The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker (WN)


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By some ill fortune, Hikaru died in a traffic accident. He was in heaven standing in line, waiting to be judged, when he took an unexpected request to transfer his soul to a person in another world. He received an ability called Soul Board which he could use to allocate points to Skills to make himself more powerful.

But there was a catch…

「I want you to take revenge on someone for me within an hour. If you don’t, I’ll destroy your soul.」

To pull off the task assigned to him, he poured all his available points to the Stealth skill tree.

This is a story of a boy who specialized in Stealth. With his skill trees as weapons, he would demonstrate his unrivaled strength in another world.

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byunisperv rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: c72
How do I say this...I am 80% sure this WN is written by a teenager.

The story wants to tell us that the MC is someone smart, arrogant and knows what he is doing but it came out as the opposite. The author often tries to bring out serious situations or adult conversation but ends out as the author trying to be edgy in building up MC's character. I get that MC is 15 years old and he thinks he is smart and knows about everything but that doesn't mean the... more>> adult should think the same too. As the story progress, we can see that everybody turns s*upid when interacting with MC. They suddenly turn childish.

This WN a generic Japanese isekai troupes with nothing special to it. The story is bland and the way the author writes it sounds shallow to me, it shows how lacking he/she is in life experience.


MC is your typical 15 years old wannabe edgy kid; thinks he is too smart for his age group, thinks being a loner is cool, isn't close with his family, being rude to everyone. If he was American, I can assure you that he watches Rick and Morty and have an IQ over 500.

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cartman-un rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c312
A good novel with good MC, The MC is a normal person, thinks like a normal person and struggle like a normal person despite havng some OP powers, He is not that OP actually.

Anyway, the author put some effort to create character development though you will notice some unpolished moments, but that's just okay since this is a web novel.

Some people might think this is a Harem especially since the MC has an early Romance with the heroine and other few love interest surrounding the MC, but don't... more>> be fooled! This novel isn't a harem, the MC stayed true to the main Heroine, though there are other girl (s) interested in the MC, the MC will only romance the Main Heroine and other heroine candidate doesn't have a chance or at least that's what the personality of the MC imply. This is a good news for Non-Harem lovers. <<less
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Deadmilkmen rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: c62
Why is this rated so highly? It's stereotypical Japanese MC nonsense. If you're into reading about s*xual relations between a 15 year old boy and a 14 year old girl, fill your boots. These novels should get a "stereotypical Japanese isekai" tag.
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Lacking Motivation
Lacking Motivation rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c34
Everyone who rated 1-star did you even read it!?

A rare flower among the pile of sh*t that Japanese novels usually are.

  • MC is smart (somewhat) and has some morals.
  • The side characters aren't brain dead and are more than just stereotypes.
Most importantly, the MC isn't a beta-cuck.

My only problem is that the world and system is a bit underdeveloped and not explained very well. Also,

The s*x scene was so sudden and felt forced. It wasn't explicitly described but I would have preferred some development before it happened.

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snoopy rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c68
I didn't recall why I stopped reading this so many months ago, but I keep on seeing it on the popular ratings, so I gave it another shot.... And I quickly remembered why I stopped it. Then I kept on reading, because maybe it gets better, right? Not really.

First of all, the main characters are 15 and 14. A 9th grader sneaks into a mansion to kill an evil noble, then saves an 8th grader who was framed for his crime, then they passionately make love the very same night.... more>> There are other things that happen, but they are entirely unimportant and have no relevance to anything at all. The guild staff that seems like she's pretending to be upright while scheming something is actually just creepy and bad at her job, the stealth master pretending to be a simple staff member while actually being the guild master has no role at all in the story. The dungeon they've been working to enter is a speedrun because the main character throws a tantrum when people think an edgelord 9th grader probably shouldn't go hunting the undead with his 8th grader girlfriend. The entire thing is a horrible mess of random events, foreshadowing that goes nowhere, forced plot, and characters that do things that make absolutely no sense. Hell, even when the author explains the reasons for them doing something ridiculously unlikely, it still makes no sense.

