis who covet everything and scheming. They genuinely wanted to be close to OG.

TBH I'm kinda sad the author ended the idol so fast. I guess they wanted to fit it in MC's personality and being the salted fish.

If you don't like too much drama and schemes (though there some but it's not that much) read this!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_matcha_soft_serve_ rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: --
This was cute at the beginning, but soon began to feel repetitive and boring. I liked the MC's personality, but it soon became a little bland since there was absolutely no character development. The love interest was also annoying as he kept on forcing the MC to do things he didn't want.

If you're looking for a super sweet, fluffy and brainless read, I would recommend this, but personally, it wasn't really my cup of tea.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crimson Vixen
Crimson Vixen rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Please finish the story before you judge it!!

This is a super fluffy story that doesn't really have a villain as it mostly focuses on ML and MC's relationships which I adore and it's a nice break from all the angst I've been reading lately. So don't go into the story thinking it'll have dogblood or face slapping it's just a nice and super cute story! There's a lot of dog food tho...

Yes, MC is a salted fish and yes at first he was forced to act for the movie,... more>> but MC himself says in the later chapters that he wanted to act for the movie after he read the script so all you complaining about that doesn't make sense and maybe you should finish a story before you start complaining!



When they finally confess to each other it's sooo cute!! MC gets so shy when he finally realised that he was in love with ML and got a little awkward around ML but it was resolved rather quickly.

ML needs to go over seas to see his mother because she needed surgery so before he leaves he gives MC a note with a confession on it. But MC doesn't understand at first and asks his assistant what it meant and when he finally realised that it was ML telling MC that he loved him he got so red it was so cute!! And when he faces calls ML he covers the camera so ML can't see him blush!!! So cuteeee!!




Its so cute when the MC is complaining that he doesn't want to act and that's he's tired, ML cooks for him as a bribe and MC suddenly has a lot of energy.

At first ML had only cooked for him because when MC had invited him to eat with him ML accidentally ate most of the food which made MC angry so ML made him fried fish as an apology.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hakutaiyo rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: c30
At first it was a cute storyline. MC said he didn't want to do it but he still loved it. On the stage he was very beautiful and sparkling.

But MC is forced to do everything by almost everyone. He just want to be a salted fish.

For example. The manager, he does not do his job at all. When there was a current insulting the MC, no one came out to protect him. And manager also signed a contract without consulting the actors yet still let MC pay for the breach... more>> of contract.

ML going behind the MC's back. I annoyed but kept reading because I thought he would apologize to MC later. Yet ML still smile proudly as if he didn't do anything wrong. (And no one in the novel thought he was wrong, that made me even more dissatisfied.)

It make me feel very uncomfortable that I can't bear to continue reading. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
esmesnow rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: Completed
i actually really like this story. People keep saying that the MC doesn't want to do this and do that but actually he does. With the first acting job, even if he was tricked into it, it's something that he loves and that's why the ML wanted him to be the actor. Plus he also wanted money, he's broke haha. The next thing is the travel show, the ML didn't force that on the MC. MC CHOSE to do that show. He wants the ML to feed him because he's... more>> a good cook. Don't you want someone to feed you if they cook really well. The ML is just doing what the MC wants at this point; to be fed. At the end of the day, he's in this business because he likes it and it can make him money. His father doesn't want him to be a salted fish which is reasonable. He's in his 20s can't just sit around all day and spend father's money.

update: finished reading the story. It was good. It was a quick read but it wasn't anything major. No face slapping just a lot of dog food stuffed in your face. Funny though. ML would convince MC to do activities but the MC would do activities only if the ML was there with him. So much dog food. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jklm rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: c24
I like the MC. It's a pretty standard showbiz transmigration plot, but the MC is decently humorous.

Not really a fan of the ML though. I know the plot needs to force the MC to go into acting, but I would prefer if some other situation did it, and not the ML going behind the MC's back to sign a contract with his agent, after being repeatedly refused by the MC.

This doesn't work for two reasons:

  1. It makes the ML look incompetent. Going behind the MC isn't clever. All it does is show that the ML isn't convincing enough to change someone's mind.
  2. As a director, why would you want an unwilling actor? Why would you even think an unwilling actor would act well? This guy is clearly famous enough to attract really good actors. Frankly, I refuse to believe that there is any role that can only be played by one person. The obsession with casting the MC isn't logical.
The ML isn't so bad that the story is unreadable or anything, but it annoyed me enough that I didn't bother continuing.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 25, 2021
Status: --
I kinda urgh-ed because MC is essentially forced into everything, like, he really wants to be salted fish but misunderstanding after misunderstanding keeps pushing him further into the showbiz so it's sort of uncomfortable when you think of it on a deeper level.

But then the story's comedy comes from these forced activities as well so...

And while probably trying to portrait the ML as cutely stubborn about the MC I still think he's forceful and incapable of respecting other people. Like a stubborn child.

In the end, this novel is a silly... more>> white sweet, even MC is increasingly OOC from his initial setting and just be a cute little 0. I'm somewhat bored by chapter 90ish <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
A novel so sweet that I have diabetes now...

I totally recommend this to you...I hardly comment on other novels I read I have only posted a comment on Green Plum Island.... and this is the second one....I can't stand people insulting this novel...

I saw people commenting that there is no chemistry b/w them... but if you ask me... then they both have chemistry... they have insecurities like normal couples.... they ML gets nervous too... he is not a omniscient all-rounder legendary ML.....

