The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor


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She – a glutton without troubles or worries who crossed over and became a young fat chick with a deep vengefulness.

He – a young master of the number one power; a two-faced man with elegance and charming, good looks; he is the chosen one of the former saint god and a man who will only bend his back for her alone.

This domineering crossover’s slogan is, ‘Don’t touch if it is this sister’s, put it there even if it isn’t this sister’s!’

…watch how the Domineering Glutton and the Two-Faced Venerate Emperor create sparks as they meet and collide, stirring the whole Spirit Treasure Continent into turmoil, how they fall for each other and how they kill each other, how life and death sever love.

Associated Names
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Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug
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Fathom rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: Completed
The beginning of this novel was quite entertaining and comedic with a female lead that was originally fat and a narcissist. She's also hilariously thick sick and can't control her urges in eating or molesting the male lead.

... more>>

However, after the lead couple hook up, the female lead becomes the typical strong female character, and the story changes in every which way to break up the romance between the couple. In addition, the magical food/medical/farming/cultivating bowl that she had been using since the beginning started to become more or less forgotten and only occasionally mentioned.

From the middle to the end of the story is probably where my interest seem to wane because of the horrible plotting where the male lead's character seemed to change and the female lead became too thin skinned and emotional.

It isn't until the end that all the plot points of reincarnation and the how the female's soul ended up where it did. Overall, I felt all the explanations were a mess, and how the lead couple's was dealt with so sloppily unsatisfactorily.

I really wanted to like this story, but after the mid 500 chapters, it really goes down hill. It's too bad that the lead female didn't retain her shameless thick skinned calculative demeanor.

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Mimosa rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c26
Just started reading the novel and I could say that I'm definitely hooked! The FMC differs greatly from other ruthless, coldface, and humorless transmigrated FMCs that is now common in most novels.

There's humor in the ML and MC's first interactions too. And both them seems like they'll develop into a fun and funny couple in later chapters.

Well, this review is made in early chapters, the infant stage of this novel, and will be edited as chapters pile up.

Cheers to the team who pick this up~~
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hevaLaLuna rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c267
I'm sorry but I had to drop this. The shamelessness was cute in the beginning but at the current chapter makes me think she's some dangerous psycopath/50 years old lady trying to sell you wilted veggies and shame you for not buying them. She's not cute or witty or anything. She has a disgusting character. The way she would defend the mute without any kind of rationality, her disgusting and useless mother and most importantly the way she rubs her boobs over the male lead's legs to have her way,... more>> man... I have no words. He's basically there just to get the psychopath out of trouble, he's nothing but a Deus Ex Machina to advance the plot and make her the heroine. <<less
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November 18, 2017
Status: c164
I'm writing this as a guide for the new readers as I did get confused at first.

... more>>

So this story is actually unique. Just like any other reincarnation story, the original owner is supposed to die at some point so the soul from the owner's past life or other person's soul from modern time could replaced in the body. What made this story unique is, when the owner's (Miss Huan - They have same name so I'll call her Miss Huan to differentiate) died, her soul from her future self who died injustice is supposed replace her but somehow, at the same time her soul transmigrated to her past self, another soul from the modern time (Huan Qing Yan) entered the body. So at this very moment I read, there's two soul reside in one's body. Since the soul of Miss Huan from future just wanted to get revenge and would leave the body once her revenge was achieved, Huan Qing Yan, the soul from modern times agreed to help since her soul would disappear to a dust if she leave the body. Unlike, Miss Huan who already experienced one whole life full of despair, Huan Qing Yan still haven't enjoyed her life to the fullest yet so she did not want to die. Haha! Also, the primary soul in the body was Huan Qing Yan


Anyway, it is really interesting. By the number of chapters I read now, I still didn't have the credibility to give a rate for this story so I'll come back to write a real review later. By the way, I don't considered this as a spoiler at all so you rest assured.

EDIT: I ended up reading those 164 chapters in a day.

Here's my review.

So far I didn't know what will be the main plot for the story but as for now I noticed, MC's objective was to get revenge for the original (Miss Huan) and to protect. It seemed like there's a lot of foreshadowing about MC's real identity in the background so I'm still not sure how's this going. However, while it seemed that the revenge is important to MC it's also feel like it doesn't feel like it have THAT much importance to MC. MC personality is quite stable. She did have this cunning side and very shameless but she still have that qualities of being naive at the same time. Well, compared to Miss Huan, her personality is fine. She's calm at most times while the original seemed tend to lose control whenever she meet the antagonist.

