The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days


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Bai Qingqing transmigrated into an Asura field novel at the end of the world and became a female cannon fodder. Because she was jealous of the heroine, she put everyone in danger and was finally thrown into a pile of zombies by one of her admirers.

Right now, she transmigrated when she had just drugged the male lead and her life was immediately in danger.

System: “Ding, open the heartthrob script, please seduce the male leads to complete the task.”

Bai Qinqing: “…”

When she opened her eyes again, she pretended to have amnesia and shouted sweetly: “Brother.”

The man looked at the girl who crashed into his arms, rubbed her lips with his finger, and raised his eyebrows: “… sister?”

Bai Qingqing smiled, her eyes full of sincerity.

Not only did she have to become a green tea, but she also needed to be a little white lotus. She had to give warmth to Big Brother A, had to give medicine to Big Brother B, and had to block the gun for Big Brother C. Later, they were suddenly separated.


When the zombies assieged the fortress and the humans were about to become extinct, a group of strange beasts appeared to devour the zombies, and Bai Qingqing, standing on a mutant plant, used her powers to wipe everyone at random.

Humans: …

Is this the weak and pitiful all the big guys are looking for like crazy?


The high-ranking animals and plants that repelled the tide of zombies followed Bai Qinqing obediently. She sat in a chair made of vines and said: “I can save the city, but you have to pay.”

The lord of the fortress appeared on the wall and with deep black eyes, he smiled: “As long as you stay, both the base and your brother will be given to you.”

Bai Qinqing: “???” He had actually faked his death!


Bai Qingqing: You lied to me!

Fu Chen: Didn’t you lie to me too?

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Asura field at the end of days
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: c1
Literally why is being flirtatious or wanting to have a relationship vilified,

and acting innocent and getting "forced" to be in a relationship means you're pure and good?!!

MC redeems herself by acting like a pouty 5 year old. Random side character gets hated for how Mc's old self acted: flirting with guys. 0 character development on anyone's part.

Nobody learned. All that changed is "omg she has an adult body and the mind of a baby, every sick man's fever dream"
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heigottschalkd rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This zombie-apocalypse novel is definitely worth the read! The characters have adequate depth, the novel concept is quite structured, and the story engaging.

... more>>

MC is transmigrated into a zombie apocalypse world as the cannon fodder. Her sister is the oriFL, described as having 'virgin mary halo' as in, she is so pure and kind and meek, and she has a "storage space" kind of special power, which is beneficial for thunder team. Meanwhile the original owner is the exact opposite but she was desperate to survive, so she seduced the MLs of thunder team, thinking if she managed to seduce one then she would have someone to protect her life. Unfortunately she failed, and she died accidentally when her head was struck by Fu Chen, the captain of the team, who acted in self defence when he was drugged with aphrodisiac by her. So came in MC along with the system that gave her the task to seduce the MLs. MC has the previous owner's memories, and thinking of the deeds that the previous owner has done, MC took the amnesia route and made Fu Chen her 'brother', therefore whitewashing her previous character. The MLs soon believed that she indeed lost her memory, even though some have qualms about it.


the MLs:


imma sort it based on who I think MC wanted to target first.

#1 Xiao Yan, who was a college student before the apocalypse. He is young and somewhat easily influenced by emotions. His goal is to reach Beijing base because his family is in there. MC described him as a puppy, later a wolf when he couldn't control his desire on her.

#2 Chen Rui, previously an elite soldier. Tall, buff, doesn't talk much, prolly because he wasn't used to social interaction. He was adopted as a child, and after the apocalypse, his journey goal is Yaoyang base, to where his high-status brother at. He started being good to MC after she dodged an attack for him.

these two people I swear, when they fell for MC, they fell hard.

#3 Liang Zhiyu, a doctor who wears glasses. He is easy to get along with, and is kind and gentle on the surface, but actually is a cunning person. He knew from the start that there was something wrong with the amnesiac MC but didn't expose it, wanting to be a spectator to a good show. He thought of himself as big fox and MC as little fox lol

#4 Shen Mingxuan, previously a white-faced young master, and a playboy. He hates vulgar and scheming women such as the previous owner because of past trauma, and he thought MC is faking being amnesiac, thus still hates her, but he reined it in because at least she wasn't making trouble to the team anymore. He still took a jab at her sometimes tho.. Anyway this guy will have karma for dissing our MC lol

and last but not least, the actual ML!

