The Villain is Born with a Sweet Tooth


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Tang Zhou dreamed that he was cannon fodder in a novel.

Because of prejudice, he misunderstood and hurt the villain, and later was framed by his illegitimate younger brother and became impoverished.

After waking up from his dream, he looked at the innocent and harmless young villain in front of him and decided to change his own ending.


Fu Shen knew about his background long ago and had been plotting for many years for this reason.

He agreed to Tang Zhou’s harsh demands, pretended to be harmless, and kept a low profile.

His original plan was to turn around and leave naturally after the deed was done.

But unexpectedly, after one night, this person seemed to have changed.

Peeled off the coat of indifference, there was actually a piece of small sugar cake inside.

Fu Shen was born with a sweet tooth, and after having a taste, he couldn’t let go.

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New Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I was going to write a review after finishing this, but I got distracted reading another novel and then another. I wasn't too worried because I thought I'd just write the review for all 3 novels after I finished the one I'm currently reading but... then I couldn't remember which novel this was. That's how unmemorable this was.

Don't get me wrong. This novel isn't bad.

This novel is actually good. It was a very pleasant read with a healthy, fluffy couple and for that alone it deserves a good rating. Normally,... more>> I would give 3 stars to novels that are not very memorable but are entertaining enough, but this one had a really nice couple on top of that, so for that I gave an extra star. It's a sad reality that Chinese novels lack healthy couples that are supportive of each other. This one deserves the extra star for that.

This novel won't change your life, but if you're in a pinch looking for something pleasant to read, this one is a good one. <<less
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Suyo rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: --
It’s a heartwarming novel. I like both our MC and Ml. Their relationship was healthy and cute. I can’t help fell in love with their love story. They are both lonely pitiful children who found a home in each other. They are both smart and capable.

there is a thing I couldn’t understand. Our MC only saw his future so how could he say that he was in a novel? Not only that, he said that he is cannon fodder and the ML is the villain then who is the main... more>> character? Don’t tell me it’s the brother!!

MC really broke my heart. From the outsider's point of view, he has everything but he is very empty inside.

the doll thing really broke my heart


he’s very afraid of emotions because of his family circumstances so he didn’t let people near easily.


even with the Ml. He was afraid of his feelings so he wanted to run away - he didn’t in the end-


I didn’t hate his mother and I understand her. It’s not that she doesn’t want to take care of her child but



what else can she do? I was angry every time the MC say his grandfather raised him so he is grateful. Excuse me he was the one who took you away from your mother.


that’s why I hoped the MC would be softened a little to her. I feel like he was just afraid of believing in her not that he didn’t want her love.

the MC adopted sister is so cute. She seems to like our MC so much. Maybe if our MC gave her a chance he would have the family love he wanted.


There is something you MC said a lot but I strongly disagree.


He always says the ML love made him no longer want his family's love. I don't agree with that at all. Someone's love can be the same as your mother, father, sister, brother, and friend's love. Every love is very different from the other. Your lover's love can't take the place of other kinds of love.

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October 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Tang Zhou and Fu Shen are both capable and cunning, they have their own moral compass but that is not to say that they are evil or a pushover, just the typical behavior of a normal person. Their relationship is smooth sailing, it didn't have many or even one misunderstanding. The respect and adoration is lingering in the air, the only drama there is about the Tang Family. That's kind of messed up.

I am kind of meh whatwith the grandfather and mother. I feel like they wasted a potential bond.... more>> Man, I would have loved a supportive one but what they gave me was the typical asian "I know better, what I will do is for your own sake". :&Lt; I'm happy that Tang Zhou did not tolerate the toxicness of that relation. Feels kind of pity to the adopted sister.


To be honest, it is more like a time-travel genre. I'm not sure what is the use of giving it as "realizing Tang Zhou's a cannon fodder and his frienemy is a villain". The "book" did not have anything to help Tang Zhou, all his moves were just what he "had" seen in the future. The rest were just his brain working out which ones are worth the investment or something.

I love the tidbits regarding the last 4 chapters. It was Tang Zhou waking up to the reality where everything from the future had already happened, and he knows he have to woo his husbando, which is pretty cute especially since Fu Shen kept the birthday present he was given??? That's so adorable and sad? I am just happy they got a happy ending for the second time.

Last but not the least, divorced gals are strong here!


Get you a man who will learn to crochet to make you your own stuffed toys. The effort??? That's really nice. :&Gt; I'm still stuck at learning to basic crochet, for two years I haven't finished the WIP of my bag. Lmaooo, the time it took!!! <<less
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Hell rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: Completed
The ending is kinda rushed, and there isn’t much said about their careers in the end, but it’s good. Nice, fast paced story, not much drama (specially, no relationship drama or major misunderstandings), and the interactions between MC and ML are very cute. Their personalities and characterization are good as well, and there’s a couple more-or-less fleshed secondary characters, but overall it’s just a short, sweet romance between MC and ML.
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JustAki rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c15
I like the MC. He's basically not too cold, not too hot headed. There are moments he shows what he believes in and MC is basically what I call a man of his own principles.

5/5, I get fluff so why not.
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Suisui rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a nice story with no angst, no cumbersome misunderstandings, deserving of almost 5 stars.

I really liked the MC and ML in this one, they're both defined and explained well, the progress of their relationship feels natural and I can only say the story leaves you feeling warm and comforted.

Definitely read it, especially if you need a break from angsty and plot-heavy stories.

... more>> It's not like some stories with pure fluff, but there also aren't any confusing schemes, and antagonists get what they deserved with no over-the-top revenge or face-slapping.