The interaction between MC and ML is what I like the most. Instead of the typical situation of sudden attraction between both of them, I think they might develop as slow romance. ML did think MC as interesting but it did not mean that he's going to pursue her only for this reason. It seemed that ML still has a bit of rational in himself. While he did felt intrigued to her, he still keep her in a distance. There's still a sense of distrust towards her just like how you should feel towards a stranger but they keep building their relationship. Futhermore, MC needed to find a thigh to hug since the prince and the emperor were unreliable. She determined ML's thigh will be nice to hug so she's very shameless to do so.

Since there's just a few chapters, I didn't have much to say. Special mention: ML's subordinates were funny. I like them already. <<less
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Alixiron rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c61
This is quite a good novel. At first it is quite funny but later on it becomes a bit more serious. The main character has quite a good head on her shoulders and also isn't annoying. She knows when to be overbearing and when to be kind. The relationship​ between her and her parents is also quite nice. The male lead is an interesting character and does not fall for her instantaneously. The translator does a good job and there aren't many grammatical mistakes. Also, he releases one chapter every... more>> day. This novel is one which I really enjoy reading. The only problem I have with this novel is the short chapters. Please give it a shot and you won't regret reading it. <<less
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Thun rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c373

f*cking unbelievable, I can no longer read this. Author gets me to invest 350+ chapters of time only for it to turn into a f*cking cuckold novel if they were going to do that then there should at least be a harem tag, if not a cuckold tag itself, f*cking ruined my day, still up until this point I think the rest of the story is really well done hopefully I can get over this and recommit to it in the future when my rage has cooled off

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KirbyReviews44 rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c900
The initial premise of the novel, a fat chick using her fat to cultivate and cultivation through eating was really fun to read. I think the first arc where the female MC is still in her city and interacting with the main male love interest are pretty well written. Their interactions are funny. Solving the mystery of the murders happening around the city is pretty interesting. After that though, a lot of weaknesses start showing up.
  1. The female MC is incapable of defending herself from a variety of situations. She ends up always needing either her main male love interest or an army of other strong men who love her. Get ambushed? Need a strong man to save her. Difficulty speaking up for herself? Need a strong man to defend her. Exploring a secret realm for resources? Need a strong man to help her. And these men love her or want to jump on her but she somehow can't get them off her tail. Lastly, almost every fight she somehow gets captured and needs one of her men to save her last second.
  2. The main male love interest isn't even that attractive but there is literal army of young women who want to jump on his tool and an army of clan patriarchs and clan matriarchs that want to give their daughters to him. They all hate the female MC or want to scheme against her. It was bizarre to read and creates artificial conflict for the female MC and main male love interest. For example, the main male love interest doesn't even like women for a long time but his mother is planning who is main wife is, who is main concubine is, and basically all these ladies are ranked themselves based on their looks/cultivation talent into which rank in the harem they will be, without the guy's input.
  3. The female MC has an army of 'other' men that want to get with her and will protect her. Like I mentioned before, these other men are used to save the female MC from her uselessness but its also very annoying to read. The author doesn't seek to foster any sort of female harem because the female MC has no feelings for these other men. If the author wanted to write an actual female harem with a strong female MC that has relations with many men, that would also be fine. I'm not against female empowerment. But the female MC only loves one guy but still needs to be saved by other men which is just s*upid forced plot.
  4. Fat chicks are fun and the joke was fun but its only used in the beginning and then forgotten. But obviously the author is biased against fat chicks and the joke is only used twice in 900 chapters and the second time is really only for a very short time and doesn't really count. After the female MC stops being fat, the joke is dropped. I think it was a missed opportunity to explore which would have added a lot of depth and thought to the novel. Instead, after she stops being fat, female MC just becomes more and more beautiful. I think it would have been way more interesting if the female MC alternated between skinny and long periods of being fat. That would have explored how the main male love interest would still be attracted to her or not, and the same for the 'other' men.
  5. Cultivation through food was pretty interesting in the beginning, sort of like Toriko (japanese manga). Then it just got pretty much sidelined for male/female drama between the horde of 'other' men and chicks who want to jump on the main male love interest.
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Kozutan rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c331
I had to drop this. I was currently at chapter 331 when I was fed up with her.

I can say I read 30+ type of transmigration and reincarnation novels and she is the only female lead who made me so annoyed. I'm not saying she need to be assassin/doctor or 180+ IQ, like in other novels the female leads, but at least don't have a personality that makes the readers want to choke you. I do have really calm personality, but she keeps crossing the line.