#5 Fu Chen aka the captain, and her 'brother'. He has a strong military background, and he has all the features a leader should have. His end goal is to reach Beijing base. When MC became amnesiac and called him brother, he went along with her and played the part of her brother so well that he started spoiling her without scruple. He is a lil bit possesive, and their interaction is *chef's kiss*


MC is not OP at all (except for her beauty lol), but she has a good head on her shoulders. She can be scared of zombies but she knew to not let fear overwhelms her. She is goal-oriented queen, and i'd say that she's heartless sometimes but well, if you have a system that demands you to seduce the MLs, you have to.


like, there was a mission to bring back a scientist to the base, and her 'brother' aka Fu Chen planned to leave her alone with Chen Rui (target#2) at Yaoyang base so that she's safe from harm. The problem was, how can she seduce target 1, 3, 4, 5 if she was left alone? Besides, there's side mission that she couldn't complete if she didn't come with them. So, she made use of Xiao Yan (target#1). She knew he likes her so much, and when he asked if she wanted to go with them secretly, she agreed, because she predicted that he would ask about it. And when ML found out, he was like 'whose plan to bring you with us?' and MC gave Xiao Yan away so easily.

If that's not enough, no, MC didn't run away from Chen Rui. He basically allowed her to leave him (despite the fact that he IS the one who asked ML to leave her with him at the base so that she's safe) because she gaslighted the f*ck outta him.


overall it's a good novel. This story is enjoyable only if you're looking for a light-read and without overanalysing everything. I mtl-ed this till the end, but i'll definitely read it again when translated chapters pill up. Thank you translator for picking up this gem!! <<less
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Meatshield rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This was cute and it's not actually a tragedy! You have to read the two extra chapters to get the HE.

The story wasn't too complicated but it was fun watching the FL casually conquer the men around her.

Some of the MLs didn't get much of a role compared to the others but I think Fu Chen

the one she actually loves and marries in the extras

is pretty good. Watching him discover his affection for her surpasses brotherly and sister affection was amusing lol. Besides him, another ML that I unexpectedly found myself rooting for for a bit was

Shen Mingxuan. Istg his character annoyed me for most the series until he became a zombie because he temporarily loses his human memories. Watching him imprint himself on the FL and being devastated when she had to leave him behind so he wouldn't be hunted was gripping. However, when his human memories come back he becomes an overbearing jerk again so my feelings about him were like a roller coaster.


Overall, a lighthearted reverse harem read.
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falling-up rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: Completed
If you want a light-hearted, reverse-harem novel with pseudo-brotherxsister fluff, this is the story for you. There are no real conflicts outside of the usual zombie apocalypse survival scenarios. The MC doesn't really run into any trouble--she gets saved consistently in the nick of the time when she does.

And this is one of the few novels where the novel description is actually from the novel itself. (I always hate it when those are misleading).

The review by @heigottschalkd pretty much tells everything. But here are a few things I might add.

The... more>> true!ML.


Fu Chen. Although he doesn't ever seem to put it into action, his dialogue portrays him as a black-belly yandere. He fakes his death just to lure MC out of hiding, and tells her when he dies he'll kill her too so they can be reborn around the same time and be together again. However, when he's really about to die, of course, he wants her to live.


The most tragic ML.


Shen Mingxuan. He comes off really prickly, but there's a reasonable background explanation for it. And he's consistently mean to MC because he doesn't believe her amnesia story, which is justified since she really is lying. But from the MC's POV, of course, we find him unlikable and annoying. However, that doesn't mean his fate is warranted. He becomes a zombie while saving the MC. And he falls in love and then he gets abandoned. And then puts himself on the path of ultimate villain because he loves her but realizes they can never really coexist. Even when he dies, he crawls towards her, hoping she cares even a little for him--but, of course, MC only has eyes for the true!ML. Honestly, Shen Mingxuan ended up being the one character that I really ended up feeling for in this novel.


Regarding MC and ori!FL.


The ori!FL is actually not a bad person. She's just a real white lotus. One that doesn't suit the zombie apocalypse. MC, on the other hand, is the real green tea/fake white lotus. Like, if their POVs were switched, the MC is the character we would all hate. The story only works because we're meant to root for her. But really, she uses everyone for her endgame and doesn't even feel sorry about it. In terms of character, I think she actually fits more with Liang Zhiyu (the conniving, fake gentleman doctor). They're actually very honest with one another regarding the type of people they are.


Regarding MC's so-called amnesia and the truth.


Eventually, all the MLs find out that she never had amnesia. But by that point, they're already in love with her so they don't care.

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hobbes rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: --
Seriously??? Why does this novel has such high ratings? I dont get why the MC has to seduce someone to stay alive. Cant she become useful in some other way to the team? Why does she always wanted to be protected? Why cant she become strong and protect herself?

