The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days


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Bai Qingqing transmigrated into an Asura field novel at the end of the world and became a female cannon fodder. Because she was jealous of the heroine, she put everyone in danger and was finally thrown into a pile of zombies by one of her admirers.

Right now, she transmigrated when she had just drugged the male lead and her life was immediately in danger.

System: “Ding, open the heartthrob script, please seduce the male leads to complete the task.”

Bai Qinqing: “…”

When she opened her eyes again, she pretended to have amnesia and shouted sweetly: “Brother.”

The man looked at the girl who crashed into his arms, rubbed her lips with his finger, and raised his eyebrows: “… sister?”

Bai Qingqing smiled, her eyes full of sincerity.

Not only did she have to become a green tea, but she also needed to be a little white lotus. She had to give warmth to Big Brother A, had to give medicine to Big Brother B, and had to block the gun for Big Brother C. Later, they were suddenly separated.


When the zombies assieged the fortress and the humans were about to become extinct, a group of strange beasts appeared to devour the zombies, and Bai Qingqing, standing on a mutant plant, used her powers to wipe everyone at random.

Humans: …

Is this the weak and pitiful all the big guys are looking for like crazy?


The high-ranking animals and plants that repelled the tide of zombies followed Bai Qinqing obediently. She sat in a chair made of vines and said: “I can save the city, but you have to pay.”

The lord of the fortress appeared on the wall and with deep black eyes, he smiled: “As long as you stay, both the base and your brother will be given to you.”

Bai Qinqing: “???” He had actually faked his death!


Bai Qingqing: You lied to me!

Fu Chen: Didn’t you lie to me too?

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One entry per line
Asura field at the end of days
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4 Reviews

New Meatshield
Apr 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This was cute and it's not actually a tragedy! You have to read the two extra chapters to get the HE.

The story wasn't too complicated but it was fun watching the FL casually conquer the men around her.

Some of the MLs didn't get much of a role compared to the others but I think Fu Chen

the one she actually loves and marries in the extras

is pretty good. Watching him discover his affection for her surpasses brotherly and sister affection was amusing lol. Besides him, another ML that I unexpectedly found myself rooting for for a bit was

Shen Mingxuan. Istg his character annoyed me for most the series until he became a zombie because he temporarily loses his human memories. Watching him imprint himself on the FL and being devastated when she had to leave him behind so he wouldn't be hunted was gripping. However, when his human memories come back he becomes an overbearing jerk again so my feelings about him were like a roller coaster.


Overall, a lighthearted reverse harem read.
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New heigottschal
Apr 09, 2021
Status: Completed
This zombie-apocalypse novel is definitely worth the read! The characters have adequate depth, the novel concept is quite structured, and the story engaging.

... more>>

MC is transmigrated into a zombie apocalypse world as the cannon fodder. Her sister is the oriFL, described as having 'virgin mary halo' as in, she is so pure and kind and meek, and she has a "storage space" kind of special power, which is beneficial for thunder team. Meanwhile the original owner is the exact opposite but she was desperate to survive, so she seduced the MLs of thunder team, thinking if she managed to seduce one then she would have someone to protect her life. Unfortunately she failed, and she died accidentally when her head was struck by Fu Chen, the captain of the team, who acted in self defence when he was drugged with aphrodisiac by her. So came in MC along with the system that gave her the task to seduce the MLs. MC has the previous owner's memories, and thinking of the deeds that the previous owner has done, MC took the amnesia route and made Fu Chen her 'brother', therefore whitewashing her previous character. The MLs soon believed that she indeed lost her memory, even though some have qualms about it.


the MLs:


imma sort it based on who I think MC wanted to target first.

#1 Xiao Yan, who was a college student before the apocalypse. He is young and somewhat easily influenced by emotions. His goal is to reach Beijing base because his family is in there. MC described him as a puppy, later a wolf when he couldn't control his desire on her.

#2 Chen Rui, previously an elite soldier. Tall, buff, doesn't talk much, prolly because he wasn't used to social interaction. He was adopted as a child, and after the apocalypse, his journey goal is Yaoyang base, to where his high-status brother at. He started being good to MC after she dodged an attack for him.

these two people I swear, when they fell for MC, they fell hard.

