The Transcendent Immortal


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He used to be a disciple of Immortal sect, who was framed by people. After the millennium, he woke up and mastered matchless magical Kungfu thanks to the undying spirit of the gods, which results in chaos among eight parties. After that, he could control the heavens, the earth and the right to life and death, shocking the previous gods.

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03/20/19 TapRead c60 part1
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novaes rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: c10
Yet more of exactly the same stuff we've seen over and over again. A predictable, bog standard cultivation novel.


Trash MC, but he's actually not trash, also there's a childhood engagement breaking, young masters from sects, face slapping, revenge, idiot family conspiracies, oh no he pissed off a powerful person and blah blah blah, slap slap slap, the chapter titles contain spoilers. We've all read this novel before.


I won't call it horrible, but it's exactly what it is: a standard cultivation novel... at least SO FAR.
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