The story mostly follows the MC and how he solves the things he regrets from the dream he had seen of his future self as he also slowly learns more about the ML and falls in love with him.

The ML is very respectful of MC, and honestly, one of the best MLs I've seen so far in the danmei stories. He respects MC's ambitions and feelings, and waits for MC to return his feelings before doing anything. Definitely not like typical overbearing president MLs you usually see in other stories. Their relationship and mutual respect as well as tacit understanding really makes this a worthwhile read. <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I can say that I like this very much 💕💕💕

Although the revenge is not really satisfying as the villain only end up in jail, , but I think I am too narrow minded too think that because this is novel then villain has to die by the protagonist's hand, , in reality all of their misdeed should be given to the government and law to take care of 😂😂😂

Maybe they are shortcoming and flaw in this novel but they are overshadowed by fluff, , I can feel the love in... more>> the air from the first chapter and honestly that's enough for me, ,

Even occasional touch or words become so lovely by these two protagonist, ,

I am a sucker for fluff and I won't change it 😆😆

So this is really good, , no deep thinking and the misunderstanding is non-existent (even if there is it's so beautiful), ,

My cup of tea ☕ <<less
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Kassandra rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: Completed
A cliché, but still a heartwarming novel. I really like it despite its premises/setting.

The author just wrote the characters, the scenes, the plot, etc. So well. The novel will really make you fall in love with it once you read it.

Overall, it's a 5/5 stars for me. Recommended.
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8oni rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: Completed

I love this. This is the only novel I have read that have ML making (crocheting) a birthday gift for MC.

It is sweet, really. Not much face slapping which is good since I really like the dog food more than face slapping.

And the ending is unique. MC actually get back to previous timeline and managed to get the ML, again.

Love this. Read this if you want short sweet novel.

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Adriana28 rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Oh my god!!!

It's such a sweet, fluffy story with not much of angst.

I really really loved it, it's probably one of the sweetest one I have read for quite a while.

... more>> Both the ML and MC were way too nice, sweet and loved each other too much.

ML being such a cte caring sweetheart, he was really super duper nice and unconditionally loved MC only if I could find someone like him (probably have to be single for life 😂) and MC at first had a very cold type of persona but later he was such a softie.

I didn't like MC's family though, our cute MC.

I would highly recommend it u guys, trust me it's an really very sweet story.

As the story is not translated, I have to read it through google translate, but it was readable.

I would like to thank the author very much for such an amazing story. <<less
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qyura rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I couldn’t help myself and MTLed it! I love it so much!! It’s so sweet and rewarding! I love both of the ML and MC, and the side characters. It’s a nice story to pass the time <3 Definitely makes you feel better!!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nevelvir rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Short and sweet read. Face paced romance with cute interactions between both leads. The ending is a little bit rushed but somewhat satisfying. Overall, a good read to past the time.
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WallEyeKnee rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
It's short but it's so loving. MC is a stuff toys lover and ML is a sweet lover both are just both strong men with these quirks that's so perfect for each other.

I thought it was going to be back in the childhood s transmigration because this whole sweet thing would start from childhood. But they were both young adults already and have cross paths with their different interests, cold and aloof males gods, it was very interesting.

As usual family is full of scumbags, cheating and illegitimate child all of... more>> the sorts. But the face slapping make it so much more enjoyable, especially when they don't cover screen time in the novel and sit there waiting to be slapped.

MC and ML's fluff is so delicious to eat, ahh big handsome men with these quirks is so adorable and it doesn't damage their image one bit It added a layer of character with them.

Both are business gods and are so smart, friends are so great, no emotional BS drama of mis understanding. Oh if scum family won't accept men being together, screw them I HAVE MY OWN COMPANY AND IT'S BETTER. While watch their own family business dying because of their choices so satisfying!

This can be finished in one day, it's sweet and satisfying both MC and ML are perfect for each other and has so many layers about that. I love them both and other characters. Fully recommend <<less
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taluluday rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Nice fast pace! I like the MC and ML chemistry. Too bad that I MTLed it and probably missed a lot of things. Would be interested to reread it again if there’s a proper translated version!

P.S. LOVE the extra stories at the end! Nice to see some kind of alternative path
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August 29, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a nice good read, short and concise, but satisfying because it didn't drag things on!

The way there's the rebirth version and the original world version was interesting! I like that in the end, they both ended up together and things are always sweet and sweet. The CP has a very sweet love that isn't annoying or boring, I find their dynamic cute and fun to read, even if nothing is really happening.

Plot wise, it's complete and simple, but still satisfying. I recommend if you're craving a novel to pass... more>> time - more focus on business and seeing the villain fall over and over again. It's alright! <<less
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subak uyu
subak uyu rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It's the second novel I finished by MTL

This is a nice short story, easy and fun to read.

I like the MC and ML. They got married at the end of the story.

About the story

... more>>

Based on my understanding of the MTL, at the end of chapter 51, Fu Shen proposed to Tang Zhou, maybe they lived together for a long time in that world.

And then in chapter 52, Tang Zhou came back to the "dream world", and he continued his life there after he was summoned by his grandpa and questioned about the fake photo. He took a turn there and kind of changed the plot. His personality changed and he became quite sticky to Fu Shen. Then they live together, and gradually fell in love. And the last chapter which is 56, Fu Shen proposed and got married to Tang Zhou, not many people came to the wedding but those who came were sincere ones. There were also Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan. They congratulated them.

And as the author said, both the princes live happily together :D

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BestBLlover rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: c1
3.5/5 stars

Things were a lil rushed towards the end. Overall, it’s not a bad read but after reading so many other great blue novels this doesn’t really stand out. Very good at feeding you v sweet dog food.
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