I got through the first arc on willpower, then I made it into the second one... Where he is surrounded by people who are even weaker than the ridiculously weak people he was with before (when your skill build is so op that you can defeat level 50 hardened warriors by leveling up to 10 and spending some points on stealth, you know that God has some balancing problems). Then I come to learn that the next country is a confederacy of seven states that all hate each other because they're racists, yet somehow have maintained a peaceful existence for over a hundred years, all while having an entirely random division of power between the states (the leader rotates between the states every ten years, and the strongest person in the race is the one that becomes king.... That would be like using the Olympics to decide the President).

Everything about this is either pointless, ridiculous, or fundamentally disturbing. <<less
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Reddsaint rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c251
Don't listen to any of the reviews besides mine, OK? They complain about sh*t just to complain. The author does an incredible job of worldbuilding and the MC is my favorite "proactive MC" and "Man of intrigue". The leveling up is slow but that just means that the novel is long and plans to build the whole thing like a regular book should instead of your typical overpowered MC wankathon. Incredible job making everything seem realistic and balancing the MC to make him extremely powerful and desirable without being invincible... more>> and untouchable. Great romance with the main waifu starting from the get go, and building a harem in a believable way with human character and emotions instead of collecting flat characters to constantly complement the MC. My favorite assassin/Japanese MC to date. <<less
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deefario rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c99
The MC is a typical wimpy jp MC. The story starts well with him being able to assign status points to anything or any skill, at first he was acalm and collected person. Then he went into being a character who does a whole lot of unnecessary stuff like snooping around powerful people to "test himself" and stuff. The author tries to portray him as a coll assassin kind of MC, but he is just a s*upid beta MC, with no real skills other than snooping around.

The MC is obssessed... more>> into being a stealth type character even when his strength, speed, defence, stamina and all skills and status are literally 0. He keeps investing everything into stealth, group stealth, mana stealth, life stealth etc. And the author keeps adding some nonsense skills like antistealth, perception and stuff for the MC to put points in. He makes his friends strong (the plot of how he gets friends are pretty s*upid and nonsense) by assigning points without them knowing to strength, swordsmanship etc, all the while this nonsense MC with no real combat capability keeps on investing in his hiding skills.

But it really did start well, for a short time it was enjoyable (maybe 20 chapters), then devolved into utter garbage, I cant find anymore justification for reading this. <<less
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rosie94hrpr rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: c15
This is your standard Japanese isekai fantasy, but it's clear the author actually but some time and effort into it, which makes a big difference. The fact that the translation is good helps a lot too. I like that the skill tree is organized and easy to understand, and that, even though the MC has an incredible skill, he still makes mistakes and by no means a master of stealth or assassination or anything. It is a bit bland right now, but hopefully more developments will come in the future.
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Pendragon05 rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: --
Overrated series. I do admit that I had my fair share of novels with the same plot like this in the past but it's such a disappointment. MC was supposed to be rational smart character but then always make s*upid childish decisions or naive decisions lmao. So much for being a "smart" character. Example, MC "supposedly" find the receptionist annoying but he still tolerate it like it's nothing. What a f*cking hypocrite. Also had the typical plot of hey because you're a beautiful girl then I'm gonna save you bullshit.... more>> But anyway maybe I just read a handful of good novels lately that I can't stand reading any subpar novels like this one. Overrated series with typical MC disguised as "smart". Even the novels that I read with similar plot in the past were miles ahead in terms of execution. The only redeeming quality is the translation which is good. Overall, this novel is only for those people who have yet to read a better novel with a similar plot or a novel of a high quality. Or maybe those who have poor taste or have a habit of reading subpar novels for pastime. <<less
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LoLeviathan rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c61
I do recommend this novel.

But, I do not think it should get 5/5 (as I have given it), but because of how many sh*t novels there are with a generic harem, bad worldbuilding, generic protagonist, and no plot to save it from the styx river. I think this novel does deserve a 5/5 compared to the sh*t novels (many people wont agree) like the second coming of gluttony (4.6 or something). So lets get into why I do recommend this novel (at the moment I am at)

First is definitely... more>> the translator. They are translating all the time and releasing constantly! Its really great and I don't have to wait like 5 days for some other novels (AND ITS ONLY 1 CHAPTER!).

