The Tyrant Won’t Let Me Go


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One day after I endured the hellish days of being a nameless extra that was abandoned by my parents, the people who attacked the orphanage took me to the Imperial Palace.

“Every day, at least ten minutes or more hold the prince’s hand, but on the days of classes, please hold at least twenty minutes.”

Then a man called the Emperor suddenly sees me and asks me to hold the hand of a prince who would grow up as a cruel tyrant in the future.

I thought I would maintain a thorough business-like relationship with the Crown Prince in order to prevent the death of the tyrant who was struggling in war.

“Your Majesty, I will retire in 3 years”


The teacup in Cedric’s hand shattered, unable to withstand the terrifying grip.

“Yes, Cie? I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear that well.”

It seems like this crazy tyrant has no intention of letting me go

“The doctor said that it was not enough to hold hands anymore.”

What? It could happen, but why are you in my bed?

“He said that we should spend a night together.”

Hey! Your Majesty, didn’t the doctor say that I just need to hold your hand?

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폭군이 나를 놓아주지 않는다
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10 Reviews

Nov 04, 2021
Status: c34
TLDR: It's fun and nice to read a story where the FL can tell when the ML is crushing on her hard and doesn't let him get away with whatever he wants.

... more>>

Basic Story: Abandoned child learns she possessives magic, finds a magic sword, then is taken to the capital to hold hands with the king's son for reasons.

Female Lead: Ciel (later earns the last name Minerva) is honestly one of my favorite kind of Female leads. Sure she's overpowered (who isn't) but never s*upid and submissive. When people need Ciel to do something they have to converse with her until they come to an agreement and even if she isn't allowed to say no, she a least gets the other party to adjust so it's more agreeable for her. Ciel isn't selectively s*upid, reading body language, and noticing suggestive or flirtatious communication to know Cedric has a crush on her.

It's just nice seeing a girl be assertive about her autonomy and never being undermined by the plot to not notice things normal people will see in these types of romance stories where they would often play in those cliches.

She also possesses Caliberne a living magical plot sword that was supposed to be absorbed by the original female lead but Caliberne thought Ciel interesting and had stronger magic and chose Ciel instead. And since this sword was an obsession with Cedric in the book Ciel keeps that information to herself.

Male Lead : Cedric Deamant the yandere obsessive lover. It's the thing where if this were a real guy no, but we all read the tag and this is a romantic shoujo so we let loose what we call appropriate. The manipulating type, his levels are...

  • Willing to hurt others who would hurt Ciel
  • Intercept other ppl advances first before getting twisted about it.
  • Would give Ciel whatever she wants so long as it doesn't involve leaving him.

Just hiding for plot stuff to describe levels:


He sincerely wants her to choose to love him. He does forcefully make her choose between renewed contract or marriage vow under magic oath, I said manipulative. Later we learn that event was motivated for Cedric learned a few years ago Ciel absorbed Caliberne and wants to keep her close so other kingdoms won't abduct her. So that whole you only get two choices was also done to keep her under his protection without informing her she possesses Caliberne.) So his most wild actions toward her have a reason behind them.


General story Faults:


Age Dissonant: You expect it from Ciel (being a reincarnation) but the adults treat her like an adult more than a child, such as offering a paid contract than just adopting a 12 girl as a ward of the castle. (like if she was 16 the contract would make sense because while she still is a minor 16-year-old has a lot more autonomy than a 12-year-old). Then Ciel was assigned as a teacher with no background or experience in the subject when they should have been taking classes together with Cedric. (First with magic than sword fighting, even if we the readers are informed that she is a 23-year-old fencing champion that isn't information for the people who know her as a 12-year-old.)

Later you see that child soldiers are a norm in this world so long as they have strong magic. (Child abuse but ok modern-day author creating a fantasy world that doesn't have to.) But it's still a bit much for her to become a Commander at 14. Also at the other end with the boys acting too young for their age, for they are 12 but act 8 (babysitting and classroom assistant has taught me, 12 yr boys, even the better ones are not that adorable nieve. Like a 12 boy would know that holding a girl's hand doesn't mean they have to marry her.)


Shout out to Caliberne the magic sword and entity of victory who delivers stellar commentary in Ciel's head. Would definitely share my popcorn with her.

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Oct 05, 2021
Status: c12
I really, really wanted to read this because the prologue was interesting, but I can't take it anymore.

The childhood arc is extremely disappointing. It feels like the author had a bunch of ideas, some of which contradict or don't play off of each other well, but decided to just force them all in anyway.

... more>>

Firstly is how MC is treated. She's supposed to be 12, and from how she's treated we can assume this is a world where 12yo are children (unlike other worlds where they're essentially small adults). It makes sense for her to act like an adult since she technically is one, but it makes less sense that everyone outside the orphanage treats her like one too. The King offers her a job instead of adopting her or taking her in as a maid, the knight/tutor (?) teaching the prince treats her like a rival instead of an annoying brat, etc. And speaking of that guy, why is the scene in c12 exactly like a high school villainess bullying the heroine scene? This is a grown ass man with his own life and job, and you expect me to believe it's not OOC for him to decide to chase out a lil brat because she made the prince not like him anymore?


While reading, I really couldn't shake off the feeling that I was reading a fanfic by one of my classmates back in high school. You know the type, MC is young but treated the same as all the adults, and the adults somehow all think like teenagers (usually including a reasonable old man who somehow doesn't think it's weird and illegal to be in a serious relationship with a 15yo). This kind of thing may be fun to read for teenagers and younger, but for older folk like me you may just find it exhausting.

