The Two Proud Sky Dragons’ Shura Fields


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Yue Xiuzhi played the most hated villain in Q*dian for the sake of resurrection—— The master of the protagonist, who ab*sed the protagonist in various ways in the early stage, was finally killed, but he couldn’t go back.

In order to compensate, the system sent him to the second world of this book, where Little Protagonist was only five years old, and Yue Xiuzhi could OOC casually, ignoring any plot.

So, Yue Xiuzhi happily spoiled the wolf cub.

But he didn’t know that the protagonist of the body world who was ab*sed by him in various ways would occasionally possess the Little Protagonist in this world.

This Son of Heaven was surprised to find that the hypocrite master, whom he hated so much, actually pampered the “self” of this world.

He had been tortured in various ways because of his demonic nature, but the master of this world, after discovering that “he” in this world had demonic nature, said: “Demon qi and spiritual qi are just a form of energy. Spiritual cultivation and demonic cultivation are just a way of pursuing the Dao. In spiritual cultivation, there are people with human faces and animal hearts, and there are demons who have clear grievances.”

He became jealous but did not want to admit it, in the step by step fall, he found out that the person who died for him, his best friend, his first love, and his most hateful master, were actually the same person!

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The Two Long Aotians' Shura Fields
The Two Protagonists' Shura Fields
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New Nana_ rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: Completed
4, 5 ☆

I just finished reading this novel and I really liked it. The characters are very interesting and charismatic, the development is well done, and the story brought many clichés, but in a way that's different from the usual, which I found quite nice.

The author worked very well on the characters' emotions, addressing traumas, fears, and regrets in a deep way. The conversations between the MC and the ML were a highlight for me, as they were completely open with each other, discussing their differences naturally, without anything forced... more>> or forcing the other to do something they didn't want to.

There is a specific part of the story that I loved, where the author introduced a kind of anguish and drama that is very different from what is normally used in other stories, but I won't comment further to avoid spoilers.

However, from chapter 115 onwards, I felt that the story took on more of an extras tone. In my opinion, the main plot concluded between chapters 120-125. <<less
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azha_ rated it
January 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Loved it! Paced really well, healthy ML and MC relationship, no obvious plot holes, and very unique.

The premise is pretty on point. MC dies and transmigrates into a novel world, and he has to do the system tasks to revive in his original world. His main role was the evil master/shizun, but he ended up taking on other roles as well (best friend, white moonlight, etc.). The book protagonist/ML successfully became a god and tortured MC for revenge. MC feels guilty towards ML because he tortured ML for 5-6 years... more>> as the evil master, so he doesn't hate ML despite ML torturing MC back. An error occurred, and MC couldn't be revived in his original world. So, the system sends him to a parallel world where he doesn't have to worry about OOCing as compensation. Because of MC's guilt, he decides to spoil the mini wolf cub (Pei Xiaoming). However, the soul of the original wolf cub (ML/Pei Daming) after 600+ years somehow gets pulled to the parallel world MC is currently in, and drama ensues.

I like to think of this as the book baby of Scum Villain and It's Not Easy Being a Master. Personally, I like this novel more than Scum Villain. It explores the what if? of the Bing-ge and Bing-mei extra in Scum Villain in a very tasteful and unique way (I've never seen a transmigration/system novel like this before). Have you ever wondered does OOC really matter/what's the point/why can't MC just OOC ? Well, I think this novel does a really good job of exploring and answering those questions.


Basically, everything is a big scam. MC's original world is the real/main world that can create derivative worlds through books, media, etc., and the main system is actually just a powerful being trying to steal energy from the main world. By making transmigrated hosts from the main world strictly follow the plot (not OOCing) the derivative world keeps its connection to the main world, which allows the main system to take energy from the main world. Ultimately, MC didn't actually have to torture the young ML (follow the original plot). MC and ML's relationship is filled with twists and turns, but everything is resolved in a satisfying and healthy way.


I also love the relationship between the MC and ML. Everything progresses in a realistic way and nothing happens instantly (well besides the 13 year time skip :P). ML doesn't instantly forgive MC and he doesn't even realize that he loves MC until the middle of the book. MC also doesn't instantly forgive ML. Even if he does feel guilty toward ML, that doesn't take away the year of torture MC experienced. Their relationship is deliciously complicated, and eventually, everything falls into place naturally. MC is so precious, and they are made for each other! No one can tell me otherwise >.<

P.S. I also love how MC and ML treat Pei Xiaoming (mini wolf cub) kind of like their son LOL


Ending is also done very nicely imo. We get to see MC's original world and some of MC/ML's shenanigans there.

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Anissia rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: Completed
I rate it a 4.3~4.4 stars so I gave it 5 stars bcs it doesn't deserve the 3.9 stars which is a bit underwhelming. It's a pretty good light read, it has a decent plot, good characterization, a decent amount of misunderstandings, PTSD, and angst but none of it is too much nor heartwrenching, overall it's still a light read, no punches to the gut nor tear jerkers, I love the main characters and a few of the side characters, don't be afraid to give it a shot, a decent... more>> read and the ending is quite sweet. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
January 7, 2023
Status: c70
There are two things that I really appreciate about this novel. The first thing is that nobody is too OP. Obviously, the ML is the protagonist and a literal god, while the MC is considered to be a genius and the strongest cultivator in the world, but still there are moments when they're weak and helpless. Nobody is invulnerable and free to do whatever they want without consequences. Plus, there isn't a damsel/savior dynamic between the MC and ML.

The second thing is that the characters' thoughts are strikingly mature. For... more>> example,


for the sake of the stability of the world, the ML must go through the painful journey of becoming a god. The MC was forced by the system to put the ML through incredible physical and mental suffering as the ML's teacher, but was also made to help the ML while disguised as different people.

