The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain


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In a nameless village at the edge of a certain world — the villagers, instead of drinking normal water, drank water from an elixir fountain.

As the result of drinking elixir for a long time, humans​ evolved to a tribe called elves.

They acquired great recovery power and spirit magic. It looked like that the elves were nature-loving, but that was just because they didn’t interact with other villages.

Sheila, a girl who started​ her journey from such a village, knew the fact that her healing magic, which was not considered very good when she was in the village, surpassed the power of the legendary saint. And furthermore, she knew the spirits​ which were normally summoned in the village were already extinct.

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Erikusa no Izumi no Mizu wo Nonde Sodatta Murabito
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06/09/19 Rei Translation c5
02/24/19 Rei Translation c4
02/17/19 Rei Translation c3
12/23/18 Rei Translation c2
12/16/18 Rei Translation c1
07/22/18 Aya Translation prologue
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OfficePony rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: c1
Welp, the translation is pretty bad, but it's still readable. The story itself is very generic without much in the way of anything, really. The writing from what I could see was also fairly standard, so overall I can only really give this two stars since the story is a bit bland and the writing isn't phenomenal on top of that.
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SovietWeeb rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c4
I think this might've been more interesting but the story isn't doing much interesting with the plot. It is kind of generic. I was hoping something more along the lines of an Elf really skilled with nature and magic like things coming out into the world and exploring it while also learning that she is the only Elf out there and has to hide her identity through various means like transformation magic. But it's really just "Leave Village, Find Human, Have misunderstanding and profit!"

I don't think it would really be... more>> that bad though, But the issue is that translation grammar quality. I do think that it was just put in google translate. Chapter 4 there is an editor now so it isn't wasn't that bad and for the most part, you can still understand what the story is trying to say. <<less
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