First of all, she... more>> is shameless. Not in a good way, where you would just laugh or want to be friend her. (Like Shi Sheng from Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke. You just start to love her shameless character.)

No. She is that kind of dumb shameless type of girl, that you want to slap her because she keep doing s*upid things, affecting others, never learning anything, only relying on the male lead/others to rescue her or on blind luck.

She is that kind of woman you would meet in Transmigration system novels and she would be the dumb female lead that our protagonist will try to defeat because the novel's world gives her everything on silver platter.

The male lead feels like he is just side character, not male lead at all. The female lead using him like he is a "golden thigh". Even going that length when he don't give something, she just steal it from him. Utterly shameless and ungrateful. One time the male lead says no and she just go like "But I need it!"and then she steal it. The male lead gets angry, then after the female lead makes puppy eyes, he forgive her and gives her what she wants, like wtf?! Like I said she gets everything on silver platter.

I would go that lenght to write; she is that type of female lead you would find in transmigration system novels, and she would be the dumb female lead of a novel, our protagonist have to visit and make sure this female lead don't f**k up more things.

Plot? What's that? The author drags everything so long, you will get nervous. Others would done something in 10 chapters but this author keeps dragging things on 300+ chapters (I decided to stop reading at this point).

I am so done with this novel. Wasted my time, hoping she would grow to be smart and likeable female lead, but I was disappointed after 331 chapter. She got much stronger but her personality stayed dumb af... <<less
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plushiesoda rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: c243
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Keima-kun rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c66
I feel like I have to write review for this novel.

First of all, if you like DKC, EEAC, MGD etc., you will definitely love this novel. In fact, this novel is a league above those said novels.

The story itself is good and there are logics in it, compared to most other novels with female MC that is single tracked. For this novel, while it seems simple, it is more than what it shows.

I love the MC. She is so different from other female MC. She is funny and actually have... more>> some personalities. The male lead also seems promising, unlike certain novels which have male leads who have tasteless personality and are mindlessly-devoted to their girl. Not saying it's bad, but it is boring.

The power level is also intriguing, but it is still not explained very well right now. So, it is something to look forward to.

I'm not good with words, so just read this novel to find out more. <<less
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DeepSeaLove rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c374
This story is my cup of tea.

I can totally relate with this novel. Because of some factors like the following:

1. I like the story because first of all, its genre which is comedy and romance. My favorite genres. It's fun and easy to read without hard feelings. I like it in easy going flow.

... more>> 2. Because of FOOOD! FOOOD is LIFE! Without food I will not be here today reading this novel. I like stories related to food which add another like factor from me.

3. Thick Face and Shamelessness is another like factor from me to MC. Maybe I am one of the people who likes characters with opposing personalities with me. I am amazed how people have the courage to act brazenly. Which made me speechless.

Translators who picked this novel, High Five! <<less
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September 24, 2017
Status: c240
Sometimes, the MC decision was quite s*upid which make me speechless. She know how s*upid the reborn female was, but still follow her suggestion such as to steal ML blood by needle. How in the hell she think the ML would'not felt it? Totally speechless.. All in all, I totally adore the ML. One more things, I felt like screaming for this people to just kill the sis and be done with it. But of course not because she is the one of the main antagonist, so the execution just kept delayed and give the sis chance to escape the prison. The story is still so long ahead but I fear I might be annoyed and impatient to finish it with how the plot going on.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
08phamann rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c225
MC is cute, but an idiot. But at least she isn't your typical transmigrated genius/doctor/assassin/super OP whatever, so that's a plus. Chapters are short, however, I feel like the plot drags on and nothing substantial really happens. Also, no chemistry between MC and ML so far. Typical scheming white lotus and jerk face ex-fiance (or at least, he was supposed to be her fiance anyway). The doubling of transmigration and reincarnation might have been a bad idea, seeing as the 'reincarnated' girl is literally called 'reincarnated girl, ' and she... more>> is kind of an emotional idiot and doesn't really provide any help with her knowledge of the future or anything. Basically she's annoying and useless. <<less
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JadeF rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c206
For those who like MGD, DKC, PGC, etc, this novel is even better.

First few chapters was kind of meh, since it was more comedy (and, for me, comedy alone is meh), but that change after a couple chapters. Sure, comedy is still there, but there's a story too - and boy, what a story! I read 200 chapters in one day and was left salivating for more!

