The Traveling Hero Won’t Let the Innkeeper’s Son Escape


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In a village that is like the “First Village”, lived the innkeeper’s son, Ruth. In his previous life he had no affinity to women because he was a burly man but since he has become a handsome youth in this life, he is going to do his best (However, he still isn’t popular at all). At that time, he discovered that his childhood best friend, Alec, was a hero. And then, for some strange reason, Alec begged Ruth “Until I come home, please wait for me” …

There is a tale in the First Village where the famous people who were involved with the hero, Alec, came along one-by-one to cause trouble and approach Ruth, who was leisurely living out his life in the countryside.

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New panthecakes
March 17, 2020
Status: --
I love it and Im looking forward to the updates

The translation is easy to read and flows well.

The MC is your typical dense but good natured guy who tries (and fails) to be a flirt with women and is absolutely unaware of his popularity with men.

I cant wait to see how everything will flow considering that so far, MC is not involved with any of fhe adventure and is just at his home town receiving stories of the hero.
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Pudica rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c154
Super like~!

I read halfway through the available raw.

I like the MC's growth and the twists and turns, there was not much NSFW in it (at least up 'till where I read), but very enjoyable.

Unexpectedly, it was packed with action contents too, so it's not just romance, and the plot seems quite deep.

LOVE it!
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Snowbun rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: ch224
I LOVE IT. I read all the currently available raws with my poor Japanese skills and machine translation help and I'm bookmarking and stalking it on Syosetsu now. The LN edition has awesome illustrations, good editing, and extra chapters. I highly recommend to those that can read Japanese! It has all the J-RPG tropes I hoped for, packed in a well-paced and involving narrative. I also really like how the author builds up the world settings while revealing bits of the past life of the protagonist and the past of... more>> important side characters too. It's not really mind-blowing innovative but it's well-written and entertaining. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 3, 2019
Status: c3 part1
It's a bit too early to give this a rating, so I'll wait until this has at least a dozen chapters before rating it. However, if I were to rate it now, I would say it's a 4/5. The reason why it's not a 5/5 is mostly because I feel the translator could do with the help of an editor, as there are several tense mistakes and errors with verbs (for example, the subject is plural but the verb will be "wasn't" instead of "weren't").

The text is understandable and there... more>> aren't that many mistakes, but there are enough for it to be a little jarring.

On the other hand, one thing I really appreciate about this translation is the fact that it updates fast. Within a month or two, enough chapters should have been posted for me to have a better idea of where the story is heading.

As for the plot of the story itself, very little has happened yet, but what I've seen is promising. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kazekun rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c4 part2
For now, this is my rating (it's 4.5) and the story looks promising actually. The premises and the plot smoothly well conveyed. I can't wait for the way ML shows his love to MC and I also expect for another ML love rival appear, fufu. Ahh, can't wait for next chapter.
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