The task of the system is for her to seduce all the ML? What is the use in hurting so many people? The FL just treats them as some characters which she can make use of. She never thinks that they have... more>> feelings too and she is hurting them. <<less
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WeirdPersonOnTheInternet rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is great and very fun. The FL is a green tea/ white lotus and though some people don't like that, I do. The male love interests are all unique and interesting. I love them all. The only problem for me about this novel is the ending. It's not that the ending is bad but more like... Painful. I thought this was gonna be a true reverse harem but it's not. I really did love the 2nd male leads too! The ending is a happy one, but I still... more>> feel sad for one of the 2nd male leads that got the most tragic end. 9.5/10 novel. <<less
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housyspecial rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
A thrilling, playful, romance-filled end of the world novel.

... more>>

The main character (mc) is transmigrated into an end of the world novel as the cannon fodder half-sister of the Virgin Mary halo heroine. She wakes up with the memories of the original body, quickly understands that if she is to survive, she has to rely on the Thunder team's help. Thus, she fakes amnesia so the team doesn't abandon her because of how vulgar the original owner acted before she took over. A system is attached to her, giving her the task of gaining love from all 5 male leads in the team. It also gives her space ability and the ability to control plants & animals.

Each of the 5 male leads has different personalities but they share the same qualities any good male lead would have. The leader, in particular, is practically every women's dream; tall, handsome, cold, indifferent, intelligent, great leadership skills, and powerful abilities. Especially when his cold & indifference changes into scary possessiveness that makes mc's heart beat fast.


The best part about this novel is the process of how the MC goes about analyzing each of the male leads' characters and slowly but gradually make them fall in love with her. 12/10 for her efforts and skills.

The heroine herself is not a threat at all towards mc's path to obtaining love, she's just pure ridiculous and troublesome. Mostly there to set off how refreshingly cute MC is and how annoying she is. If you like how one beautiful female uses her wits and acting skills to 'innocently' obtain all the love from the male leads, this is the novel!!! Apocalypse setting is a bonus. <<less
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Mengmeng rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I took away a star just because of the ending. It's a bit lacking and feels that something's missing. Even with the extras.

I feel like it would have been better had the author gave a little bit more attention to the characters' feelings which would, I believe, in turn fill a lot the gaps in the plot. The female lead is okay. She is reasonable and not out to get every other female that is against her. Ofc, she is also not the type that will just whine and look... more>> on as she gets bullied.

  1. Spoiler

    I feel bad for Shen Mingxuan as well but. Man, it must have been hard for him to be the only one knowing that Bai Qingaing didn't lose her memory. It must have been hard to be mean all by himself at every single turn lol.

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Chillyboba rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall a pretty entertaining read! The MC is definitely a bonafide white lotus/green tea b*tch, so it may be a turn off for some readers, but I found her hilarious. I also like that she doesn't stay physically weak, and eventually becomes strong enough that she could survive alone (though of course she has to hide that fact to stay in character). Despite her increase in level, she still always has to be saved, which annoyed me a little. And I'm not talking about her acting to invoke pity either,... more>> but it's not such a big deal that I can't overlook it. I did feel a little bad for some of the male leads tho because they weren't *that* bad in the beginning, but that's a given with these kind of novels. At least most of them aren't dead tho. Another matter that was a little regretful is

the author's treatment of Bai Tian Tian (the orig female lead). Maybe I'm too softhearted (ironic I know) but I wish that the author gave her a little more character development. It's rare to see a "hateful" origFL that isn't crazy jealous and out for the MC's blood. She's redeemable. Sure, the origFL has moments of jealousy, but it's understandable and she actually cares for the MC in her own way. In this case, the orig female lead is simply too dumb and cowardly. She has a savior complex and drags innocent bystanders into her personal issues because she doesn't have the strength to solve it herself. At the very end, she does go make a contribution for the benefit of the people, but I wish she had a deeper moment of reflection to toughen up. *Sigh* But then I guess that would take away the attention from our beloved female lead.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nikhitareji rated it
December 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a novel done well for what it is. A novel with pros and cons.

Pros :

MC who is a morally grey character. She cares for no one much except for her mission and will do anything to finish it. I like her quite a bit.

... more>> Quite realistic plot as in no OP characters and no happy ending

How the MC brings each of the mission targets to their knees was interesting to read.

They didn't make the OG FL into a horrible person.


Too much description of the MC's appearance and trying to make her sound like an innocent rabbit instead of the fox that she is.

I hate SE which this novel has.