The MC can admit that torturing the ML was a horrible thing to do, and secretly helping the ML afterwards doesn't cancel it out. Not even after the ML took his revenge.

On the other hand, even though the MC put the ML through unimaginable pain and controlled his entire life, the ML understands why the MC did the things he did, and hopes that the MC would forgive himself.

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February 28, 2023
Status: Completed
It was fun!! A light reading that has plot through to the end. It felt like a hike up the mountain to see the sunrise. I don't know what else to say, I wanted to read a xuanhuan story and I definitely got it.

Although I feel like there should be more trigger warnings around some parts (tw: suicidal tendencies) -- most of the story is fun and doesn't feel so domineering (as in the ML's attitude overall is still quite respectful) -- an adventure through 3 worlds, and lots of... more>> just cute development.

I'd recommend if you want to read a xuanhuan story, but don't want to feel like you went through the ringer for it. This is pretty easy-going -- but there's definitely still lots of action sequences and travelling/adventuring. Pei Xiaoming is so cute, he's the son. Don't board the wrong ship! Have fun! <<less
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Hualian my babiee
Hualian my babiee rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: Completed
Honestly, this book surprise me a lot, the pacing is great, the ML is smart and wastes no time when he's wooing the MC, not like most novels which they drag on so many stuffs. But what surprise me the most is the ML

... more>>

when I saw the description, I thought the OG!Pei Ming and current!Pei Ming will be like combine into one (??) I hope you guys get what I mean. But at the end, OG!Pei Ming and Current!Pei Ming are separate entity, and MC ends up with OG! Pei Ming, in case you wanna know


Anyways, this novel open my worldview on novel endings, as this is one has really unpredictable plot.

That's all for my review, enjoy reading folksss <<less
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February 4, 2024
Status: Completed
At first I didn't know how the MC and ML would get together when they're separated in 2 different worlds. I thought the OG ML would replace the young ML in the "other" world but glad that he didn't. It's so cute how the OG ML felt jealous with his other self yet not knowing he already fell in love with the MC. 🤣 Their relationship is complicated since the

ML killed the MC in his world due to the MC's tasks produced by the system. MC is also scared with the ML due to what he suffers in the previous world. It made sense how he wasn't able to reciprocate the ML's feelings towards him. Well, once he figured it out, the romance was actually smooth after that. I mean, he was proactive in showing his love to the ML. He even introduced the ML to his family as boyfriend and got their marriage certificate after being together. 🥹


I actually love how the author explained why the MC transmigrates into the novel where in most times, other novels don't do it. It's also refreshing to see

novel characters living in the real world. Yep, the real "Yue Xiuzhi" and "Pei Ming" went to the real world. I actually love the real "Yue Xiuzhi" character settings. He's just and only wants to live peacefully.


Overall, I enjoyed it! It's a good transmigration novel. 🫶
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October 22, 2023
Status: c36
The theme of this novel is something I usually like so I tried to persevere in reading this

But some happenings just bother me like

    • Old ML gets s**ked into Younger Ml's body but it took him 13 yrs before he realized that MC was refining Younger Ml's medicine with his blood? I just think that he would have realized it sooner or did the realization just happened after 13 yrs because there needed to be a time skip?
    • MC used his old disguised (Rong Jin - Old Ml's bestie who died) when he went to the secret whelm with Younger Ml. Older ML just saw Rong Jin with the same wrist scar as MC and he already connects it? He already thinks that MC and Rong Jin are one? No doubts about maybe they just have a similar scar?
    • With his own reasoning, ML thought that somebody must be controlling MC. There wasn't any other hints given to him, ML just right up thought of this reasoning
    • When ML realized the existence of the system and hacked it, he saw that he was the protagonist of a story and MC was the host but he didn't really react like
      I'm just a character?
      - seems like he wasn't shocked that much

Also, I feel like the story is progressing too fast. Fast progress is good but also not good when it comes to their realizations and stuff

Anyhooo its still a nice read, not just my kind of read based on personal preference

Note to self

to reread? No

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Kimheendra rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: Completed
5/5 Love this novel!

Two tortured souls healing from love. Thought this would be angst because of their previous life but this turned out to be heartwarming.

You can’t judge both of them, they have their justifications on why they did what they did.
I love that ML wasn’t pushy about his feelings when MC said they have no chance because of their past. He just stayed with the MC’s side.

I find it cute that they treated young otherworld ML as both their sons. Their (3) interactions are so fun!
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reia.krr rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s not bad, and was even a bit funny at times. It’s worth reading when you’re bored, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it if you want a story with a really good plot that actually makes you feel stuff.

I did find the relationship between ML and the little ML funny so that was a bonus.
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Yoya rated it
March 28, 2023
Status: c48
Honestly I just want to skip over all the parts that don’t include the MC and og ML. Story is a little hard to follow due to the massive release of explanations and background info the author likes to give so often. Relationship between MC and og ML is hilarious and I want to see more of it but unfortunately other stuff keep getting in the way :/
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PeachAndCherry rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c105
I honestly got bored, at first everything is fine, but then I realized that this was almost a "wife's crematorium" and I began to doubt. I'm hardly one of those kinds of novels because I'm not convinced or the part about anguish and persecution is too long, but I still go there to read, that's why I didn't give it a bad rating, since it's personal taste, really the novel is fine, it seemed to me that as far as I read, the novel was developing in a good way,... more>> but I got bored, this thing from I hate you to I love you, I don't like it, I always fall asleep.


The part where I finally said "no more" was when the protagonist returns to his original world, why? ? I don't know, I mean, it's to untie the knot in MC's heart, but couldn't I do it any other way?

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