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Man-eating ghosts lurking in Victorian’s haunted house.

Gory comedy staged on a midnight reality show.

Edo period’s bizarre tale of the fickle man’s grave.

The exploration of the secret deaths in the mental hospital.

On this survival journey with no chance of turning back, Wen Zheliu met the true love of his life in the vast galaxy and the end of his life.
The Uncanny Valley, like its name suggested, was a horror virtual reality game developed by N-Star Company.

Unfortunately, the core AI of this game, Saint Nun Theresa, has evolved and declared itself an intelligent, independent life form, trapping millions of players in the Uncanny Valley as hostages.

Death in the Uncanny Valley means death in the real world. To escape this catastrophe and return to reality, players must clear nine worlds with all kinds of horror settings while fighting for their life.

Associated Names
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Uncanny Valley
Valley of Terror Roaming Guide
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tanni103 rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c142
Its a very good horror survival novel.

Since I am not really good at writing reviews, especially about novels that need a lot of brain cells, I will just write what gave me the strongest impression.

Even though ML is quite strong and MC makes rapid progress, they still get in various situations where their lives were nearly taken away. Which I find very novel, since most of the bl horror novels I read have too much comedy elements causing the tension that was built to easily vanish and the ML easily... more>> shattering the bosses...

And in this novel we (or rather people like me) finally get real horror experience in the novel. The descriptions before you catch sight of the ghosts or, for example, when you dont pay attention and the ghost was watching at the corner at you all along, make me shudder all the time no matter how often I read it. And also got several jump scares and almost screamed even though I was just reading. If it was made into a well made TV series, I probably wouldn't survive the first chapter... hehe. Well in short, the horror atmosphere is superb.

The arcs are also very unique and confusing for me with slow brains. At the beginning you dont have to use your brain too much but the more arcs they finish the more difficult it gets, that I really break into cold sweat for both protagonists and his teammates.

Well now that I have mentioned their teammates I have only one description for them... I love them to death haha!


Both teammates are males, since I am only halfway through the novel I assume it stays likes this.

The first one is a man that, because of a prob caused by the previous virtual reality game, became a woman and cant switch back unless he summons his world boss.

And there is someone with very very low sense of existence, that even ghosts dont see or feel him. When I first read about it It thought "Dang, what godly physique is this?!".


And of course the villains in this book cant be forgotten. Well... the villain is a real headache and I felt a sense of crisis for the protagonists and his team. I hope I wont see too much angst because he is really crazy and thinks of himself as an imortal king ruling over all mankind. *vomit* I wonder how people get illusions like this.

Now to the emotional progress of out two protagonists. Is is really quite fast but it has its reason why it is like this. but I still feel a bit lost because I think there is missing something. Like always, the ML is super super doting towards the MC and hope there will be a bit more lovey-dovey scenes.

I think that was it? If there is still something I will add them later.

What makes me really angry, are those glaring read 1 star rates which totally destroys the chance that this novel can be seen by many more people who enjoy horror survival bl novels!!!! ARRGGH! <<less
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Deerlight98 rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c285
this is sweet! Different story beggining from what I thought but it was fun to read it along. Except I was too lazy to read all the technical parts haha but anyway.

ML is cool and intelligent. Not the yandere type. He knows how to be fun too!

MC is a poor baby but intelligent! In my eyes he is a baby trying to grow into a cool baby! But he turned into a warm baby haha...

Fighting together with our MC and ML are two male characters and also they are... more>> straight!
fudge I think I spoiled it a bit but anyway

one is a very cold and strong really a bit of a muscle head but intelligent person.

the other is a very transparent but comedic part of the story man! I guess you will all find out what I meant if you read this anyway !

so overall the main background summary is they are in a hytech world and can play games using their minds. You knw? Like the story in 1/2 prince or something. And SAO. LIKE.

They basically get trap by man made AI who wants to basically destroy mankind. You will find out why as you go on... I can only say this AI has a tragic life too?

ending is pretty good. Very emotional with ups and down. ! Recommendable to be read!

why not try it? I think it is worth it! <<less
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Soybean_paste rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c80

This novel is hidden gem! Don't let the low rating fool you because apparently so many trolls gave it one star before even reading!

As an unlimited flow/survival/horror novel enthusiast, I can say this novel definitely rank among the top.

The horror and how author described gory scenes definitely make my hair stood on end.

... more>>

There was only half of the body remaining on the ground in front of him. Lu Hai's body was crooked on the ground in a twisted posture, as if he had been roughly thrown to death by a huge force. His eye sockets were completely empty, and his broken eyeballs hung stiffly on his tragic white face, like tears composed of two balls of flesh and blood. His scarlet eye sockets were pitch-black and empty as he stared ahead. The top of his skull had been cut off, like a half-empty ladle with nothing left inside.


And for once, they ML and MC aren't op to the point where they solve everything all by themselves. The side characters and connon fodders aren't just thereto be killed off in the game. They actually contributed to solving the mystery and help MC and ML as a team.

MC is young but smart. ML is several years older and played the role of a big brother to the MC. ML is strong but not op. He teaches the MC how to be strong on his own and guides him toward the answer.

The world setting is also unique. It's a futuristic world where everything heavily relied on AI and finally the AI became sentient and threaten the world. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: --
Although I will continue to read a few more chapters, I can't share the enthusiasm of other reviewers.

The horror is cheap, much like a B movie with a budget of 5 bucks, but that normally wouldn't be a problem, I have a soft spot for tr*sh splatters.

Instead, the characterisation is one.
None of the characters behave in a believable way.
They reactions to facing their own death, seeing the gruesome deaths of other players, getting hurt and nearly dying, etc., just isn't convincing.
The only indicator that they are affect... more>> by any of this is the writer mentioning their sinking sanity value, which doesn't sink enough to be believable either.
These are normal people, some of them barely adults, and yet they have very little problem with nearly dying and seeing grossly mutilated bodies of real people they've talked to two minutes ago?

Who would joke and goof around right after nearly being torn in half or seeing several people being torn into pieces?
How on earth am I supposed to swallow that without being pulled out of the story?

I just don't buy it; it breaks my immersion.
All characters treat it like a game when they clearly know it isn't.

That ML and MC act way too intimate after meeting only once is just another immersion-breaker, they behave like they already are a couple, all while MC intensely says they are both straight... without actually knowing if ML even is, because they basically know nothing about each other.

It's probably an okay novel if you are really into cheap splatter, just treat it as one, maybe then you'll have more fun with it than I did. <<less
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