The Villain Is A Perfect Fit For The Role


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The story follows the protagonist, who wakes up one day to find himself in the body of Licht, a villain from a novel he was reading. Licht is a notorious villain who is known for his cruelty and ambition. However, the protagonist soon discovers that he has a natural talent for villainy. He quickly rises through the ranks of the evil organization and becomes a powerful force in the kingdom.

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A villain is a good fit.
악당이 적성에 맞습니다
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5 Reviews

New Readraine
Jul 24, 2024
Status: Completed
This review contains slight spoilers

Im going to hope for sidestories because 1.) We need that wedding and some nice domestic scenes (Abel hasnt tasted Lichts baked bread yet) 2.) Bro Abel needs some pampering, and something to eventually put him on equal footing with Van.

This novel was not bad at all, I honestly expected worse due to the negative reviews in here about Van (1st ML) I ended up liking him tho. Im curious whether Theodore would ever shoot hit shot in the future, if theres a chance to make... more>> amends with the shadow tribe (please I love love Jin). Based on my experience with other harem novels, Lichts harem couldve grown with more chapters NGL. Theres some other good candidates afterall.

Honestly the novel only begun to get good nearing 100 chapters, the ending was quite abrupt idjwjkv. I wanna talk about the MC, he was passive most of the story, I was expecting a little more but it cant be helped. This was entertaining, Im not sure if id ever go back for a 2nd read but I reallly cant say I didnt enjoy the read. <<less
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New Sunnyside122
Jul 21, 2024
Status: Completed
That's all??? Where's the wedding?! I NEED THE WEDDINGGGGGGGGG

It doesn't feel complete at all T0T

But it was a nice read to pass time. I still want the wedding and I wanna know what's gonna happen next, hopefully there will be another season or volume, whatever you call it T0T

Because I still have a lot of unanswered questions. One of them is the fl. We still haven't met her, and I wanna know how Theodore and the MC will meet her.
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May 29, 2024
Status: c30
Okay so this has a 'lower' rating, not because it's bad, but because I really can't stand one of the 'love interests', thus I will be dropping it. It's basically exactly how the summary goes; the MC in the start goes to 'follow what the original body did' but then basically tries to avoid trouble while gradually retaining the original body's arrogance. I can't say much without spoiling, but theres like two and a half love interests atm (one is young but super clingy, so I'll take him as half... more>> a possible LI). I'll write why I absolutely abhor this one LI in the spoiler below and I won't add any setting/story spoilers for those who are scared of that.


(This is my first time using the spoiler setting so I'm super sorry if this doesn't work.) BASICALLY, there's this one guy that's like the protagonist's gaurd, came from s*ave origins and is super loyal to MC, etc. The original body of MC treated him badly, but our MC treats him kindly, giving him food and healing his wounds, so this made the gaurd catch feelings. Normal for a BL, right? I would usually be totally fine and encourage it since I love harems, BUT NO!

When this nolife got poisoned, MC, despite being a noble, was kind enough to wipe away his sweat. Then the gaurd took advantage of this and pulled MC into his arms, and even when MC said to let go he didn't. Like, he rubbed his head on MC's neck and was clinging onto him when MC said no like thrice! Now, I can't say much about respecting boundaries since I'm a fan of non-con, yanderes, etc, but I HATE it when someone disrespects MC and takes advantage of his kindness when they're 'beneath' MC. Like, dude, you don't frikin deserve to disrespect MC like that.

Then theres how he always invades MC's boundaries in a bad way. His personality is just a horndog simp who keeps going against MC to touch/see him when it messes up MC's plan. Like, the MC told him to go away since being with him would get him caught, but the gaurd retorted back, saying, "Did I anger you? Punish me, then." Then MC would say no, but then the knight would touch his face and be like, "Are you mad now? Then punish me." because he feels like punishment = MC's attention. Then MC says, "No I don't want to punish you, " but then the gaurd would step closer and keep touching his face and I feel like it's just a form of guilt manipulation where they're like oh you don't like this? Then whip me. But MC doesn't want to do that, so the gaurd keeps overstepping boundaries since he's like oh I want attention (I hate how the MC won't set up firm boundaries with this selfish filth). It's so annoying, I seriously just can't. Wasted like two-three hours of my life thinking it would get better.

I'm sorry that was a bit of a messy read, but my disgust and anger and the fact it's 2AM can't make me bothered enough to fix grammar.


TLDR: There's this one guy that doesn't understand his place who's far below MC and keeps (imo) guilt manipulating him so that he could touch MC and get closer, disrupting MC's goal.

On a good note, translations are super good, so thanks for that! You're amazing, TL. <<less
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Jun 11, 2024
Status: --
The title is very misleading hahaha. Turns out the story is leaning on as Bl still I enjoyed it tho except that it is turning on a weird point. I don't feel any chemistry towards Van and the MC and tho only read up to 60 chapters the story is hinting harem route with bd*sm theme bcs of the constant mention of punishment or whipping and with the nature of the original body of the possessed. Its turning badly the longer the chapter and will probably be save if they... more>> can recover the Abel-MC route despite Abel constantly SAing him. Just give him redemption arc since MC has more chemistry with Abel. But since the story is completed cant do anything anymore if MC ended with Van. <<less
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Jun 02, 2024
Status: c39
However, the protagonist soon discovers that he has a natural talent for villainy. He quickly rises through the ranks of the evil organization and becomes a powerful force in the kingdom.

... more>>

Red flags everywhere 🚩

The MC is described as pretty and all the downfalls that it comes with.

Protagonist is weak, I assume to make it realistic for the transmigration part.

My review is biased by using my brain.

The later part of the summary is currently not happening, so far MC disbanded his household and is trying to run away. It would've been fine (however there wouldn't be much of a story) all bad things seem to come MCs way. The butler did not convey the message to a secret service like guards MC/Licht has giving him at least a little bit of power to run away from the red flag potential ML/Abel, this character nonconsents/kissing MC, so far described as someone powerful who the previous ruler sent somewhere far in fear.

There's another potential ML/Van who was a s*ave/chief of knights of MC, but I'm feeling 2nd ML role from this character, because of MC's sudden disposition of not being cruel he becomes infatuated with MC, so far no scenes of terrible Noncon, there was a hugging while he was sick/delirious however he keeps himself checked most of the time so far.

Then there's the nephew/Theo who is currently a child, beginning of story was focused with him and MC (nephew was said as the OG Protagonist to MCs Villain role.) Last chapter I read of him was wanting to be powerful so that he can keep MC but again, blood related through mother and so far a child, so just an itty bitty red flag for him.

Someone please give a spoiler because majority of the time I'm questioning what I'm reading.


Mature themes, excellent translation, action packed chapters/pacing. Interesting additional plots/elements added. <<less
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