The Villain Big Boss Just Wants to Spoil Me


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Yan Xiao, who transmigrated into a baby, only knew that she was the cannon fodder in a book when she was three years old.

The system told her that as long as she worked hard to brush up the villain big brother’s unfavorability, she could return to her original world once the value reached its peak.

Naturally, Yan Xiao was longing of going back to her world… So she snatched the milk of the villainous big brother who was six years old, snatched his toy car, snatched his Transformers … she stomped her short and chubby legs and snatched and snatched again, using all her strength to brush up the unfavorability value.

She worked very hard for many years, yet, unbeknowst to her, the bad feeling value didn’t rise, but the good feeling value skyrocketed straight to the clouds. Facing the good feeling value that was about to explode, Yan Xiao looked at the villainous big brother with two lines of tears streaming down her cheeks and aggrievedly cryed out: “You, you, don’t spoil me anymore!”


Qiu Li knew that he was an illegitimate child since he was a child. He was unwelcome whenever he went. No child liked him, and no one was willing to play with him. At first, he had some hopes and expectations, and even took the initiative many times. But in the end, all he got was cold looks and painful fists. Later, he didn’t look forward to other people’s affection anymore, and simply started eating alone, going to kindergarten, doing homework, and playing by himself.

One day, a cute little doll with a pigtail ran over to help him throw away the milk he didn’t like, and helped him throw away all the toys he didn’t like, and even invited him to play on the slide. He was very happy and secretly vowed that, in the future, he would always be nice to her and hold her in the palm of his hand!

Until one day, the little loli whom had grown into a beautiful young girl cried pitifully in front of him and miserably told him to stop being kind to her. At that moment, he could hardly control the irritability and frustration in his chest, but still carefully and gently wiped away her tears while softly coaxing her: “Don’t cry, I’ll buy you strawberry-flavored cotton candy.”

The girl cried so much she choked and blankly nodded in a daze. He took her soft hand in his own and his lowered eyelids covered the craziness in his eyes -you are my life, and I can promise you anything, except for wronging to you.

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Aytise rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is very cute with sweet romance. The MC isn't annoyingly s*upid just a bit silly cute when she was a child, as she misunderstood ml's favor as his dislike to her, but there are no major misunderstandings and dog blood drama. The leads also don't have big communication problems that magnify the slightest problem. Also, since the story starts from childhood, it is quite cute to see poor bullied ML changing towards the better.

This was a very satisfying read for me and since the story was only 60... more>> chaps long I couldn't help binge reading it, and I had sweet dreams X) <<less
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Mytrumpet143 rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a simple, slice of life, nice and short romance. It started when they were kids, cute interactions. Basically the whole thing was misunderstanding, she thought she was being mean and he thought she was so nice. The girl is not s*upid, just a bit silly when they were kids and got smarter as she grew up. I like reading this type of sweet and short romances with no conflict. If you're into that, do check it out.

To the person who gave it 3 Stars,

... more>>

She understood that it was not a game and that he was being bullied. But she's powerless as she's just 4 years old. She can only pretend and try to help him. IMO, she did what she could have done as a kid, getting him out of the elevator without altering the bad guy, even if she told her aunt, they can't do anything cuz they're outsiders. And even if she cursed the bad guy there, she would have accomplished nothing.

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IloveWebNovels rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c16
It's supposed to be a cute story. But I feel like the FL is way too dumb. If she's really a 3 yr old child then I can understand. But her soul is 18 yrs old.

... more>>

In the prologue, she became aware of the true story. She's aware that the ML is not treated right in his "home". But why is she pretending that everything is alright??? Okay I get it. She needs to get his hate blah blah blah unfavorability blah blah blah. But it still doesn't sit right with me on how she acts. For instance, when she is facing the confrontation between QiuZhen and the ml. One time, she went to their house. The ML was locked up in the elevator. There are no servants at home except for QiuZhen. Yes? What? An accident? Oh I see, a 6 yr old child got accidentally locked up in the elevator and QiuZhen doesn't know. She's aware that QiuZhen hates the ml. In that kind of suspicious situation, is it that difficult to see? She's spritually older than QiuZhen (for f*cks sake he's only 12). Is he that great at hiding??? I just.... WHEW.... I just feel bad. It's like you know that someone is being bullied but you're just pretending to be dumb. It's hypocritical. On the other hand, I think it's funny that the ML takes her actions (like giving candy and transformers) as a kind act. When in facts, she wants him to hate her. It's a beautiful misunderstanding. It's great that at least she gives comfort to the ml.