There's too many plot holes to enjoy as a serious read, and it's not entertaining enough for a light read. <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c22.1
The translations are good and the plot is really interesting. I think it has its own flavor and uniqueness from other reincarnation novels and the characters are lovable.

... more>>

- I love the father emperor and this is probably the first novel I've read wherein ministers/advisers do not oppose the ML's love for the FL.. Like finally, they see how good and beneficial Ciel is for Cedric and support their new emperor's love life.

- Cedric's love/obsession for Ciel is felt and manifested early on. But I actually find it adorable and amusing.

- hoping I wouldn't get frustrated with the FL trying to leave ML due to her fear of the original story, because girl has been with him for more than 5 years and the story has been completely different from the start.


So far, the story isn't too heavy nor scary--since the ML is clearly very much in love (yanderish) with FL.

It's an enjoyable read and the childhood years are not overly long. <<less
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Jul 11, 2021
Status: c17
This novel is so good and it's translation is also good. I really like the plot (that the heroine and the MC is being switched of their blessings like) I also like the male lead and don't forget the little duke
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Dec 08, 2021
Status: c22.2
Thoroughly irritating. At first it starts off fairly basic: lady gets reincarnated into a novel where she's destined to die bc of the male lead (not because she's a tragic villainess or heroine, but bc she's a powerless extra), but gets powers and finds that the male lead is less tyrannical than just plain cute. Fine.

But the way the story progresses... This is not a kid, but a supposed adult in a kid's body. You can't convince me that any self-respecting adult would be attracted to some cute preteen boy.... more>> And the whole plot with Kashuel... He acts so much like a 6-year-old that I honestly forgot that he's around the same age as Cedric (ML) and Ciel (MC). The whole plot where she's plot-mandated to help him after he calls her a friendless loser and then Cedric gets jealous because she was holding Kashuel's hand while fixing his sword stance felt s*upid.

I feel like Cedric just made a huge leap from sweet, insecure boy to conniving yandere, just because of a few words from his aunt. The change felt so sudden, and his behavior felt more laughably cliche to me because of ciel's shoehorned attraction. "She knows about his feelings and tries to redirect them"? Maybe in later chapters, but in the earlier ones she's blind to the point of NOT EVEN COMMENTING ON THE HEART-SHAPED COOKIES he made and instead focusing on the ribbon he gave her that's the color of her eyes.

Whoops that turned into a rant about ciel but honestly. I'm not gonna comment on how she handled the orphanage director or how she faceslapped the as*hole knight tutor, but the way she makes promises to Cedric and then forgets about them is annoying. She's attracted to his body but doesn't respect him enough to really commit to or think about what she's promising in exchange for short-term gain. She randomly gets promotions and powerups as the plot mandates, and it doesn't feel like she really earns them. But most of that is because of the author's writing style.

The author seems to hate building a solid foundation for the characters so we can appreciate their growth or get attached to them. She mentions or introduces characters randomly, only to banish them once they're not needed. Don't bother wondering about the emperor; he gets killed within chapters because the timeskips (yes, plural) are so fast. In the same chapter Ciel gets the as*hole knight instructor chastised by the emperor, she joins the knights AS A FULL MEMBER. Not as a squire or page or anything. Why? Because of some heretofore unknown connection with the head of the knights that we've conveniently never known about until now. And we only get information on Cedric's mom and some dangerous guy that menaced Cedric during his childhood WHEN HE'S AN ADULT AND THE EMPEROR instead of, I dunno, taking about it during the childhood arc.

It feels like the characters are more flat, paper people to be moved around on a game board than ACTUAL people. Would not recommend. <<less
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Dec 24, 2021
Status: c40
Review deleted
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Aug 04, 2021
Status: c20
Pretty cute, well written-- the bits foreshadowing how this kid turns into a tyrant are funny
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Jan 03, 2023
Status: c47
I had high expectations for this novel; maybe that's why I'm a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong; this is a good read and all, and it's translated really well (great job!). The story was set when Ciel was younger, and since that time she's grown and become Commander of the knights. However, it's only her ability that has improved; her mentality hasn't. She is naive, not to mention not very smart. She is so fixated on the past plot that rather than improving a lot of the aspects that... more>> could be improved, she is still formulating ways to run away. Okay, mind you, I would want to run away too, but not at the expense of my comrades. Let's weigh this: if Ciel ran away, not only would Cedric darken, but she'd leave all the other knights to their doom, knowing that the empire would be in turmoil and lose the war in the future.

The good news is that it is still updating, and I'm hoping that this will get better because this is not a bad read and a good webnovel to fill up your time. <<less
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Oct 20, 2021
Status: c31
It is like many other cliche reincarnation novels but with characters that are actually likable.

If you like the obsessed tyrant (slightly yandere) chasing after a reluctant FL you’ll like this one.

It has a good balance between fluff and fights/political stuff. But there are some weird skips in the novel, like at the time the FL first kills a magical beast (or something like that).

The writing is nothing amazing, at least not with the current quality of translation which seems to be edited MTL. Not the worst translation I’ve ever... more>> read but also not the best. <<less
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Nov 29, 2021
Status: prologue
Great translating work. The FL is quite a hardheaded individual with her own opinions. I guess it’s good to know your grounds and try to abide a path to walk towards your goal. FL is the “I’ll-forge-my-own-future” type. So it’s refreshing, but she too opposing... the type of person who isn’t satisfied unless she somehow has the upper hand... straight off the bat, complaining life didn’t give her a better situation. Like, dude, you died, you got a second chance in life, and you’re complaining! Ungrateful ass shit. So with... more>> that... I’ll say, it’s not my cup of tea to sip. <<less
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