Next is the protagonist. Now, you might say that he is OP as said in the tags, but really he's not. BECAUSE HES SMART. He has personality and he actually plans his moves. It feels SO much more realistic and even though he does have one OP power. He still can be killed if methodically planned. And I haven't even mentioned his personality. He develops, grows, changes his ideals, and finally isn't afraid to kill people. Yeah 'isn't afraid to kill people', well I like this because he doesn't seem bad or good. He seems like he can follow what he thinks is right and what he should do. Cheers!

Now I love how the book gets straight to the point. It doesn't really waste time with s*upid filler or anything sh*t like that. It actually continuously develops. Although filler is good at some times.

Next, is how there is no harem (I think) like all other novels. Harem is bad, because your story can go downhill quick if you dont actually plan it out. Its very very hard to make a good harem story. Usually because character personality goes down the drain and the world around them just seems like it's there. Like please! Tell me a good harem story.

Alright, now is the world building. The pacing isn't too slow and it isn't too fast. Its perfect. Easily painting the reader a clear picture and gradually adding things to it so you dont get that empty feeling with novels that have no world building at all.

Now is enjoyment, the way this novel well gets you happy I guess. With mixing all these factors together and the never ending story that continues on with more and more things to look at. And also the early romance (its not afraid to just straight up say 'well they had s*x so yeah...'), it really makes for a good novel. I highly recommend this novel. But, of course there is probably another hidden gem out there I have yet to read.

Also I tried to tailor this review without giving my opinion on things, so it actually seemed more genuine. Hope you like the novel!

-LoLeviathan <<less
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logan3 rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: c111
Two progressively worsening issues caused me to drop this novel.

First, the number of characters acting idiotic only increases over time. Toward the beginning of the novel, the author focuses on the MC, so it is easy to notice how dimwitted the MC is. But as more side stories and side dialogues appear, it becomes apparent that the author has trouble writing smart characters altogether, and it is not something limited to the age, s*x, or any other traits of the characters.

Second, the novel continues moving further away from its promised... more>> premise as the author continues adding random restrictions to the MC's actions and abilities. For example, the MC always looks at the stats of all characters. It is one of the fundamental strengths of his ability. Then, he suddenly refuses to look at the stats of certain characters because 'it would be invading their privacy'... Minutes later, he begins looking at other peoples' stats again. In another example, the MC declares, out of nowhere, that he cannot use his power often because doing so feels like he is breaking some rule. Instantly, the pacing of the novel slows to a crawl, and having an MC taking advantage of OP powers to solve situations goes out the window. Careful readers will notice these types of occurrences happening all over the place, and the only way the author knows how to speed things back up (because he has written himself into a hole) is by either having the characters act more loggerheaded than usual or increasing the number of deus ex machinas.

Initially, there were several good things going for the novel but these aspects only continued to worsen. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c26
You have a MC who thinks he's all that, but in reality he allows everyone to walk all over him. All the females he met so far are B's except for the female romantic interest. This girl is love at first site for the MC where he acts like a toddler with a crush around her. I can't stand this kind of MC who doesn't remain consistent with their personality that the author sets them as. Right now you have a edgy bipolar teenager making s*upid mistakes and gets flustered... more>> with killing even though he mu*dered a human in cold blood. The only redeeming factor I could find in this fic is the ability system itself and how it functions in this world. Other than that I wouldn't recommend other people this novel as the character interactions get annoying quickly. Everyone seems to have an intuition of 100, but somehow they keep coming to misunderstandings of the MC's power. Believing he is 'lucky' all the time and because of his 'luck' they're allowed to act s***y towards the MC when he talks to the beautiful (twoface) receptionist or when he downplays his involvement in saving the 'damsels' in distress. This is just a subpar power fantasy of a teenager with nothing unique/filling enough to stand out from the rest. Rate 2.5/5 <<less
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Dorkieee rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c55
A Dorkieee review here

I personally feel that this is a really good isekai. The MC isn't really unique but he isn't bland either and as the story goes on we more of his quirks which I really enjoy, He's somewhat naive but at the very least he knows his own flaws and actually reflects at his mistakes. Also he goes for more realistic choices.
    • Romance- its fast to the point where I think its too fast but its not really anything that's destructive to the overall story. The female lead is also likeable and isn't annoying, she actually helps and isnt a burden which is nice. Im looking forward to see what they do with her character development since she has a lot of room to grow
    • Action- Im not really good at rating fights and whatnot but the way he uses his stealth is quite fun. Its interesting how he combines the skill he gains to fit his fighting style. The way the RPG system works also isnt complicated so you wont really forget his abilities plus the author always shows his status everytime he does some upgrades.
there's still some of those generic cliches but I mean whats an isekai without them.

