The Villain Found Out This Was A Novel


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In the novel that I happened to transmigrate into it, the villain discovers his identity through his ability to see people’s memories.

“You mean this is a novel? Am I the villain that the protagonist will kill? If so, I will kill the main character and you.”

In order to stay alive, I begged the villain to bring in and raise a protagonist who could break the curse. So my life could be saved.

“You cried when I died in the novel. Do you like me?”

This madman thinks that I like him!

A survival parenting where a woman moves into a novel and raises a young protagonist with a villain who thinks she likes him!

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악역에게 이곳이 소설인 걸 들켰다
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leisure_mochi rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c3
The first 3 chaps are good enough to hook you in. The MC has stated she is a daycare teacher who understands the psychology of kids and is good with them, so I am looking forward to a lot from her! The Duke is your usual ML, his future actions when he likes the MC will tell us if he is a worthy ML or not.
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