The Transcendent Immortal


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Xiao Chen was once an abandoned disciple of an Immortals’ sect after being framed up by people. Thousands of years later, he was reborn, only to seek all that remained, to find his master, and to cultivate again. However, he was involved in a battle of the six realms from the Annihilation Times without knowing it.
After his rebirth in the Human World, he was a loser who could not even cultivate. He was mocked and lived a miserable life. When a cultivator happened to pass by his home, he managed to fight against his fate and started his life as a cultivator.
He was once banished by the gods, and his soul was sealed. Now, with an invincible Divine Soul, he stirred things up in the world, obtained the great fortune of heaven and earth, and commanded the power of life and death. He dominated the nine realms and the gods held him in awe.
How powerful was his Fuxi Zither? Would he ascend to Heaven and become an Immortal? Would he find his master and solve all those mysteries? Let’s take the journey with Xiao Chen and enjoy a wonderful, dangerous adventure!

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novaes rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: c10
Yet more of exactly the same stuff we've seen over and over again. A predictable, bog standard cultivation novel.


Trash MC, but he's actually not trash, also there's a childhood engagement breaking, young masters from sects, face slapping, revenge, idiot family conspiracies, oh no he pissed off a powerful person and blah blah blah, slap slap slap, the chapter titles contain spoilers. We've all read this novel before.


I won't call it horrible, but it's exactly what it is: a standard cultivation novel... at least SO FAR.
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keijo rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c55
This is probably the stupidest cultivation reincarnation novel that I have read. The biggest issue with this novel is that it tries so hard to make the MC non-OP (idiotic idea when you reincarnate cultivation genius). This leads to weird situations where the MC is able to use his knowledge and skills to fight above his level one day and the next day be completely average. One day he can understand most complex formations the next day he doesn't understand cultivation methods of the first level. Like how does it... more>> make sense that pretty much immortal doesn't understand Qi refining realm cultivation methods.

Everything else is pretty much the same as every other cultivation novel. <<less
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