The Village Belle is Trying to Cause Trouble Again


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The daughter of the Su family had gone crazy due to poverty! She kept forcing the son of the landlord’s family to become a villain!

Su Tao was speechless: …

I’m not crazy. You don’t understand.

This is a reverse strategy!!

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Naimena rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: Completed
I very much recommend it. This is a novel with an innovative approach in many areas. The MC is fiery (and swears and scolds people a lot), she's basically a bully with a good heart. The ML is gentle and sensitive, a soft little gentleman. They have a warm, inverted dynamic. CP and family life is quite entertaining and satisfying and there's not a lot of angst.

Summary: The only daughter of a rich widower, Shensheng was sleeping sweetly when a strange mechanical voice talking nonsense about having to take a... more>> mission to come back home appeared in her head, she was half-conscious trying to swat it and when she woke up she was an unfavored, malnourished little girl from the poorest family in a village of an unknown time period. Her grandparents abused her, treated worse than a s*ave and her mother had to scold her and beat her every day so her heavy handed MIL wouldn't do worse. Her branch of the family was unfavored because her father was the second son and they all had to bear constant mistreatment to hold on until the property division.

Su Tao (Shengsheng) couldn't bear this miserable life anymore and wanted to come back home so she tried to complete the mission "let the gentle heir of the landlord kill Su Tao". So she bullied him and grabbed his food. He pitied her and offered more food. She threatened him. He got shy and obedient. She robbed vegetables from his house. He worried about her and asked his parents to hire her as his playmate.

Thanks to his rich family, she had the chance to live better and push her parents to get out of that hellish family. So she gave up and protected him from bullies to repay him. Then they grew up and the system returned...


-Warm, creative romance. Childhood sweethearts. Nice, reasonable family. Lots of character development (for some characters such as MC and her family).


Her mother always fights with her (fondly) and complains about her being weird and having a bad temper but both her and her dad remember how much she did for them to be able to live well and feel guilty about letting her suffer so much in her childhood, so even though they were very humble and traditional, they still kept her room at home unoccupied and promised her she'd always have a place with them. They visited her constantly to take care of her and pretty much had daily visits with their married daughter and the in-laws family because they really loved her and she was more important than following the "proper" way to get along with a married daughter.


-People are held accountable of their wrongdoings and MC is not a holy mother. She's kind but decisive about toxic people. She also keeps her modern morals (feeling uncomfortable with abuse and patriarchal dynamics without getting all righteous and promoting modern principles, she just tries to give other little girls a chance to have some education, confidence and worth beyond marrying and birthing children)

-Unusual setting and career path

For once, the whole novel is set in a village and at most they go to the nearby town or prefecture. ML is not interested into becoming a powerful minister. He becomes a magistrate but only uses the 3 year period to make some laws and build projects to protect little girls and give opportunities to homeless or abused children then resigns because he's happier devoting himself to his family and eventually inheriting the family businesses from his rich grandparents. MC feels guilty depending on ML's rich family so she gets a business partner in food business and becomes the "brain" of the operation to get some dividends which she uses to open women's schools and houses to educate and offer job opportunities to suffering children, she also teaches a modern recipe to her mother so she could open a food stall and have a reliable income. It's pretty realistic.



-Weird, unexplainable plot devices

The system is hateful and for some unknown reason only communicates while she's sleeping and not conscious enough to decide or answer so it always chooses "by default". The mission (that is, ML intentionally killing MC) was pretty much impossible but the whole existence or purpose of the system was never explained. It only served to push MC into bullying ML and later for the short angsty part where she breaks up with him to try and lies about cheating on him. Then it disappeared all of sudden after she failed the mission but the system is so malicious... taking that into account, how can she rest assured about her body being replaced and accompanying her beloved dad in the other world? Also, the whole "cheating and divorcing" to provoke him to kill her was extremely st*pid, she knew him well and he'd never harm her in anger. Her best chance was probably killing her out of mercy but she never considered other methods


-I guess everything goes suspiciously well for MC, even when she does something really unforgivable in the eyes of everyone, no one actually blames her. The ML is sweet but he pretty much never gets angry and lacks a temper.

-Villains aren't a real threat, they are just annoying or ill-intentioned. It's not a big deal but if you like some suspense and powerful, complex villains, you won't find them here.

It dragged a little at some points but overall I liked it very much. Do try it if you are tired of the traditional tropes and ML templates. <<less
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