This is a very sweet novel with no angst
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
erialolita rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c80
This story got too repeatative and boring. All the reviews saying read to the end, if I have to force myself to continue, why bother? Glad they liked it but I found almost all the characters and story uninteresting. At over half way done nothing has happened.

The MC is too lazy, its not his family/money to live as a salted fish so I was hoping for more from him, not to mention how dense can he be not to understand the ML feelings. The MC is one of my least... more>> favorites, he is too bland.

The ML I don't hate as much as others but didn't love him. Just the typical cold, pure, only lives MC type.

The original ML was cute and I felt sorry for him. Felt he matched our MC Gong, better than turner the MC to a shou.

The stepmom and brother were okay, glad there was no drama there. The rest of the characters were forgetable. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wanmango rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: c24
Ah in all honesty, I actually liked the OG!Novel's shou protag with MC— I just thought they were really cute especially when they finally got on a "tolerable-friendish" relationship.


their cp name was XiTang and their interactions were sometimes funny QwQ I thought they had some chemistry between them!! But ah the actual ML (HJY) just didn't click with me

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IDontPlayWithFire rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: c75
Man, I loved this novel because it is about the entertainment circle, and I am fully aware that the MC just want to be a salted fish.

But I cannot continue this because the MC so dense and cannot understand people's feeling.

... more>>

It is like: MC just can't figure out the feeling that ML has for him. It is actually very obvious! Even if ML a perfectionist who want his movie to be perfect, he is just not a type who treat newcomers he think is talented with obvious bias. Secondly, the one he only cook for is like... closed friends.


Furthermore, talking about the background characters, especially the the MC in the original novel.


Bro, MC, do you know how hurt is being friend zoned by someone you like. Like I know that Tang Jing doesn't like the original guy because that guy is just pestering Tang Jing, but can MC understand that saving some one can actually change their thoughts about the savior 180 degrees.

Secondly, I know that it is quite troubling to reject someone without making them feel hurt, MC can just say something like "I am sorry that I don't have that kind of feeling for you, but I know there is someone out there that can treat you better than me" (that sound kinda cheesy but to me, something like that is actually better than 'I am sorry. I don't like you. I only think you as a friend.') (I had been friend-zoned several times after confessed to my crushes; I know KNOW that it HURT A LOT) and then comfort him. In that way, it is actually less hurt.


I won't be talking the ML

He can be:

    • annoying
    • strict
    • cool
    • a great husband who can cook
    • coldhearted

What he said to Tang Jing in the bar is actually reasonable. But can ML be less coldhearted? What he said at that time can actually hurt a person's heart a lot, and Tang Jing had just been rejected!

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 3, 2021
Status: c63
Summary of the story: Hn, the food tastes good as well today.
... more>>

I love how the family reconciled even if the reason is just shallow. The plot where the step-mother and her son who used to hate Ye Zexi started to soften their wall when they saw him (transmigrator) finally respecting and being polite with them is good. (Scheming against the fish lover -> doting the fish lover) The father is a tsundere from start to finish.

Ye Zexi's primary motivation in the business was his lack of money and food cooked by Teacher He but it can be seen that when he acts, he gets all serious and focused. It was a testament of how his love for food disappears and transforms to love of acting at a time.

Exhibit 1. There's a scene where he was eating his favorite dried fish but when faced with the initial combines scenes of the studio's casted actors, he was seen as "forgetting/setting aside his food to pay attention to the unedited video".

This doesn't take the cake but I really hate it when there's interlopers between my shipping targets. Tang Jing and the rest of the competitors started out as enemies of Ye Zexi but somewhere along the line, they saw that Ye Zexi doesn't really care. It hurt their pride but they can't say anything against the talent he showed in front of the public. I thought these characters would pave their way towards being friends but man, Tan Jing ah. I have nothing against his love. I hate that he had to feel something for Ye Zexi. Under normal circumstances I would cheer for him but when the other party says he would stop and not bother him anymore (because Tan Jing wishes for it), what Tan Jing do? Do harassments instead to Ye Zexi. Yes, his reactions and feelings were normal. It was nerve-cracking when people don't reply to your texts but really? Feeling jealous because Ye Zexi (transmigrator) seems to have moved on from him? Bruh. I really hate it when characters do this whether they are the main character, lead character, side characters or villains. In time they would have their redemption arc but until then, I hate them.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
I love readying rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c76
It's really really light story. I stop read this novel after 76 chapter. Because this really like the title, MC just wanna to be salted fish🙂 there are not challenging or something that make us flutter when read this.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DubiousWaterMelon rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: --
  1. This is a very standard transmigrated into a villian, and decides to change other's impression of them and ends up becoming everyone's darling storyline. The flow is cliche, the plot is predictable, and the MC for the most part stays true to the mentality of being a salted fish. So why read it? It damn cute. Simple as that. The main couple is very open about their sexuality and their feelings. Their interactions feel real and they have such a healthy dynamic with no overbearing, over the top possessiveness or power dynamic.

    Is it without fault? No. Rather it has quite a few glaring ones. Yet, it still remains a very enjoyable read. The description and the atmosphere is well made for the genre and though the ending is slight rushed with many points of the story left to a dead-end, the interactions of the main couple redirects your focus. And before you know it, your done reading.

    Not for those looking for a - A) make the career prospering route, B) battle it out with the original plotline or C) dog blood family &/ romantic entangling drama.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Keshij rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: Completed
It was cute.

although there’s not much plot, it was full of fluff, so it’s a good read to relax.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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