The Unconventional Legend


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Who is to judge right from wrong, and who is to judge the good from the bad? In this life, I don’t want any rules, I just want to do whatever my heart desires. The secret lies in the clutches of my hands, watch me domineer. I am Zuo Xiaoduo, and I choose to walk down the unconventional paths.

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MonkeDanana rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c264
First of all the writing is pretty good, the author have been writing novels for a long time so the writing quality is guaranteed.

But there's one thing that made me drop the novel and that is the heroine. The heroine is the typical violent heroine who keep beating up the MC. Once or twice is fine but the whole relationship of the heroine and MC is just the heroine keep beating the MC over and over again. It's just tiring for me.

MC talked to a girl, she beat up the... more>> MC. MC made money, she took away all of MC's money. She said it's to prevent MC from visiting prostitute and because of that, MC don't even have the money to buy birthday present for his friend. MC resort to singing and dancing for his friend's birthday present.

The interaction between them is mostly the heroine abusing the MC and the author treated it as gag that he repeat ir over and over again.

They are not even together yet, but the heroine acted as if it's okay to do that to the MC. Even not allowing the MC to be friends with girls. MC only have one female friends and that's because she already have a fiance.

She was fine at first but later I noticed that she never really consider MC's feeling and just push her selfishness onto the MC.

I like tsundere but the heroine in this novel is just abusive.

I wish the author just let them stayed as siblings but author obviously planned her to be the sole heroine.

This novel is pretty decent if not for the abusive heroine. <<less
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