But the FL still makes me feel uncomfortable. Her personality is not bad, she's just too freaking s*upid she might as well just be a real 3 yr old. Should't have made her soul a mature 18 yr old. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel this bad. <<less
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October 12, 2021
Status: c7 part2
These tropes... I just feel so sad for the so-called 'villain boss' and disappointed with MC as an 'adult' who already took her 'college exams.' MC could not accept the fact that she had transmigrated, but as usual she adjusted. With that preconception, she just readily accept the existence of the 'mechanical voice' inside her head and bite the fact that she could go home when she raised the 'unfavourability value' of the the 'villain boss' towards her. She, an ADULT, although let's say that her body of three-years old... more>> somewhat affected her judgment, will STEP ON a KID just to get home. Can't you even question the validity of that mechanical voice? Can't spare a single minute to think that what you are asked to do is simply malicious and that 'mechanical voice' can simply turn on you too? How can you simply trust the mechanical voice over your judgment and conscience. With the way she has been living as a three year old, she does not strike me as someone who is desperate to go back. Given that she is and is just enjoying the moment, how sure are you that you could go back?

Well, this is a 'cute story' and logic is kind of thrown over the fence most of the time, but we'll see. <<less
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Shortk rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
dude this is just sad. Good fluff has good writing of feelings. The MC girl is when you get down to it, entirely selfish. Not in an empowering way.

in a way that affects the romance written bc lowkey where is it. Oh yea bc like the title, she was just pampered the whole way without caring too much about the ml. She cares for him in retrospect and as a basic human. But every nice thing she does for him is bc she thinks it will make him hate her... more>> aka her-centric.

although the readers know better, the set up of this novel makes for a pretty selfish MC. Bc get this, she treats him this way, in her brain, getting notifications (that she thinks so. Ofc) that he hates her for doing this for over a decade. Thats basically lol intentional harrassment for 10+ yrs. Shes just like ok. Gotta use him and his tragic life story to go home no sweat. Dude. I know "dont think that hard broo " commenters r out there. But fck this is why shes kinda lowkey 2d and not really a likeable MC. Bc even tho I even enjoyed it and reading it, the reality of this premise really shows in the MC and how you realize she kinda doesnt have any feelings lmao.

also when they get together, how f*ckin shallow is that sh*t bc everything nice she did was never for him so even tho she. Said. She likes him. She only likes that. He spoils her lmao. She dgaf about him. I mean shes not heartless. Its like looking at a selfish naive girl who thinks shes in love. Thats why its so hypocritical when she knows the mls entire life story and says she likes him but lmao gets. Mad at him for taking revenge at the family who she knows hurt him as a child and lmao still wanted to keep good relations herself w them throughout childhood with a grown adult mind (so it was intentional) just to keep family benefits. Like girl. Even if it was a misunderstanding that she overheard the accusation the ML got w. Her to get. Revenge. Girl you havs been using the ML all your f*cking life w no remorse. /Rant


ok dont think deeply about it and youll be fine. But once you do think about it, damn the MC is lowkey a ignorant 2d character of a psychopath. If u dont care its a cute enough story and very engaging bc the ML carries it and u just want him to be happy.

also she only cares about him in retrospect ok. I stand by that. She not unredeemable, she just fails bc of the writing and the premise. With a little more work and naunce I believe the MC could have a likeable selfishness but too bad

disclaimer I mtled so who know about the naunces <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zfaith98 rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is so cute!! There’s not a lot drama. The little bit of drama that’s in the story is mostly to depict the ML’s tragic life. There’s really no development for an actual rival or villain. It’s pretty smooth sailing and mostly focuses on the relationship development between the MC and ML. If you want a quick and fluffy read then this is it!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Norika rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Just finished, and I must say it was great and sweet novel for short read. Without dog blood drama, without misunderstanding or obsessive ml. It was just very pure and happy plot.

Main couple's interaction was everything, literally everything. So sad because it was too short.

For me, I wanted to see Qin Yan's/original plot's main character/ action more

... more>>

maybe because I think he could be great second male character or opponent, especially when he invited FL to his gallery in the school and it has a full view of school ground. I secretly hoped that he was watching the FL and ML together and having good time /oh boy it sounds so wrong when I wrote it/ but please understand it was only my wishful thinking as a reader.


Anyway it was amazing and I finished reading it in one day. <<less
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Nicolesmith rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is really fluffy and sweet. The ML and MC don't have too much drama, besides her thinking they are enemies. But, even when she thinks they are enemies, she still acts like a friend.