Translation is good, releases are fast (since I began reading, 3 chapters were released <3). The novel is still in it's baby steps, but... more>> shows great potencial.

Can't think of anything else to say beside "I super recommend this novel! MC is awesome, ML is not a lovestruck fool or a giant ice cube (Long Feiye, I'm talking about you!), world building is ok so far (she hasn't left the town yet, so is hard to say).

Anyway, is a 5 stars until now, hope it continue like this! <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c90
This novel reminds me of game harvest moon. MC must plant, farm, and cook for her cultivation level.

The cultivation itself kinda reminds me of pokemon. as every cultivator have a unique pet as their trademark and battle strenght. Theres rat, pig, etc...

The chapter are kinda short but enjoyable as a shoujo novel. There almost none fighting scene. only alot of schemes and tricks with the MC.

MC in this novel is a pig, literally. Her looks fat as pig, her spirit soul is a pig, she ate like a pig. Heck,... more>> shes dumb like a pig!

Still, enjoyable to read. <<less
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Empress M
Empress M rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c945
I... want to slap the MC.

Shameless, yeah, but after reading multiple chapters of the same stuff again and again, it just gets irritating.

Thick skin? Where did that go? Did that thick wall of skin just vanish into thin air?

... more>> And the ML- there ain’t sh*t I like about him. Like damn, you really gonna spend a long time with another girl trying to trap her, and when you come back to her, you tell MC to not worry?

After repeated days of that, I’m not surprised the MC would start feeling insecure. Like just think about it- your bf spends almost everyday with another girl and when he returns back to you, he tells you to not worry, repeat.

First time’ll work, but after repeating it hella much times... bruh. Can’t expect her to keep blindly believing you at that point.

Ima give this a 2/5. <<less
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Dominique2 rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: c375
I enjoyed the first arc of the story when the MCs just got to know each other (hence the 3 star rating).

The female lead was clever and funny with her shamelessness. As it went on and on it got quite old and even tasteless as she always demanded something without regards for the other party (no, I do not meant just the male lead). I also got the feeling that she did not get more intelligent, the exact opposite actually, she got more dumb.

I just gave up at the start... more>> of the second arc when the main couple got separated and all the males in her vicinity threw themselves at her as if she was made of gold. First of all in the line the of course the current enemy no. One. Oh, and I must mention the cherry on the top: the reaction of her "alter ego" to that was just disgusting. After losing literary everything because of him she got swayed just because of one tender look from him. Than's is in my opinion a throughout loss of the sense of self worth and pride (really pathetic if you ask me).

Despite mentioning her worries about the possible jealousy of the male lead, I could not detect a real effort to keep her distance from her admirers. Which I perceive as quite two faced in regards of her demand that she be the only woman for the male lead (my option: no good).

So if you like reading about a shameless but not really clever MC with a lot of admirers go ahead. As for me, I think that is enough from this novel. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
V_ince23 rated it
April 29, 2019
Status: c350
I like the plot, very unique but I am not really a fan of MC's behavior. Anyway, ts just a matter of preference, and this book is not for me
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LizzieJiajin99 rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c695
Ok. At first it was very interesting, because it was the first time for me that a transmigrator had to share the body with a soul and landed in a world where eating is extremely important. But after Chapter 400, the Surge Wave Academy arc, I noticed there were things I realy got tired of: damn! This Meng Yue keeps appearing, this Mo Ya and Bai Chen keep saving the protagonist at the last minute... and really?!? The girl loses her consciousness and needs 200 chapters in order to be... more>> healed?!? And at 695 she become True Master? And to specify, her shamelessness is not something unique. The people don't try to be shameless before Mo Ya because he is a Genius... but there were women who tried to win him and were shameless... The MC shamelessness really is common, nothing special. After Mo Ya leaves Hanging Cloud, she loses that bit of character she had.

I suggest to read only at chapter 400, dont know, imagine she escapes with Mo Ya and after covering the bowl, they live happily after ever. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 30, 2018
Status: c395
Really like the story. Such a funny start and then passionate. I had to take a break in the middle during a bad spell between the leads but I will pick it up again and power through the discomfort. I REALLY HATE THE KEEP THE LEADS APART DEVICE. I mean it just gets so old. I just cannot take the ups and downs. I was getting aniexty over the story :P

I get to emotional when I get wrapped up in a drama and I want to jump in the story... more>> and straighten everyone out and slap a few people.

The leads have great chemistry together imo. <<less
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