The novel has double standards and is hypocritical. If the MC does something to seduce someone she is lovely but if another female side character does the same thing she is a vixen. <<less
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Belli rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok, this 1 got me in the middle between 3 or 4 stars. But I guess it's will be 3.6ish so round up 4 stars.

Story plot ★★★☆ (okay, tbh the plot is good, if you don't count the RUSH ending. I almost throw rotten egg to author because the raw I read doesn't have the extra stories so I was left with hang ending. Good thing is I found the extra stories from other source.)

Chara dev ★★★ (some charas has development, some didn't)

Author writing ★★★★ (author write this... more>> with good pace. The writing is easy to understand and not in messy line. The only complaint is the ending is way too short with no explanation for other side MLs.)


FL playing ML and all side MLs like playing love dating game at the same time (no hard feeling, she forced by system task). But maaannnn.... She is so bad in faking her amnesia, not to mention she act like toddler 1 moment to moody teenager, then lazy adult (I think this is her real side). And she didn't change her attitude until the end.

ML also swing between 'I want to use her to break BTT's spell' to 'HOW DARE U TO LOOK AT MAH SISTER!!'. Helloooo ML, don't you remember your own suspicion she is faking it? And he know from beginning she is fake sister yet he keep sinking in the bro sis game.

The only 1 really know she playing them is LZY, but again, this LZY has fake gentleman 'it's kinda interesting to watch her play them' attitude. If anything positive, ML original reason to keep FL around is working like magic. Nobody care for ori!FL BTT again.

Ayy..... Don't get start with this ori!FL. The author invest all BTT stat point at virgin mary+ mary sue halo is so damn high and nothing else to other attribute. As a result, we got ridiculously super s*upid, super weak, super caring, super soft heart, super merciful ori!FL. Oh do I mention she got FL halo so damn high as well? Everytime she messed up, there will be others help or hurt in her stead, no matter if they want it or not. If this is not apocalypse world, maybe BTT will thrive and could conquer the world via her harem. But, apocalypse world has no place for mercy.... So she end up dragging MLs to the point of death.

And villain? Plot twist, 1 of side ML converted to be zombie, then dog zombie pet FL train, then become zombie emperor and final boss. SMX didn't even mean to be zombie emperor. He confused between his feelings toward BTT and (his opinion:b*tching) FL, then boom! become mindless zombie that got train by FL to be raised like dog. The only reason I pity him is because FL then abandoned him on the side road like dog thrown by owner. He looking at her everywhere, but FL just ditch all of them and run by herself. When he got his memory back, he realized his real feeling toward FL.

I won't complain /questioning any other plot hole in the stories, but there is 1 BIG plot hole I cannot shake. The only reason why BTT was hunt down by 1st zombie emperor (he was created in lab) was because 1st zombie emperor know BTT mother is 1 of the scientist that involved in the zombie virus project, and probably the mom give BTT antidote back then. So BTT blood got antidote, later she assist Li Jin (the scientist who later create vaccine) by donating her blood. BUT, when BTT was kidnapped by SMX, she also become SMX private blood bank. If her blood contained antidote, shouldn't it be harmfull when SMX drink it??? Idk...

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rorri rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, it was a very good novel and I enjoyed every chapter and mtl It is understandable.. The fifth star, let's say it's for the end. I was expecting something satisfactory at best, but it was too fast to understand anything, and I felt wrongly that there were additional chapters, but I could not find either in English or Chinese, so I felt inferior, but it was okay. fun..
In fact, I was a little hesitant to read it because of some of the references and I felt from their... more>> talk that "the heroine was strong but pretended to be weak to protect her or that she couldn't live without courting a man" The truth is not so


In the original story, because of their love, Tiantian, they became so strange and bad that they did not care for each other, who was injured here and died there and their situation was dangerous because of her... That's why the system said to seduce the five in order to open their eyes to the situation and not happen the previous fate. Some of them are for the original heroine.

And the heroine, although she has the power of space and control of plants, but she was not so strong that she could fight the zombie kings only in the last seasons when she began to train and strengthen herself and she is already a diligent person and she could not save her in every situation and also all the problems that occur were caused by the Virgin Mary original heroine
To tell the truth, she was really annoying me with her big and useless heart (:

I hope my review helps you and I apologize for talking too much heheh <<less
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December 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I pity the MLs and the original owner. All she did was act like a baby and they all fell in love and only 1 guy gets his happy ending. Turns out the original's hatred for original FML

... more>>

BTT's mom had her when original owner's mom was pregnant with her. Then, she went and told the original owner that she looks down on her dad so she won't destroy their family.