Some may say her EQ is really low, how could she think her method was garnering hate points, but I don't mind.

Also, I think when she was in the 3 year old's body, even though she was mentally older, being in the body influenced her. I mean ... more>>

she couldn't take an elementary school entrance exam perfectly and she thought giving candy to someone who hates candy would make them hate you


The only thing I wish is that

I understood the MLs system more. It was a correction system to correct the plot that was messed up by the MC, but it started out as a study system and I would be interested in what it had him do. And did he let her beat him in the exams?


Anyways, highly recommend if you are like me and enjoy the transmigration/rebirth to childhood (I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck, After Transmigration the Male Lead and I Had a Happy Ending, I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead's First Love, or the similar ones). And really easy to MTL! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 14, 2021
Status: --
Super cute fluff story with a bit of drama. Wish there was more on the villains family at the end but enjoyable story overall.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ricachuu rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has such a good childhood sweethearts-to-lovers romance. I really have to bow down to ML's patience in waiting for FL to want to fall in love.

There weren't a lot of conflicts in the story. Most of the original novel plot only affected the first part of the novel (when ML and FL were still kids) and a bit at the end ... more>>

because basically, ML was just f with this system and the original plot, I don't want revenge if it means not being able to get together with FL lol.

The amount of wholesomeness and warmth the FL's family has is just equivalent to the insidiousness and dislike the ML's family gave. Still, the villainous family of ML didn't have much of existence in the later parts so overall, the novel was warm, sweet, and full of hope and youth.

FL was a very determined and willful girl who very much wished to go back home at first so she approached ML and 'bullied' him every time. Still, she really isn't the type to bully people and is actually soft-hearted, so she ends up being very tsundere towards ML.

She likes acting haughty while actually showing ML some care and affection which she thinks will make ML hate her more. They actually do end up growing up together as childhood sweethearts and during the whole high school up to university, she never really did realize ML's feelings for her since she thought that ML hated her. You can just imagine how her world crashed when she realized from the system that her hate points were actually like points lol and at that time, ML also confessed his feelings to her. She was awkward and flustered at first since she was too shocked that ML's feelings for her have always been sincere. She did get over her reservations and got together with ML smoothly.


Sometimes, I wonder why authors love giving MLs such tragic childhood. Our ML here is also a pitiful cinnamon roll ML who had a terrible family and childhood. Thankfully, he did meet FL at a young age so he never went to the dark side.

Since he was born, people around him scorned and hated him for being an illegitimate child so he never received any warmth and affection from anyone until FL came. He treasured everything that FL did for him and kept the gifts that FL gave him. He was very careful in getting along with FL at first since he didn't know how to be friends with someone. He treasured FL in his own way and tried to protect her and stay by her side. It was nice watching him slowly get his own happiness and dreams. He did love FL for years but never truly realized it until they graduated from high school. He was patient and accompanied the FL every day until he felt that FL was ready to fall in love. I actually found it adorable when FL was all flustered and ML was just acting normal and sultry when they finally got into a relationship. Well, ML did wait for such a long time and he was the type of person who would do everything to actually succeed so he knew from long ago that FL will become his girlfriend someday. ML worked hard and practiced (in theory) so that FL wouldn't have a bad experience in their relationship. He willingly gave up revenge despite the danger of disrupting the plot Thankfully, FL wished to remove the correction factor so ML is safe


It's actually refreshing to meet an ML so gentle and doting to FL. I've been reading ML's who are also doting towards their FL but are always in estrus. This ML is just too patient and treats FL as a treasure though I guess the author just probably didn't include the description of the ML being a stud-horse like other ML's lol. This is just a good youth love story of two adorable cinnamon rolls uwu. <<less
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ReadBhell rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I was very attracted to the synopsis because it somewhat resembles another novel I read, where the male protagonist is in a wheelchair and a transmigrated FL knows that he is a sickly character who will die later, so he helps him. both novels did something similar. The only difference is that this novel is shorter with only 60 chapters and the other has 100, therefore it has more development and its end did not feel as abrupt as in the case of this novel. I feel that in the... more>> end Yan xiao was totally confused and no one takes her out of her confusion and misunderstanding... which leaves a bad taste in her mouth, but anyway, I loved her tender moments while in high school and when they formalized their relationship... josei expected more scenes, but there were none, I think to pass the time this novel is recommended because it is short and without being so tangled. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Calvinaaa rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Very nice story to read. Simple plot line you can expect from the description.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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