All in all this is something I think is worth your time to read.

Side note-

the translation team for this is doing a great job, keep up the good work!
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walang16 rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c55
i really should have read the tag (s), and the art that is smack dab one of the first things you see as you scroll down from this page, a boy & a girl and the [Romance] tag.

opinion below is biased as it is mine: (2.5 stars for me)

it was such a good start. Not too OP, just unique/niche skillset that you can play around with and work for you. Not the usual beta as well and that already elevates it for me. The groundwork was done decently that... more>> it I immediately added it to my reading list.

everything was just an upward swing until the girl from the beginning chapters came back and the MC just turned dumb. I dont even mind an out of the blue sexy time bet. Them as this is MC's reward for rescuing her, I (read: we) can just skip that as it doesn't add to the story

then came the drastic downswing. So much so that it might even be worse than the '08 recession.

i really should have focused more on reading the tags, specially the romance one. It was a mistake on my part. Up until the points I'm regretting now, this was a very good read.

(a hope/wish that the girl disappears for the rest of the story and only come back at the end, that would make me come back & read this, skip past those "couples" chapters and be a solo adventure again) <<less
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Siikalahna rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c161
The story has a good premise and started off strong. MC seemed to be, from the first glance, an intelligent one who thought things through and didn't just go around killing everyone who even slightly annoyed him. However, ... more>>

he has a very bad habit of not even half-assing the problems he faces. It's like he thinks only the world and people in the immediate vicinity at that very moment are active, and anything that happened even last night is over and forgotten and does never happen again. Like in the very moment in the story I'm at. Had he not been a massive dumbass, he would've dealt with the king back when he fought the knight captain. What made him think the king wouldn't search for her, especially since all the evidence he gave them indicated she was alive. Of course the king is going to try and find her, you dumbass! Always kill the 'mastermind' the first chance you get. But noo, gotta be the 'completely out of touch with reality' japanese MC from the modern world who apparently lived under a rock without access to the internet (because if he had access to the internet or even newspapers, he wouldn't be such a massive idiot).


E: Now that the story has progressed some more, I gotta say, that

I'm even more disappointed in this MC than I previously were. He still hasn't grown a single bit, still making the s*upid mistakes over and over again, never learning a damn thing. The only reason any of his "plans" end up working and he's still alive is because the author working overtime to compensate for this idiot of an MC.

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TerraEarth rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: --
I find issue with a lot of details in this novel.

The MC's cheat-ability is a 'soul board' (rpg-esque talent tree) used to unlock abilities. You get points for ranking (leveling) up and for growing older.

The structure of the talent tree as well as the acquirement and usage of ability points (soul points) is inelegant and uninspired. MC seems to have little interest in developing his character in the truest sense and instead seeks to find whatever shortcuts he can so as to not get his hands dirty, he argues that... more>> this is because he is "efficient" and believes himself to be superior/above others when clearly, he is not. He makes a point about not standing out yet goes about actively doing just that by accepting quests far above the standard. Despite his insistence on "efficiency, " he ignores advice from others and actively seeks to bumble about with little thought in this foreign world. He is specialized as an assassin-type yet screams during missions when he discovers a pair of panties in a wardrobe.

Also, did I mention they have plastic bags in this medieval fantasy world? <<less
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NegativeIQ rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c60
DON'T LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU. At first I thought this would be a overly cringy power fantasy, but it's far from it. This is one of the few JP isekai novels on NU that has kept me reading non stop, and for good reasons. It sets itself apart from the dumpster fire that is JP isekais with good characters, no overly ridiculous, sea of women (or men) harem, no power fantasy that gives the author wet dreams at night and in the morning, and an MC that can actually... more>> think! The initial romance was really disappointing tho, kinda ruined the overall romance afterwards.