#3 Liang Zhiyu, a doctor who wears glasses. He is easy to get along with, and is kind and gentle on the surface, but actually is a cunning person. He knew from the start that there was something wrong with the amnesiac MC but didn't expose it, wanting to be a spectator to a good show. He thought of himself as big fox and MC as little fox lol

#4 Shen Mingxuan, previously a white-faced young master, and a playboy. He hates vulgar and scheming women such as the previous owner because of past trauma, and he thought MC is faking being amnesiac, thus still hates her, but he reined it in because at least she wasn't making trouble to the team anymore. He still took a jab at her sometimes tho.. Anyway this guy will have karma for dissing our MC lol

and last but not least, the actual ML!

#5 Fu Chen aka the captain, and her 'brother'. He has a strong military background, and he has all the features a leader should have. His end goal is to reach Beijing base. When MC became amnesiac and called him brother, he went along with her and played the part of her brother so well that he started spoiling her without scruple. He is a lil bit possesive, and their interaction is *chef's kiss*


MC is not OP at all (except for her beauty lol), but she has a good head on her shoulders. She can be scared of zombies but she knew to not let fear overwhelms her. She is goal-oriented queen, and i'd say that she's heartless sometimes but well, if you have a system that demands you to seduce the MLs, you have to.


like, there was a mission to bring back a scientist to the base, and her 'brother' aka Fu Chen planned to leave her alone with Chen Rui (target#2) at Yaoyang base so that she's safe from harm. The problem was, how can she seduce target 1, 3, 4, 5 if she was left alone? Besides, there's side mission that she couldn't complete if she didn't come with them. So, she made use of Xiao Yan (target#1). She knew he likes her so much, and when he asked if she wanted to go with them secretly, she agreed, because she predicted that he would ask about it. And when ML found out, he was like 'whose plan to bring you with us?' and MC gave Xiao Yan away so easily.

If that's not enough, no, MC didn't run away from Chen Rui. He basically allowed her to leave him (despite the fact that he IS the one who asked ML to leave her with him at the base so that she's safe) because she gaslighted the f*ck outta him.


overall it's a good novel. This story is enjoyable only if you're looking for a light-read and without overanalysing everything. I mtl-ed this till the end, but i'll definitely read it again when translated chapters pill up. Thank you translator for picking up this gem!! <<less
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Apr 09, 2021
Status: Completed
A thrilling, playful, romance-filled end of the world novel.

... more>>

The main character (mc) is transmigrated into an end of the world novel as the cannon fodder half-sister of the Virgin Mary halo heroine. She wakes up with the memories of the original body, quickly understands that if she is to survive, she has to rely on the Thunder team's help. Thus, she fakes amnesia so the team doesn't abandon her because of how vulgar the original owner acted before she took over. A system is attached to her, giving her the task of gaining love from all 5 male leads in the team. It also gives her space ability and the ability to control plants & animals.

Each of the 5 male leads has different personalities but they share the same qualities any good male lead would have. The leader, in particular, is practically every women's dream; tall, handsome, cold, indifferent, intelligent, great leadership skills, and powerful abilities. Especially when his cold & indifference changes into scary possessiveness that makes mc's heart beat fast.


The best part about this novel is the process of how the MC goes about analyzing each of the male leads' characters and slowly but gradually make them fall in love with her. 12/10 for her efforts and skills.

The heroine herself is not a threat at all towards mc's path to obtaining love, she's just pure ridiculous and troublesome. Mostly there to set off how refreshingly cute MC is and how annoying she is. If you like how one beautiful female uses her wits and acting skills to 'innocently' obtain all the love from the male leads, this is the novel!!! Apocalypse setting is a bonus. <<less
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works
Apr 08, 2021
Status: c1
Literally why is being flirtatious or wanting to have a relationship vilified,

and acting innocent and getting "forced" to be in a relationship means you're pure and good?!!

MC redeems herself by acting like a pouty 5 year old. Random side character gets hated for how Mc's old self acted: flirting with guys. 0 character development on anyone's part.

Nobody learned. All that changed is "omg she has an adult body and the mind of a baby, every sick man's fever dream"
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