If you think about it, the original owner is probably the most pitiful. The reason she wanted to seduce someone is because she didn't want to stay in an unknown base where she would probably become a play thing for others. Too bad she got played with by SMX.

Would have liked to know what would happen if she and ML were both reborn

The guy who became zombie king is hateful but really pitiful. But is he a masochist, ignore him and treat him like a dog then he falls in love?

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eueu rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a shame but this is not really a reverse harem because she does end up liking only one guy. I like her interactions with the guy who became a zombie king the most.
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the translation version up to chapter 28, then mtl the rest. It's a pretty thrilling (and angsty) adventure.

It has HEA thankfully, although I do lament over some characters's death like: innocent Cheng Yan (Cheng Rui's brother) and the hateful Shen Mingxuan (lol). I was hoping that human and zombie can coexist, but that's not the case in this novel. Overall, it's still an enjoyable read though~^^

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I would give this a 3.5 star rating. The story is unique and pretty interesting for the most part. Some times a bit slow and dragged out and it did time jumps with very little fill in. But the ending...😭😭😤tragedy. I didn't see any extras to read but if I say more it will spoil the ending for those who want to read it. Over all could have been a really good novel if you changed some of the detailing and plot lines and the ending wasn't just a cut... more>> off and tragic. <<less
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tsukinosekaku rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Coming from someone who usually avoids apocalyptic novels, this was a good one. A really good one.

I read a few apocalyptic novels before this but none of them ever made me want to continue reading it except for 2 and one of them is this one (the other is ‘A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse’).

This novel made me want to follow through the journey of bai qingqing and it’s all because of her tenacity to survive. Her methods to continue live each day was hilarious and pretty reasonable... more>> when I put myself in her shoes. I love how she keeps her other power a secret while she pretends to be “weak” to get the protection of the main leads.

It says harem but honestly, it’s pretty obvious who the male lead is...

(it’s fu chen aka the fake brother lmao)

but I’m not complaining because I tend to avoid harem so that’s a plus point. I loooooove the ML so much like, I like how possessive he is over her and all the moments of him feeling irritated that she’s paying the other main leads attention. I LOVE how he starts to gradually realise that his affections and actions are actually romantic feelings and that’s when he starts to increase his assertiveness to bai qingqing and making actual moves!!!

The problem that I have with the novel, more like a dissatisfaction, is about one of the main leads,

Shen mingxuan. Now don’t get me wrong, he was sooo annoying and childish in the beginning but when he became a zombie and ultimately becoming the zombie emperor, that I felt his ending was pitiful. He was the only one who isn’t aware that bai qingqing did not have amnesia. I ended up feeling a little bit more for him because when he got pitifully abandoned by bai qingqing and even searching for her high and low. He had eyes for her til his death. The part where he saw her running to the true ML and imagined that it was him that she was running towards to killed me.


You have to read the extras to have a proper closure lmao because the ending felt rushed and didn’t answer some questions that I had. The extras really wrapped up the story for me. It’s only 2 (?) chapters so it’s short but it’s sweet and straight to the point. You won’t regret reading this!!! <<less
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June 14, 2022
Status: c31
Huh, not my cup of tea I guess but the story was still interesting. I really like the trope of overturning pre-conceived notions about their character just a bit torn because she's playing all of them but I guess that's what I signed up for, a green tea.

Not gonna lie, if Bai Tiantian got over her dependence (expecting others to do the helping) and actually the one doing the work for the things she deemed good, I would have loved her for trying.
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AmmieLynn2000 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: extra:c113
Ok I promise I loved it. While there were the occasional plot holes, things I knew should’ve gone differently or been taken further, and actions of characters that didn’t make complete sense...

the pacing/tempo, the chemistry between characters, the mindful and resourceful MC, and the satisfying ending (READ THE EXTRAS!!!) makes it worth a read.

The translations aren’t perfect, but I found them readable and they didn’t distract me from enjoying the book. It was immersive and of pretty good quality.
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MeowMeowMeow rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Awesome read. Full of expectations for new chapter.. I seriously love all the Mls, they were all so charming and all their personalities comes under my husband requirements list.

Waaaaa-! I was so sad for Sheng (the zombie ml) at the last chapter!! So pititful. Waaa!!!

I also didn't the MC to choose to only 1 man, I expected her to choose everyone (slightly disappointed o (╥﹏╥))

... more>> If I was the MC, then I will definitely pick everyone!!

Recommend to read. There isn't much plot and Romance Or action, but it was a fun read. Just a relax read to cheer up <<less
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