All jokes aside, this is truly a gem among the heap of tr*sh (JP isekais) out there, I definitely recommend giving it a read if you're looking for a refreshing isekai. It's too bad that there are only 60 chapters available at the moment, but I'm really looking forward to what this novel will bring in the future, I have high hopes for it. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c42
Its been three months and I STILL stand by my earlier review. If you like this type of novel then power to you. That doesn't change the fact that this novel is overrated and the characters are either childish or hypocrites (oh wait, they're CHILDREN. That explains a lot). 42. Chapters. Is. Enough. For. This. Scalding. Review. Thanks.

Im quite amazed that this is rated quite highly. I was wondering why I dropped this in the past and after rereading a couple of chapters it hit me. The MC is your... more>> typical transmigrated / reincarnated JP male with goody two shoes wimpy attitude that tries to be cool and edgy but in the end just reeks of hypocrisy. Its a typical "I dont want to kill everyone but I am cool and powerful" JP setting that makes fan service anime and manga appear like Mona Lisa. I believe reading 42 chapters of this novel is enough for me to give a review.

This novel REALLY deserves the shounen tag, appealing to h**ny teenagers and their wish fulfilment fantasies. Heck I can even classify this as your typical self insert jp novel - with extra cringe on the side. In my honest opinion, i'd need to turn off my brain, embrace the cringe fest, and turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of the Main character to be able to read this.

Hippity Hoppity to the tr*sh this gonna be <<less
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Kain Phalanx
Kain Phalanx rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c173
4/5 An overall good isekai that I'm thoroughly enjoying. I almost didn't pick it up because of some of the overly negative reviews and that would have been a shame. I'm not sure how someone can have such a bad reaction to such an incredibly balanced story. The author isn't a genius and you will find some inconsistencies and oddities, but frankly, they're minor and the author is at least competent, which is more than many can say. The pacing is great, so even if you come across something you... more>> don't like, you'll soon be on to something likely more intriguing to you.

Interestingly, this story doesn't wear its real intention on its sleeve. It is actually a mash-up of isekai and The Phantom Thief trope. If you put them together, you essentially get a phantom thief origin story, which I find really neat. Both of these genres have an unfortunate tendency to be too 'self-aware' and campy, yet this story manages to avoid these pitfalls. It neither goes so far to be entirely whimsical nor gritty, yet goes far enough to raise your eyebrows occasionally or smile at gags. This is what I mean when I say it's balanced. Why yes, this MC does sneak into important people's rooms at night while wearing a mask, but he's not there to kill them, nor is he there to wax poetic and merely seem mysterious. He's there to do a job, earn favors, or maybe have a candid conversation, keeping his secrets guarded all the while. It's fun and intriguing.

Despite leaning heavily on established tropes, cliches, and archetypes, the author has clearly put enough thought into his world and characters to make it seem fresh and interesting. The MC is the mostly unwitting catalyst to the world's current upheaval and mysteries are still popping up over a hundred chapters in that can be traced back to his actions on his first night in his new world. Even better, the characters, while not necessarily "deep", manage to feel "real" which is a rare quality I've only seen in one or two other works. They will often give quips or have insights that you wouldn't expect, even when they're not the center of attention. Their intuitions can often be too strong, but for the most part they actually behave considerably differently from each other instead of being samey mouthpieces for the author to speak out of.

I suggest giving this one a try if you're a fan of the isekai genre. <<less
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Jakeel94 rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c55
I thought it was a very well written piece on a professional level

I love how the level system works, it's bit unique in a sense. Honestly, I question some of the MC's decisions in how he is choosing to grow his character, but everyone would because everyone would develop themselves in a different way.

I think the Romance in this Novel is bearable. It honestly makes the story worse because as capable as she is she has no place. She is a mage she can't really doesn't fit into what he... more>> is trying to do in his stealth mold. Then again I guess it is typical to have a team of adventures that specializes in various fields.

The novel finds the middle ground so the MC isnt OP, but at the same time he is pretty OP which is cool. He still has a lot of room for growth so the novel makes it so you want to see him keep growing and finding out whats next.

One Red Flag for me, ill add a spoiler tag, but I dont know if its really a spoiler.

A gun was added which I personal hate in my fantasy novels and the groundwork for "Gods" being involved was made which is usually when isekai novels descend.


Overall it has become one of my favorites and I think of myself as an Isekai Novel connoisseur. <<less
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