The Unlikely Imprint of the Villainess and the Male Lead


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One thing just led to another—she ended up spending a night with a man she didn’t know.
And that man… turned out to be the male lead?!

‘But I tried so hard to live differently to avoid the original story!’

Still, even if things have turned out this way, the fact that the male lead and the female lead must absolutely, without a doubt, end up together had not changed.

Luciana had a single goal in mind: to run aw…
No, rather, to gracefully move past this one night stand with Richt—as though it never happened.


“That’s impossible.”
“Because of what happened last night, you and I have imprinted.”

Oh, dear lord.

So he’s telling her… that the villainess and the male lead’s souls were now bound together as one…?

* * *

“Let’s just lay low until the imprint has been completely severed.”
“Good. We’re on the same page.”

The last thing Luciana wanted was for the female lead to find out that she had imprinted with the male lead.
Even going as far as to enter an agreement to ensure this.

But this male lead…

“Damn it. My hands are completely scraped.”

…kept making a fuss over such shallow scratches…

“This year’s Spring Festival is invalid. Who dares take the role of the Spring Goddess when the perfect person for it is you?”

…and was going full aggro in a place packed with nobles…

Then, to top it all off.

“Lucy, please, I beg of you… Can’t you tell me why you even want to break the imprint? That damned research, just drop it already.”

The male lead, who once abhorred the very idea of imprinting with her, was now tearfully clinging to her.

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I’m the Villainess, But the Male Lead Imprinted with Me
악녀인데 남주랑 각인했다
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